The World Tarot Card Meaning

What does the World Tarot card mean?

The World shows you that you have completed an important goal.

It can also mean the integration of different areas of life.

Be curious about what else the World can reveal to you.

The World Tarot Card Meaning

The World Keywords

Upright: Integration, Completion, Journey, Unity
Reversed: Delay, Dispersed, Rigidity, Isolation

The World Tarot Card Description

The World Tarot card shows a naked woman walking along in a laurel wreath. Her nakedness symbolizes that she feels free and unbound and that her body and her spirit in their pure and unadulterated form make a cosmic unity.

Only a purple veil wraps around the woman as a sign of her integration into the cycle of life. In each of her hands, she carries a staff, which stands for the realization of her dreams and wishes.

The woman looks with her head back into the past at her previous life with joy. On the other hand, her body is already moving further towards the future, representing her readiness for a new path in life.

The laurel wreath in which the woman walks shows that she has successfully completed a cycle. As with the Fool’s Journey, one cycle now closes and a new one can begin at the same time.

On the outer edges of the World card, as with the Wheel of Fortune, the four mighty cherubim appear. They take care that the celestial cycle of our cosmos is not disturbed and protect those who embark on the Fool’s Journey.

The four cherubim further represent the four elements and the four different minor arcana.

Through the integration of their various qualities, we can achieve spiritual perfection, which is why the cherubim at the same time form a divine unity to which we humans aspire.

Upright World Tarot Card Meaning

The upright World Tarot card reveals that you have successfully completed a crucial phase in life. Be it an apprenticeship/study or an important project at work, your efforts and perseverance have now paid off and everything has gone as you had imagined.

You have brought about the fulfillment of these cycles yourself through your dedication and willingness to make an effort so that you can now reap the fruits of your labor.

Calmly look back on the path that lies behind you and make yourself aware of the ups and downs you had to overcome to now be at your destination.

The World encourages you not to stand still but to look for new challenges in life to grow inwardly. By actively participating in the life around you, you will keep learning and living in harmony with your environment.

Thus, as in the Fool’s journey, there are always short pauses in life, but never a final standstill. Once you have mastered one station in life, the next is already waiting for you and will reveal a deeper understanding of the world and yourself.

Another aspect of the World Tarot card is the integration of different attributes that make us into one. Often we struggle with ourselves and are dissatisfied with our body or some of our character traits.

If you manage to build up a positive and appreciative attitude towards yourself, you will learn to love yourself more and to understand yourself better as a whole person.

Especially our small corners and edges make us the person we are. Through your acceptance of your inner being, you will live in harmony with yourself, which in turn radiates to the entire cosmos.

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Upright World Tarot Love Meaning


In a love Tarot reading for singles, the World card finally reveals a breakthrough in your search for love. You have been through some ups and downs in your single life so far, but soon a new relationship will reveal itself at the end of your path.

That person can be a longtime friend with whom you have developed strong feelings and who reciprocates these emotions in different ways. Take the final step and reveal yourself to your love.

You will simultaneously take the first step into a new and enriching relationship. The World Tarot card reveals that you have a great longing to become a member of a greater emotional unity again.

Such unity is most likely to be achieved by entering into a partnership in which mutual appreciation and emotional affection allow you to experience True Love.

The World encourages you to hold on to your dream of a fulfilling partnership and to go in search of a soul mate to satisfy your longing for shared love and intimacy.


In a relationship, the World card reveals that you have succeeded in complementing each other’s qualities and appearing as one. Instead of wanting to change the other partner, you respect each other as individuals with all your rough edges.

That makes it possible to integrate even unpleasantly perceived qualities of the partner into the relationship and value them as part of the partnership. The World Tarot card reveals that both partners have reached a level of love that only a few couples reach.

In good and bad times, you have walked together through all the valleys and mountains, always supporting each other along the way.

New challenges still await you, but you can face them calmly because you form a unit as a team and can draw on your immense wealth of experience from past “journeys”.

The World symbolizes that a long-planned project in your relationship will soon bear fruits. Through your perseverance and cooperation, you can soon enjoy your results.

