The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

What does the Chariot Tarot card mean?

With courage and dedication, you will be able to achieve all your goals in life.

Always keep the reins firmly in both hands so you do not lose your way.

Let the chariot guide you and discover its other meanings.

The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

The Chariot Keywords

Upright: Success, Courage, Devotion, Control
Reversed: Aimless, Arrogance, Compulsion, Insecure

The Chariot Tarot Card Description

The Chariot Tarot card shows a proud warrior standing on a carriage. His gaze is highly concentrated and directed straight at his target. The Chariot’s whole posture expresses fighting courage and willpower.

He is dressed in sturdy armor with two moons on his shoulder blades, looking up to the sky. The moon is a symbol of mysticism and foresight. His tunic is richly decorated and symbolizes the success and glory of the warrior.

On his head, he wears a crown as a sign of his dominion and power so that everyone immediately recognizes him and his high rank. In his right hand, he holds a scepter, which represents his high willpower and mental strength.

His carriage is decorated with a coat of arms in which there is a spinning top framed by wings. Above the warrior is a precious curtain embroidered with numerous stars.

Thus, his connection to the spiritual world is expressed. In front of the chariot are two sphinxes, an animal creature from Egyptian mythology, one of which is black and the other white.

The two sphinxes reflect the dualism in the world and accordingly look in different directions. It takes a lot of courage to drive a chariot with a sphinx. These creatures are known to eat those who do not meet their expectations.

The driver of the chariot is not irritated by this. He directs the sphinxes without using the reins. Only his willpower guides the chariot in the right direction.

Behind the wagon rises the silhouette of a massive city. The warrior rides out of the city as a sign to leave the past behind and set off for new adventures.

In addition, we see a river in the landscape, symbolizing change and constant movement. The chariot sets out on the path of life, despite rocky roads and great dangers, and just strives for spiritual perfection.

Upright Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

The Chariot Tarot card indicates that determination is the key to achieving our goals. Many of our dreams seem far away and hardly attainable at the beginning.

We can reach our goals when we leave our ivory tower behind us. Do not be deterred by obstacles on your way, but see them as an opportunity to grow further beyond yourself.

The Chariot signals us to move forward courageously and not to look back. Then our path will be rich in experiences and lead us to a promising future.

The Chariot card is a sign of hard decisions we have to make in life right now. Instead of constantly weighing the pros and cons (represented as the two sphinxes on the card), just make a decision and take a direction.

Especially with difficult decisions in life, such as changing jobs, choosing a partner or moving house, there is no clear right or wrong. Rather, it is about moving forward in your life and taking a path.

Especially if the path to your goal is rocky and very convoluted, you can still learn the most through these challenges and grow from them, true to the saying: “The way is the goal.”

Furthermore, the Chariot Tarot card signals great dedication and sacrifice. The Warrior leaves his past life behind to explore the world and make his own way.

He also encourages you to make great sacrifices for your dreams and desires, such as a new house or a career change, so that they can come true.

That includes needing a certain amount of control in your lives. Therefore, plan your projects in a structured way and with foresight. Remove as many obstacles as possible on your path in advance.

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Upright Chariot Tarot Love Meaning


If you draw The Chariot Tarot card as a single, your search for a partner will soon be crowned with success.

Through your efforts in the past to lead your life self-determined and your courage to continue to believe in love, you will radiate a high degree of self-confidence and accordingly attractiveness to other people.

The Chariot encourages us to approach potential partners courageously and reveal our feelings. Now is not the time for procrastination or hesitation. Be courageous in your love affairs and open yourself to your crush.

You have nothing to lose, but win a lot, be it a new relationship or experience. The Chariot invites you to devotion, which means that on a date, for example, you are completely involved with your partner and not distracted by other things.


In a relationship, the Tarot card of The Chariot shows that you both have a very deep and fulfilling relationship. Sure, you have gone through some ups and downs in your partnership.

Through your shared strength and love for each other, you have stayed on the path of love. Therefore, you will master any obstacles on your way in the future. The devotion you show for each other creates mutual trust and is an important pillar for longevity in your relationship.

Devotion in a partnership means putting your own needs aside for your partner and investing time in your relationship. The Chariot encourages you to make decisions together about your life together.

Important issues that affect both of you, such as moving or family planning, can only be done in dependence on your partner. Dare to talk to each other and argue if necessary. The important thing is that you decide on a common path.

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Upright Chariot Health Meaning

In health matters, The Chariot represents an upcoming decision between different forms of treatment. Trust your intuition when making your choice, which will reveal the right course of treatment to you.

Moreover, the Chariot Tarot card stands for the fact that you should be ready to actively improve your health. You can influence many aspects that directly affect your physical and mental well-being, such as sports, nutrition or education.

Set ambitious but achievable goals for how you want to improve your health in the future. You will successfully improve your overall well-being and prevent illness with enough drive and dedication.

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Upright Chariot Career Meaning

In a career Reading, the Chariot represents a great success at your work, which you have longed for a long time. Your efforts are finally starting to pay off and you can be justifiably proud of your achievements.

Pursue your next projects with the same dedication and you will continue to advance on the career ladder. Furthermore, The Chariot symbolizes an important upcoming decision concerning your future career path.

You may have to choose between several lucrative job offers. When making your decision, remember to consider not only the money but also the working atmosphere. Listen to your inner voice, which will show you the right path.

