The 25 Best Tarot Card Decks – How to Choose the Right One

How do I find the right Tarot deck for me? This question probably occupies many beginners at the start of their journey through the world of Tarot.

However, there is no definite answer, but there are many different aspects, such as your own experience level or certain preferences to consider. To choose the best tarot deck for you, trust your intuition.

Tarot is all about connecting with your inner wisdom. With the right tarot cards you can quickly and reliably establish a connection with your subconscious.

Fortunately, due to the increasing popularity of Tarot cards, there are more and more decks available today leaving no wishes unfulfilled

The Best Tarot Card Decks

Below you will find a comprehensive list of different tarot decks, most of which I already possess and could evaluate accordingly. Tarot cards that I don’t own myself, were still reviewed with the help of some tarot friends.

In addition to a general description, I have highlighted three positive aspects of each deck to help you to make your choice. However, with so many Tarot card variations available, it can be difficult to decide which deck is right for you.

I wrote a small guide following the tarot deck list to help you figure out how to find the right Tarot deck for you.

Take your time and trust your intuition to find your favorite Tarot cards.

1. Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

Probably the most famous tarot deck of all time, it was designed in the early part of the 20th century by Arthur Edward Waite together with illustrator Pamela Colman Smith.

Despite its age, this deck has lost none of its charm and charisma and still inspires millions of tarot enthusiasts around the world. With the 22 cards of the Major Arcana and the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana, the standard for most subsequent decks was set here.

Particularly helpful, especially for beginners, are the very detailed and symbolic illustrations on each card. They allow direct access to the messages on the cards.

Three Positive Aspects
1. The world’s most popular card deck, for which countless interpretations can be found in books and on the Internet.

2. Easy to-understand illustrations that allow uncomplicated interpretation.

3. Have a convenient format (7x12cm), so they are easy to shuffle and lay.

2.  Ethereal Visions Tarot

With Ethereal Visions, Matt Hughes has created an extraordinary tarot deck. All drawings have been hand drawn and colored in the art nouveau style.

The high-quality gold foil embossing makes each card glow with the resulting shiny effects, giving it a captivating aura. In addition, the artist has added two new cards to the traditional major arcana so that new interpretive possibilities arise.

The deck gives a very personal impression of the inner life of the creator and his view of the world of tarot. Especially for advanced tarot players this deck is interesting because the art nouveau style illustrations give an alternative approach to the meaning of the tarot cards.

Three Positive Aspects
1. The gold foil embossing gives the cards a special shine that makes each tarot drawing unique.

2. The reduced symbolism of the individual cards facilitates their interpretation.

3. By expanding the Major Arcana, advanced Tarot enthusiasts can expand their knowledge and intuition.

3. The Wandering Star Tarot

The Wandering Star Tarot Deck by Cat Pierce consists of 80 tarot cards aand a small accompanying book. The cards have a unique Indian/Oriental design that immediately captivates you.

While some illustrations differ from the original Rider-Waite cards, the essential features are still clearly recognizable. In addition, the artist has included the most important keywords on each card for a quicker grasp of the meaning.

Three Positive Aspects
1. The drawings are particularly appealing to lovers of Eastern cultures.

2. The keywords on the cards are very helpful, especially for beginners.

3. The cards have a good size and stability and are wonderful to shuffle and layout.

4. The Lord of the Rings Tarot Deck

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a tarot deck where Frodo, Sam, and other favorite characters from Lord of the Rings had their place? Casey Gilly and Tomás Hijo have made this dream come true for Lord of the Rings fans.

Each card features characters from the world’s favorite book series lovingly staged (my favorite is Frodo as the Fool, a perfect fit…). It should be noted, however, that the characters do not correspond to the actors from the film series but come from the authors imagination.

In addition to the cards, there is a small handout that briefly explains the meaning of each card.

Three Positive Aspects
1. An absolute must for all Lord of the Rings fans or fantasy lovers.

2. The set comes with a atable packaging for the cards.

3. Through the enclosed explanations, even beginners will quickly find their way around here.

5. The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

The world-renowned Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans breaks new ground in the representation of tarot cards. The hand-drawn cards depict primarily motifs from our natural environment.

