The Judgment Tarot Card Meaning

What does the Judgment Tarot card mean?

The Judgment is a sign to follow your inner call.

Wake up from your “rigor mortis” and be ready to shape your life with awake consciousness.

You will learn in this article how the Judgement can help you with further decisions.

The Judgement Tarot Card Meaning

The Judgment Keywords

Upright: Awakened, Redemption, Decision, Inner call
Reversed: Criticism, Guilt, Doubt, Ignorance

The Judgment Tarot Card Description

On The Judgment Tarot card, an angel flies above the clouds. With his trumpet, he resurrects three dead people. The angel represents Metatron, who calls the dead to the last judgment with his trumpet.

The angel hovers supremely above the clouds and is depicted hugely, clearly expressing his power and decision-making authority. His wings are red and stand for earthly life, while his tunic is light blue, symbolic of the heavenly.

He can produce such powerful sounds with his trombone that even death can not resist. People alive or dead follow that sound like an inner call.

On the trombone itself, we see as a flag the cross of St. George, which is a symbol of God and admonishes people to start their last journey to the kingdom of heaven.

In front of the angel, three people rise from their coffins, a man, a woman and a child. They are depicted completely in gray and thus reveal that all life has already left their bodies.

Only their souls are still bound to the earth and are now eagerly awaiting the decision of the last judgment whether they may go to the kingdom of heaven or must go down into the depths of hell.

All three imploringly stretch out their hands to the angel and hope to be redeemed by him from their earthly life. Following their inner call, they are resurrected to hear the angel’s decision.

The mountains rising in the background testify to the inevitability of the last divine decision, from which there is no escape in the earthly world.

Upright Judgment Tarot Card Meaning

The Judgment Tarot card indicates that you are on the verge of an important spiritual breakthrough or awakening in your life.

Especially if you have been searching for a new meaning to your current phase of life for a long time, an answer will soon reveal itself to you that is often closer than you realize.

The process of awakening and realizing an answer to important life questions often comes abruptly when we are busy with completely different things in our daily lives.

When your mind is free and open, you can allow new spiritual experiences. You awaken, so to speak, from a dream that represents our old self and rise as a new person.

The Judgment encourages you to follow your inner call. Often we ignore the inner voice that wants to help us to follow our predetermined path in life.

Instead, we allow external voices to dictate a destiny that we do not want or that was not predestined for us. But just as the trombone itself brings the dead back to life, the inner call within us for our destiny becomes louder and louder and cannot be ignored.

Follow the sound of your inner voice and it will lead you back to your destiny path. You will recognize how much easier your life path feels and are getting closer to happiness in life.

Another aspect of the Judgment card is the appearance of an important decision in your life. That is a decisive reorientation of your life path so far, which is why you have to choose one of the paths ahead of you with a lot of thought and consideration.

Trust your own intuition. It will show you the direction you have to move and report back to you as soon as you deviate too much from your predetermined path.

Consider the choices you have made so far in your life. Use the experience you have already gained to weigh the choices in front of you in the best possible way.

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Upright Judgment Tarot Love Meaning


In a love Tarot reading, the Judgment card reveals that an important decision regarding your single life is coming up. Such decisions usually have a long-term consequence, for example, whether you want to move in with a new love already or you want to reveal your love feelings to a close person.

Weigh your decision carefully and try to listen to your inner voice and trust it. Keep in mind that there are often no clear right or wrong choices. Use every decision to learn from it.

The Judgment further indicates that you should follow your inner call in love. That means that you must first look within yourself to perceive your own inner voice.

You feel your inner call not only through words but more often through feelings. Especially if you are unsure whether a new acquaintance can develop into something more, listen to the call of your inner voice. It will show you the way.


In a relationship, the Judgment Tarot card reveals a release from a serious crisis. In a partnership, there are always difficult challenges that put a lot of stress and strain on the relationship, sometimes even over a very long period of time.

Through the Judgment card, it becomes clear that such a crisis will soon come to an end and a solution is in sight. However, this redemption you have both been hoping for can only take place if both of you are ready to accept the solution offered without reservation, even if it demands a lot from you.

Furthermore, the Judgment card encourages you to make important decisions now for your future life together, such as starting a family or moving. You both must decide on a mutual agreement. It will change both of your lives significantly.

However, it is precisely such far-reaching agreements and jointly made decisions that will be a very stable and sustainable foundation for your partnership.

