The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

What does the Empress Tarot card mean?

The Empress encourages you to perceive nature with all your senses and to live your feminine side.

Be careful not to block yourself with negative thoughts.

Be curious about what riches this tarot card reveals to you for your everyday life.

The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

The Empress Keywords

Upright: Fullness, Feminine, Nature, Sensual
Reversed: Dependent, Envious, Cold, Blocked

The Empress Tarot Card Description

The Empress Tarot card depicts a very feminine and sensual woman sitting in the middle of nature. She does not hide but is very present and symbolizes fertility, sensuality and femininity as her main characteristics.

She has blond, full hair and radiates deep satisfaction and fulfillment. Her clothing suggests wealth and abundance, which she also flaunts without appearing decadent or aloof.

The Empress wears a crown with twelve stars, a mystical symbol of her connection to the natural cycles that immediately surround us (such as the 12 calendar months or signs of the zodiac).

Her robe is embroidered with pomegranates, expressing abundance and fertility. She sits on several pillows and a red blanket.

One cushion bears the symbol for Venus, the goddess of love, fertility, beauty and grace, just like The Empress herself. Looking at the surroundings of The Empress, it is noticeable that she is sitting in the middle of a small forest in a clearing.

The scenery exudes a lot of harmony and balance with nature. The connectedness and unity with Mother Earth that surrounds us are thus impressively depicted.

We learn to feel and use our senses again through the connection with nature. Although The Empress is dressed in elegant clothes, she has not lost touch with her natural surroundings and knows how to use the energies of nature for herself.

In front of the woman sprouts fresh and golden wheat, symbolizing abundance and vitality. It is ripe for harvest and will be able to nourish many people.

This image shows that Mother Earth provides us with all the necessities for survival in abundance. By being mindful and respectful of nature’s resources, they can give us a long and fulfilling life.

Upright Empress Tarot Card Meaning

The Empress Tarot card represents the feminine side that is in all of us. It is characterized by great care for others, sensuality, fertility and creativity.

Whether man or woman in each of us are female parts, which are more or less pronounced. Let these parts unfold freely and feel the energization and fulfillment that emanate from them.

The time is ripe to help your creativity find new expression. For example, take up a hobby in the artistic field. The need for caring can also be strong within us. It is characterized by how you can help others, for example, in your neighborhood or at work.

The Empress also symbolizes abundance and plenty surrounding you right now. Enjoy this phase of prosperity and try to experience it with all your senses. Abundance does not always mean material prosperity.

The Empress Tarot card encourages us to look at the immaterial wealth that surrounds us, like relationships with valuable fellow human beings, nature in its beauty or the joy of art.

Do not let this wealth simply pass you by, but use it to sensitize and develop your senses of seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling. Thereby, you will be able to perceive your environment more consciously and enjoy it more intensively.

The connection to nature is also an important message of the Tarot card of The Empress. Especially in modern times, we are losing more and more contact with nature, the source of all life.

The Empress encourages us to go out again and perceive nature with all our senses. A regular walk in the woods or working in the garden can already be suitable for this. Through this experienced connection with Mother Earth, new ideas and perspectives arise for you again.

At the same time, nature is a place where you can relax and recharge your batteries. It helps you to cope with the hectic pace of everyday life.

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Upright Empress Tarot Love Meaning


When you are single, the Empress Tarot card shows that you can dare to present yourself more outwardly when looking for a partner.

Try out new outfits or cosmetics and feel with all your senses what reactions this change triggers in you and those around you.

The Empress shows you that now is a good time for choosing a partner, with high chances of success for your search for True Love.

Learn to trust your senses again in matters of love. They will give you signals if someone is the right one for you. Don’t just rely on your eyes.

Also, use your ears, your sense of smell and your sense of touch. If there is a great fit between you and your flirting partner, your senses will harmonize very strongly.


If you are in a relationship, The Empress reveals that you should enrich your love life further. Spend more time together and use it to get even closer.

The more vital and fulfilled a partnership is, the more happiness and joy it will give to the lovers. Try to rediscover your relationship with all your senses. Good possibilities are like massages, restaurant visits or common cinema evenings.

The Empress Tarot card means that you will experience your love even more in harmony with Mother Nature. Joint outdoor activities, such as hiking or climbing, strengthen the feeling of togetherness and also bring you very close to nature.

