The Tower Tarot Card Meaning

What does the Tower tarot card mean?

Changes, some of which are chaotic, are announced by the Tower.

The leap into the unknown can be frightening at first, but it can be a new beginning.

Therefore, look closely at what storms of life the Tower predicts.

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning

The Tower Keywords

Upright: Redemption, Chaos, Change, Awakening
Reversed: Compulsion, Fear, Destruction, Rigidity

The Tower Tarot Card Description

On The Tower Tarot card, lightning strikes a massive building and starts a huge fire. Although the tower is covered in flames, it is still not brought down but transforms due to the fire.

The rigidity and location of the tower prevent any rescue operation, while the flames in their dynamics quickly and effectively take possession of the entire structure, a sign of profound changes that fate has in store.

The lightning strikes exactly at the highest point of the tower, symbolizing that fate can upset and destroy any structure and order, however stable.

The tower stands on a hill, which significantly increases the risk of a lightning strike. To aim too high can therefore take a great toll on one. The approaching clouds herald rain that will extinguish the flames, so the martyrdom of the flames will soon come to an end.

On top of the Tower is a crown, flunging into the abyss by the lightning. It is a sign that status and power are only transient phenomena in our world and no one can escape from the karmic laws of life and heaven but must bow to them.

Two people jump out of panic and fear from the tower to save themselves from the flames. They do not know whether they will survive the fall but entrust themselves to their destiny.

Sparks of the fire ignite around the people, which on the one hand, can ignite new flames and, on the other hand, are a sign that the fire is losing its power. Just the latter meaning gives hope that even the worst disasters are not eternal.

Upright Tower Tarot Card Meaning

The Tower Tarot card symbolizes profound transformations that we go through in life. Such changes are usually the result of unexpected twists of fate for which we cannot prepare, such as relationship breakups, accidents, job loss.

Our mental constructions, built up with great effort over the years, are completely destroyed by the stroke of fate, as in the case of the tower, and leave behind great chaos.

But only out of this chaos a new order can be created again, enabling us to accept our fate and not break because of it. We build a flexible thought framework on the remains of our old thought patterns, which can better cope with the next storm in life and do not oppose it.

Another aspect of The Tower Tarot card is the release from entrenched structures. Often we are trapped in very rigid patterns in everyday life, which on the one hand, give us security and, on the other hand, prevent us from getting out of them and thus hinder us in our spiritual development.

By tearing down the rigid walls around you or, like the two people on The Tower card, by leaping into the unknown, you free yourself from rigid restrictions and can discover the world anew.

The price of this freedom is that you leave behind the supposed security of your rigid patterns and are in free fall, so to speak. But out of this initial fear, new courage will arise to face new challenges and grow from them.

The Tower signals great chaos and confusion in your life. You lose our grip, as the order in our lives, believed to be safe and firm, will be deeply shaken. But chaos often means nothing more than change and is thus a natural process in our lives.

We always label change as chaotic when it goes against our ideas of how the world should work. By embracing chaos as a natural process of change, we can take these profound changes as a celestial sign helping us restructure our lives and making us more adaptable and resilient.

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Upright Tower Tarot Love Meaning


In a love Tarot context, The Tower Tarot card signals an awakening from a dream, so to speak. As a single, you sometimes have blinders on your eyes and hang behind a love affair that has no chance of a deeper relationship.

Through good friends or incisive events, you wake up from your dream world and realize that your adored partner in the real world feels nothing for you and loves only him-/herself. The Tower can also point to emotional chaos in us.

The trigger of this chaos can be an unexpected rejection or intense feelings towards someone that suddenly overtake you. Such a confusion of emotions is quite natural and shows that you are a very sensitive person and react strongly to your environment.

Take some time for yourself and first distance yourself from the person in question so that you can sort out your feelings again. Then you can better listen to your inner voice and decide what to do.


In a partnership, the Tower card reveals that a big change is about to happen. Relationships are constantly experiencing influences that affect them in positive and negative ways.

By facing the next challenge together, such as birth, marriage, or moving in together, you will grow stronger as a team. Be aware that any change will require an adjustment effort from both partners, as too much rigidity risks breaking the relationship.

