The Devil Tarot Card Meaning

What does the Devil Tarot card mean?

The devil can express dependence on people or material things.

At the same time, he is a symbol of willpower, through which you can fulfill your desires.

Dare to look at your dark side through the devil.

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning

The Devil Keywords

Upright: Materialism, Sin, Dependence, Will
Reversed: Superstition, Detachment, Doubt, Distance

The Devil Tarot Card Description

The Devil Tarot card depicts a large demon, having human and animal characteristics. The figure is strongly reminiscent of the mystical figure Baphomet, which was half goat and half-human.

Originally, Baphomet symbolized the balance between good and evil, male and female, and animal and human. In more recent interpretations, this figure has become the symbol of the devil with all his negative qualities or associations.

Almost overpowering, the devil dominates the scene and stares challengingly into the eyes of the viewer as if he wants to impose his will on him.

His right hand shows a Jewish greeting and invites everyone to come closer if he dares to resist his temptations. In his left hand, the devil holds a torch as a symbol of the power and influence he has on living beings.

Above the devil is a pentagram, which is commonly known in mysticism as the seal of Baphomet and expresses the proximity to Satanic rituals.

Two naked people stand in front of the devil, a woman and a man. They already have small horns on their heads and a tail. It’s obvious that they are already addicted to the devil and become more and more similar to him.

They give themselves completely to their lust and passions, even though these continue to bind them to the devil and make them dependent on him. Their nakedness symbolizes great sexual lust and debauchery, which in earlier times was considered sinful.

Around the neck of the two people are chains that bind them to the devil’s thorn. Although the man and the woman could effortlessly remove both chains, they remain in place to continue to indulge their passions and be blinded.

They will never be truly free since they have chosen to serve the devil and give up their freedom.

Upright Devil Tarot Card Meaning

The Devil Tarot Card confronts you with the dark aspects of your life and how they influence you. Instead of suppressing the dark sides, you should face them and look at them closely first.

Where do the desires for sinful behavior come from?

What feelings and needs are being satisfied by my dark side?

If you have found answers to these questions, you can try to transform the dark energy in you into something positive. That happens on the one hand by accepting your dark sides since they are part of being human.

On the other hand, there is always a positive counterpart to every dark side, which must be reactivated, like greed to generosity, jealousy to trust, lie to truth.

In a tarot Reading, The Devil can show us that we are very dependent on material wealth. Whether it is our car or home, wealth is considered a high-status symbol in our society.

But such materialism carries the danger that we make our whole life and self-worth dependent on money and possessions.

When we realize that deep satisfaction and fulfillment come from within ourselves and are independent of material possessions, we will be able to free ourselves from the shackles of materialism.

Inner, happiness-making values such as frugality, modesty and generosity can only arise from within ourselves and cannot be bought.

The Devil also stands for great willpower in a Tarot card reading. Concerning yourself, this means that you can enforce your will and your wishes on those around you.

Therefore, be careful not to harness your environment completely for your needs. Otherwise, other people will gradually turn away from you as soon as they see through that you harness them for your purposes.

Concerning other people, this means that someone is constantly imposing their will on you without considering your needs. Stand firm and free yourself from relationships that only focus on the well-being of the other one.

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Upright Devil Tarot Love Meaning


In a love Tarot context, the Devil card reveals that you pay too much attention to appearances in your search for a partner. Especially status, wealth and attractiveness are selection criteria for you to meet a new partner.

But the exclusive focus on the material level will bring you only very empty and superficial relationships. Look behind the outer facade of your partner and search for the inner values.

By doing so, you will find a partner with whom you can live together long and contentedly. When The Devil appears in a love Tarot reading, it stands for high willpower and sexual desire.

Through your willpower, it will be easy for you to get to know someone and win them over. Respect the needs and wishes of your partner so that you can have an enriching relationship together.

The Devil expresses increased sexual desire, which you should live out respectfully. As a single, you should experiment with different love experiences to notice which practices you would like to live out in a partnership.


In a partnership, The Devil Tarot card symbolizes serious misconduct of a partner. Cheating on your partner with someone else is one of the most common sins in a relationship, along with financial or emotional exploitation.

The Devil leaves no doubt about how serious the situation is. You are required to quickly and consistently decide whether and how you still want to maintain this relationship.

