The Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

What does the Temperance Tarot card mean?

The Temperance card encourages you to implement more balance in your life again.

Extremes or excess should be avoided, because they often only lead to frustration.

Therefore, take your time to understand all the facets of this tarot card.

The Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

The Temperance Keywords

Upright: Balance, Health, Harmony, Peace
Reversed: Imbalance, Exhaustion, Disturbance, Excess

The Temperance Tarot Card Description

The Temperance card features an angel who is an imposing presence and inspires awe as he occupies almost the entire image. His wings shimmer reddish as an expression of his vitality and heavenly power.

Around his head shines the divine light, symbolizing his purity and balance with which he came into our world and serving as a model for your own way of life. The angel wears a white robe as a sign of peace and harmony. On its center is a square with a yellow triangle.

The square represents the world around us and the laws to which we humans, symbolized as a triangle, are subject. The angel holds two golden chalices in his hands which are alternately filled with water from the other chalice.

That symbolizes the constant flow of life and, at the same time, is an expression of health, when our inner energies can flow undisturbed.

The angel’s feet touch both the earth and the water, signifying the interconnectedness of earth and heaven. The foot on the ground signals how grounded the angel is in his appearance, while the foot in the water expresses the constant flow of life.

In the background, a winding path leads up a mountain as an image of the journey of life (or the “Fool’s Journey”). At the end of the way, the sun shines in its full glory.

It signals perfect enlightenment, which we cannot yet grasp. However, it shines on the horizon and encourages us not to deviate from our chosen path to knowledge.

Upright Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

Temperance encourages you to strive for balance and equilibrium in life. Especially when you are very upset, sad or anxious, you need to regroup internally to continue on your path and everyday life.

On the other hand, too much revelry and debauchery can also lead you astray from your destiny path. Your negative, as well as positive feelings, should always be kept in balance with each other.

Only then can you meet the challenges of life with much strength and balance and are not immediately thrown off course. Finding balance, however, means that minor deviations in your life’s path are necessary and important to bring you back into balance.

The Temperance Tarot card sets you up for inner peace and harmony. Look at all the positive things you have already achieved in life and focus on your upcoming projects, which will give you satisfaction.

Unfortunately, we often tend to criticize ourselves and pay more attention to our failures than successes. As a result, we experience many inner tensions and conflicts that can only be resolved when we learn to love and appreciate ourselves again.

When I am at peace with myself, I can achieve inner peace and harmony, and as a result, this will also radiate to those around me.

Another aspect of The Temperance card concerns our physical and mental health. Body and mind are a unity. If one of them is not well, this has immediate effects on the other part.

Often you experience in everyday life that you feel out of balance and feel inner restlessness. A little later, physical complaints in the back or head spread, affecting your mental well-being.

To break out of this cycle, it is important, to bring our thoughts and feelings back into balance by actively exposing ourselves to phases of physical relaxation.

Because when your body relaxes, your mind also comes to rest. In the next step, you can figure out how to get back on your path in life.

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Upright Temperance Tarot Love Meaning


In a love tarot reading, Temperance reveals a time of harmony in your love life. As a single, you will now be able to look for a partner with excitement and be at peace with yourself.

Your positive and balanced charisma will make it easy for you to meet new people and maybe even your true love. At the same time, Temperance reminds you to stay away from too much excess or extreme characters.

Rather look for people with whom you feel deeply connected and harmonize in many areas. You don’t need to have the same views in all areas.

It’s more about balancing and complementing each other positively in your nature and attitudes. Use the coming time to make many new experiences in love and feel how beneficial they are for your physical and mental well-being.


In a relationship, the Temperance Tarot card shows that the partnership is currently in a very harmonious phase. Both partners complement each other in their characteristics and thus contribute to a well-balanced relationship.

Through this balance, you and your partner gain a lot of strength and energy necessary to stay on our path in life and overcome obstacles. Temperance encourages you to stick to your common goals and plans for the future and not to let other distractions or excesses divert you from your path.

As long as your partnership is based on harmony and peace, you will feel the positive effects of your partnership in all areas of your life.

Major conflicts in your partnership will be peacefully resolved as you both strive for harmony and thus settle a dispute in a solution-oriented and objective manner.