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Upright World Health Meaning

Regarding your health, The World encourages you to balance your physical and mental well-being. Positive thoughts affect your physical health, while a vital body affects your mental well-being.

Exercises promoting physical and mental well-being, such as yoga or meditation, are well suited to create holistic well-being. In addition, the World stands for a permanent integration of health-promoting behavior in your everyday life.

By establishing certain routines, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or eating fresh vegetables once a day, your health will greatly improve or be maintained in the long run.

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Upright World Career Meaning

When the World appears in a career reading, it means you’ve finally achieved a long-awaited professional goal. If you’re employed, it means a promotion you’ve been working towards for a long time.

If you are self-employed, it may mean that you have passed the first strenuous phase of building your business and can finally take off. In addition, the World Tarot card encourages you to find a good balance between your work and your private life.

Balancing work and family life can be made much easier even with a manageable reduction in hours. There are also more and more opportunities to work from home. Find out what is possible in your industry and take advantage of the opportunities.

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Upright World Finances/Money Meaning

Regarding your finances, the World card stands for the completion of an important milestone for you. That can be a finally paid-off loan or a salary increase you have been working towards for a long time.

Enjoy your successes and use them as motivation to set new goals that will further consolidate your prosperity. The World Tarot card encourages you to look for new ways to stay financially independent.

There are many ways to earn a little extra income besides your main job, which will give you a solid financial cushion over time. There are no limits to your creativity (Tarot card reading, making music, blogging) and you have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge.

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Upright World Destiny Meaning

Regarding your destiny, The World means that you are finally achieving a long pursued dream. Your efforts are now paying off in more ways than one, giving you a deep sense of satisfaction.

But the end of one cycle is also the beginning of a new one. Therefore, set new life goals and pursue them with the same zeal so that you can enjoy them.

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Upright World Personality

The World stands for someone who strives to integrate all his strengths and weaknesses into his everyday life in a meaningful way. This person is concerned with accepting himself as he is and not as others want him to be.

In addition, such a character strives to complete everything he starts to perfection. There are no half-measures, but everything should correspond 100% to his ideas.

Upright World Tarot Past/Future


A journey into the past can reveal new insights to you. Use your imagination or visit places/people that once meant a lot to you.

Try to integrate difficult phases of your life into your overall biography. They have often brought you to your limits and thus revealed your enormous potential.


Shortly, you will complete an important goal in life. For this, you only have to continue to believe in yourself and use all your strength for your project.

Furthermore, something divided in your life will reunite as one. Thus, the corresponding elements will be more connected than ever before.

Upright World Tarot Card – Yes or No

The World Tarot card represents a positive outcome. A yes answer will bring you full circle and leave you with a deep sense of accomplishment. The respective advantages and disadvantages of a yes decision wonderfully complement each other so that you can confidently stand behind your choice.

By answering your question, new possibilities for moving forward will open up again.

Reversed World Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed World Tarot Card Meaning

The World Reversed Tarot card reveals that important projects take more time than expected. Such a delay can be caused on the one hand by external factors over which we have little influence, like an illness.

However, inner attitudes and thoughts can also affect our plans to a considerable extent. Like if you are too perfectionistic or, on the other hand, not very willing to make an effort.

Try to remember from which motivation you started your project. Then you can at least work on the inner attitudes that hinder you and reduce them.

The World Reversed reveals a high isolation tendency in your current phase of life. Such isolation can be social or related to your inner experience.

Withdrawing from the world and not letting anyone get close to you leads to a standstill. But this standstill is hardly possible in a constantly changing world and will eventually cause you to suffer greatly.

Instead, get back on your path and feel how beneficial it is to reunite with your environment.

Another meaning of The World Reversed is an immense distraction that prevents you from completing your path with focus.

Such distractions from your intentions can quickly add up in your daily lives, often leaving you feeling stressed and out of sorts. As a result, you start a lot of projects but hardly finish them because you don’t have the strength and energy to handle so many projects at once.

Get clear about which path has the most important priority in your life right now and focus on it completely.

You alone decide whether to indulge in distraction or focus all your energy to complete a cycle. After each completed project, you will feel how more confident and energetic you can face the upcoming challenges in life.

