The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

What does the Hierophant Tarot card mean?

Belief in yourself and your wisdom are important characteristics of the Hierophant.

In the reversed position, it can express individualism and rebelliousness.

Find out what else the Hierophant can teach you about your life.

The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

The Hierophant Keywords

Upright: Education, Faith, Conform, Tradition
Reversed: Rebel, Lonely, Individual, Freedom

The Hierophant Tarot Card Description

The Hierophant, sometimes known by the names Pope or Sage in other decks, represents faith and religion. He is the male counterpart of the High Priestess but does not contradict her in meaning.

Instead, he rather complements her attributes. Two disciples kneel before the Hierophant, hoping for instruction in the right faith from him.

The two adepts have shaved their heads and wear simple robes as a sign of their humility before the teachings of the hierophant, who represents an important religious authority.

In contrast to the High Priestess, the Hierophant’s chamber appears much more worldly and easily accessible. The Hierophant sits between two stone pillars, but they give a view of the sky so that he can always spread his teachings in connection with the divine energy.

The pillars represent his firmness and steadfastness in his faith. He freely and openly proclaims his teachings and wants the world to share in his wisdom so that all people are inspired by his faith.

The Hierophant wears three robes in the colors red, blue and white. On his head, he wears a crown with also three gradations. The number three symbolizes his access to the three levels of consciousness he has fathomed, the conscious, the subconscious and the superconscious.

The Hierophant shares the teachings of this trinity, which are present in every human being with the world. In his left hand, the Hierophant holds a papal cross with three parallel arms of the cross, a symbol of his spiritual, religious and mental strength.

His other hand points to the sky, representing a divine blessing by the hierophant. The two intersecting keys at the foot of the Hierophant show his connection to both the spiritual and mundane planes.

With the help of the keys, the gates to the mysteries of the spiritual and the material world open to him.

Upright Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

The Hierophant Tarot card stands for a firm system of values and beliefs in your life. Like a guideline, your value system runs through your life, helps you to stay on your path and gives you support and structure in everyday life.

Your faith, both religious and spiritual, has been strengthened over a long time and is an endless source of energy and creativity for you. The Hierophant reveals that a path to spiritual and religious growth requires the help of a teacher at the very beginning.

You can learn a lot from your teacher, by trusting in his deep insights and wisdom. He will also bring you to your own insights faster than if you search for spiritual wisdom only for yourself.

You can meet such a teacher on many occasions, not only in religious or esoteric communities. A teacher can also be a good friend, your own partner, or even children.

If you have internalized a belief system for many years and have acquired immense knowledge or a wealth of experience, you can also take on the role of a teacher for other people.

The card of The Hierophant shows you that you are ready to pass on your knowledge to others. Structure your knowledge carefully and reflect on the original principles of your wisdom. Then you will be an inspiration and authority in the spiritual field for other people.

But as a teacher, you have not finished learning. On the contrary, you must not lag behind your students in your efforts to acquire further knowledge but must lead by example.

For this, it is helpful to deepen your own studies. The roles of learner and teacher are only two sides of the same coin and can change at any time. The Hierophant stands for the living out of traditions, especially in a community.

As part of a religious community, you follow the rules and traditions that prevail there. That creates a deep sense of unity and connection with your religious community.

For everyone to benefit from the community, the rules there must be respected and followed. If you are not yet part of such a community, The Hierophant invites you to try out such a group experience, like in a religious community, sports, or cultural club.

Your own family or circle of friends can also serve as supportive communities in your life. By performing common rituals and traditions, such as Christmas or a marriage, you will experience deep feelings of connection and unity in the group, which will bring much joy and happiness to all involved.

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Upright Hierophant Tarot Love Meaning


The Hierophant in a love tarot context indicates a great need for conformity. In your partner search, you want to finally find your so-called “soulmate”, someone very similar to you in terms of your beliefs and values.

It is best to look around in your own religious or spiritual communities to find such a partner. There are plenty of people there who have similar strong spiritual values as yourself, so you already have a deep level of understanding of each other that connects you.

The Hierophant always strives to expand his knowledge. Take him as an example and expand your knowledge in the area of love. Look in which areas of your love or flirt life you have deficits and expand your knowledge through books, videos, or discussions with good friends.


In a relationship, The Hierophant reveals how you can connect even closer to your partner, through the creation of shared rituals and traditions. Many important life events recur at regular intervals, such as birthdays, Christmas, or family celebrations.

They allow us to grow together again as a unit through joint planning and participation. Take time to talk about your shared traditions and most importantly participate in them together.

