The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

What does the Lovers Tarot card mean?

The lovers reveal to you how important love and loyalty are for a fulfilled life.

However, you should not only think about yourself.

Explore what other messages the lovers have in store for you.

The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

The Lovers Keywords

Upright: Love, Loyalty, Relationships, Values
Reversed: Egoism, Impetuous, Unattached, Vice

The Lovers Tarot Card Description

The Lovers Tarot card depicts a naked woman and a naked man facing each other. They do not feel shame yet, due to their naked bodies and are unbiased about love.

The position of their hands and arms signals openness to a relationship. They are ready to embrace each other and love unconditionally.

Above them thrones the archangel Raphael, who is a magnificent apparition. He protectively frames the two lovers and ensures that both remain emotionally and physically intact (Raphael means: “God heals”).

Furthermore, the angel is a sign to The Lovers that they are God’s children and that He, therefore, sends His most faithful servants to protect them.

The divine shines above the angel in the form of a sun, enveloping the entire landscape in holy light. This brightness represents the unconditional love that God bestows on all his creatures.

The Lovers are in a natural, beautiful landscape representing the Garden of Eden. Behind the woman is an apple tree with a snake attached to it.

This scenery is strongly reminiscent of the biblical story of the Fall and shows how quickly a lover’s attention can drift away from the original love due to other temptations. The woman is therefore not directly facing the man but lets her gaze wander upwards.

Perhaps to taste the seductive fruit of the apple tree or to ask for instruction from the angel on how to renounce earthly temptations. Behind the man is a tree on fire, representing the fire of passion.

A total of twelve flames burn on the branches of the tree, which in turn are a sign of the eternal cycle of life. The man looks at the woman standing opposite him and longs to be with her.

In the background, we see a volcano that can erupt at any time, symbolizing the fire of passion that suddenly erupts when two lovers meet and which can easily burn them both if they are careless.

Upright Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

The Lovers tarot card shows our deepest emotional connections to those around us. Whether it’s your partner, a very good friend, or someone in your family, we as humans can connect deeply with a variety of people (some people even with animals), allowing us to develop freely.

Just like The Lovers, we don’t need to hide anything but can open up to the other person in a completely unbiased way.

That means that you can freely and openly reveal your innermost thoughts and feelings without fear of being laughed at or betrayed. On the contrary, you experience compassion and help from the person in question.

At the same time, you give the person the same unbiased openness concerning their problems, like through active listening or concrete assistance.

On a more personal level, The Lovers card embodies the creation of our inner values and beliefs. In contrast to the Hierophant, where a strict and predetermined moral model is given, The Lovers encourage you to create and live your own values.

Through the many life experiences you have already made, you are better and better able to decide for yourself which values help you on the path to spiritual maturity and which ideas are no longer necessary at the moment.

Especially in times when your moral values are questioned and you have to make an important decision for yourself, it is best to rely on your values.

The Lovers are also a symbol of great loyalty to other people and your own values and faith. Faithfulness means that despite numerous distractions or temptations in everyday life, we do not let ourselves be distracted but stand by our made promises or values.

The apple tree with the snake on the Lovers Tarot card symbolizes the temptations that directly surround us. The woman, for example, looks towards the sky and searches for a piece of advice to resist the temptation.

One possibility can be to discuss such temptations with a good friend or a spiritual teacher, to find together back on your path of knowledge.

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Upright Lovers Tarot Love Meaning


The Lovers card is one of the most important Tarot cards in a Love Tarot context. As a single, it means that you can soon find your True Love who will accompany you on your further path in life.

Be open and without reservations, like the man and the woman in the picture of The Lovers, and the path to your True Love will soon reveal itself. Above all, try to be true to yourself and not bend your inner values for someone else just to get their attention.

Finding True Love does not mean that both partners agree on all life issues. Rather, they complement each other in different values and attitudes, like a key that fits a certain lock.

It is important that you can reveal yourself to your love without shame and shyness and that the other one treats you with appreciation.


In a relationship, The Lovers card means that you have found your True Love. You are soul mates who have no secrets from each other and know your counterpart in and out.

By knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your partner, you can master even the most difficult situations in life together and grow from them. Your relationship is characterized by the deepest, mutual trust and appreciation for each other.

