Lenormand Cards

1 Rider Lenormand Card

Rider Lenormand Card Meaning

Keywords: Message, Passion, Energy, Speed, Initiative, Activity

Summary: The Rider in Lenormand stands for an important message in your life. This message can influence your everyday life in both positive and negative ways.

You may have been expecting information for some time that will soon arrive. Based on this information, you will be able to safely make your way in life again.

2 Clover Lenormand Card

Clover Lenormand Card Meaning

Keywords: Happiness, Everyday joy, Kind, Carefree, Lucky charm, Opportunity

Summary: The Clover in a Lenormand reading stands for a high degree of luck. Good things will happen to you, for example, a win or a fateful encounter.

But you are also well protected from danger. Negative energies are simply diverted and cannot influence your life.

Be grateful for the happy moments and enjoy them to the full.

3 Ship Lenormand Card

Ship Lenormand Card Meaning

Keywords: Distance, Journey, Adventure, Wanderlust, Farewell

Summary: In a Lenormand reading, the Ship stands for an important journey in life. It is not just about other places.

Rather, it indicates a new stage in your life to which you are setting off.

You can be excited about new experiences you will have on your journey. Your destination is already visible on the horizon.

4 House Lenormand Card

House Lenormand Card Meaning

Keywords: Home, Tradition, Safety, Security, Privacy, Family

Summary: In a Lenormand reading, the House card represents your own home. Here, we can recharge our batteries after a hard day and feel safe and secure.

Our home not only consists of furniture but also includes loved ones or pets waiting for us.

5 Tree Lenormand Card

Tree Lenormand Card Meaning

Keywords: Growth, Health, Circulation, Spiritual development, Rooted, Resilient

Summary: The Tree Lenormand Card stands for personal growth and spiritual development in life.

You have already acquired a wealth of knowledge, now slowly bearing fruit. You are much more relaxed in the face of life’s challenges and are constantly learning new things.

There are no limits to your growth, which is why you should reach for the stars.

6 Clouds Lenormand Card

Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning

Keywords: Doubt, Uncertainty, Misunderstanding, Opaque, Secrets, Confusion

Summary: The Clouds Lenormand Card stands for great doubt in life. You are not sure whether you are still on the right path.

Without direction, you have difficulties to find your way in the world. Such doubts can paralyze you as you see no perspective.

Therefore, try to find clear goals for yourself that you can stick to.

7 Snake Lenormand Card

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning

Keywords: Wish, Seduction, Deception, Attraction, Wisdom, Desire, Delay

Summary: The Snake in Lenormand symbolizes your deepest wishes and desires. You desire something or someone beyond all measure and can hardly think of anything else.

But such a desire also harbors risks. Other areas of your life may no longer be taken into consideration, which could gradually lead to problems.

8 Coffin Lenormand Card

Coffin Lenormand Card Meaning

Keywords: End, Loss, Grief, Sorrow, Burial, Death

Summary: The Coffin Lenormand card symbolizes a painful loss. Something or someone is taken from you, causing you to fall into deep mourning.

However, such grief is a natural and human process for accepting what has happened.

Only if you can no longer get a grip on your life beyond the sadness should you seek support.

9 Bouquet Lenormand Card

Bouquet Lenormand Card Meaning

Keywords: Appreciation, Politeness, Flattery, Solemnity, Friendliness, Friends

Summary: The Bouquet Lenormand card reveals an upcoming celebration. This occasion will bring you together with many loved ones again.

Gatherings of this kind have a very invigorating and beneficial effect on your feelings. You realize you are loved and that you know many people who hold you in high esteem.

10 Scythe Lenormand Card

Scythe Lenormand Card Meaning

Keywords: Hard work, Harvest, Danger, Unexpected, Hasty, Warning

Summary: In Lenormand, the Scythe stands for an unexpected danger harming you. The latter can suddenly enter your life and cause you a lot of trouble.

It will take a lot of effort to get out of this difficult situation. But you have it in your own hands to change your fate for the better.

11 Whip Lenormand Card

Whip Lenormand Card Meaning

Keywords: Agony, Conflicts, Aggression, Objections, Discussion, Insults

Summary: In a Lenormand readingthe Whip reveals torments weighing on your soul. Your everyday life will be massively affected by this, as will your health.

Remember, however, that you can do a lot yourself to alleviate your pain. Don’t take some things so much to heart and tell someone about your suffering.

12 Birds Lenormand Card

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning

Keywords: Excitement, Gossip, Anxious, Nervous, Hectic, Blasphemy

Summary: The Birds Lenormand Card symbolizes gossip about you or your environment. Such gossip is often harmless, but it can also damage your reputation.

You should also think carefully about whether you take part in such conversations. Otherwise, you may be jeopardizing an important relationship in your life.

13 Child Lenormand Card

Child Lenormand Card Meaning

Keywords: Innocence, Inexperience, Child, New Beginning, Curiosity, Naivety

Summary: The Child Lenormand Card stands for inexperience concerning a life topic. That means you approach things very naively and in good faith, which has advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand, you can discover many new things and are open to new solutions. On the other hand, you are susceptible to outside influences.

14 Fox Lenormand Card

Fox Lenormand Card Meaning

Keywords: Selfishness, Deceit, Caution, Waiting, Cunning, Deceitful

Summary: The Fox Lenormand card is an expression of pronounced selfishness. Someone thinks about their own needs and implement them without regard for others.

They find it difficult to empathize with others, which often brings them into conflict with their environment. Constantly circling around themselves also prevents the development of close relationships with other people.