Birds Lenormand Card

The Birds is one of the most important Lenormand cards.

In addition to the general interpretation, you receive the meaning for your health, career, finances, fate, and love for singles and couples in detail.

Finally, you will find all combinations with the other Lenormand cards.

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning

Birds Lenormand Card Keywords

Excitement, Gossip, Anxious, Nervous, Hectic, Blasphemy

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning

The Birds Lenormand Card symbolizes gossip about you or your environment. Such gossip is often harmless, but it can also damage your reputation.

You should also think carefully about whether you take part in such conversations. Otherwise, you may be jeopardizing an important relationship in your life.

In a Lenormand reading, the Birds reveal that you are currently going through a hectic phase in your life. You are finding it difficult to think clearly as you are constantly under pressure.

As a result, you quickly lose track of your plans. Try to restore your inner calm, and you will be able to cope better with your everyday life.

In the Lenormand, the Birds show that you are very nervous at the moment. You are afraid of an upcoming confrontation, which may be of an internal or external nature.

But the fear is only in your head. Often, there is no real danger, so you don’t need to worry unnecessarily.

As soon as you realize this, you will become calmer.

Birds Lenormand Card Love and Relationship

You often take a very nervous and timid approach to finding a partner. That makes you seem insecure and often doesn’t leave a good first impression.

Realize that your happiness does not necessarily depend on a love relationship. Then you can go out flirting in a much more relaxed way, knowing that your life has so much more to offer.

Rumors that are circulating against you make flirting more difficult for you. Fighting against a preconceived opinion is usually not worth the effort.

Try to find out the cause of the gossip against you. You should also naturally behave when looking for a partner so others can get a realistic picture of you.

Things are going haywire in your relationship at the moment. With all the hustle and bustle, you are increasingly losing sight of each other. Don’t let the stress of everyday life get the better of you, but also think about yourselves.

It’s best to take conscious breaks and time for each other to slow down a little and recharge your batteries.

You feel increasingly anxious in your relationship. That is because you don’t have the confidence to express your needs. Or you are afraid of your partner’s reaction.

But only through such conversations can a relationship continue to grow. You need to talk to each other so that your life together can remain harmonious.

Birds Lenormand Card Health

You are expecting a medical consultation/diagnosis, making you very nervous. The uncertainty about the further consequences for your health is causing you some sleepless nights.

Even in everyday life, your thoughts are constantly elsewhere, and you can’t concentrate on the essentials. Instead, realize that your inner attitude benefits your well-being.

You can find out about the state of health of someone close to you through other people’s gossip. However, you should not believe everything that is said.

All too often, symptoms are exaggerated, or important details are concealed. Therefore, form your own opinion and get in touch with the person.

Birds Lenormand Card Job

At work, everyone gossips about everyone else. However, this creates an atmosphere of mistrust. Everyone is wondering what they can confide in others without it ending up with the boss.

It’s better to find friends to talk to who aren’t connected to your job. That way, you can be sure that nothing gets into the wrong ears.

Your working life is very hectic at the moment. There is so much to do and the distribution of tasks is sometimes very chaotic.

Don’t let the general hustle and bustle get you down. Make sure that you at least create order and structure in your work area. Often, others will then follow your example.

Birds Lenormand Card Finances

You are very nervous about an upcoming financial challenge. Your project involves several risks and uncertainties that are difficult for you to control.

Nevertheless, consider whether you have exhausted all your options or whether there are other alternatives. Such considerations can have a very calming effect.

You find out about a lucrative investment through a conversation. It is described in the most colorful terms so that it is almost a done deal for you.

But you shouldn’t naively believe everything you hear.

Get other opinions, preferably critical ones. Only then can you make an objective judgment for yourself.

Birds Lenormand Card Person

A person talking a lot about themselves and others.

Birds Lenormand Card Time

The Birds describe a very fast-paced moment.

Birds Lenormand Card and its Combinations

Birds – Rider

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Rider Lenormand Card Meaning

You hear an unpleasant rumor about yourself. You need to weigh up how to deal with this information to avert greater damage.

Someone wants you to pass on a secret orally. Only pass the message on to the intended recipient.

Someone whose favor you are trying to win reveals their feelings to you. However, don’t just rely on the spoken word but look at their actions.

Your partner entrusts you with an incriminating secret. Guard it like a precious treasure.

Birds – Clover

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Clover Lenormand Card Meaning

You are very excited about an upcoming event. The latter can make you happy in many ways.

On the other hand, you are worried that your lucky streak could end soon. Don’t worry too much, but enjoy the joyful time while you still have it.

You are very excited about a date. You have butterflies in your stomach. Your partner will appreciate your joy.

As a couple, a turbulent event awaits you. Despite the excitement it causes, you will be overjoyed in the end.

