The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

What does the Moon Tarot card mean?

The Moon reveals your most secret dreams and fears.

Be careful not to lose yourself in illusions but to keep a watchful eye.

Be ready to dive into your unconsciousness through the Moon card.

The Moon Tarot Card Meanings

The Moon Keywords

Upright: Fear, Illusion, Imagination, Premonition
Reversed: Courage, Clarity, Peace, Suppression

The Moon Tarot Card Description

The Moon Tarot card shows a clear night scenery illuminated by the full moon. The moon is depicted very centrally on the card and all other aspects are connected or striving towards it.

Despite the light provided by the moon, many things still remain hidden in the darkness or are not visible in the semi-darkness so we can be mistaken about their true nature.

The moon has a sad and pensive face, which stands for mysticism and fear. In front of the moon, 15 small wisps of fog can be seen, rising and hiding the nocturnal events until the next rays of the sun dispel them again.

Around the moon, there are 16 big and 16 small rays, which show its influence on a dark night because it can illuminate at least a little bit our way and let us guess which way we have to go.

The Moon is surrounded by two towers, which stand for good and evil in life. To distinguish between them is hardly possible, especially in the darkness.

It is just as difficult to distinguish good from evil in real life. In front of the moon, a dog and a wolf are howling at it. Here the wolf stands for our animalistic and untamed nature, while the dog represents the domesticated adapted side of our being.

Like the two towers, the animals symbolize different opposing inner qualities competing with each other. A crayfish rises from the body of water to the shore, setting out on a long path into the unknown.

The crayfish represents our initial consciousness, which rises from the depths of the unconscious.

Until complete development, the crayfish still has a long uncertain journey ahead of it. It symbolizes the path of life we humans have been traveling since birth.

Upright Moon Tarot Card Meaning

The Moon Tarot card indicates a period of anxiety and uncertainty. Great plans and projects you have begun are fraught with unexpected difficulties and threaten to fail.

The fear of failing or not being enough prevents you from counteracting adequately. Get clear about your fears and involve other people in your difficulties by asking them for help.

Together you will be able to bring light into the darkness and thus dispel the fear of uncertainty and failure. Be brave and dare to face your fears, so they lose much of their terror.

Another aspect of the Moon card symbolizes the illusions in our lives. Delusions prevent us from looking the truth directly in the eye and are sometimes very difficult to see through.

We can build very powerful illusion castles for ourselves, which we defend to the last. The strongest illusions take place exclusively in our heads.

Regularly check your attitudes or evaluations towards people or situations and see how others think about them. If you can break down the walls of your delusion castle and get rid of your illusions, you will find how multi-layered, complex and fulfilling the truth can be.

The Moon also shows us that you should rely more on your intuition and premonition. Be aware of the lunar cycle when you draw The Moon during a tarot reading.

During New Moon, you should use your imagination to plant the seeds for new projects and dreams, which will be realized over time. You should listen well to your inner feeling, which will help you decide which projects have the best chance of becoming real in the future.

On the other hand, during the Full Moon, it is helpful to look at the goals you have achieved so far in your life and simply enjoy these successes. Pay attention to your feelings. Maybe it’s time to change direction again regarding your achieved goals.

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Upright Moon Tarot Love Meaning


In a love Tarot reading, The Moon reveals a great fear of a new relationship. As a single, you have already found your way to live alone and arrange your daily routine freely.

You don’t want to be alone anymore, but the idea of having a new partner who will mess up your life alone scares you. But keep in mind that the fear of the unknown also denies you the many beautiful and pleasurable moments of a new partnership and ultimately condemns you to loneliness.

Often it can be helpful to imagine what a new love will give you instead of what it will take away. Through this image, which you keep inside yourself, you can freely meet new people and feel quite quickly whether you have an inner connection or not.

However, don’t deceive yourself about your choice of partner by creating a perfect but unattainable ideal in your mind. Rely on your intuition when you are with someone new and feel the harmony between the two of you.


In a relationship, the Moon Tarot card reveals that you have illusions about your partner. On the one hand, you may idealize your partner too much and protect him against everything and everyone, although this is not justified.

On the other hand, you may want to change your partner to fit an ideal image you have in your head. In both cases, you should try to get an honest and realistic picture of your relationship, like through hints from outsiders or through good self-reflection.

Fear about the future of your own partnership is also an aspect of the Moon Tarot card. Especially after a serious quarrel or a longer period of emotional cooling down of both partners, the worries regarding the common future are great.

