The Star Tarot Card Meaning

What does the Star Tarot card mean?

No matter how difficult it may look at the moment, the Star gives you new hope.

The belief in yourself and your inner strength, can release new energies.

Discover more messages of this tarot card for your life.

The Star Tarot Card Meaning

The Star Keywords

Upright: Faith, Hope, Happiness, Serenity
Reversed: Misbelief, Separation, Despair, Confused

The Star Tarot Card Description

The Star Tarot card shows a young woman kneeling by a pond at night. She is not ashamed of her nudity but calmly enjoys the unobserved moment under the open sky.

She does not need to hide or be afraid that someone is watching her. Through the brightness of the stars, she has certainty that she is for herself.

The woman symbolizes Venus, the goddess of love, who gives hope and happiness to those who are ready to surrender to their environment and live the moment. Venus radiates beauty and elegance, just like mother nature.

She holds two vessels in each hand from which she lets water run. The vessel in her right hand stands for the unconscious, represented as a deep lake.

By filling the lake with pure water, the view of the bottom of things becomes clearer and clearer and any cloudiness of the unconscious gradually disappears. The vessel in her left hand stands for consciousness, symbolizing Mother Nature.

The water flows away in five rivulets, symbolizing our five senses through which we perceive and experience our environment. Venus shows the connection between unconsciousness and consciousness by having one foot in the water and one foot on the ground, thus connecting both spiritual levels.

In the night sky, a large star shines a symbol of the divine. It can illuminate even the deep night, providing comfort and contentment in dark times.

The star is located directly above the woman, showing her deep spiritual connection and inner happiness, as such a celestial body watches over her actions.

Seven smaller stars appear in the night sky. The number seven is a sign of the mystical Lamb of Jesus and represents perfection in the sense of spiritual maturation and everlasting hope.

Upright Star Tarot Card Meaning

Following the Tarot card of the Tower, the Star reveals new hope and happiness after the previous chaos. Hope is an important quality that helps us not to despair even in difficult times and thus worsen our misfortune.

Instead, hope gives us an outlook to improve our current difficult life situation and thus mobilize our inner forces to persevere.

On The Star card, the two vessels with the flowing water symbolize that hope gives you new energy and makes you realize that in every misfortune lies the seed for a positive change in your life.

Another aspect of The Star is the development of serenity in life. When we no longer care so much about what other people think about us, we can freely and impartially live our lives without shame and fear.

However, this inner process of serenity only succeeds if we learn to appreciate and love ourselves as individuals with all their strengths and weaknesses.

We should not be too self-critical of ourselves and constantly strive to be as some people expect us to be. Otherwise, we will always be tense and narrow-minded, which will prevent our creative development potential from unfolding.

The Star signals an upcoming or existing phase of happiness in our lives. We all long for happy moments with our family, friends or ourselves, where we can recharge our batteries and simply enjoy our lives.

Unfortunately, we often miss such beautiful moments because our thoughts revolve too much around negative aspects of our everyday life. We do not allow ourselves the time to enjoy our happiness.

Try to be more aware of the small moments of happiness in everyday life and look for them. You will then build a good counterweight of positive energy, which makes the small worries of everyday life no longer seem so big.

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Upright Star Tarot Love Meaning


The appearance of The Star in a Love Tarot reading encourages you as a single to hope. Especially if you have a long time of waiting or loneliness behind you, opportunities in matters of love will soon arise for you.

You must continue to believe in yourself and keep up the hope of meeting someone for life. That confidence will help you recognize new chances in love and use them accordingly.

Another aspect of The Star in a love context is the occurrence of fortunate circumstances. Often we do not even notice how much luck we have right now, whether a sorrowful relationship has finally ended or that we have opened up new circles of friends.

The more you focus on the positive sides of your life circumstances, the more the universe will reveal to you new moments of happiness in love. It is like a positive cycle at the end of which a wonderful partnership can result.


In a relationship, the star reveals a high level of mutual trust. Both partners have a firm and common foundation of beliefs regarding their views and values. That puts your partnership on a solid basis that is resistant to external influences.

Another aspect of such a relationship is the belief of both partners in true love, whereby the partnership reaches a deep emotional level. The Star Tarot card also shows that your relationship is currently in a harmonious phase, making it possible to realize joint projects excellently.