Birds – Ship

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Ship Lenormand Card Meaning

An upcoming adventure causes you more worry than joy. Your focus is on the things that could go wrong.

On the other hand, you are very excited before a journey. As a result, you can hardly sleep and are unable to concentrate.

Worries and doubts creep up on you before a date. You feel unsure about how you should behave or whether the date is right.

In your relationship, you worry a lot about a joint venture. Share your fears with your partner and find a solution.

Birds – House

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning House Lenormand Card Meaning

There is bad talk about you as a household in the neighborhood. Take a clear stand together against such gossip.

There is a lot of disorder and chaos in everyday life at home. Clear structures and procedures can help here.

Worrying about a household member puts your love affairs on the back burner. Clarify your concerns first before flirting again.

There are a few concrete agreements in a relationship, which leads to irritation and misunderstandings.

Birds – Tree

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Tree Lenormand Card Meaning

Talking can help you to alleviate emotional pain. A friend or therapist will always have an open ear for you.

Too much stress in everyday life is a heavy burden on your immune system. Without periods of rest, the following illnesses are only a matter of time.

When it comes to love, you are literally tongue-tied. You are very nervous before meeting someone, so you can hardly get a word out.

Serious problems are talked about in your relationship. However, this is detrimental to a healthy partnership.

Birds – Clouds

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning

Certain misunderstandings lead to a high level of stress and confusion. They could easily be resolved by clarifying words.

People are talking badly about you behind your back. Such rumors confuse your fellow human beings.

Your crush has heard things about you that are causing him to have doubts. Only you can clear things up for him.

Lately, you’ve been talking past each other, which leads to misunderstandings. Try to take the other person’s perspective and understand each other better.

Birds – Snake

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Snake Lenormand Card Meaning

At the moment, you want to realize too many wishes at once. As a result, you are not fulfilling any of your longings.

You have a great desire to realize a life goal. However, you are busy with many other things at once and hardly have the necessary focus.

You have two parallel flirtations going on at the moment. However, you have to divide your attention, which inevitably leads to distortions and irritations.

You can’t agree on common goals in your life together. Your desires are too far apart.

Birds – Coffin

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Coffin Lenormand Card Meaning

You put an end to the rumors that are circulating about you. Stand up for yourself and show others you will not put up with untruths.

The topic of death is very present in your immediate environment. You can gain a lot of insight through this kind of communication.

Someone talks badly behind your back, so a flirtation ends before it even begins.

In a partnership, you have to talk about death for a reason. Think about how you will continue to organize and secure your life after the death of the other person.

Birds – Bouquet

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Bouquet Lenormand Card Meaning

There is a lot of talk about someone during a party. You don’t have to take part in this and should be on your guard.

Despite a heated conversation, you should always maintain your friendliness. That will prevent an escalation on your part.

Your friends are trying to talk you out of flirting. Listen to their arguments and decide for yourself whether they are valid.

You and your partner like to talk about other people. That is fine, but make sure you don’t talk about other people.

Birds – Scythe

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Scythe Lenormand Card Meaning

The birds are already chirping from the rooftops that danger is imminent. Take the warnings in your surroundings seriously and take appropriate precautions.

Be careful what you say to whom in conversation. Some conversations can quickly become dangerous for you.

Your friends warn you against a love affair because they suspect disaster. Check out their concerns and listen to what your gut is telling you.

Pay attention to how you talk about your partner to others. Because what you say can quickly find its way to them with unexpected consequences.

Birds – Whip

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Whip Lenormand Card Meaning

You expect painful feedback about your behavior, either privately or professionally. Don’t take the criticism too much to heart.

You are very afraid of escalation before a conversation. Remember that your behavior contributes a lot to the course of the conversation.

As a single person, you receive a rejection from someone. The person will reveal to you in a conversation what was wrong.

You are afraid to discuss an important matter with your partner. But some things can’t wait, otherwise they will continue to torment you.

Birds – Child

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Child Lenormand Card Meaning

A child brings a lot of hustle and bustle into your everyday life. Don’t let this put you off, but rather enjoy the hustle and bustle.

You are also nervous because of your inexperience in something. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You will learn quickly.

You are afraid of flirting because you don’t have much experience with it yet. But your self-confidence will grow with every attempt.

Having a child means a lot is going on in your relationship again. Together, you will be able to cope with the hectic pace.

Birds – Fox

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Fox Lenormand Card Meaning

Rumors and lies about you are spreading behind your back. Sometimes, it is very difficult to get to the bottom of them.

You feel increasingly nervous as you suspect you have been deceived in a scheme. Take another look at the facts before you make a judgment.