Embark on a journey together to learn more about yourselves and your love. Expand your knowledge of your relationship and feelings.

To do this, you can take time out from your daily routine and go on a romantic journey for two or set aside a fixed time in your daily routine.

The Hierophant shows how important rules and structures are in your relationship. However, these only work if you set them up together with your partner and you both orient yourselves to them.

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Upright Hierophant Health Meaning

For your health, the Hierophant Tarot card means that you should rely more on traditional medicine in case of an acute illness. Whether these are western or eastern methods of treatment is of secondary importance.

The most important thing is that you firmly believe in their effectiveness. Furthermore, The Hierophant encourages you to expand your knowledge about increasing your well-being.

By dedicating yourself to new health topics and expanding your knowledge about them, you will soon be able to feel the positive effects of your studies on your own body.

Become your own health expert. You will be able to use your knowledge for your recovery at any time and you will not have to sit in waiting rooms for hours.

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Upright Hierophant Career Meaning

For your career, The Hierophant encourages you to expand your knowledge and skills. Inform yourself about different further education possibilities or undertake an educational journey.

The higher your level of knowledge in your field is, the better are your chances to climb the career ladder. Furthermore, The Hierophant indicates that you should conform to current work practice.

New innovations or deviations are important in the job, but first, the basic work must be done reliably. Therefore, make an effort to do the tasks that are expected of you.

The workflow will become more fluid and harmonious by following the tradition of your company in the way you work.

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Upright Hierophant Finances/Money Meaning

In financial matters, The Hierophant stands for a conservative investment. Safe investments like savings books or fixed deposit accounts have proven themselves even in turbulent times, which is why they give you good security with a small profit.

For new financial transactions, you should involve a proven financial institution. Advisors being in business for a long time will not offer you double-digit interest rates, but they will present products that have already helped many savers.

Furthermore, The Hierophant encourages you to increase your knowledge about your finances. Buy an appropriate book or inform yourself in online courses about new or proven developments in the financial world.

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Upright Hierophant Destiny Meaning

For your destiny, The Hierophant Tarot card means that you should always learn without losing sight of the past.

Expand your knowledge and abilities and you will discover the great wisdom of the universe. Thereby you can use a lot of knowledge from the past for the positive creation of your future.

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Upright Hierophant Personality

The Hierophant stands for a very religious person. Their faith plays a central role in their life and is the starting point for many important decisions and actions.

In addition, the Hierophant characterizes an immense quest for knowledge. Such a person is not satisfied with simple answers but wants to understand everything to the smallest detail.

Upright Hierophant Tarot Past/Future


You should bring out past knowledge from time to time. That will help you to find new solutions for some problems.

Reflect on long-forgotten traditions and try to integrate them into your everyday life. Often they still have real magic about them.


Your belief in a better future will be instrumental in shaping your destiny. You will be amazed at what you can achieve.

Try in the future not to assert your head only, but to strive for conformity. In this way, you can create a harmonious coexistence.

Upright Hierophant Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Hierophant represents a yes or maybe answer. The reasons for a yes are that you firmly believe in yourself and your inner strength. You have even taken negative aspects into account and are convinced that you can cope with them.

Your faith can truly move mountains. Because of that, you should now courageously go ahead and put your decision into action.

Reversed Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

The Hierophant Reversed Tarot card expresses the need for withdrawal and solitude. In everyday life, we are often involved in many communities, where a lot of energy and responsibility are demanded from us.

As a result, after a certain period of time, the need arises to withdraw from all obligations and responsibilities for once and be with oneself.

The Hierophant Reversed encourages you to take a time-out from everyday life. Gather new energies and strengths to enrich the community again on your return.

A phase of retreat also allows you to embark on new spiritual paths and gain new insights, like by attending a seminar for meditation or reading a book/blog on spiritual topics.

The Hierophant Reversed shows a great inner need for individual freedom. Although belief systems give us support and structure in life, sometimes the established rules and laws can become a burden and restriction of one’s spiritual freedom.

Try to clarify for yourself to what extent you still benefit from the community of values concerning your own spiritual development. Perhaps your own spiritual maturity is stagnating due to too much rigid dogmatism.

If there is little room for other ideas or conceptions, you should free yourself from the rigid and restrictive connections and follow your own intuition by searching for a new community.

The Hierophant Reversed stands for a certain rebelliousness about too rigid rules and structures. Always question dogmas and see how people react to corresponding questions.

You can also encourage other members to ask themselves questions and not accept all rules just because they come from spiritual or religious leaders.