Especially in phases of great happiness, it is worth consolidating and intensifying the partnership by spending and enjoying a lot of time together. That strengthens the feelings towards each other and further consolidates the foundation of love.

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Upright Star Health Meaning

Considering your health, the card of The Star means that you can regain hope after a long period of illness. Your body slowly begins to recover and you feel new strength flowing through you.

Looking to your future with confidence and optimism will support your entire recovery process. Furthermore, The Star encourages you to believe in your inner self-healing powers.

Because faith can move mountains, which is also true for your health. No matter how old you are or how you feel, your belief in yourself enables you to actively improve your health and well-being.

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Upright Star Career Meaning

In a career context, The Star card predicts promising possibilities to improve your professional situation. Your applications will finally bear fruit and you will have the chance to finally get your dream job.

You may also have the chance to move up the career ladder within your company. Take advantage of the opportunities that are present and success will soon follow.

Furthermore, the Star encourages you to deal more calmly with the requirements of your work. That means that you should not lose your head immediately when problems arise but that you should devote yourself to finding a solution with calmness and patience.

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Upright Star Finances/Money Meaning

In a finance Tarot reading, The Star means that now is a good time to make deferred investments. Either invest your money wisely so that you can provide for your old age, or treat yourself to a new purchase from your savings, which you have wanted for a long time.

In addition, The Star Tarot card means that a blessing of money will soon await you. That can come in a variety of forms. On the one hand, it could be in the form of a salary increase, and on the other hand, in the form of a one-time monetary win.

In any case, you should use this fortunate coincidence to further strengthen your financial cushion and provide for difficult times.

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Upright Star Destiny Meaning

For your destiny, The Star shows that you have a happy future ahead of you. If you always have faith in yourself and your potential, you will be able to master any challenge in life, no matter how difficult.

In addition, the belief in your own luck magically attracts positive experiences that enrich your life in many ways.

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Upright Star Personality

The Star represents a personality that always keeps hope in its heart, no matter what challenges he faces. His confidence also radiates to his fellow men.

At the same time, the Star expresses a very serene character. Nothing can upset this person so quickly, as he rests firmly within himself.

Upright Star Tarot Past/Future


Through your past experiences in life, you have learned to take many matters calmly because you know that often everything turns out well.

You still live on a past event, which gave you great luck. Use this positive energy for your everyday life.


You firmly believe in a positive future because you have recognized that you are the creator of your destiny and can influence it in your sense.

Your hope for the fulfillment of a life dream will soon come true. Keep your confidence even if your way should be rocky.

Upright Star Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Star is a clear yes card. With a yes, you are connected with the hope that everything will change for the better in this question.

Your belief in this alone can move mountains, which is why you should definitely give a positive answer. You don’t really have anything to lose, but on the contrary, you can gain a lot.

Reversed Star Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Star Tarot Card Meaning

The Star Reversed Tarot card reveals great confusion in our lives. We are unable to discern a clear direction in our lives and are groping around in the dark. Often not only our thoughts are confused, but also our feelings.

To regain order and a new direction in life, you must look for lights in the darkness that help you to orient yourself again.

Such lights can be well-meaning people or spiritual teachers who accompany you out of the darkness and show you what you can orient yourself to again. As soon as you have regained clarity, follow your inner light on the path to harmony and peace.

Another aspect of The Star Reversed is the presence of deep despair. A period of great sadness or disappointment can cause you to lose your grip on life and lose yourself in deep emotional chaos.

We don’t see a way out of the situation or don’t want to see one. Instead, we wish our previous happy phase of life to return. However, it has forever become part of our past.

By acknowledging that nothing in life lasts forever, you can regain hope. Even your sadness is only a temporary part of your life if you allow it to be.

As soon as you allow yourself to get back up and continue on your life path, you will realize that despair is not real but merely a temporary phenomenon of your mind. Just as you can make despair disappear, you can create hope.

The Star Reversed symbolizes the desire for separation from aspects of your life. Such separation can be both external and internal. External aspects include your own work or your social relationships.

Perhaps you have devoted a lot of time and energy to work or to support another person without any sign of appreciation or success. Now it is time to think about how far you should continue to sacrifice yourself.