Another aspect of The Devil card is the presence of pathological dependence in a partnership. Especially when one person sacrifices himself emotionally and materially for the benefit of the other partner, this will inevitably lead to a very harmful imbalance.

If you find yourself in such a position of dependency, you must become more aware of your own needs and desires. Discuss this imbalance in the relationship with your partner and make clear demands regarding your own needs.

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Upright Devil Health Meaning

Regarding health matters, The Devil means that your health suffers from a dependent behavior. Such a dependency can be caused, for example, by the consumption of cigarettes, alcohol or overeating.

The resulting vicious circle makes you cling more and more intensively to the harmful behavior until the body eventually becomes seriously ill. In any case, seek the help of a doctor to take the first step out of the vicious spiral.

If you are suffering from a serious illness, The Devil’s card admonishes you not to let your suffering completely determine your life. Show your willpower by trying to make the best of your life despite your limitations.

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Upright Devil Career Meaning

The Devil Tarot card shows that you feel very trapped in your job at the moment. You have developed a great dislike for your work, but you see no way to improve your current situation.

Realize that you can actively shape your life yourself. Turn your frustration into new motivation by actively looking for new professional perspectives.

Furthermore, The Devil card warns you not to trust certain colleagues or superiors too much and be careful in what you say and do. Superficially, such people promise you the most wonderful things and are already preparing your dismissal behind your back.

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Upright Devil Finances/Money Meaning

In a financial context, The Devil warns you not to be too wasteful with your money and live beyond your means. By accumulating more and more luxury goods, you run the risk of falling into a debt trap from which you will not get out so quickly.

Therefore, keep a close eye on your income and expenses and adjust your lifestyle accordingly. Another meaning of The Devil Tarot card is big money worries that plague you.

Your life is all about how to restore your financial balance. Make a long-term plan on how to reduce your debts step by step and build up a small emergency reserve over time so that your worries turn into hope again.

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Upright Devil Destiny Meaning

For your destiny, the Devil card symbolizes that you should become aware of your dependencies on things and persons.

Because only when you recognize the chains that hold you, you will be able to free yourself from them. That is often a long process, demanding a lot of strength and willpower from you. However, it also lets you mature and become independent.

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Upright Devil Personality

As a personality card, the Devil reveals a very materialistic trait. The person is anxious to accumulate as much wealth and fortune as possible, which are the basis for his well-being.

At the same time, the Devil represents a dependent type of character. Such a person lets his opinions or decisions be determined predominantly by other people.

Upright Devil Tarot Past/Future


In the past, you wasted a lot of time on achieving material goals. Turn your focus back to other values in life.

A sin from the past has caught up with you again. Instead of running away from it, you should face it.


You make your future too dependent on the needs of other people. See what you want for yourself and shape your destiny accordingly.

Your willpower will be the deciding factor in whether you will be able to realize your upcoming goals.

Upright Devil Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Devil is a clear no-card in a Tarot reading. Do not be misled by false illusions. A no is the right decision in this case to avert worse damage.

While some aspects of a yes decision may seem tempting, the devil is usually in the details and will show himself with all his destructive power if you succumb to the temptation.

Reversed Devil Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Devil Tarot Card Meaning

The Devil Reversed shows that you are caught up in superstition. Superstition means to deliberately close your eyes to the truth and look for magical causes for phenomena or problems.

Thus you slave yourself to your illusions and get further and further away from the path of knowledge. However, the good thing about superstition is that these are only thoughts. You can determine whether you want to continue to follow these illusions or not.

For this, you must first see through the superstitions that have a negative influence on your life and then face the actual truth.

In this sense, The Devil Reversed Tarot card represents the detachment from the inner circles of the devil. Often these are thoughts of fear or the feeling of not being good enough that prevent us from developing our full spiritual potential.

You can, fortunately, change such negative emotions and cognitions by consciously deciding not to let them rule your life anymore.

The first step against fear is often the most difficult, but as soon as you take the path of detachment, you will notice how your inner shackles loosen and you can again unfold your spiritual potential.

The Devil Reversed is also a symbol of great doubt, both positive and negative. Positively speaking, doubt is an important prerequisite see-through mental fetters and dependencies.

By questioning supposed regularities and thought patterns, you learn to distinguish what helps you on the path to knowledge and satisfaction and what hinders you.

