The Sun Tarot Card Meaning

What does the Sun Tarot card mean?

The Sun promises new vitality and zest for life in your everyday life.

However, despite all the positive energy, you should not become too exuberant.

Let the Sun enlighten you and learn more of her secrets below.

The Sun Tarot Card Meanings

The Sun Keywords

Upright: Enlightenment, Vital, Success, Positive
Reversed: Exuberance, Depressed, Tired, Confused

The Sun Tarot Card Description

The Sun Tarot card radiates positive and enlightening energies. The sun illuminates the world with its rays and gives warmth and energy to the earth so that life can grow and prosper.

It has twelve straight and twelve curved rays, symbolic of the individual months of the year, showing that the sun is there to watch over us in every season, no matter how dark. The sun illuminates our lives and nothing remains hidden under its light.

Under the sun is a stone wall on which four sunflowers grow and flourish. It is remarkable that even in such a stony and inhospitable place, life can arise and come to full bloom with the power of the sun. The four sunflowers represent the four elements and the four different minor arcana.

Furthermore, we see a naked boy riding on a white horse, waving a red flag. The boy stands for optimism and joy of life. He doesn’t need clothes because the sunrays provide him with the necessary warmth.

He beams at the viewer and stretches his arms and legs as a sign of joy. The white horse on which the boy rides stands for grace and success. It seems very strong and lively and almost effortlessly rides the little boy. The red flag is a symbol of vitality and vigor.

It is larger than the boy and thus illustrates the sheer infinite life force in the child. It does not simply hang down but moves sweepingly and elegantly in the air, conveying strong self-confidence and personal success.

Upright Sun Tarot Card Meaning

The Sun Tarot card represents boundless optimism and positivism. Especially if you have just had a difficult time, the Sun signals that positive change is imminent.

The rays of the sun illuminate the path ahead and give you the strength and drive to continue on your way of life through its warmth. Use this optimism to realize projects that have been put off for a long time.

Because through the sun even the most challenging projects will bear fruit and flourish. If you live out your positivism, you will find that it will also affect your environment.

You, like the Sun itself, will pass on your positive power and charisma to other people. That way, they, in turn, will experience much happiness.

Another aspect of the Sun card is its tremendous vitality. You feel full of energy and could pull out trees. Use this vitality and express yourself by doing sports or just enjoying your body.

Your life force will have a lasting and positive effect on your health. In case of an illness, you will now experience a substantial relief of your suffering, triggered by the life-affirming core of the Sun card.

As we all know, healing starts in our head by firmly believing in our self-healing powers and then transfers to our body.

The Sun gives you new insights which were previously hidden. Its rays illuminate insights that were in darkness. That often happens quite suddenly without you having expected it.

This experience can be very intense and overwhelming at the same time. Especially if you have been struggling with a problem for a long time or are stuck in a personal dead end, a solution or a path will suddenly reveal itself and bring you decisively further on your life path.

Such realizations are often connected with a warm, happy feeling, just as the sun does us well with its rays on a summer’s day.

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Upright Sun Tarot Love Meaning


In a love Tarot reading, The Sun promises you great luck and success in your efforts to find a partner. With a positive outlook on life and an optimistic attitude, you will recognize that other people are attracted to you, as they find your closeness very beneficial.

You will get many opportunities to meet a new soul mate, which will allow you to see which person suits you best. Use your current positive energy to share it with another person and you will both have a happy time together.

The Sun encourages you to use all aspects of your body to find your ideal partner. That means keeping yourself physically fit and active, as well as working on how to present yourself more attractively on the outside.

Pay attention to your inner attitudes and always be positive and optimistic. Because this way, your body will adapt to your inner attitude and you will appear much more present and vital to your environment. Let your joie de vivre shine outwardly and inwardly. Thus love will flow into your life almost by itself.


In a relationship, The Sun reveals a great fit with your partner. Your common plans as a couple, be it starting a family or building a house, will succeed despite resistance and form a stable foundation of your relationship.

Now is a good time to set new goals, as you are forming a great team that can accomplish anything together. By sharing and experiencing happy moments together, you will experience deep satisfaction in your partnership, which is granted to only a few couples.

The Sun is a sign that you have received a deep insight into the mystery of True Love, which is difficult to describe with words. Rather, it covers deep feelings and a kind of shared intuition, in that you often experience the same thoughts and emotions as your soul mate.