Here, reference is made primarily to symbols and archetypes with which we are familiar deep inside and can therefore interpret them. The motifs are only loosely reminiscent of the standard tarot card images, which allows them to unfold their own magic.

In addition to an artfully designed storage box, a matching accompanying booklet with the various meanings of the tarot cards is also included.

Three Positive Aspects
1. The tarot cards convince by their intuitive design, whereby they are easier to interpret.

2. The sturdy and beautifully designed card box complements the card set perfectly.

3. The enclosed accompanying book provides a good overview of initial laying systems, a guide to card laying, and the interpretations of the tarot cards.

6. The Muse Tarot

In the Muses Tarot by Chris-Anne, female protagonists were deliberately chosen to inspire the viewer to new impulses. This deck has a pronounced feminine touch, which invites you to open up to your feminine side.

The powerful colors and symbols create a unique tension, helping to open one’s mind. In addition, the cards convey a positive mood, emphasizing your own potential and strength in a card reading.

The accompanying book offers appropriate verses and interpretations for each individual tarot card, faciliating contact with the cards.

Three Positive Aspects
1. Possesses a strong feminine appeal, making it easier to unfold one’s own ideas/interpretations.

2. The color choice is full of vitality and joie de vivre.

3. There are inspiring texts for each card in the accompanying book.

7. The Witches’ Wisdom Tarot

Phyllis Currot’s Tarot of Witches’ Wisdom combines witchcraft, shamanism, and the mystical power of nature to create a unique tarot deck. In doing so, the artist only loosely follows the original cards, giving each illustration its own personal magic.

Instead of the Minor Arcana representations, the elements of nature take over the task of opening the way to the viewer’s subconscious. The enclosed book explains in detail the meanings of the individual cards.

Witches or shamans will find this deck particularly appealing, and even advanced tarot lovers will find it hard to resist the magic of this set.

Three Positive Aspects
1. The cards are processed in very high quality and are stable.

2. Magical representations based on nature/witchcraft, which are truly unique.

3. The author ventures away from the original illustrations and goes new ways with her deck.

8. Tarot Grand Luxe

With the Tarot Grand Luxe, Ciro Marchettis created a successful combination between the Rider-Waite and Marseille Tarot. In doing so, the digital artist lets his own dynamic flow into the cards and sets new accents with the coloring and design.

The combination of different archetypes on the respective cards makes this set very interesting, especially for advanced card readers. It offers deeper scope for interpretation through the high level of detail of each card.

The accompanying book is worth mentioning here again because the artist, in addition to notes on interpretation, initiates the reader into the creation process of each card. However, when using this deck, you should already be somewhat familiar with the interpretation of the standard tarot cards.

Three Positive Aspects
1. A thoroughly successful adaptation of the Rider-Waite and Marseille Tarot, made even more impressive by the artist’s own touches.

2. Cards can be shuffled well and hardly reflect.

3. The booklet describes the creation process of each card offering wonderful insights into the author’s mind.

9. Modern Witch Tarot

In the Modern Witch Tarot Deck, strong and self-confident women take center stage in the cards. Lisa Sterle manages to put diverse female characters from different cultures perfectly into the picture.

Here she is fundamentally oriented to the original representations of Rider Waite but gives each card modern components. The latter are familiar to almost everyone from their own everyday life, such as laptops, smartphones, or motorcycles.

In addition, there are matching descriptions for each card in the accompanying companion book. The Modern Witch Tarot Deck is a good starting point for beginners who want more modern looking cards.

Three Positive Aspects
1. Due to the closeness to the original Rider-Waite cards, even beginners will find their way well.

2. An absolutely encouraging and modern card deck, which calls to live out one’s own potentials independent of culture or social norms.

3. I also like the material of the cards, through which they can be easily mixed and laid out.

10. Tarot of the Devine

Artist Yoshi Yoshitani breathes new life into standard tarot cards as each illustration tells its own story. Through the motifs used from fables, folklore, and the fairy tale/legend world, the viewer is led with each illustration into its own mystical world.

