The Strength Tarot Card Meaning

What does the Strength Tarot card mean?

Inner strength represents the ability to forgive others and is much more powerful than outer strength.

Even phases of powerlessness can help you gain new energy.

Discover your inner power with the help of the strength card.

The Strength Tarot Card Meaning

The Strength Keywords

Upright: Power, Courage, Influence, Merciful
Reversed: Powerless, Doubt, Failure, Crudeness

The Strength Tarot Card Description

The Strength Tarot card depicts a woman holding a lion in her arms. The woman is dressed in a white tunic, representing her mildness and mercy.

Above her head is the symbol for infinity, expressing her inexhaustible patience and inner strength in the struggle with the lion. Her posture is gentle and graceful. At the same time, she looks determined and brave.

She bends her face towards the lion and looks him clearly in the eyes. She is not afraid of him, knowing that he will not harm her.

Trusting in her inner powers, she faces the behemoth. Instead of throwing the lion to the ground and slaying him, she befriends him and has a brave protector at her side.

The lion appears very unruly and passionate because of its fiery color. He also radiates great physical strength and animalistic lust.

Through the woman’s touch, she tames the beast. It appears quite calm and controlled. This taming symbolizes the inner struggle we humans face daily with our animalistic needs, which are only kept in check by our reason and patience so that we do not harm our environment.

The controlled acting out of these needs, like in the sexual area or our impulsiveness, helps us to find an inner balance for our desires so that we can live in harmony with our environment.

Upright Strength Tarot Card Meaning

The Strength Tarot card is a sign of great power and force. Here is meant especially the inner willpower, through which we can move mountains.

Although the woman on the card looks very dainty compared to the lion, she manages to conquer him just by her mental strength.

The Strength shows you which enormous and almost inexhaustible potentials and energies are slumbering in you, with which you can master even the biggest and seemingly insurmountable challenges in life.

The stronger your belief in your own abilities, the more powerfully you can use your energies to achieve your goals and desires.

Furthermore, The Strength Tarot card signals the great influence you have on your environment. That means that you can convince people of your ideas and concepts without coercion but with a lot of patience and finesse.

Instead of threats or intimidation, you try to convince people with the help of arguments. That will make other people feel connected to you positively by sharing your views and attitudes from the bottom of their hearts.

To influence somebody does not mean controlling other people or imposing your will on them. You rather convince and share your wisdom and values with them.

Mercy is another characteristic of The Strength Tarot card. To our environment, it means that we deal patiently and compassionately with the emotions we experience every day through other persons.

Maybe a close friend/relative is very sad or angry right now and doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings. Here The Strength admonishes us being support and help for the person by simply listening and bearing his emotions.

In this way, the negative feelings will be tamed and calm down by themselves. Concerning ourselves, The Strength shows us that we should be compassionate and forgiving of our own emotional life. Each of us knows emotions such as fear, sadness, anger and doubt.

These original emotions are a fundamental part of our existence. Therefore, do not banish them from your lives but learn to deal with them.

Through an appreciative and compassionate attitude towards yourself, you can see these negative emotions as helpers and opportunities, enabling you to gain control over them and not let them dominate you.

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Upright Strength Tarot Love Meaning


In a love tarot context, The Strength Tarot card reveals to be brave now and dare a new relationship. Your courage to meet and approach someone new will further strengthen your confidence in your flirting abilities.

Your inner attitude determines whether you stay alone or manage to enter into a relationship with another person. Be merciful to yourself. Don’t get distracted by missteps in love, but learn from them. You will learn the most helpful experiences from your mistakes.

The Strength encourages us to use our influence to meet new people. Whether at the sports club or work, use your existing networks to meet a new partner and convince them of your endearing and positive qualities.


In a relationship, The Strength Tarot card shows that you unite a great inner strength as a couple. Through your common goals, you combine your abilities. Hardly anything can stop you in your plans.

You complement each other in terms of your strengths and weaknesses so that there is hardly an obstacle that you cannot remove.

Thereby you further strengthen your inner bond of love and consolidate your partnership. Furthermore, courage in the relationship belongs to the qualities of The Strength card.

Courage means to disclose unpleasant things in a relationship to your partner and not to keep them secret. That strengthens your mutual trust and also encourages your partner to be honest and open with you.