You both share a deep spiritual feeling of love, which in turn ensures that you radiate optimism and contentment to those around you and thus let them participate in your True Love.

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Upright Sun Health Meaning

The Sun Tarot card expresses vitality and zest for life and stands for excellent health. To maintain this, you should continue to do good to your body and mind to be prepared against emerging diseases.

Furthermore, The Sun signals that you will soon recover from a serious illness. Don’t give up hope and make the best out of your situation despite the still existing symptoms.

A positive attitude towards life will help you to reactivate hidden self-healing powers. This way, you will soon feel a new energy in you, which will help you to fight your illnesses.

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Upright Sun Career Meaning

In a career context, the Sun Tarot card means that you have reached new insights that influence your work. Perhaps you have been instrumental in advancing a major project with your ideas, or you have qualified for higher positions through various training programs.

Seize the opportunities that present themselves and continue to climb the career ladder. In addition, the Sun Tarot card indicates great professional success coming your way.

Through your positive attitude towards work, you will inspire not only yourself but also your colleagues for upcoming tasks. That makes your job easier and you can turn even the most difficult challenges into success.

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Upright Sun Finances/Money Meaning

Concerning your finances, the Sun card shows a positive development of your money. Any outstanding debts will be settled soon and your income will grow steadily year by year.

Use this development wisely by putting something aside for bad times or simply treat yourself to purchase for your well-being. Furthermore, the Sun stands for great financial success, which is granted to you.

That can be a bonus for good work performance or that you are finally rid of a large debt burden. In any case, you should be happy about what you have achieved and set goals for your next success in the future.

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Upright Sun Destiny Meaning

As a destiny card, The Sun promises that your plans will be successful. That also includes a positive attitude towards yourself, through which you will be able to fully exploit your inner strength.

Your life-affirming charisma will also fascinate other people around you so that you can count on a lot of support in the realization of your goals.

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Upright Sun Personality

The Sun symbolizes a success-oriented personality. The person takes even failures as an opportunity to learn from them the best for his next plans.

In addition, the Sun is associated with a character who always looks positively at the world. Such boundless optimism leads to the person having a high basic satisfaction in life.

Upright Sun Tarot Past/Future


Think back to your successful times. From them, you can derive many valuable insights for your next undertaking.

Your vitality of the past months will continue to pay off for your well-being and let you go about your daily life calmly.


You are facing a time of true realization regarding important life issues. You are experiencing true enlightenment in some areas that will move you forward.

You also have an unshakable optimism about your future. Your positive attitude will open many doors for you.

Upright Sun Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Sun is a positive card regarding your question. A clear yes answer promises a successful endeavor. You are beaming inside just thinking about the many positive possibilities associated with your decision.

A few residual doubts still keep you from giving a yes. But with your positive energy, you can quickly dispel these worries.

Reversed Sun Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Sun Tarot Card Meaning

The Sun Reversed conveys a strong sense of powerlessness and tiredness. At the moment, you find it very difficult to focus on your daily life, as you have little strength and drive.

The daily demands consume more energy than you can replenish with your own strength. First of all, work on your inner attitudes and think about which things have priority in your life right now and which aspects have to wait.

Divide your energy accordingly and focus only on the really important and currently pending projects. Try to integrate more time for yourself in your everyday life, where you can recharge your batteries, like through sports or meditation.

The Sun Reversed card can indicate a high level of exuberance. You are currently very elated because many of your plans have come true. Now you want to take off even more and show everyone how many things you can do at once.

However, this exuberance can lead to you getting bogged down in the end. Therefore, you can’t implement any of your projects properly. In addition, too many projects drain your energy reserves and can lead to burnout.

Therefore, take your time and divide your energy to reach your goals piece by piece instead of implementing everything immediately.

Great confusion is another characteristic of The Sun Reversed Tarot card. Instead of recognizing the truth in front of you, you cover yourself with the fog of your illusions.

As a result, you quickly lose sight of your original goal and let yourself be misled by various distractions. Confusion quickly affects your emotional life when different emotions constantly alternate in intensity and frequency.

To regain clarity, you have to get rid of all distractions and focus again on your original goal. Then the veil of illusions will lift by itself and you will see your bright path to happiness clearly in front of you.