The Devil Reversed in a negative sense can be a symbol of great self-doubt that plagues you. Don’t be bound by such doubts, but prove to yourself how much inner strength you have and dare to face your fears and thus free yourself from them.

Reversed Devil Tarot Love Meaning


The Devil Reversed shows you as a single that you are too much into wishful thinking and superstition. You take refuge in a fantasy world and hope to win your dream partner by magic rituals alone.

However, your own person with all its facets plays a decisive role when you search for your dream partner because no ritual in the world can turn you into a princess or a prince. You have everything you need to be lovable to another person.

Go out in the world and show yourself and you will be rewarded with many great encounters, maybe even with True Love. Another aspect of The Devil Reversed Tarot card is great self-doubt in love.

You don’t trust yourself to find true love and prefer to hole up in loneliness. Be brave, put your doubts aside and discover how much courage you have by simply starting to reveal your feelings to your environment.

Your soul mate will not laugh at you but will understand you, but first, you have to find him. Therefore, be active and courageous in your dating efforts.


In a partnership, The Devil Reversed card reveals a distancing in your relationship. One partner is trying to get out of the relationship by spending less and less time with the other person and showing little passion and affection.

At such a point, you should urgently discuss with your partner whether your relationship still makes sense and if so, what you both want to change concretely. The Devil Reversed reveals doubts in your relationship about the honesty or motives of your partner.

Maybe you have suspected for a long time that your partner is lying to you or keeping something secret.

Instead of letting your doubts eat you up inside, approach him openly and reveal your suspicions. This way, you finally get certainty and learn to trust your partner again.

Reversed Devil Health Meaning

The Devil Reversed warns you not to be naive regarding your health and to believe every superstition. Not every alternative medicine delivers what it promises and you should consult a professional healer in case of doubt.

In general, you should critically question healing methods if they seem too good to be true. A short search on the Internet is often enough to expose a misconception. Another aspect of The Devil Reversed in a health Tarot reading is that you should detach yourself from disease-causing habits.

By recognizing which behaviors are causing you long-term health damage, you can actively work to eliminate them and replace them with health-promoting ones.

Reversed Devil Career Meaning

For your job, The Devil Reversed means that you need more distance from your work, which is very much taking over your life. If you only think about your job even in your free time and the responsibility that comes with it, there is a danger that you will burn out at some point.

Practice switching off in your free time and concentrate on yourself and your needs. The Devil Reversed is a sign of great doubt about your career choice.

After a few years of working, you may have realized that your current job is not the right one for you. Follow your inner feeling and see if you can change your career or modify your current job according to your needs.

Reversed Devil Finances/Money Meaning

The Devil Reversed warns you not to fall for deceptive financial advice. Especially when it comes to a large sum of money, you should always be skeptical when someone offers you high returns or very short-term investments.

Always check with people you trust and inform yourself before you sign any contracts and risk a lot of money. Furthermore, The Devil Reversed shows that some distance to material values can be very relieving for your well-being.

Look how many valuable things (nature, a sunrise) and people are present in your everyday life, which you cannot acquire with money and enjoy them.

Reversed Devil Destiny Meaning

The Devil Reversed means for your destiny that a certain distance and if necessary detachment, from ingrained habits, is necessary.

Your everyday life often tightens us up, leading to harmful routines you develop in thoughts, words and deeds. Therefore, take some time to reflect on your life. Check your habits and change them if necessary.

Reversed Devil Personality

The Devil reversed symbolizes a person who is gullible in many ways. She wants to hold on to her superstitions and is hardly receptive to rational arguments.

Moreover, the card can stand for a doubting character. Such a person often questions entrenched structures and is not satisfied with simple answers until his doubts are dispelled.

Reversed Devil Tarot Past/Future


A superstition from your past is still deeply rooted in you. Begin to seriously question it and face the truth.

At the same time, you should finally detach yourself from certain past events that chain you to the past.


Doubts grow in you regarding your approaching future. Be aware of what you want and that not much can happen to you.

In the future, you should practice building up more distance to some things or persons. This way, you will not be so involved in upcoming difficulties.

Reversed Devil Tarot Card – Yes or No

There are several points to consider with your question. On the one hand, a yes answer is associated with a high degree of personal passion because you desperately want a positive outcome.

A no answer on the other hand, leads to a certain degree of dependence and is associated with losses in the medium term.

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