A humiliating gossip against you is increasingly preventing your success in flirting. Try to continue your search for a partner further away or online.

As a couple, you have fallen for a cheater. You are now worried about the consequences for you.

Birds – Bear

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Bear Lenormand Card Meaning

There are rumors and gossip about an authority figure in your life. You should pay attention and not blindly go along with it.

Your boss is spreading a lot of hustle and bustle in the company. You shouldn’t let it get to you but go your own way.

Gossiping about a dominant person brings you closer to someone. You obviously have a lot in common in other areas too.

Your partner wants to have a say in something and is causing a lot of unrest as a result. Make it clear to them that you need to work together as a team.

Birds – Stars

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Stars Lenormand Card Meaning

Through many constructive conversations, you can realize some of your wishes. Keep in touch with people who have helped you.

Some of your dreams in life are very unstructured and erratic. Therefore, first try to create order and clarity within yourself.

You have come a lot closer to your dream partner thanks to the many conversations you have had together. A young love is on the horizon.

Far too often, you talk about your mutual wishes for the future. Instead, you should finally work more concretely on realizing them.

Birds – Stork

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Stork Lenormand Card Meaning

A rumor is doing the rounds that a profound change is imminent. Although this is only hearsay so far, you should still take precautions.

You are very excited about an imminent life change. You’ve already told everyone around you about it.

You have met someone who has had a lasting impact on your love life. You can hardly hide your excitement and tell everyone about it.

Your relationship is about to undergo a change that scares you. Talk about it and encourage each other.

Birds – Dog

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Dog Lenormand Card Meaning

You hear that people are talking badly about one of your friends. Stand up for him and stop the harmful gossip.

A good friend brings a lot of excitement into your life with his ideas. Make sure you stay balanced and don’t get carried away with hasty actions.

A flirting partner talks badly about a mutual friend. You should think carefully about whether such a partnership is possible.

A friend of yours is putting you in a hectic situation with his request. Try to find a solution together and, above all, keep calm.

Birds – Tower

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Tower Lenormand Card Meaning

You are withdrawing somewhat from social life as you are tired of the constant gossip in your environment.

An official matter has you in a tizzy. Collect your thoughts and try to work through the matter step by step.

Conversations you have when looking for a partner take a toll on your energy. An occasional break from flirting and inner reflection would do you good.

You need to react quickly to an official matter. Time is short and only leads to more stress and confusion.

Birds – Garden

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Garden Lenormand Card Meaning

A tense social situation is making you nervous. There is a sense of excitement everywhere, as many things remain unspoken.

There is a lot of talk about you in public. Some are not very truthful, but most of them are sincere.

Through many conversations you have during a public setting, opportunities for flirting arise. The two of you are already the talk of the town in your community.

You are not used to this kind of attention, making you a little nervous.

Birds – Mountain

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Mountain Lenormand Card Meaning

Unfortunately, you can’t progress on a problem because all conversations about it are blocked. Progress is not possible without discussion.

You have a difficult conversation ahead of you, making you very nervous. Sort out your arguments and take a few deep breaths.

You are very anxious about going on a date because you don’t really know how to start a conversation.

There is an icy silence about a problem in your partnership. Without communication, you will not be able to overcome this obstacle.

Birds – Way

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Way Lenormand Card Meaning

Instead of making up your mind, you talk away all possible alternatives that are offered. Slowly, you have to make a choice.

An important decision has to be made in a hectic situation. You can only concentrate on the short-term consequences.

Someone wants you to decide between love and is constantly talking to you. Don’t let yourself be rushed. After all, it’s your love life.

When a decision has to be made, you endlessly discuss all the options. It’s better to find a way together.

Birds – Mice

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Mice Lenormand Card Meaning

Dirty rumors are circulating about you. What is too much is too much! You should defend yourself and possibly consider taking legal action.

An initially promising conversation unfortunately loses itself in insignificant trivialities.

During a flirtation, excessive conversation can be a real love killer. Love doesn’t need a thousand words. It can get by just fine without them.

Your shared culture of conversation threatens to deteriorate more and more. Show more interest in each other’s lives.

Birds – Heart

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Heart Lenormand Card Meaning

An affair of the heart is making you increasingly nervous. There are many imponderables that you cannot influence.

You have fears about a person who is very close to your heart. Try to talk to the person and tell them about your worries.

Your heart beats faster with excitement when you think about someone in particular. Try to talk to the person and reveal yourself.

The right whisper of love can revitalize any relationship. Make sure that what you say comes from the heart.

Birds – Ring

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Ring Lenormand Card Meaning

In a hectic moment, you made a promise to someone. But now you are unsure whether you can keep it.

You are faced with conversations that stress you out. But you feel obliged to have them anyway.