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Upright Strength Health Meaning

If you draw The Strength Tarot card, it is a very positive sign for your health. You are on the road to recovery after overcoming an illness and gradually regaining your strength and energy.

Furthermore, the strength shows that you are flowed through by a tremendous power and energy, which are looking for their way out. Use your strength and actively do something for your health by moving more and doing sports.

Also make sure to eat powerful and healthy food because this is crucial that you keep your energy level and vitality. Because only with the appropriate energy your body remains efficient.

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Upright Strength Career Meaning

In a career Tarot reading, The Strength reveals that you have enough power to face greater challenges in your job. Have more confidence in yourself and use your inner strength to grow and master new challenges.

Use your positive influence at work to motivate your colleagues to work together on projects. Because when you work together as a team, many difficult tasks can be mastered much easier than if you had to tackle them alone.

Likewise, The Strength card shows that now is the right time to switch to self-employment. Especially at the beginning, you need a lot of strength and stamina, which will pay off double and triple later.

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Upright Strength Finances/Money Meaning

In the financial field, The Strength Tarot card stands for the fact that you will soon have overcome debts from the past. Whether it’s the credit for a car or a house, an end to the financial burdens is soon in sight.

Only a few last efforts are needed to settle the last debts. Furthermore, The Strength encourages you to share your money for charitable purposes. By practicing mercy and helping others in financial need, you will experience a deep sense of happiness that money cannot buy.

Also have the courage to venture into new investments because your financial cushion is strong enough to take on riskier projects.

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Upright Strength Destiny Meaning

For your destiny, the Strength means that you should face the challenges of life with the strength and courage of a lion.

Because most of the obstacles we remove with our mere mental attitude. We have the power to move mountains if we believe in ourselves.

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Upright Strength Personality

The strength reveals a courageous personality that faces its fears. Thus it can rise above itself again and again so that its fear becomes smaller and smaller.

At the same time, the Stronger is associated with a merciful character. The one who forgives not only other people their faults but also himself, thus contributing to harmony.

Upright Strength Tarot Past/Future


You long for an earlier time when you were bursting with strength. Today your strengths lie in other areas.

Use your influence from the past to get closer to your goals again. Reactivate old contacts and let your relationships play for you.


Shortly you will have the opportunity to show your mercy. It will bring you gratitude and a deep sense of satisfaction.

Look courageously toward your future. Because with confidence even the worst challenges and fears will lose their terror.

Upright Strength Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Strength card encourages you to say yes to your question. You have enough inner strength and energy to face the consequences of your actions calmly, so the answer yes is the right one now. Use your possibilities to make the outcome of your question positive for you.

Reversed Strength Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Strength Tarot Card Meaning

The Strength Reversed Tarot card indicates a phase of lack of power and energy. At the moment, we have little confidence in ourselves to make a change in our lives.

We are letting instead many opportunities and chances for innovation pass us by. Doubting our abilities and strengths sets a cycle in motion that makes us succeed less and less.

We are therefore hardly able to bring about changes from within ourselves. In such phases, find opportunities to regenerate and draw new energy, like through meditation or time out from everyday life.

By setting and achieving smaller goals your inner strength is renewed and you dare to tackle bigger challenges again.

The Strength Reversed indicates that you have difficulties controlling your inner impulses and feelings. When feelings like fear or anger gain control over our lives, we become paralyzed in our spiritual development.

All of our actions and interactions with others are then controlled by raw emotions, often making our behavior unpredictable and hurtful to those around us.

Instead of trying to suppress these emotions, you should face them and explore why your emotional world is so out of balance that it even envelops and takes over your mind.

Try to sense the point at which you can still just about control your emotions and then get out of the situation. If you do not manage to control your feelings adequately on your own, seek professional advice.

The Strength Reversed Tarot card shows that we have to struggle with many defeats in our lives. Often, strokes of fate do not come alone but unleash a whole series of stressful events. We get the feeling of powerlessness and helplessness.

Therefore, always consider such difficult life events in terms of the valuable experiences that are associated with them. Spiritual and mental growth only arise when we face and master the challenges of life. Therefore, supposed setbacks are a good opportunity to teach from the past for the future. Life is our best teacher!