Perhaps the time has come to part with these stations in life and to look for new challenges that will reward you for your efforts in the form of recognition and appreciation. Inner aspects mainly concern thoughts or desires that burden you and cost you a lot of energy and time.

Reversed Star Tarot Love Meaning


The Star Reversed reveals deep despair in love. Especially if you have been looking for a new relationship for a long time and have constantly experienced rejection, the belief in a new partnership quickly fades away.

Despair leads to the fact that we trust ourselves less and instead withdraw more and more. Don’t give up hope, but try not to fixate too much on a relationship. Instead, enjoy the relationships you have already acquired in life, be it with your family, friends or pets.

Furthermore, The Star Reversed reveals that we have fallen into a delusion. In love, this means that we misinterpret another person’s feelings towards us and are disappointed accordingly.


In a relationship, The Star Reversed shows a separation situation in the partnership. Especially when there are a lot of conflicts and stress between both partners, a temporary separation can do both sides well to think about the foundation of the partnership.

In extreme cases, a final separation is the right way for both partners to experience more harmony in their lives again. The Star Reversed is also a sign of deep despair within a partnership.

Such despair can have many causes, but it is especially an expression of the lack of hope for a change in the relationship regarding its negative aspects.

Even if there seems to be no way out, it helps keep the flame of hope alive by confiding in a friend and sharing your suffering. That will open up new opportunities for you that can free you from your despair.

Reversed Star Health Meaning

The Star Reversed Tarot indicates deep despair due to an ongoing illness. No matter what you have tried to heal, your symptoms have hardly improved and continue to burden your daily life.

Don’t let your illness take away your zest for life. Instead, learn to live a full life with your symptoms. Furthermore, The Star Reversed warns against misbeliefs and quackery in health matters.

Some allegedly promising healing methods only serve to enrich other people and are hardly proven in terms of their effect. Therefore, use different sources and listen to your intuition to protect yourself from misconceptions.

Reversed Star Career Meaning

The Star Reversed reveals a very confusing working atmosphere in your job. It is often unclear who has which tasks or responsibilities, leading to confusion and conflicts.

Talk to your superiors and colleagues to get more order and structure in the work processes. In addition, The Star Reversed indicates that you are currently despairing about the working conditions in your job.

In the long run, such grievances harm your well-being and health. You should consider a career change if suggestions for improvement are not heard or implemented by your superiors.

Reversed Star Finances/Money Meaning

The Star Reversed stands for severe money worries that burden you. Financial hardship can befall us very fast, like through unemployment or a failed investment.

But pure desperation will not help you out of your precarious situation. Instead, you should get help, such as good friends or debt counseling, and tackle your financial problems as soon as possible.

Another aspect of The Star Reversed is that you should beware of deceptive lure offers that promise you incredible profits with little risk. Only the intermediaries of such investments usually win, while the investors go empty-handed.

Reversed Star Destiny Meaning

If The Star Reversed appears in a Tarot reading, it means for your destiny that you have to be careful of illusions and deceptions.

Illusions often lead to you getting entangled in disastrous situations from which there is hardly any way out later. Only with a clear mind and a sensitive intuition will you be able to recognize the illusions in life and separate yourself from them.

Reversed Star Personality

The Star reversed reveals a character that is often confused. His thoughts are often scattered. It is therefore, difficult for him to concentrate on one specific thing or to keep track of everything.

In addition, this is a person who tends to have strong self-doubt. Because of this, he does not trust himself with many projects and thus remains far behind his possibilities.

Reversed Star Tarot Past/Future


You find it difficult to part with something or someone from your past. But as soon as you let go of it, you will feel better.

You still have disadvantages because of a misbelief from the past. Finally, dare to look the truth in the face.


Because of future tasks, a feeling of despair spreads in you. Don’t let your worries rule you, but dedicate yourself to the upcoming challenges bit by bit.

Likewise, you are very unsure where your future path should lead you. Become clear about what you want and the confusion will disappear.

Reversed Star Tarot Card – Yes or No

There are many aspects of the decision before you that are still unclear. You are rather confused by the many possible consequences of your choice so it is difficult for you to take a clear stand.

Therefore the answer should be no until you have more clarity on this matter.

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