In a hectic moment, a casual acquaintance has extracted a promise for a date from you. Now, you look back on this date with concern.

As a couple, you are obliged to talk to each other about things that concern you both. That is the only way to keep your relationship genuine.

Birds – Book

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Book Lenormand Card Meaning

You have started talking about a new training course. But as long as nothing is in writing, you shouldn’t set your expectations too high.

You hear a secret through the gossip of others. Don’t pass it on pointlessly, but think carefully about what you do with it.

By talking a lot to the other person during a date, you will learn a lot about them. This knowledge can influence your feelings.

In a relationship, you have to talk about a secret. It makes one of you feel bad.

Birds – Letter

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Letter Lenormand Card Meaning

A letter/mail brings a lot of excitement into your everyday life. Take a deep breath, and don’t let the lines take over your life.

Someone wants to talk to you about a piece of writing. Perhaps you are supposed to help decipher their message or solve a problem.

You receive a love letter that causes you turmoil. Such a gesture shows great interest in you and should be answered accordingly.

The two of you urgently need to talk about a piece of writing. That will give you important clues about your future together.

Birds – Man

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Man Lenormand Card Meaning

A very communicative man will provide you with some insightful conversations. You both benefit from your exchange.

You are nervous because of a male person who frightens you. Realize that the fear is only in your head.

During a flirtation, a man takes control of the conversation. Unfortunately, this leaves you as a spectator.

A male person is spreading rumors about your life together. You should both take decisive action against this.

Birds – Woman

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Woman Lenormand Card Meaning

A very communicative woman provides you with some insightful conversations. You both benefit from your exchanges.

You are nervous because of a female person who frightens you. Realize that the fear is only in your head.

During a flirtation, a woman takes control of the conversation. Unfortunately, this leaves you as a spectator.

A female person spreads rumors about your life together. You should both take decisive action against this.

Birds – Lily

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Lily Lenormand Card Meaning

You have intense conversations about sexual topics. Eroticism should not be a taboo as it is important for your well-being.

A supporter spreads a lot of excitement and stress. Help him to clear his head and solve his dilemma.

An admirer behaves very erratically during a date and seems driven. Try to find out with him where his excitement is coming from.

In your relationship, you should talk more about sex so that the topic doesn’t get neglected.

Birds – Sun

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Sun Lenormand Card Meaning

You are very excited about an upcoming success in life. The most difficult hurdles have already been overcome, the rest is a formality.

A conversation triggers true joy and happiness in you. Look for more of these conversations.

You have finally arranged a date with your dream partner. But you’re a little nervous about whether you can convince him of your love.

A successful endeavor enriches your partnership. Feel free to tell your friends about your success.

Birds – Moon

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Moon Lenormand Card Meaning

You’ve been feeling increasingly restless and anxious lately. These feelings come from within you,so search there for their cause.

A very emotional conversation is causing you to become agitated. Turn on your head to cool down a little.

You are overwhelmed by your own feelings on a date. However, you are too excited to reveal yourself to the other person.

A heated debate with your partner causes your feelings to boil over. Take some time to calm down and then continue the discussion.

Birds – Key

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Key Lenormand Card Meaning

You are afraid of opening up to someone. But what could happen? Let the other person in and enjoy the togetherness.

A conversation will give you a high degree of security. Your concerns will be completely dispelled.

When you flirt, the other person talks to you. You immediately feel safe and secure with them.

Your partner has been very withdrawn from you recently and hardly talks to you at all. To open up to them, you should open up yourself and your feelings.

Birds – Fish

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Fish Lenormand Card Meaning

Certain financial developments are making you very nervous. You are afraid of losing a lot of money.

There are many conversations about finances through which you learn important information. Use the information you gain to your advantage.

During a date, you talk intensively about your shared values in life. That gives you a good basis for discussion for future meetings.

 Financial worries are putting a strain on your relationship. Finally, start talking about it.

Birds – Anchor

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Anchor Lenormand Card Meaning

You are so attached to your worries that they dominate your everyday life. Just let go, and your fears will disappear.

You are frantically trying to solve a deadlocked problem. But you will make less progress with this than if you look for a solution in a thoughtful way.

When looking for a partner, you focus on past failures. That’s why you’re often nervous on a first date and seem insecure.

Instead of solving a problem, you hold on to your points of view and talk down any alternative solutions.

Birds – Cross

Birds Lenormand Card Meaning Cross Lenormand Card Meaning

Important conversations about your faith take place. Through them, you gain new insights about yourself and your environment.

You worry about new burdens that await you. Talk to someone about it and unburden your soul.

You have a conversation with someone about spiritual topics. You immediately feel a deep inner connection with them.

Things are often hectic in your relationship, which you find very stressful. Bring some calm by taking things down a gear yourself.