With that trust, you experience a very profound and harmonious partnership, which gives you both a deep inner fulfillment and meaning in life. Another meaning in a relationship is faithfulness to each other, also symbolized by The Lovers.

Finding someone who will accompany you through ups and downs and stand by you is a true rarity and a precious treasure that you should guard.

Another meaning can be that you can create a harmonious relationship between two people. That can be a completely new relationship or a reconciliation between two conflicting parties.

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Upright Lovers Health Meaning

Regarding health issues, The Lovers card reveals the importance of support from friends or your partner to speed up the healing process.

Both emotional and practical help will have a positive effect on your recovery process and at the same time strengthen the bond of friendship with your loved ones.

Furthermore, The Lovers card indicates illnesses that have to do with the heart. That does not necessarily affect the organs. It can also appear in the form of heartache in the field of love.

The healing of such ailments also comes through caring persons around you who share your suffering and thus contribute to the alleviation of your pain.

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Upright Lovers Career Meaning

At work, The Lovers card stands for a high level of teamwork. It’s simply easier to work together and even challenging tasks are easier to accomplish as a team.

Divide yourselves according to your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can complement each other perfectly. In addition, The Lovers card represents loyalty to your company.

You have experienced both ups and downs in your company, but your colleagues and superiors have proven to be a good support and functioning team. Be thankful for your job and the people who put a smile on your face every day, even when work isn’t so much fun.

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Upright Lovers Finances/Money Meaning

From a financial point of view, The Lovers represent a good time to look again more closely at what values are important in life besides money. Certain prosperity should not lead us to accumulate even more money, but on the contrary, share our wealth with loved ones.

If you are currently in a difficult financial situation, you should consult someone who has already helped you in the past with advice and action.

That can be your bank advisor, a good friend or relative with whom you have built up a deep relationship of trust over the years. This person will help you get back on your feet. Together you will get your finances back in order.

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Upright Lovers Destiny Meaning

As a destiny card, The Lovers reveal how important it is to have a soul mate in your life. That can be a good friend or partner who will support you in any situation.

When your bond is so strong that you understand each other without words, you can communicate only with your heart. This way, the other person knows exactly what is going on inside you and how you feel and can give you emotional and practical support accordingly.

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Upright Lovers Personality

The Lovers stand for a loyal character that can always be relied upon. Never would the one betray his friends or family, but would give everything to protect them from harm.

Furthermore, solid values in life are important to such a personality. They give her support and orientation in an ever faster-changing world.

Upright Lovers Tarot Past/Future


An old love from days gone by is bothering you again. Maybe you should get in touch again and see what happens.

The values of your parents and grandparents are still valid in some respects, no matter how old they may be.


New and promising relationships await you soon. A wonderful connection can spring from every encounter with a person.

Love will continue to knock on your door in the future. Therefore, be very attentive and let it enter your heart as well.

Upright Lovers Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Lovers suggest a clear yes answer. You can hope for the unrestricted support of a good friend/partner with this question, which is why the answer tends strongly to a yes.

Perhaps you can also make this decision together and thus remove any remaining doubts that have so far stood in the way of a clear answer.

Reversed Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

The Lovers Reversed Tarot card signals that you revolve too much around yourself. Such selfishness prevents you from perceiving the needs and desires of people around you, thus isolating you socially.

On the other hand, the preoccupation with ourselves can lead us to consolidate or once again question our values and attitudes. A healthy amount of self-love enables us to love other people to a similar extent.

By observing and comparing yourselves to your fellow human beings, you can better reflect on yourself. You will quickly recognize whether your values are in harmony or out of balance.

The Lovers Reversed can show you that you are out of balance due to various challenges in life and have lost access to your inner center.

Because of that, you often seem indecisive and restless since you lack a solid basis of values from which you can make your decisions. Try to regain your balance by seeking advice from friends or spiritual teachers.

The latter can help you to get back in touch with your inner voice and stabilize your value system again. Another possible interpretation is that you are confronted with moral conflicts that make you unable to act.

Such immoralities can occur in the family, at work, or at the recreational club and can take various forms, such as humiliation or bullying. Make a decision and free yourself from your rigidity! As soon as you take the first step, the way will become easier for you, and your fellow men will support you.