The experiences and energies gained in this way will have a positive effect on your love life. Furthermore, the card of The Empress indicates a great need for care.

This need can be for yourself as well as for your partner. Talk about where you would like to see more care from each other and make plans to integrate these wishes more into your everyday life.

Another message from The Empress can be an upcoming pregnancy or birth of a child. If you as a couple have a desire to have a child, now is the right time to try and get pregnant.

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Upright Empress Health Meaning

The Empress stands for the return to the remedies of nature, which can not only alleviate diseases but also prevent them to the same extent. The connection to Mother Earth helps to reactivate the body’s self-healing powers.

Even small everyday treatments such as herbal teas, herbal poultices, or purification cures help to strengthen your health when used correctly. At the same time, the Empress stands for a fertile phase of life and is particularly favorable if you wish to have children or are pregnant.

Furthermore, now is a good time to replenish your energy reserves. A massage or meditation will increase your health and well-being.

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Upright Empress Career Meaning

In your job, The Empress shows that you should again focus more on your feminine side. Qualities like creativity, caring and sensuality are a great enrichment for yourself and your colleagues.

You will become an important source of inspiration and support for others. To the same extent, your colleagues will show their appreciation to you so that you can always count on their help in difficult professional decisions.

Another characteristic of the Empress is that you should enrich your work with new ideas and visions. The more you bring your personality into your job, the easier it will be for you to enjoy your work.

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Upright Empress Finances/Money Meaning

In a financial context, The Empress signals that you have achieved certain prosperity that allows you to live carefreely.

But is money really everything in life?

Does money make you happy?

Let these questions go through your mind and consider sharing your wealth with other people.

Even with a small donation, you can help other people and thus share your happiness. Use your wealth to indulge your senses.

Money alone has no value if you do not allow yourself to enrich your life with it. Allow your senses the luxury of a good meal or a massage, then your money will be well spent.

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Upright Empress Destiny Meaning

For your destiny, The Empress reveals to you the dawn of a fruitful and productive phase of life. A time of abundance and prosperity lies ahead of you, in which you can recharge your batteries.

When you share your wealth with other people, who live in poverty, you will be able to multiply your happiness.

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Upright Empress Personality

The Empress shows a personality that tries to fathom its environment with all its senses. Through its sensuality, the person is able to perceive even subtle nuances around it.

Likewise, the Empress represents feminine traits, such as empathy, caring and emotionality, that are part of ones character.

Upright Empress Tarot Past/Future


A certain scent or sound brings back a beautiful memory. Follow your senses into the past and relive this moment.

The wealth of experiences and adventures from your past life can give you important help in the present.


In the near future it will be important for you to live out your feminine parts again. They will reveal new ways to you.

In the future you should seek more contact with Mother Nature. Nobody knows how long you can admire her beauty in this form.

Upright Empress Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Empress wants you to decide for a yes answer. Your whole body and mind are more likely to signal a yes answer to you. Your unconscious sends you its messages via body sensations or spontaneous thoughts.

Rely on your intuitive body feeling and you will recognize more and more clearly in your mind why a yes would be the right decision now.

Reversed Empress  Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Empress  Tarot Card Meaning

If the The Empress ReversedTarot card appears, it can indicate a blockage in spiritual and emotional areas. Through this blockage, you are hardly able to perceive your environment but remain in your inner world.

Creativity and feelings also arise from contact with our environment. If this contact is blocked, like by a challenging life event, we experience a slackening of our emotional life and a drying up of our creative source.

Face these blockages and possibly get help to get them out of the way. Once access to your environment is reopened, you will naturally reconnect with it.

The Empress Reversed can indicate that envy and resentment are present in your environment. Because of the prosperity that surrounds you and that you are enjoying right now, other people get the impression that they do not have enough and thus get caught up in negative feelings.

On the one hand, don’t let this stop you from enjoying your life. You have earned it. On the other hand, don’t brag too much about the prosperity you’ve achieved and turn your fellow human beings against you.

The feeling of envy and resentment can also affect you. Instead of brooding about how much other people have, focus on the intangible things you have and that enrich your life, like relationships/friendships or culture.

The Empress Reversed is also a sign of dependence in your life. This dependence can be related to material things. Of course, it is nice to own a new car and enjoy this luxury.