But before such fear takes over and determines your everyday life, you should courageously go ahead and talk honestly with your partner about your fears so that both of you can find a way out of this crisis.

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Upright Moon Health Meaning

The Moon Tarot card stands for anxiety and depression in a health context. Such symptoms creep into our daily lives unnoticed at first and grow in magnitude if we don’t notice them.

As soon as you notice that symptoms like apathy or fear paralyze you in your everyday life, you should definitely seek help from friends or doctors.

Furthermore, The Moon stands for using your intuition to recognize symptoms of illness at an early stage. Perhaps, you have had an inner premonition for some time that something is wrong with your health. Clarify your fears early so that you can prevent serious illnesses.

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Upright Moon Career Meaning

When The Moon appears in a career reading, it warns you not to close your eyes to grievances in your job. Mobbing or exploitation of colleagues is often concealed to protect the working atmosphere.

But if you dare to open your eyes and talk to others about the grievances at work, you can bring about some positive change. In addition, The Moon can indicate that you feel great insecurity and fear concerning your professional future.

Maybe there is a wave of layoffs in your company or your last appraisal interview has given you a reason to worry. In any case, you should take your professional future actively into your own hands by preparing applications and further education.

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Upright Moon Finances/Money Meaning

Concerning your finances, The Moon encourages you to rely more on your intuition. Listen to your inner feeling before making a major financial decision for yourself.

A bad feeling warns you not to make a hasty investment and rather wait a little longer. If your mind and heart give you green light, you can venture into new financial investments.

Furthermore, The Moon shows that you are afraid of your financial future. Your income may not be stable enough to plan far into the future. Try to create a savings plan to be prepared for unexpected expenses and to be able to sleep more relaxed.

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Upright Moon Destiny Meaning

For your destiny, The Moon card means that many deceptions will accompany you on your life path, which will be quite frightening.

Use your intuition to get through the fog of illusions in one piece and stay on your path. With increasing experience, you will be able to distinguish more easily between illusions and the truth.

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Upright Moon Personality

As a personality card, the Moon reveals that inner fears dominate a person’s life. The fear is not so much related to external phenomena but internal ones.

Furthermore, the Moon shows someone with a good sense of what is about to happen. Such premonitions are an expression of a deep connection with one’s intuition.

Upright Moon Tarot Past/Future


You are still subject to certain illusions from past times. As long as you do not see through them, they will continue to plague you.

Sometimes you are afraid to face your past. Dare to face your fear and it will lose its terror.


Use your imagination to create your future in your mind today. Such first mental drafts are the cornerstone for your dreams to come true in the future.

Lately, you have a strong sense of foreboding about things to come. Trust your intuition completely.

Upright Moon Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Moon stands for a clear no-answer. Deep inside, you already have a premonition that the answer must be no this time. Too many things are hidden and cannot be estimated with your question.

Reasons that speak for a yes are mostly dubious and turn out to be sham arguments on closer examination, to which you should not attach any weight.

Reversed Moon Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Moon Tarot Card Meaning

The Moon Reversed is a sign of increasing clarity. Especially when you are stuck in a problem, The Moon Reversed signals that you will soon see light in the darkness.

Kindle such light to show you a new way. Above all, you need confidence and trust in your own abilities to step out of the darkness step by step and realize that the solution was partly right in front of your eyes.

Clarity always takes some time before it reveals all facets of truth or a solution, so good stamina is essential to get to the bottom of things.

The Moon Reversed indicates something suppressed in your current phase of life. Perhaps there are deep feelings about a person or even thoughts that you repress at the moment and thus close deep inside us.

But suppressing such thoughts and feelings is always possible only for a certain time. They will find ways and means to emerge again from our subconscious and realize themselves within us.

Through this, we can experience great stress and anxiety, which is why you should try to come into conversation with your suppressed feelings or thoughts.

A good way to do this is through a Tarot card reading. It allows you to communicate with your emotions and cognitions through the Tarot dialogue and develop solutions on how to work with them instead of against them.

Another aspect of The Moon Reversed Tarot card is the feeling of deep peace. Our basic need for a peaceful atmosphere gives us renewed energy and strength to face upcoming challenges.

In peaceful moments you can fully reflect on yourself and discover how it looks inside you right now. The Moon Reversed encourages you to look for small resting places in your everyday life, where you can just switch off and be with yourself.

Through such pauses, we realize how important it is to create harmony in our lives and how insignificant the many conflicts are, which we experience every day.