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Upright Judgment Health Meaning

Concerning your health, the Judgment card means that you will finally get certainty regarding some symptoms of illness. By clarifying your physical signs, you get finally released from the plaguing uncertainty that has been severely limiting your well-being.

Now you can devote yourself to appropriate treatment methods and dedicate yourself more to your everyday life again.

Furthermore, the Judgment Tarot card indicates a looming decision between different healing methods. Each alternative has its pros and cons, which is why you should inform yourself well and rely on your inner feeling.

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Upright Judgment Career Meaning

The Judgment card signals that an important decision lies ahead of you regarding your professional future. A career change or a promotion should be well considered.

Therefore, it is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each in comparison to your current position before deciding on a new job. In addition, the Judgment shows that deep inside, you feel the desire for a career change.

Follow your inner call and prepare yourself with appropriate training and qualifications for the desired career change. Do not wait too long because certain dream jobs will not wait for you forever.

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Upright Judgment Finances/Money Meaning

In a finance Tarot reading, the Judgment announces the end of a debt burden that has lasted for a long time. Once your debts are completely settled, you will feel a sense of release.

You can now look ahead again and finally afford something or save towards a new goal. Another aspect of the Judgment regarding your finances is to weigh well which longer-term purchases you want to make in the future.

A new car may seem very tempting at first glance, but perhaps the modernization of your house is just more important for your well-being and that of your family. Therefore, take a long-term view of how your investments would affect your daily life.

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Upright Judgment Destiny Meaning

As a destiny card, The Judgment shows you that you will soon be released from a difficult phase in your life.

But before that, you have to make an important decision for your life, which will show you a new direction. Follow your inner call and you will choose the right path for you, which will give you happiness and satisfaction.

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Upright Judgment Personality

The Judgment symbolizes a character who follows his inner call. The person relies entirely on his intuition, which is a reliable advisor, in important matters of life.

Furthermore, the Judgment shows a very decisive personality. Such a person does not hesitate in his actions and thinking but simply tackles things.

Upright Judgment Tarot Past/Future


You are finally released from past suffering. However, be careful not to be taken over by your past again.

By contemplating past events, you will awake from your lethargy and get a new drive for action.


Soon you will have to make a very important decision for your future life. You have to rely on your gut feeling.

In the near future, you will hear an inner call, which you should absolutely follow. It will bring you a little closer to your destiny.

Upright Judgment Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Judgment leans more toward a yes answer. A clear yes will take a heavy burden off your shoulders. The constant procrastination and waiting have already dragged on for too long and left their mark.

A positive decision will feel like a release. In perspective, your choice will give you new possibilities for your life.

Reversed Judgment Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Judgment Tarot Card Meaning

The Judgment Reversed card reveals a high level of criticism towards you. A lot of negative feedback is given to you from the outside regarding your behavior, which can be very stressful and exhausting.

Pay attention to who criticizes you and why. Many people only want to signal that you are walking on the wrong path. They encourage you through their feedback to get back on your right way.

Self-criticism as a form of internal feedback helps you to develop yourself and learn from your mistakes. It is important that criticism from the outside and the inside is always appreciative and not degrading. That way, its core to help you on your way through life is not lost.

Another meaning of The Judgment Reversed Tarot card is doubts that plague you regarding past decisions. Many decisions we make in life have very long-term effects on our well-being.

However, especially with difficult trade-offs, we will never be fully satisfied with our choices and a residual doubt will always remain. This residual doubt is in the nature of decisions and just shows how multi-layered and complex our lives are.

Don’t let your doubts consume you and don’t sink into resignation or sadness. Some decisions can not be reversed, but new choices are already in front of you. Use your experiences to make better decisions for your life in the future.

The Judgment Reversed Tarot card also shows a high level of ignorance in us. We must not simply ignore major influences and decisions that affect our lives.

Otherwise, we run the risk of quickly sliding down the wrong paths and losing sight of our life goals. Look at your environment and its influence on your existence with a clear view and mind.

You will adapt accordingly and remain in your center of life. Ignorance can also affect one’s own emotions if they are too painful or unwanted at the moment.

Keep in mind that such emotions can only be ignored for a certain period of time before they make their way to the surface again and you had better deal with them from the beginning.

Reversed Judgment Tarot Love Meaning


The Judgment Reversed reveals a high degree of ignorance regarding your efforts to find a partner. You may have too rigid ideas of True Love in your mind, which prevent you from meeting various other people who do not fall into your narrow love scheme.