But if your precious time is only used to buy or maintain expensive luxuries, you miss out on the important things that money can’t buy, like friendship or love.

Dependence can also exist on a special person or work. Become aware of such dependencies and try to take your life into your own hands again and go your way independently.

Reversed Empress Tarot Love Meaning


When you are single, The Empress Reversed indicates that your efforts at finding a new partner are having a little effect right now.

You may have a mental block that prevents you from relating emotionally to someone else. As a result, your behavior often seems cold and dismissive, both characteristics that are not exactly conducive to dating.

First of all, try to dissolve your mental blocks and postpone the search for love for a while. The Empress Reversed is also an expression of envy and resentment, which are very dominant in your emotional life right now.

That envy usually refers to other people living in seemingly harmonious relationships. Don’t get carried away by these negative feelings, but instead focus on what you can do yourself to maintain a harmonious relationship.


The Empress Reversed Tarot card indicates in a relationship that you are very dependent on your partner at the moment. Thereby you put your own needs under those of your partner, which can become an enormous burden in the partnership in the long run.

Think about your own wishes and dare to assert them more actively in your partnership. The Empress Reversed shows you that your relationship is very cool and almost only takes place on a material level.

Many relationships experience a phase of hypothermia over time, especially when both partners hardly see each other in everyday life.

But a relationship does not only consist of a shared house or two cars. It lives from shared experiences and intense feelings for each other. Take more time for your partner and let your feelings for each other flare up again before they finally go out.

Reversed Empress Health Meaning

If The Empress Reversed appears in a tarot reading, it is a sign of mental or physical blockages that harm your health. Only if you manage to remove such barriers, your energy streams will be able to flow freely again and cleanse your body and mind.

In addition, the Empress Reversed Tarot card shows that you are becoming too dependent on advisors or alleged “miracle cures”.

The most effective healing powers come from within yourself when you manage to get back in touch with your inner source. Beware of envy and resentment because these qualities have a tremendous destructive power that negatively affects your health.

Reversed Empress Career Meaning

For your career, The Empress Reversed reveals that you are stagnating on your current rung of the career ladder. Your mental blocks, such as “I can’t do it anyway, I’m too afraid of more responsibility.” prevent you from fully developing your potential.

Only if you trust yourself more and develop confidence in your strengths, you can dare to take on new professional challenges with a clear conscience.

Some of your colleagues envy your current job position and will try to act against you behind your back. Don’t let this upset you. Use your knowledge of human nature and empathy to get allies on your side and confront your envious ones.

Reversed Empress Finances/Money Meaning

The Empress Reversed admonishes you to question your relationship to money and material possessions. If your happiness depends only on how much money or treasure you possess, you will constantly live in fear that this wealth can be taken away from you again.

True happiness cannot be bought with money alone but comes from living in harmony with our environment. Furthermore, The Empress Reversed warns you against those who envy your prosperity.

Some people only pretend to be friends with you to ask you for monetary favors again and again. Be aware that you will never see the borrowed money again and ask yourself if such one-sided relationships should not rather end.

Reversed Empress Destiny Meaning

If you draw the Empress Reversed for your destiny, it means that inner blockages are preventing you from unfolding your true potential.

Free yourself piece by piece from your mental blockages. That way, your dreams and desires will fall on fertile ground, where they can grow and flourish.

Reversed Empress Personality

The Empress reversed indicates a dependent character. In this case you make yourself dependant on other people, who then make important decisions for you.

At the same time, this card reveals an envious type of person. Such a character always looks at what the people around him have that he does not. This person often overlooks his own inner riches.

Reversed Empress Tarot Past/Future


A past event blocks you internally. You have to deal with your past once again in order to dissolve this blockage.

Envy of a person has been bothering you for many years. Look ahead rather than opening up old wounds.


Soon you will face an icy wind. The person will relatively unexpectedly put your relationship on hold for the time being.

Do not make your future dependent on other people. You are the creator of your destiny and should shape it in a self-determined way.

Reversed Empress Tarot Card – Yes or No

An enormous inner blockage signals you very strongly a no. Something in you resists your decision in such a way that you get a bad feeling every time you ask yourself your question.

Do not fight against your inner processes, but accept them as a sign that the time is not yet ripe for a yes.

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