Reversed World Tarot Love Meaning


The World Reversed reveals as a single that you have become too isolated. That will make it difficult for you to meet other people and spark new cycles of love.

Get out there and walk the paths of love by first trying to make new friends. Over time, opportunities to get to know a new love will arise from these contacts as if by magic.

Within yourself lies the power to break out of the vicious circle of loneliness and isolation. Instead, enter the cycle of community and love.

Another aspect of The World Reversed is a delay in your love life concerning your search for a partner.

Such a delay is often caused by our inner attitude, for example, being afraid to reveal our feelings to someone.

Waiting too long often leads to the fact that the desired partner falls in love with someone else and you are alone again. Therefore, do not hesitate and take the initiative. Courageous action is often the key to finding True Love.


In a partnership, The World Reversed indicates stagnation in relationship life. Such stagnation is expressed by hardly any joint activities or plans and very little couple time together.

If there are no shared visions and desires for the future as a couple, the relationship loses all energy and drive. Instead of living together as one, each person just pursues their own path without regard for their partner.

Through common values and future wishes, the former fire of love can be rekindled but only if both of you are ready to master the upcoming challenges together. However, without a common base, every partnership will eventually lose its foundation and collapse.

Another meaning of The World Reversed is a lack of focus on the existing partnership. Far too often, other things in everyday life capture our attention and provide a high degree of distraction.

We quickly lose sight of how important it is to nurture our own partnership so that it can bear fruit and fulfill us.

Relationship care is a constant cycle that changes according to the current situation in life and must be adapted to so that the relationship remains vital and fulfilling in the future.

Reversed World Health Meaning

In a tarot reading, The World Reversed card warns of a one-sided strain on your body, harming your health. Your body usually tries to balance existing imbalances by itself.

But there are natural limits to this balancing principle, which can lead to illness if exceeded. Furthermore, The World Reversed stands for a delay in recovering from an illness.

Perhaps you have taken on too much so that the symptoms have reappeared and are complicating your daily life. Take a little more time to support your recovery and shift down a gear in your daily plans.

Reversed World Career Meaning

In a professional context, The World Reversed stands for stagnation in your job. The same tasks and few opportunities for variety cause you to feel very constricted and trapped in your work.

At such a point, you should become active yourself. Look for new professional challenges or try to enrich your current work with fresh ideas. The World Reversed means that you feel little connection with your work.

Perhaps you are more of a creative person who cannot unleash your true potential in the office. Look for opportunities to live out your creativity in your free time. You may even be able to turn your passion into a profession later.

Reversed World Finances/Money Meaning

As a finance Tarot card, The World Reversed means stagnation, which hardly allows you to make new purchases. Income and expenses are just about balanced, but you can’t make big investments.

Try to reduce unnecessary expenses or increase your income with a part-time job to get a positive balance on your account again.

The World Reversed can also indicate that expected cash inflows (salary, benefits) are delayed or even missing. In such cases, you should keep a cool head and get help from friends or professional advisors if needed.

Reversed World Destiny Meaning

As a destiny card, The World Reversed reveals that you are stuck in a challenging life situation. Although it almost looked like you could move on to the next phase, various events are delaying your progress.

Do not despair and practice patience, then sometimes unexpected ways open up, which finally bring you further.

Reversed World Personality

In the reversed position, the World represents a scattered personality. The person finds it difficult to keep his thoughts together or to focus, whereby important goals are often not achieved.

Similarly, the card shows a character who puts off important matters. He constantly comes up with new arguments about why something does not work out and thus delays his plans.

Reversed World Tarot Past/Future


Past events cause a high degree of distraction in you. Only if you manage to structure them in a meaningful way, they will make sense again.

Due to experiences in your past, there are situations in which you freeze inside. Face your fears and you will be able to act again.


A project that is important to you will be further delayed in the future. Therefore, adjust your expectations accordingly and practice patience.

You are facing a period of isolation. You will have to face an issue without much support and should be prepared for resistance.

Reversed World Tarot Card – Yes or No

This time unfortunately, you do not have an easy choice to make. Many delays and obstacles make it difficult for you to rationally and emotionally weigh the different decision options.

With a no, you are on the safe side for now and can keep the negative consequences of this question manageable.

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