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Upright Temperance Health Meaning

Temperance signals a phase of life in which you can enjoy good health. We often take being healthy and vital for granted, but they are a great gift that we only learn to appreciate when we become seriously ill.

Seize the moment and continue to establish a healthy lifestyle so that you can prevent future illnesses. Furthermore, the Temperance card reveals the importance of balancing physical and mental health.

After all, a healthy body houses a healthy mind and vice versa. Continue to maintain the balance by sensing, in time, when one of the two poles is out of kilter and counteract accordingly.

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Upright Temperance Career Meaning

For your work, The Temperance encourages you to be in harmony with your teammates and superiors. As a team, you can master big challenges in your job together.

It’s okay to argue sometimes. However, the culture of conflict should follow certain rules so that the conflicting parties deal with each other in an appreciative and solution-oriented manner.

Another meaning of Temperance for your career is that your work fills you with great satisfaction. That makes you feel balanced and automatically less sick and stressed, which in turn has a positive effect on the overall working atmosphere of your company.

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Upright Temperance Finances/Money Meaning

In a financial context, The Temperance Tarot card means that you should adjust your lifestyle according to your income. A simple rule here is not to spend more than you have available and always keep a nest egg for a rainy day.

This way, you will always have a balanced account and won’t have to worry about how you’ll get through the next month. In addition, Temperance means that a certain level of wealth can increase your satisfaction.

Try to find out your individual level of wealth and work towards it. We don’t all have to be millionaires, but a good financial cushion and modest luxuries can increase our happiness.

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Upright Temperance Destiny Meaning

For your destiny, the Temperance Tarot card reveals a time of happiness, when you bring all areas of your life into harmony with each other. Regularly check how satisfied you are with your life right now.

Try to recognize imbalances in your everyday life early on and correct them accordingly. The more you balance your life, the stronger you are against unexpected adversity and experience deep fulfillment.

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Upright Temperance Personality

The Temperance shows a character who is always trying to create harmony for himself and for his environment. He often contributes to the resolution of conflicts and a positive coexistence.

Likewise, this card refers to a personality that tries to balance hia faults and weaknesses with the help of hia skills and strengths.

Upright Temperance Tarot Past/Future


You have taken good care of your health in the past. You can see the fruits of your actions by your well-being in the present.

Lately, you often think back to past days of peace and happiness. Keep your inner peace as a basis for your further actions.


In the future, you will have to be careful to balance upcoming challenges efficiently. You can achieve this through activities that give you relaxation and strength.

At the same time, you are facing a phase of harmony. With your current actions, you lay an important foundation for this.

Upright Temperance Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Temperance Tarot card indicates a maybe-answer with a slight favor to a yes. Although the arguments clearly speak for a no, you are still delaying your decision.

Something in you does not want to face the facts and therefore delays the answer to your question. Even if you now detain your decision even longer, the arguments for a no will not become less.

Reversed Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

The Temperance Reversed Tarot card indicates that you have gotten out of your inner balance. Stressful events make you feel very overwhelmed and as a result, you develop negative feelings, affecting your thoughts and body.

It is crucial that when we are thrown off track on our path in life, we quickly get up again and continue on our way. Achieving balance is only possible through constant movement, so we try to balance positive and negative emotions.

The Temperance Reversed shows us that we are currently in a phase of exhaustion and urgently need new energy and strength. Especially in everyday life, we often get into a kind of hamster wheel, which turns faster and faster until it comes to total exhaustion and, in extreme cases, to burnout.

Take your time and decelerate your schedule. Organize times that only belong to you and in which you actively relax, like through meditation, reading or simply meeting with friends.

By taking these breaks, you will not only be more rested, but you will be able to continue on your life path with renewed energy and vitality.

Another aspect of The Temperance Reversed is the presence of an imbalance in life. That can mean an excess of things as well as a lack. Perhaps you are dissatisfied with your weight, financial situation, or the number of friends you have.

Regardless of which area it concerns, make an effort to reduce the imbalance and thus restore a balance. Do this carefully and according to plan. Otherwise, you run the risk of going from one extreme to the next and constantly missing the middle ground.

Go to the point where you feel comfortable again and stay there for a moment. That way, you will get a sense of your natural center again.