Reversed Sun Tarot Love Meaning


In a love Tarot context, The Sun Reversed reveals that your love life is quite fallow right now. You have little energy and strength to get involved in a new relationship and radiate fatigue, whereby other people tend to avoid you.

When we feel down and out, it is best to take a break in love matters and regain our strength. However, since love is a basic human need, you should nurture existing relationships with family and friends so that they can give you new strength.

The Sun Reversed can also be a sign of too much exuberance in your love life. That is the case if you are cultivating several relationships at once.

You don’t want to choose one person at the moment and keep several options open. However, so many parallel relationships cost a lot of energy and will not satisfy you in the long run.

Instead, get fully involved with only one person and give him your full attention. This way, you prevent burnout and have the chance to find real love in a partnership.


In a relationship, The Sun Reversed reveals to you a high loss of energy in the partnership. That inevitably leads to fatigue in your relationship. Often this is the case in longer relationships, where both partners have grown apart.

There are hardly any joint activities and time with the partner is perceived as a burden. In such a critical relationship situation, you should clarify whether you still have any common ground or what connects you.

Through such weighing, you can decide if it is still worthwhile to continue the partnership or if it is better to go separate ways. The Sun Reversed shows a great confusion in your relationship.

Such confusion appears especially on the emotional level when your partner reacts very indifferently to you and your feelings.

Reveal your confusion to your partner. Often he is not even aware that he has hurt you with his reactions and his behavior has completely different causes of external nature.

Reversed Sun Health Meaning

The Sun Reversed card can indicate stronger depressive moods. The world suddenly seems dull and gray, so you can hardly get up to do anything. A good remedy for such a mood is to go outside at least once a day.

In good weather, the sun rays will additionally revive your mood; in bad weather, exercise in the fresh air will activate you. Moreover, The Sun Reversed indicates that you feel very listless and confused.

The causes of such fatigue can be very diverse. You must have a regular daily routine that signals to your body when it is time to rest and when it is time to be active so that you can go about your daily life feeling more alert again.

Reversed Sun Career Meaning

The Sun Reversed admonishes you to slow down your overzealousness in your job. By too much exuberance there is the danger that you get bogged down in your plans and can hardly finish one properly.

Rather concentrate your energy on one or two manageable projects and implement them properly. Furthermore, The Sun Reversed shows that you don’t have the right professional orientation.

In search of a fulfilling job, you wander from one position to the next without finding your right place. Better take a step back and think about where your true strengths lie. Pay attention to the areas in which you can develop your potentials and live them out in your job.

Reversed Sun Finances/Money Meaning

When The Sun Reversed appears in a finance reading, it shows that you are overstrained with your current financial situation. You don’t have an overview of your regular income and expenses so you get into money trouble towards the end of the month.

Start sorting your documents to get order and clarity in your financial affairs again. Furthermore, The Sun Reversed warns you not to spend your fortune with both hands.

Especially if you have more money in your account due to a profit or an inheritance, the temptation to indulge in expensive luxuries is great. But the money is gone faster than you like. Make a plan how much of your assets you want to put aside as a nest egg.

Reversed Sun Destiny Meaning

The Sun Reversed shows a phase of listlessness and self-doubt. You feel exhausted and burnt out from everyday life and have hardly any energy left to make your dreams come true.

Create small time-outs for yourself during the day, like through meditation or yoga, in which you can recharge your batteries.

Reversed Sun Personality

The Sun reversed reveals a depressive trait. Here the glass is seen as half empty rather than half full. Likewise, increased listlessness and exhaustion can be observed in such a person.

On the other hand, this card can stand for an exuberant character. Often he overshoots the mark with his zest for action and falls over his own feet.

Reversed Sun Tarot Past/Future


The thoughts of your past let you become depressed again and again. Therefore, you should rather focus on the here and now.

Some past experiences confuse you. To find clarity, you should try to change your perspective.


In the future, a lot will be demanded of you, so you will be too tired to dedicate yourself to new projects. Therefore plan phases of regeneration in your everyday life.

With too much exuberance you will put more obstacles than necessary in your way for your future.

Reversed Sun Tarot Card – Yes or No

Be careful with this decision! Too much exuberance can lead to your question because you disregard essential aspects.

At the moment, you do not have the amount of energy that would be necessary for a yes decision. With a no, you are therefore, on the safe side and can gather some strength again.

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