Only because of high titles no human being has reached profound insights, but only through constant questioning of belief structures and spiritual “laws”.

Without such rebelliousness, the value and belief systems stagnate and can’t give further support and confidence in a constantly changing world.

The Hierophant Reversed also reminds you to question your own values and, if necessary, to adapt them to given circumstances to achieve a deeper spiritual maturity.

Reversed Hierophant Tarot Love Meaning


The Hierophant Reversed a sign of withdrawal and loneliness. In a love Tarot reading, this means that you are currently in a phase of life in which you should rather clarify for yourself what you expect from love or a relationship at all.

Respect your inner voice that advises you to spend some time alone and enjoy the advantages of being single, such as being unattached and having the freedom to do things on your own.

Such time off will give you a better sense of what you want from a relationship. The Hierophant Reversed indicates a great need for freedom. Fixed partnerships may be too confining for you right now, and you may not want to enter them.

However, this does not mean that you do not allow any love affairs at all. Flirting is still a topic for you and sexuality as well. Use your freedom to intensify and expand your knowledge about the possibilities of love.

You have the choice of how to shape your love world. Therefore, you are not bound to any fixed rules or structures, as long as you do not harm anyone.


In a relationship, The Hierophant Reversed reveals an urge to rebel. Perhaps the partnership is already very entrenched and the fixed structures and rules burden more than they relieve.

It is about time to rebel against these rules and change them. Discuss calmly with your partner what specifically bothers you about your relationship and how to change it.

Furthermore, The Hierophant Reversed in a love tarot context stands for living out your individuality in the relationship. Decide for yourself how you want to shape your partnership. Don’t let destructive comments divert you from your path.

The Hierophant Reversed can also indicate that you feel very lonely in your relationship at the moment because you have too little freedom for your wishes.

Create consciously times in which you can follow your interests and inclinations. You and your partnership will profit from it to a great extent.

Reversed Hierophant Health Meaning

The Hierophant Reversed encourages you to take time out to regain your strength. Our bodies need rest periods from time to time, where they can relieve stress and restore their reserves of strength.

Do something just for you, like a cure or meditation course and you get back in touch with your self-healing powers. Another meaning of The Hierophant Reversed for your health is to get a second opinion if you have a bad inner feeling about a diagnosis.

In addition, it is up to you to decide which healer you trust to relieve your suffering. Rely on your intuition, which will surely show you who you can trust with your health.

Reversed Hierophant Career Meaning

The Hierophant Reversed reveals that at work a superior or colleague is overstepping his authority. In you, it bubbles to rebel against this person and to hit back at him.

But despite all justified rebelliousness, you should be aware that such a conflict will initially harm the working atmosphere. In addition, now is a good time to think about your relationship between leisure and work.

The so-called work-life balance is an important factor for our well-being. See if you can reduce your working hours or work from home so that you have more free time to devote to your passions.

Reversed Hierophant Finances/Money Meaning

If The Hierophant Reversed appears in a Tarot Reading, it means for your money matters that you should dare to swim against the current.

For example, if everyone is selling stocks, you should refresh your portfolio and buy more securities. Furthermore, you should not follow every financial trend.

Rather, see how you can create individual money management, tailored to your needs. If you like to enjoy life, a simple savings account may be sufficient.

If you plan to make provisions for your retirement, you should familiarize yourself with long-term investments that will provide you with solid security in old age.

Reversed Hierophant Destiny Meaning

The Hierophant Reversed as a destiny card encourages you to find your own way of life. Don’t just rely on the teachings or knowledge of others, but make your own experiences.

Sometimes this also means that you have to rebel against time-honored resistance to follow your individual path to personal freedom.

Reversed Hierophant Personality

An important personality trait of the Hierophant reversed is rebelliousness. That refers to the constant questioning of values or communities.

Furthermore, the card shows a true free spirit in life who does not submit to any dogmas. He prefers to go his own way and believes only in his own experiences.

Reversed Hierophant Tarot Past/Future


In the past, there were phases in your life where you felt free. Try to find out where this freedom actually came from and rediscover it.

Once, you must have rebelled against something or someone. Therefore, be lenient with those currently in such a phase of life.


Consider for yourself a time of solitude and inner reflection. That way, you could recharge new strength again.

In order to lead a free life in the future, you should not take anything for granted. You have to work for freedom in your life.

Reversed Hierophant Tarot Card – Yes or No

You have strong doubts about whether you can cope with the upcoming question. That is why a “no” is rather advantageous at the moment.

That will also give you more freedom of action for your everyday life and you will not have to struggle with the negative consequences of a yes decision.

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