Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

Draw your Celtic Cross Tarot Reading now for free and see what message it reveals.

You can either ask a specific request or perform an open card reading without a question.

The ten different positions in the Celtic Cross help you analyze your request in detail.

Be curious to see what new insights are revealed through the most famous reading system in Tarot for your life.

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread with Tarot Reading

How Do I Draw My Free Celtic Cross Tarot Reading?

  • Open your mind for today
  • Click on ten Tarot cards
  • Receive the message of the Celtic Cross

Get your free Celtic Cross Tarot Reading online!

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What Does My Free Celtic Cross Tarot Reading Can Tell Me?

Free Daily Tarot Card Reading

The Celtic Cross is one of the most popular and revealing spreads in the Tarot. It consists of 10 positions that influence each other.

 When reading the cards, two figures are created: a cross on the left side and a staff on the right side.

The cross represents aspects that reflect your perception and thinking. If we read the cross horizontally from left to right (positions 3, 1 and 4) we get a small “time travel” from the past, over the present to the future.

Viewed vertically, the cards (positions 5, 1 and 6) reflect the questioner’s consciousness, from the unconscious to the conscious.

The staff reveals the questioner’s relationship to his environment in a broader context. Here it is mainly about concrete actions that the questioner can take, which in turn contribute to the clarification of his concern.

At the same time, the cards of the staff show perceived consequences related to the question.

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread is well suited for more complex questions that require deeper analysis. Thus, you can clarify for yourself what resources and obstacles you have.

The revelations should also help you broaden your perspective and play through different approaches.

 Therefore, do not only look at the cards individually but look at the overall picture they give.

You can also use the free Celtic Cross Tarot Reading without a specific question. In this case, the cards reveal what is going on with you right now and what challenges you should face.

You get suggestions in which direction you should shape your life. By looking at the interaction of the individual Tarot cards in their entirety, you will get a clearer picture of yourself.

The individual positions are explained in detail below:

Position 1: Present
The first position is about your current situation and how you perceive it.

The card shows external and internal processes, which are important here and now.

The analysis of the current situation can often give us decisive hints on how to solve our problem. Because often the solution to our question is already in front of our eyes.

But distractions from everyday life block our view of our resources, which we should use now.

Therefore, take the message of this card as an opportunity to consider your current situation with all its possibilities.

Position 2: Challenge
This card is about problems directly related to the questioner’s concern.

The awareness or even solution of such challenges can contribute considerably to faster progress in the respective question.

You should always have the underlying problem in mind because it is directly connected to your question.

There is not always a short-term solution. Rather, the card can help you successfully master the presented challenge in the medium and long term.

That is the only way to get closer to the answer you are looking for.

Position 3: Past
The third card deals with past events that have led to your current situation.

That can give you new insights into why things have developed the way they have. Your past is often the key to your future.

Draw the right conclusions from past mistakes, but also opportunities. That way, you can steer your destiny in a more favorable direction in the future.

Your present and future behavior can be predicted quite well by your actions in the past.

Therefore, use the third card to let new insights grow from your past experiences.

Position 4: Future
The fourth card position reveals your near future regarding your concern.

However, it should be noted that foresight only considers the current status quo, so there is still a lot of room for change.

Your future arises from the interaction of many factors, which you cannot influence all. Therefore, use your possibilities as far as possible to shape your fate.

The revealed future is only true if everything remains unchanged as it is right now.

But as soon as you start to take your destiny into your own hands and change your thinking and behavior, you influence your future.

Position 5: Consciousness
The fifth card shows you what you are currently focused on with your consciousness. It includes your thoughts, wishes, goals and concrete worries that affect your concerns.

Often all these cognitions flutter around in our head at the same time. The fifth card helps you to structure your consciousness more strongly again.

Because you learn which thoughts are really important at the moment. Thus, you can learn to distinguish important from unimportant and concentrate on one thing first.

Therefore, do not avoid the conscious confrontation with thoughts, but face them so that you come a little closer to your answer again.

Position 6: Unconsciousness
The sixth card position represents your inner unconscious processes connected with your concern.

This area includes especially your feelings, intuitions and dreams in connection with your question. They can reveal a broader perspective to you.

Because hidden deep within us often still slumber enormous potentials and possibilities that can help us in any situation in life.

Through the Tarot card in the sixth position, you regain access to your unconscious powers.

Likewise, the card can reveal to you repressed fears or worries that still stand in your way and that you should face.

Position 7: Own Influence
The seventh card position is about yourself and what influence you have on your concerns.

Especially your own perception of the situation, your own resources and personal obstacles play an important role.

Furthermore, the Tarot card can also show you places in yourself where you should work. Because often we stand ourselves with self-doubt or worry in the way.

Therefore, take the message of the cards to question your previous behavior about your concerns.

Even small changes in your thoughts can make a big difference. Therefore, make sure that you continue to nurture the positive parts that the cards reveal to you.

Position 8: External Influence
The eighth card position represents external factors that influence your current situation.

Such influences can be other people or important life events that affect your own actions and thinking.

With the revelations in the eighth position, you can thus see how other people in your environment perceive you.

The way other people perceive you also influences their behavior towards you. At the same time, important external life events can appear in the Tarot cards.

Events such as marriage, separation, career change, change of residence, illness or birth can have a strong influence on your concerns.

Position 9: Hopes and Fears
The ninth position is about the hopes and fears associated with your concern.

The positive expectations show what we secretly wish for. On the other hand, negative expectations represent unconscious fears that need to be faced.

Sometimes hopes and fears are very close together, so they represent two sides of the same coin.

Fears often hold us back from doing something necessary. You fear the consequences of your actions, however unlikely they may be.

By transforming your worries into hopes with the help of the Tarot card, you can release new energy.

Because through confidence, you approach your concern with a positive attitude and have a higher chance of its clarification.

Position 10: Result
The tenth position is a summary of all previous Tarot cards. It shows you how your concern will develop in the long term and offers you the opportunity to actively influence it.

Often concrete solutions arise here, which you can take with you. Do not just look at the card individually, but see how a tarot dialogue with the previous cards results.

Because all the cards together ultimately tell a story that can help you clarify your concerns.

The tenth position is the long-term outlook. It helps you understand how you can actively shape your future destiny.

What Are The Limits Of The Celtic Cross Tarot Reading Online?

Free Daily Tarot Card Reading

The free Celtic Cross Tarot Reading gives you a detailed view of a question or your current situation.

However, there are some limitations to its use, which are listed below:

A static answer
Many online oracles give only a brief look at urgent questions and an associated rigid prediction.

But often, there are not only simple yes/no answers. The solution to a complex problem is often very diverse and multi-faceted.

Sometimes you have to leave the well-trodden paths of the solution to get closer to your own answer.

Thus, you are still the creator of your own destiny, which is why the free Celtic Cross Tarot Reading encourages you to take your future into your own hands.

Concrete names, places or times
With the online Celtic Cross Tarot, the focus is on a comprehensive analysis of your concerns so that you can make the best decisions for yourself.

Concrete names, places or times are not part of the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread. The latter also plays only a minor role in your fate because it is much more about how you can shape your destiny.

Questions of existential nature
For questions of an existential nature, Celtic Cross Tarot Reading is not suitable.

Such information is based on extremely complex patterns that cannot be predicted with a card reading.

Examples include yes/no questions about death or illness, which we can only influence to a limited extent through our own actions.

Also, the question “Will I live another 100 years?” is not suitable for this Celtic Cross Tarot Reading. Rather, you should focus on questions that you can influence through your actions and thoughts.