You may feel the urge to break away from certain obligations because they are too much of a burden for you. The Lovers Reversed Tarot card is a sign for detachment to have more energy and resources in everyday life again.

Free yourself from entanglements that take your breath away, even if it is often not easy to disentangle ties that have grown over the years. With faith in yourself and the help of loving people, you will succeed in this feat.

Reversed Lovers Tarot Love Meaning


As a single, The Lovers Reversed Tarot card reveals you to be very busy. You enter into many short relationships, but they always leave you unfulfilled, so you move on to the next partnership.

This fickleness is partly because you are afraid to open up to your partner. As soon as the first love frenzy is over and you meet on a deeper level, you close yourself off and turn away.

Try to trust your partner more and don’t be afraid to open up. You will most likely have a positive experience with it because trusting someone else allows us to experience deep security and safety.

The Lovers Reversed Tarot card can indicate too much self-love, which will scare away potential partners. Talking only about yourself and not being interested in the other person will inevitably end in rejection.


In a relationship, the Lovers Reversed symbolize an imbalance in a partnership. One of you is too preoccupied with himself, causing the needs of the other to fall by the wayside.

Only open and appreciative communication without taboos can restore balance in a partnership. The Tarot card of Lovers Reversed can also indicate serious moral issues within a relationship.

The most common form is the issue of cheating. Clarify for yourself to what extent such a betrayal is at all acceptable for the continuation of the relationship. Trust your intuition and let yourself be guided by your feelings.

Reversed Lovers Health Meaning

The Lovers Reversed card indicates that you have lost contact with your body sensation. As a result, you are putting a lot of strain on your health and only realize very late that something is wrong.

By starting to listen to your body again, it will let you know in time when something is wrong. Furthermore, the Lovers Reversed Tarot card shows that you are damaging your health unnecessarily through destructive behavior such as drinking too much alcohol or smoking.

Even though you may not be able to completely conquer your vices at the moment, reducing harmful behavior can already significantly improve your well-being as well as your vitality.

Reversed Lovers Career Meaning

The Lovers Reversed can indicate that you should look for a new job. In your company many people think only about themselves, so that functioning teamwork is hardly possible.

A good working atmosphere is at least as important as a high salary. Therefore, look for a new team where cohesion and support come first.

On the other hand, the reversed card of The Lovers shows that your behavior towards your colleagues was not always correct or that you broke company rules. Such missteps can happen. You must try to make amends for your mistakes and apologize.

Reversed Lovers Finances/Money Meaning

On the other hand, the Lovers Reversed Tarot card means that you are very selfish with your money. Shared joy is known to be double joy, so see if you can help someone in your environment financially or inform yourself about donation possibilities.

You will notice that through such help not only others will benefit. You will also gain a deep sense of satisfaction. Furthermore, the Lovers Reversed encourage you not to get too attached to money as your only happiness.

A relationship with another person is worth much more than money and will give you unforgettable moments that money cannot buy.

Reversed Lovers Destiny Meaning

If you draw the Lovers Reversed for your destiny, it means that you do not want to commit yourself to another person. Getting involved with someone else can take a lot out of you, but it also opens up wonderful moments.

You will feel all by yourself when it is time to commit or if you prefer to go through life independently. No matter what you decide, listen to your heart!

Reversed Lovers Personality

The reversed card of the Lovers is a very selfish person. He thinks only of hisown advantages in his actions and shows little empathy.

Likewise, such a person may be very inclined to pursue his inner cravings and constantly seek new relationships. However, this will never allow him to form long-term bonds.

Reversed Lovers Tarot Past/Future


In your past, there were phases of restlessness where you couldn’t arrive anywhere. Think about what gave you support at that time.

In the past, you felt unattached and you long for it back. But such freedom also has its price.


Shortly, you may be seduced into bad habits. In such moments, realize that you are risking a lot by making a misstep.

Your ego will soon put some obstacles in your way. Manage to take yourself back a little and you will quickly be back on your feet.

Reversed Lovers Tarot Card – Yes or No

To bear the consequences of a Yes decision, you need reliable support in any case, but this is not available at the moment.

Without outside help, a no should be the answer to your question. An ego trip will not help you here but will rather have unpleasant consequences for you.

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