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Hi, my name is Matthias Dettmann and I live with my family in Germany. I’m a psychologist, PMR-Coach and Triple-P Trainer.

I have been working in child and youth welfare since 2011, where I have already gained a lot of professional experience.

From 2014 to 2022, I worked in a counseling service for families. A main focus of my work there was the counseling of parents, children and adolescents.

Furthermore, the psychological diagnostics and the writing of statements belonged to my core tasks.

A further main component of my activity consisted of the execution of further training as well as qualification meetings.

The scientific knowledge of my profession complements well with the intuitive wisdom of the Tarot cards.

My approach to the cards is, therefore, rational and intuitive. I try to give some analytical explanations of the cards based on the work of Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung.

Through the cards, you can gain direct access to your subconscious mind. Here you will find valuable knowledge about yourself and the world we live in.

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At the age of 16, I had my first contact with the Tarot cards. I was at a party at the time, where a friend approached me and asked if she could read the cards for me.

At first, I was a little hesitant, but then I became curious about what the cards could reveal to me. My friend Anne led me into a room with a few candles.

It was a real old-school atmosphere like from an eighties movie. Now I was to ask the cards something. Well, I wanted to know what my career path would be.

Actually, I already knew the answer to my question at that time, so it was more of a test to see if the fortune-telling worked.

I drew the Death Tarot card! “What the F…?” escaped me. But my friend reassured me and said that death represents a loss in life but at the same time symbolizes a new beginning.

At that time, I was not completely convinced by the cards because I knew that I wanted to study medicine, become a doctor, have a practice …

But as so often in life, it comes differently than one thinks. When I applied for study places, I only received rejections. I was devastated because it had been my dream to help other people as a doctor.

Disoriented, I tried different things to get new ideas for my future. I meditated and went on “spiritual” trips abroad to India and Japan, but a feeling of depression remained in me.

At a class reunion, I met my friend Anne again. We had a lot to tell each other. When I told her about my failed attempts to become a doctor, she couldn’t help smiling.

I was confused, but she reminded me of my first Tarot card, which I had drawn at that time. In fact, the Death card had predicted a loss in the professional field. I was a bit startled, but Anne said that I would certainly be able to make a new start soon.

From then on, I began to study the Tarot cards more intensively. I realized that the cards allowed me to look at my life from new angles.

The cards gave me new access to my intuition, which I had hardly felt before. In this context, I dealt a lot with topics like subconsciousness. Thus I quickly came into contact with the works of Sigmund Freud and C.G. Jung. And all of a sudden, I felt which profession I should take. I decided on psychology. Here I could help people and at the same time use my own knowledge and experience I had gained about the Tarot cards.

Maybe my first prediction had been just pure “coincidence”. But my first card reading has led me to learn to trust my inner intuition again and face the challenges of life with serenity.

I started to share my knowledge of the Tarot cards on tarot-secret.com for a German-speaking audience. For English-speaking people, I created valaros.com so that as many people as possible can use the unlimited possibilities of their subconscious.

Through Tarot, you can learn to use the power of your intuition again and positively shape your life.

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