In doing so, the author draws inspiration from all cultures of the world, so that we can marvel at stories and their characters from all corners of the earth. Remarkable in this context is the book that comes with the set. In addition to the interpretations of the cards, the respective fable is also mentioned, representing new scope for interpretation.

Three Positive Aspects
1. Great idea to integrate mythical and fairy tale creatures into the tarot cards.

2. The packaging is very sturdy and has a small ribbon that makes it easy to lift out the tarot cards.

3. By reference to other cultures and their folklore, the own knowledge about it is expanded playfully.

11. Tattoo Tarot

Diana McMahon-Collis has created a true masterpiece with her deck of cards for all tattoo and tarot lovers. Each illustration comes in a vintage look and has been lovingly and inspiringly designed.

As a beginner, you can easily get in touch with the cards through the simplified illustrations. The richly decorated card box is made of sturdy material and is complemented by a small accompanying booklet.

Three Positive Aspects
1. For all tattoo lovers who are looking for a tarot deck a clear must!

2. The illustrations allow an easy introduction to card reading by concentrating on the essentials.

3. The packaging has a great design and is made of sturdy material.

12. Cats Rule the Earth Tarot


In this charming card deck, the cuddly four-legged friends set the tone. With her idea to put cats on each card in scene, the artists Catherine Davidson and Thiago Correa succeeded in a real coup.

Although the deck of cards is based on the original drawings, each cat gives the respective card its own unique touch. The color and symbol design is kept in vintage style and in an autumnal/winter atmosphere.

Three Positive Aspects
1. The cats are appropriately staged on each card and enriched it.

2. The color scheme is chosen very sensitively and invites you to stay longer with a card.

3. The presentation of the storage box is lovingly designed and can be used for both the cards and the book.

13. Osho Zen Tarot

To stay in the here and now is the core message of the Osho Zen Tarot. The idea for this came from the well-known meditation teacher Osho and was realized in beautiful illustrations by Ma Deva Padma.

The closeness to Zen is quickly apparent, as each illustration contains no distracting details. Thus, a completely conscious interpretation of the cards is possible with a focus on one’s own inner life.

Although a basic reference to the standard tarot cards is still recognizable, the author tries to go his own way here. The respective cards, therefore, appear in a completely new format and have concrete designations such as source, journey, or courage, which facilitate the interpretations.

Even if the author is a very controversial personality, the tarot cards are still a good tool to get in touch with your inner world. Since the set goes its own way, the accompanying book should be consulted for interpretation.

Three Positive Aspects
1. The cards offer a varied alternative to the original tarot cards.

2. The naming of the cards facilitates a quick introduction to the deck.

3. The minimalist and, at the same time, meditative illustrations help to immerse oneself completely in the card interpretation.

14. The Good Tarot

The Tarot deck “The Good Tarot” by the author Colette Baron-Reid follows a positivist approach. In the set, the classic archetype of the Tarot is expanded by messages of modern psychology.

The depictions invite you to dream and have a very gentle and positive note. The artist goes her own way in the implementation of the tarot cards and has, for example, assigned the Minor Arcana to the Four Elements (earth, water, air, and fire).

The accompanying book also includes positive revelations about each card in the first person. It should be noted, however, that the cards have angular edges, which can be considered distracting when laying the cards.

Three Positive Aspects
1. The individual representations have a very gentle character and invite to dream.

2. The interpretations of the cards focus on the positive aspects.

3. The formulations as I-messages let even beginners quickly relate to the deck.

15. Forest of Enchantment Tarot

The Enchanted Forest Deck reveals a fantastic world full of magical animals, fairies, wizards, and witches that immediately captivate you. Artists Lunaea Weatherstone and Meraylah Allwood have created a set based on the Rider-Waite cards but transforms the symbolism into a natural and fairytale-like scenery.

Each card tells its own story, so to speak, and invites the viewer to let his own imagination wander. The colors are kept in muted and natural tones, which makes the proximity to the nature theme apparent.