Reversed Moon Tarot Love Meaning


The Moon Reversed in a love Tarot context spurs you as a single to be courageous and to plunge into the unknown. Especially as a single, you have the chance to meet many different people and accordingly make relationship experiences that enrich your life.

But only if you are brave and dare to let someone new into your life, to share your trust with him and to explore your counterpart. You will collect incredibly beautiful moments and experiences that will accompany you for a lifetime.

The Moon Reversed is also a sign of clarity in a beginning relationship. As long as you listen to your inner feeling and not only have the “rose-colored glasses” on, you will quickly feel whether someone is serious with you or only considers you as a short rendezvous.

Even if the words are beautiful and flattering or the body attractive, your intuition is not deceived by it and will clearly show you what your counterpart really thinks and feels about you.


In a partnership, The Moon Reversed reveals to you a phase of harmony and peace. You and your partner have already overcome some hurdles and supported and helped each other, especially in difficult times.

Through your mutual, almost blind trust, a peaceful aura is created around you, which almost by itself keeps away much damage and strengthens your inner bond. Use this period of peace to simply enjoy your relationship and recharge your batteries for upcoming challenges in life.

The Moon Reversed Tarot card can also be a sign of suppression in the partnership. Suppression in this context means the withholding or secrecy of one’s needs and feelings from the partner for fear that such expressions could jeopardize the relationship.

But every suppressed feeling or thought grows with time and will eventually burst to the surface in a very explosive form. To avoid this, talk about your feelings with your partner, or if that seems too early, at least with good friends.

Thus you can relieve some of the inner pressure inside you and possibly develop a solution for releasing your emotions.

Reversed Moon Health Meaning

The Moon Reversed means that you finally gain more clarity about your health. Perhaps you have been plagued by certain symptoms for weeks and months that you couldn’t quite put your finger on.

Through a checkup with a doctor or alternative physician, you will soon have more certainty about what is the cause of your suffering. Another aspect of The Moon Reversed is that you have repressed feelings or desires that harm your health.

Because if your spirit is not allowed to develop freely, it sends clear signals to the outside through the body, for example, through skin or digestive problems.

Face inner conflicts and free your emotions, and your mind and body will recover.

Reversed Moon Career Meaning

The Moon Reversed encourages you to be courageous and to actively advance your career. Ask for a new salary negotiation or offer to take on more responsibility in your job.

By doing so, you signal to your superior that you are not backing down from difficult situations but approaching them with confidence and courage. In addition, The Moon Reversed shows that initial doubts and insecurities in your job are slowly giving way.

You gradually get a much clearer idea of your work and which direction your professional path should go. Stay on your way. Even the last uncertainties will gradually dissipate.

Reversed Moon Finances/Money Meaning

The Moon Reversed is a sign that you should bring more clarity into your finances again. Go through all contracts and insurances you have concluded. Think about which are necessary and which are not.

The clearer your income and expenses are, the better you can plan financially for your future and afford larger purchases. In financial matters, The Moon Reversed stands for courageous financial decisions, which open new possibilities for you.

Appropriate further education or a new car can be the way to a better-paid job for you, so it is important to invest courageously in yourself.

Reversed Moon Destiny Meaning

The Moon Reversed as a destiny card means that you are moving into a peaceful phase of life where your further path is clearly laid out before you.

You have left many (dis)deceptions behind you and must now courageously continue your chosen direction in life. Your courage will be rewarded by having clear goals and visions in front of you that will enrich your life.

Reversed Moon Personality

The Moon reversed represents a character who suppresses his feelings. That creates a steadily growing pressure that will eventually be discharged, with unpredictable consequences.

Moreover, the card symbolizes a courageous person who can face his fears. He is not afraid to face the unpleasant sides of her personality and transform them.

Reversed Moon Tarot Past/Future


Do not try to suppress feelings and thoughts from your past. That will only increase the pressure to deal with them at some point.

A deeper clarity of cause and effect will emerge by consciously revisiting past events.


You are looking forward to a peaceful future in which you are free from major worries. The basis for this is an open heart and trust in your inner powers.

Meet future challenges with courage and confidence. In this way, you will be able to accomplish everything you set out to do.

Reversed Moon Tarot Card – Yes or No

As clearly as the moonlight illuminates the night, so clearly do all the reasons speak for a yes decision. With it, you finally bring a glow into an area of your life that was previously shrouded in the deep night.

In time you will realize that with your choice, you can finally find a way out of the dark and into the light.

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