The Tower can signal that the relationship is very chaotic and in danger of breaking up. If you have recognized where the chaos comes from, you can try to restore order.

However, you can only do it together with your partner. Depending on how he reacts to your attempt to create order, you will have certainty about the basis of your relationship.

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Upright Tower Health Meaning

For your health, the Tower Tarot card means that you experience high levels of stress. You put yourself under a lot of pressure. You always want to handle all demands at once and think too little about your own needs.

Bring some order back into your inner chaos and increase your well-being, through more rest and relaxation phases. The Tower can also be a sign of a positive change in your health after a serious illness.

Even if you have almost lost hope for the alleviation of your symptoms, a turn in the course of the disease is now emerging, which will take away some of your sufferings.

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Upright Tower Career Meaning

In a career Tarot reading, The Tower means that profound changes are coming to your company that will affect all employees. The change of a workplace is usually a bit chaotic at the beginning and can cause fears and doubts for all involved.

Wait patiently until the worst of the storm has passed by. Then, focus on the opportunities and potentials associated with the change. In addition, The Tower encourages you to free yourself from the burdens and fears associated with your job.

You can partly bring about such release yourself by looking for new career prospects or changing your own expectations of your work.

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Upright Tower Finances/Money Meaning

Concerning financial matters, The Tower warns you that the overview of your finances threatens to slip away. Bills are piling up and your account is slowly but surely slipping into the red.

A budget book can help to bring back order into your financial chaos if you keep it regularly. An upcoming change in your life, such as a move or buying a house, can lead to the fact that you come to the edge of your financial possibilities and, in the worst case, go insolvent.

In addition, many unexpected burdens can come, which quickly overstretch your account. Therefore, keep a close eye on your finances and set aside a small reserve that you can fall back on in an emergency.

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Upright Tower Destiny Meaning

For your destiny, The Tower means profound changes in your life. Sometimes such strokes of fate can lead to a chaotic time in your life.

The sooner you can adapt to new circumstances and remain calm, the better you will weather the unexpected storms of life unscathed.

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Upright Tower Personality

The Tower stands for a person who shows a high willingness to change. No matter what difficult challenges he faces, he does everything to adapt accordingly.

Furthermore, the Tower symbolizes a chaotic character who has problems structuring his day. Often the person does too many things in parallel and thus loses the overview.

Upright Tower Tarot Past/Future


You long for redemption from a past stroke of fate. Only you can provide this relief by accepting it as a part of your biography.

Your chaotic past still keeps you busy and prevents the structure from coming into your everyday life.


A profound change is in the offing for your near future. Even if it causes worry and uncertainty in you at first, it can also be the beginning of a happy time.

You are about to gain a decisive insight. It is like waking up from a dream that has become real.

Upright Tower Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Tower is a slighty positive answer to your question. If you decide for a yes answer, you can hope for a new beginning. You will have to leave some old things behind you, but you can decide on the bottom up that comes from the heart.

Your clear attitude on this question also forms the foundation for future decisions.

Reversed Tower Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Tower Tarot Card Meaning

When The Tower Reversed appears in a Tarot reading, it indicates resistance to an inevitable realignment, such as job loss or the end of a relationship, in your life.

If you resist this change with all your might, you will break and need a lot of energy and time to get up again. Instead, use inevitable strokes of fate to make yourself aware of how transient man-made structures are.

Through this, you learn gratitude and humility towards the things we have and see the constant change as a chance to grow beyond ourselves.

The Tower Reversed can also be a sign of constriction and constraint. Perhaps you feel incapacitated by other people or structures because they hardly give you room for your own ideas and needs.

At some point, the pressure becomes so overwhelming that it is best to escape the confinement and free yourself, like the people The Tower card.

The leap into the unknown is often associated with fear and anxiety because you leave your safe structures behind and do not know what to expect. However, as soon as you feel the freedom to unfold, you will be inspired and walk your new path in life with courage and confidence.

Another aspect of The Tower Reversed is a phase of destruction and extinction. That refers to the dissolution of mental constructs as well as relationships.

Humans are creatures of habit and hold very strongly to their belief and thought systems. Only serious strokes of fate or events can shake these systems.