Reversed Strength Tarot Love Meaning


The Strength Reversed shows a phase of powerlessness and stagnation as a single. All attempts to find a suitable partner in the past may have been unsuccessful.

The invested strength to find a new partner or enter into a new relationship takes its toll and tugs at your energies. Do not try to force yourself into a relationship. Instead take a break from them and learn to love yourself again.

That will allow you to recharge your batteries and strengthen you for your next attempts at love. Doubts about yourself are also a sign of the Strength Reversed.

Am I lovable at all?

Who would want me?

Such questions are full of doubts. They afflict us from time to time and make us lose faith in love. Reflect on the people being dear to you and enjoy spending time with you.

This way, you will realize how lovable you are and you will be able to get rid of your doubts bit by bit.

The more self-confidence you gain, the more paths of love will open for you. At the end of your way, another person who loves you is waiting for you.


In a relationship, The Strength Reversed Tarot card reveals that you have strong doubts about your partnership. The time spent together only seems bland and lacking in energy, and the flames of passion seem to go out more and more.

Take these doubts seriously. They show you where the problems in your relationship are and also how you can give your partnership new strength and energy.

Admit the crisis in your relationship and you will find a way for you to deal with it. Furthermore, The Strength Reversed in a partnership can indicate a high potential of impulsiveness and grievance.

Very strong negative feelings determine the life of your relationship by gradually destroying the trust in each other. In such a case, urgent action is required by addressing these strong feelings and jointly seeking a solution to such outbursts.

Reversed Strength Health Meaning

The Strength Reversed Tarot card represents a phase of powerlessness and fatigue. You lack drive at the moment and feel that your body urgently needs a break to recharge its batteries.

Allow some time for yourself and concentrate on getting your inner energy flows and self-healing powers going again. Maybe you have just tried a new treatment method, which unfortunately did not bring the desired success.

Don’t be discouraged. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right medicine for your condition. The important thing is not to give up too quickly. Instead of focusing too much on your illness, see what positive resources you can still activate for your recovery process.

Reversed Strength Career Meaning

If you draw The Strength Reversed, it signals that you are currently despairing about your work. In the past, many tasks did not work out well for you. You doubt whether this job is the right one for you.

Such doubts are a good motivator to look for new job offers that better suit your skills. At the same time, The Strength Reversed represents the danger of burnout in your current job.

You have invested a lot of energy and time in your work, but you neither receive appreciation nor do your efforts bear fruit. Take some time off and try to get new motivation and strength for yourself.

Reversed Strength Finances/Money Meaning

The Strength Reversed symbolizes that you have problems meeting your financial obligations. You sometimes feel very desperate and don’t know how to handle the huge mountain of debt that lies ahead of you.

But instead of sinking into doubt, start to reduce the mountain in front of you bit by bit, and you will soon see light on the horizon again. Furthermore, The Strength Reversed Tarot card means that a past investment did not pay off and you had to accept a bitter financial loss.

Don’t be too bitter about it, because at the same time you have learned an important lesson, which will help you to avoid such bad investments in the future.

Reversed Strength Destiny Meaning

If you draw The Strength Reversed as a destiny card, you will face a phase of doubt and some defeats.

Always keep in mind that difficult life situations are part of our existence and can give us valuable experiences and lessons, which we do not learn from books, but must have lived through ourselves.

Reversed Strength Personality

Reverse strength represents a crude personality type. Such a person finds it difficult to react empathically to his fellow human beings and to interpret interpersonal tones correctly.

Furthermore, the card describes a character who strongly doubts himself and his abilities. This low self-confidence prevents the development of his actual potential.

Reversed Strength Tarot Past/Future


Strong self-doubt from past experiences weighs heavily on you. But you don’t have to let them crush you, you can just throw them away.

In the past, you have experienced some rough handling of your person. Be careful not to become like your tormentors.


You are afraid to fail in a future endeavor. But the attempt alone counts. Even in the case of defeat, you can gain new insights.

In the near future, a lot will be demanded of you, so you will go through a phase of powerlessness.

Reversed Strength Tarot Card – Yes or No

I find great doubts in you whether you are up to the upcoming decision. Therefore you should rather stay with the no.

Because without healthy self-confidence in your question you will hardly be able to muster the strength to enforce your decision. Therefore, save your energy reserves for other areas.

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