Also included in the set is a book with corresponding interpretations for each card.

Three Positive Aspects
1. The themes of nature and legends have been uniquely realized.

2. High quality of the cards regarding stability and color tones.

3. The book describes each card over two pages, with alternative interpretations.

16. The Phantomwise Tarot

The Phantomwise Deck offers a stunning alternative to the original cards and takes the viewer into a black-and-white world full of mysteries. The author Erin Morgenstern manages to set the original archetypes in a darker atmosphere.

At the same time, the whole scenery is somewhat reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, where new secrets await around every corner. Accordingly, with each card, you are surprised anew what messages the depicted figures convey.

The cards come along with a book and a stable card box.

Three Positive Aspects
1. Beautiful illustrations of the individual cards between integrating the fable world and a touch of noir.

2. Successful reinterpretation without losing the reference to the original cards by Rider-Waite.

3. Very stable card box, where all utensils can be stored well.

17. Horror Tarot Deck

Horror and Gothic fans will be positively shocked by the deck of Aria Gmitter, Minerva Siegel, and Abigail Larson. Whether Frankenstein, Dracula, or werewolves, all creatures of darkness have their place here.

Each card captivates the viewer with its haunting depictions and expands one’s scope for interpretation. Although the deck is based on the original cards, the authors have realized their individual symbolism in the illustrations.

Therefore, this set is more for advanced users who are already familiar with the basic symbols and dare to take a look at the dark sites of Tarot.

Three Positive Aspects
1. A spooky but well-done transfer of the tarot symbols into the world of horror.

2. Well-drawn and detailed cards, which again give new impulses for the card readings.

3. Interesting (scary) reinterpretations of the cards in the accompanying book.

18. Dark Wood Tarot

The Dark Wood Tarot takes the viewer into a fairy tale world. Already on the cover, you see a young woman who looks much like Little Red Riding Hood and invites the seeker to follow her into the dark forest.

Authors Sasha Graham and Abigail Larson set the scene for various fairy tales and legendary characters in a rather dark atmosphere. The drawing style is very detailed and somewhat comic-like, while the rather somber colors spread a mystical mood.

In the accompanying book, each card is described “fabulously” making it easy to dive into the world of the artists.

Three Positive Aspects
1. A great presentation of the cards and transfer into the world of fairy tales.

2. The dark flair of the cards creates its own magic in each card reading.

3. The book is colorful and reminiscent of a graphic novel with interesting reinterpretations of the cards.

19. Keymaster Tarot

Lorenzo Gaggiotti based the Keymaster Tarot on the Tarot de Marseille and the Rider-Waite cards. The result is an impressive mixture of medieval depictions and a rather playful art nouveau style.

Here the artist succeeds in integrating his very own touch into the illustrations. The colors are chosen very expressive and strong so that the energy of the cards is transferred to the viewer.

In the 80-page booklet, you learn the meaning of each card, and get further questions you should ask yourself. Some experience in card reading should be brought with this set, as the representations have a high density of interpretation.

Three Positive Aspects
1. Every illustration offers something new to discover through the successful mixing of the two most famous tarot decks.

2. The color and design (each card has a gold border) of each illustration is an eye-catcher.

3. The further questions in the booklet to the individual cards allow a deeper examination of the basic theme of the illustration.

20. The Dungeons & Dragons Tarot

All fans of pen-and-paper role-playing games will love the Dungeons and Dragons Tarot. The illustrations are teeming with well-known fantasy heroes such as dwarves, elves, and wizards, who unleash their very own magic.

Particularly noteworthy is the adaptation of the Minor Arcana cards, which have been assigned to the attributes of charisma, wisdom, intelligence, and strength. The illustrations are only partially based on the original drawings, so a certain familiarity with the Rider-Waite deck is advantageous.

The accompanying book descibes each card in detail. The explanations of the cards remind of a beginning adventure and give a first direction.

Three Positive Aspects
1.Successful conversion of Dungeons and Dragons into the world of tarot cards, as far as the design of the cards is concerned.