Such a shock can cause us to question our previous values and set new priorities in our lives. Old thinking is destroyed and replaced by new thoughts. Thar recurring cycle holds great potential in terms of our spiritual development.

Reversed Tower Tarot Love Meaning


The Tower Reversed in a love tarot context reveals a great fear of rejection from other people. Especially if you are single, the Tower card may indicate that you prefer to stay within the walls of your solitude because you fear the world outside and its reactions to you.

Remember that while loneliness protects you from rejection, it denies you the experience of security and love. Therefore, leave your tower of loneliness, at first only for a few steps, and learn to trust other persons again. With time you will become more and more courageous and find a new love in your life.

The Tower Reversed Tarot card can also mean that you feel too much pressure from your environment to finally find your partner for life. However, such external pressure will only lead you to enter into very hasty love affairs without checking whether these relationships are stable and fulfilling for you in the long run.

Free yourself from any pressure and carefully take your time and patience, so you alone will realize and decide with whom you want to share your life and your love.


In a partnership, the Tower Reversed Tarot card shows that the relationship is severely damaged. Your common foundation is sensitively hurt, by breaches of trust or emotional coldness.

You can only save the relationship with great effort by both of you starting completely from scratch and rebuilding a common destiny step by step. Sometimes the last option is to end the partnership so that both partners have the opportunity to build something new.

The Tower Reversed also indicates that you feel restricted in the partnership by great jealousy of the partner. Insist on your freedom and make clear that you will only stay in the relationship if your partner gives you space to develop yourself independently from him.

Reversed Tower Health Meaning

The Tower Reversed warns you not to endanger your health with destructive behavior. Especially addictive substances (smoking, alcohol, binge eating) of any kind pose a great danger to your well-being in the short and long term.

Confront such destructive habits in your life and, if necessary, seek professional help to free yourself from them. Another aspect of The Tower Reversed is that you refuse to acknowledge certain symptoms of illness and therefore resist treatment.

With such a stubborn attitude, you may be putting your health at risk, which is why you should do some soul-searching and get a second expert opinion.

Reversed Tower Career Meaning

The Tower Reversed reveals a deep-seated fear about job security. Perhaps some of your colleagues have already been laid off, making you very insecure about your job.

Instead of letting fear paralyze you, you should actively prepare for the worst scenario and look for new career paths. In addition, The Tower Reversed card shows that you feel very restricted at work due to strict rules and little room for your own ideas.

You can’t develop your potential freely. Therefore your development is slowed down. Try to express your creative energy in your free time and thus create a balance to your monotonous work.

Reversed Tower Finances/Money Meaning

The Tower Reversed Tarot card warns you not to endanger your finances by your behavior. Spending money on addictive substances or status symbols will soon leave you without any assets in your account.

Therefore, question your habits and consider how you can save your wallet through favorable alternatives. Furthermore, The Tower stands for a very compulsive approach to money.

You invest only in the most necessary things for everyday life and turn over every cent twice. This way you save a lot of money, but you miss the chance to buy things that make your life easier or give you joy.

Reversed Tower Destiny Meaning

The Tower Reversed shows you for your destiny that you feel very constricted in your everyday life. Because of the same routines in your private and professional life, you feel very restricted in your development.

Create small oases of freedom in your everyday life, where you can just be yourself and develop freely.

Reversed Tower Personality

The Tower reversed represents a fearful personality that prefers to hide behind its inner walls. Behind this is the fear of the unknown, which prevents looking beyond one’s own nose.

In addition, the card represents a compulsive character. This person has to control everything around him and always needs the same procedures to feel safe.

Reversed Tower Tarot Past/Future


Certain compulsions from your past still have a grip on you. Start to question them and they will lose their power over you.

In the past, you have experienced a lot of destruction of important projects or relationships. But on their foundation, you can build something new again.


You are afraid of an event that is about to happen. Try to see the positive side of this challenge and have confidence in your inner strength.

Impending challenges cast their shadow ahead and make you freeze. Deal with them bit by bit and the mountain will gradually become smaller.

Reversed Tower Tarot Card – Yes or No

The situation you are in is sometimes very chaotic. For this reason, you should tend to say no, so that the consequences remain manageable for you.

Otherwise, you may have to make further decisions head over heels, with even more serious consequences for you.

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