If you go through life in such an ignorant way, you will miss out on many happy and enriching moments in your life. Give a certain amount of respect and attention to everyone who seems to be interested in you.

Then you will always have many nice people around you. It doesn’t have to be a partnership, but it could at least be a great acquaintance. The Judgment Reversed shows a high level of self-criticism in you, which prevents you from falling in love again.

Too much self-criticism inevitably leads to strong self-doubt in love and ultimately to loneliness. For all the justified criticism you have of yourself, do this with appreciation towards yourself and do not be too hard on yourself.

If you can appreciate yourself, you can enter into a relationship with another person and love someone else.


In a partnership, the Judgment card indicates a deep-seated guilt problem. If in the common past, instead of clarifying disputes objectively, only the question of the guilt of the conflict is constantly pursued, a vicious circle of mutual accusations arises.

In future disputes, long-past arguments are often brought up again and settled against each other, without the actual conflict being solved and settled.

Break such a destructive dispute culture by not making blame the central issue but rather by trying to find a solution to the dispute together.

In addition, both partners must learn that being “at fault” for something is not dramatic and admission of this can do much to ease tension within a conflict. The Judgment Reversed symbolizes strong doubts about the partnership.

That can concern individual aspects of the relationship and the whole partnership itself. Doubts always arise where there is uncertainty and lack of trust.

To dispel doubts, talk to someone, your partner or good friends. Clarify these uncertainties as early as possible and see if they are justified.

Reversed Judgment Health Meaning

The Judgment Reversed warns you not to ignore obvious physical symptoms. Your body sends you clear signals in case of illness so that you can help it accordingly.

Denying such symptoms can seriously affect your health. Therefore, it is better to go to the doctor once more and get a check-up in case of doubt so that you do not experience any unpleasant surprises later.

Another meaning of The Judgment Reversed Tarot card is that you should critically question your behavior concerning your health.

Ask yourself where you could integrate more exercise into your everyday life or which meals you could make even healthier. That way, you do something good for your body and mind in the long run.

Reversed Judgment Career Meaning

In a career context, The Judgment Reversed Tarot card stands for an upcoming appraisal interview. Your performance so far will be critically questioned, so prepare well for it.

Criticism can also help to improve your work performance and to move forward. The Judgment Reversed card reminds you to be more attentive to your actions, as your work performance is likely to be closely watched.

Perhaps you are destined for a more responsible position, so your every action will be scrutinized. Such scrutiny can be very covert, so you should do your best throughout the workday.

Reversed Judgment Finances/Money Meaning

The Judgment Reversed encourages you to look critically at your expenses and adjust them if necessary. Often, old contracts are hidden in the monthly living costs, which you no longer need or which can easily be replaced by cheaper offers.

Therefore, take the time to evaluate your expenses in detail, then you will have more money available at the end of the month. Another aspect The Judgment Reversed is that you have large debts weighing on your shoulders.

That means your financial room for maneuver is very limited and can cause a lot of internal pressure. Dedicate yourself to your liabilities and make every effort, possibly with professional help, to pay off your debts as quickly as possible to become solvent again.

Reversed Judgment Destiny Meaning

For your destiny, The Judgment Reversed reveals that you are too self-critical with yourself. You often blame yourself alone for failures and have doubts about your abilities.

Mistakes you make are not the end of the world. Instead, they offer you a unique opportunity to improve your skills and create new ideas.

Reversed Judgment Personality

The Judgment reversed reveals a self-critical personality structure. One’s own mistakes thus acquire an overvalue that is not justified and causes suffering.

In addition, the card stands for an ignorant character who finds it difficult to use his potential. Due to his inattentive nature, he misses many opportunities for self-development.

Reversed Judgment Tarot Past/Future


Ignoring the past prevents you from dealing with important life issues. Deal with your past piece by piece and learn from it.

Debt from the distant past still weighs heavily on your shoulders. However, you can get rid of it more easily than you think.


Soon you will be exposed to a high degree of criticism. Be honest with yourself if this criticism is not justified in some points.

There are deep doubts in you concerning your future path. As long as you listen to your inner voice, any way will be the right one.

Reversed Judgment Tarot Card – Yes or No

You are being very hard on yourself with this decision and putting every argument on the gold scale. There is a great resistance in you to finally make a choice.

But the extent of your doubts suggests that you should decide on a “no”. Only then will your inner critic finally give up.

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