2. The attributes on the Minor Arcana make the heart of a role-player beat faster and open up new interpretation possibilities.

3. The enclosed book with its card interpretations reads like a real adventure.

21. Crow Tarot

In this Tarot card deck by MJ Cullinane ravens are the protagonists on each card. Thereby, the mystical birds spread their charm and add their own touch to each illustration.

On the Strength card, for example, the crow manages to tame the lion just by sitting gently on its head. The drawings are based on the Rider-Waite cards, so even beginners have an easy start here. Nevertheless, the artist has clearly modernized the illustrations and also upgraded in color.

In addition to the cards, this set includes a sturdy storage box and a small instruction book.

Three Positive Aspects
1. The ravens make each card an impressive work of art, which makes it a pleasure to lay the cards.

2. The original representations (Rider-Waite) have been improved regarding the design and coloring without losing their symbolic power.

3. The cards have a good grip and are of high quality.

22. The Golden Tarot: The Visconti-Sforza Deck

The Visconti Sforza Tarot deck is one of the oldest representations of tarot cards from the 15th century. The Duke of Milan, Filippo Maria Visconti, commissioned this deck, in which he had many family members integrated as figures.

The medieval drawings immediately captivate you and were designed by respected artists in painstaking detail. The colors and the corresponding gold border were chosen as decorations.

The author Mary Packard has written in the accompanying book some brief interpretations of the individual cards to facilitate the start.

Three Positive Aspects
1. The charisma of the depictions will convince not only fans of medieval art.

2. Elaborately designed cards with good material processing and great gold decorations.

3. The card box is designed in medieval style and is a real eye-catcher.

23. Crowley Tarot

The Crowley Thoth Tarot is one of the best-known and most popular decks world-wide. The deck has a very accessible symbolic language, making the meanings easier for some people to tap into than the Rider-Waite cards.

The cards are designed in great detail, making it easy to become absorbed in them. The individual depictions give the viewer a deep look into their own inner life.

In the accompanying book, important explanations are written for each card to make it easier to get started. However, the cards are rather small compared to other tarot sets.

Three Positive Aspects
1. An interesting alternative to the Rider-Waite cards, especially for beginners, due to the clear and intuitive symbolism of the cards.

2. Unique representations, which invite you to linger long with this deck because there is always something new to discover.

3. The cards and storage box have a very good quality and durability.

24. Santa Muerte Tarot

Inspired by the Dia De Los Muertos (the Day of the Dead), Fabio Listrani has created a dark but, at the same time, inspiring card deck. The main characters on the cards are skeletons of course, but they still exude joie de vivre.

Although the cards are based on the Rider-Waite deck, the artist has decorated his depictions with numerous novel symbols from the world of death. Thus, this deck is not only interesting for collectors, but also advanced card players.

A certain affinity to this Mexican festival of the dead should already be present to lay the cards well.

Three Positive Aspects
1. A truly captivating integration of the theme of death into the world of tarot.

2. Each card is colorful and uniquely designed without losing the reference to the origin.

3. The accompanying book offers interpretive notes in several languages (English, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Spanish).

25. Light Seer’s Tarot


The Light Seer’s Tarot deck by Chris-Anne integrates traditional tarot symbolism in a bohemian and contemporary style. Through the cards, we get in touch with our light and dark nature, allowing us to learn from them.

Every illustration provides an easy connection with your inner self because of the intuitive drawing. The coloring is also fascinating and allows your mind to wander on the path of your unconsciousness.

The accompanying book offers detailed keywords, meanings, and a mantra for each card.

Three Positive Aspects
1. Modern illustrations that are a masterpiece of their own.

2. The cards are flexible and light for shuffling, while maintaining durability.

3. Easy interpretation of the cards because of the intuitve design.

How do I choose the right tarot cards for me?

Buying the right tarot cards is not an easy choice, especially for beginners. Meanwhile, there are countless decks with different variations of the original illustration, so it is not always easy to keep track of this abundance.