Reversed Temperance Tarot Love Meaning


The Temperance Reversed in a love Tarot context indicates that you urgently need to regain your energy when searching for a partner. Now is not the time to throw yourself into new, wild acquaintances.

Instead, you need to recharge your batteries, preferably by taking it easy in your love life. Get together with friends or your family and try to calm down and recharge your batteries.

Only with fresh energy will you be able to seize and use upcoming opportunities in dating. The Temperance Reversed can also signal to have too many relationships with potential partners at once.

It is pushing you to your limits in terms of time and organization. Limit your choice considerably and rather concentrate on the people with whom you harmonize best internally and who trigger a feeling of harmony and balance in you.


The Temperance Reversed Tarot card indicates a disturbance of harmony in a partnership. A deep-rooted conflict in a relationship leads to both partners being stressed and reacting irritably to the other.

That, in turn, creates new conflicts that can put a great strain on a partnership. Try to find out together what the original dispute in your relationship is and then decide how you want to deal with it. Only this way can your relationship regain harmony and balance again.

Another meaning The Temperance Reversed in a partnership is an imbalance in your love life. That may mean spending too little time in joint activities, relationship care, and more time at work or with friends.

Such imbalance will lead to a breakdown in a partnership since all your relationships in life strive for balance.

The balance can be restored by both partners actively deciding to go back on the common path of life and accordingly allocate their time more to the care of the partnership again.

Reversed Temperance Health Meaning

For your health, The Temperance Reversed means that your energy reserves are completely depleted by the stresses of everyday life. Often there is simply not enough time for your body and mind to recover properly.

Plan fixed rest periods for your everyday life, in which you can simply switch off and recharge your batteries. Furthermore, The Temperance Reversed Tarot card signals a disturbance of the balance between body and mind.

One of the two areas is used in excess, while the other is increasingly atrophied. Your body signals such an imbalance through various symptoms, which you should take as an opportunity to change your habits accordingly.

Reversed Temperance Career Meaning

When The Temperance Reversed appears in a tarot reading, it means that there is a great imbalance between your work and private life. If you live only for your work, other areas of your life will inevitably fall short.

Consciously set breaks in your everyday life, in which you can distract yourself from your job and recharge your batteries. Furthermore, The Temperance Reversed admonishes you to cut back a bit on your job. Otherwise, you run the risk of burnout.

If you are totally exhausted at work, you will not perform well. Therefore, divide your forces well and leave things that can be done tomorrow.

Reversed Temperance Finances/Money Meaning

The Temperance Reversed symbolizes that the accumulation of money and wealth determines a large part of your life. Thus you make your happiness strongly dependent on material values, which by their nature are very transient and give only short-term satisfaction.

Rather, focus on enduring values such as love, self-realization and empathy. Through them, you will experience long-lasting happiness. In financial matters, The Temperance Reversed warns you that your finances are out of control.

You are living beyond your means and accumulating a mountain of debt. Only if you manage to adjust your lifestyle and eliminate your debts your financial affairs will get back on track.

Reversed Temperance Destiny Meaning

If you draw The Temperance Reversed Tarot card for your destiny, it means that your life is clearly skewed. You focus too much on only one single area or person in your life and don’t even realize how much stress is triggered in you.

Your life will become easier again if you take the pressure off yourself to run after only one thing and instead enjoy the diversity of life.

Reversed Temperance Personality

The Temperance reversed atands for someone who often goes overboard. Such a life of excess quickly leads to imbalances and has negative consequences in the long run.

Moreover, this card symbolizes an unbalanced character. The person is rarely satisfied with himself and the world and therefore shows rather destructive attitudes toward life.

Reversed Temperance Tarot Past/Future


An excess of certain behavior patterns from your past is gradually taking its toll. Take care to restore a healthy balance.

Even though some of the challenges you faced some time ago, they are still demanding a lot of energy from you, leaving you very exhausted.


Be careful not to establish an imbalance in your life in the future. The burden on your shoulders could become overwhelming.

A serious disturbance in some areas of your life is on the horizon. You should therefore, already take preventive measures to limit the damage.

Reversed Temperance Tarot Card – Yes or No

A positive yes answer is inevitably associated with a deep sense of harmony and unity. Therefore, don’t let your doubts get the upper hand, but trust your intuition.

A yes decision can set things right again and bring back into balance what was previously unbalanced.

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