Because the meaning of the tarot cards depends to a large extent on the symbolic power of the illustrations shown and how I get access to them. Therefore,it is essential to use a tarot set that is tailored to you and your needs.

To make it easier for you to get an overview I have written a little checklist that will help you to choose the right tarot deck for you. There are five different points, which are explained in detail below:

1. Own Experience (Beginner or Advanced)

An essential factor in determining the most suitable tarot deck is your own experience in card reading. It makes a significant difference whether you are a beginner or have been reading the cards regularly for years.

As a beginner, my recommendation clearly goes to the classic illustrations of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. That is because there is the most literature on the latter, both in book form and on the Internet, so you don’t have to search too hard.

In addition, many tarot decks are based on the Rider-Waite cards and use the symbolism in a slightly different form. Fortunately, there are numerous variations of these tarot cards, so you also have a rich choice here.

If you already have some experience in card reading, you will certainly already have some card decks you have built a connection with. Based on your knowledge, you should dare to think outside the box and try cards that differ in their representation and symbolism from the original cards.

It is crucial to have a positive feeling when you look at some sample cards. Often we fall in love with some drawings and should definitely follow this feeling and add the corresponding deck to our collection.

2. Card Material

Just as important as the illustrations themselves are the card’s tactile feeling and their quality. Ideally, you should have had the tarot cards in your hand before buying them to feel how they feel.

Some people prefer very smooth cards, while others prefer some texture on the surface. The size of the tarot cards is also an important factor, especially when it comes to shuffling, as some tend to be small, like skat cards, and others are much larger.

If the cards are as thin as normal drawing paper, you will not enjoy them for long because they can quickly crumple and are then hardly usable. If you lay the cards very often and regularly, you should therefore make sure that the cards have a stable material (sturdy paper or PVC).

The print quality also plays an important role in the evaluation of the cards. The colors should look clear and fresh and the contours of the individual representations and figures should be easily recognizable.

3. Intuition

When choosing the right tarot cards, your own intuition plays a decisive role. Often, already at the first viewing of one or more cards your gut feeling sends you a first hint, which you should absolutely trust.

Just like with people, there is also the so-called love at first sight when choosing your own tarot deck. The best thing to do is to compare the representations of your favorite card in the Tarot. In this way, your gut feeling will be most likely to make itself felt.

Because the quality of your cards influences the quality of your tarot readings to a great extent. Tarot cards are the key or messenger for the messages of your subconscious, which is why they should fit very well with you so that a positive connection is created.

4. Purpose

Tarot cards can be consulted for a variety of occasions, which is why there are different representations. Some decks resonate particularly well with love questions, while others allow you to look at your past from a new perspective.

As a beginner who wants to become familiar with the basic themes and archetypes of the cards, you should first purchase a standard Tarot deck. When you have internalized the Tarot card meanings, you will develop a feeling for the nuances of more abstract decks.

If you are already advanced and lay the cards for others, it can make sense to use different decks for different questions. Some advice seekers also harmonize with certain images. So before before laying the cards, you should provide different dekcs to choose from.

5. Interests/Preferences

Whether you prefer modern or traditional images, today’s selection of decks has something for everyone. Not even ten years ago, the scope of different representations was much more limited.

Due to the abundance of different tarot decks, the collecting fever can quickly take possession of one. Because whether it’s cats, ravens, or Lord of the Rings, there are no limits to your imagination, which means there are numerous unique tarot cards covering just about every preference.

Choose The Tarot Cards That Suit You Best!

Now it’s up to you to take the first step into the world of tarot cards and choose a deck that resonates well with your inner voice. Even if you already own some decks, you should keep your eyes open for new and inspiring tarot cards every now and then and follow my list of the best tarot decks in 2023.

The links in this article are affiliate links from Amazon, whereby I receive a small commission if you purchase a card deck through my site.

Of course, there are far more tarot cards than the ones I’ve featured in this article. But many of them are in English and difficult to buy in Germany.

Nevertheless, I will constantly expand this list and keep it up to date so that you can keep track of all the decks. If you know a deck that is not yet listed here but absolutely has to be here, please feel free to contact me.