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Upright Chariot Finances/Money Meaning

Regarding your finances, The Chariot Tarot card promises you new opportunities to increase your wealth. Be brave and try out promising ideas that will allow you to achieve financial success in the long run.

With all the available forms of investing money, choose the one you feel most comfortable with. The key is to get your money moving so that it continues to grow over the years.

The Chariot encourages you to keep your finances well in check and monitor your income and expenses regularly. That will prevent you from running out of money at some point.

You will be able to take advantage of short-term financial opportunities, knowing that you have enough money in the bank.

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Upright Chariot Destiny Meaning

For your destiny, The Chariot reveals a regular streak of success that will accompany you throughout your life. Keep a firm grip on the reins and steer the chariot of life purposefully and daringly.

At important forks in your journey through life, you will always take the right path if you believe in yourself and your abilities.

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Upright Chariot Personality

The Chariot indicates a very success-oriented personality. It wants to get the best for itself in every area of life and does not rest until it has achieved its goal.

Another character trait of the Chariot is that someone is dedicated to his endeavors. The person gives himself completely to one goal and does not allow himself to be distracted.

Upright Chariot Tarot Past/Future


Orientate yourself again more on your successes from the past. With them, you connect not only positive feelings but also valuable insights.

Implement activities you used to do with passion and dedication back into your life.


You will need a lot of courage shortly to master upcoming challenges. Draw your courage from within yourself.

Besides, it is not always possible to control everything in advance. So leave some room for the unexpected in your upcoming plans.

Upright Chariot Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Chariot stands for a clear yes-answer to your question. You are ready to give everything in this question, which is why a spirited yes is the right option for you.

Your plans will be successful if you stand up for your decision with all your strength and commitment. You are the creator of your fate, which urgently advises you to say yes.

Reversed Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

The Chariot Reversed Tarot card means aimlessness in life. You are just standing on the spot and do not know where to go. Although the gates to new paths and knowledge are open to you, you can’t go through them and leave your old ego behind.

Check exactly what is holding you back and binding you. When you recognize the cause, you can free yourself from such chains and set out on new paths.

Just have the courage to dare the first step out. At the end of your journey, you will be happy and grateful to have left your old self and found your new one.

The Chariot Reversed reveals a great deal of uncertainty in upcoming decisions in your life. You do not know which of the two available paths you should take and instead wander back and forth in idleness.

Each decision has its advantages and disadvantages. Especially when it comes to difficult considerations, both paths can guide you to your goal.

To find out what is waiting for you at the end of your path, you must go ahead and choose one. Do not worry too much about whether the way you have chosen is right or wrong, but follow it and stand by your decision.

Only then you will become more and more confident in your decision-making and will be able to move forward in life.

Another interpretation of The Chariot Reversed card is the tendency to compulsiveness. You plan your life too much, no deviations from your path are allowed, everything is controlled to the smallest detail.

Although an appropriate degree of control can help us to go our way more easily, a compulsion to control quickly leads to frustration and failure.

Our life often holds many unpredictable and unpredictable influences in-store, to which we can only react spontaneously.

If we rely too much on our plans and then they get mixed up, we experience a high level of frustration and helplessness. Stay flexible with your plans and always leave room for the unexpected.

Reversed Chariot Tarot Love Meaning


The Chariot Reversed Tarot card reveals a certain aimlessness if you are single. You don’t know what your future relationship should look like or if you are even ready for a partnership.

Define a goal for yourself about the design of your future love life to get clarity for yourself. Your indecisiveness will only result in a new but short-lived relationship because you are not wholeheartedly committed to it.

Having the courage to go through a phase of being alone often gives new impulses and helps you to better engage in a new love affair. Insecurity is also a sign of The Chariot Reversed.

Often we do not dare to reveal our deep affection to our sweetheart so it often remains a friendship. Dare to reveal your feelings to your friend. Even in case of rejection, a true friend will not drop you but will be grateful for your honesty.


If you are currently in a partnership, the Chariot Reversed indicates a high degree of control in your relationship. Compulsively, every step of the partner is controlled and thus his freedom is restricted.

This high motive for control reveals a great fear of loss and shows that one partner has not yet developed enough trust in the relationship with the other. As a result, the constricted partner tries more and more to free him, which can lead to separation.

Speak up early if one of you feels constricted in the relationship. Look for ways to strengthen the basic trust in your partnership and reduce the fear of loss.

The Chariot Reversed also shows that you are in a period of stagnation right now. The relationship is frozen and no one knows in which direction it should go in the future.

A decision needs to be made urgently, preferably together, on how to bring momentum and activity back into the relationship. Try new activities together and spend more time together and you will feel in which direction your partnership must go.

Reversed Chariot Health Meaning

The Chariot Reversed represents very overconfident behavior, which in the long run can lead to lasting damage to your health. Try to leave old vices behind on your path and replace them with positive habits like more exercise or better nutrition.

Furthermore, the Tarot card of The Chariot Reversed represents that you are very meticulous in trying to control your body. However, if you become too obsessed with calorie counting and strict diets, this will inevitably lead to a diminished body image.

In the long run, you harm yourself by such compulsive behavior. Because our body is not a machine but requires very flexible and adapted care.

Reversed Chariot Career Meaning

If The Chariot Reversed appears in a tarot reading, it means that you have no real future career prospects at the moment. You are dissatisfied with your current job and at the same time, you do not know what work could fulfill you.

Go into yourself and look for your hidden potentials and resources. That way, you can gain more security and clarity regarding your professional career.

In addition, The Chariot Reversed shows that your way of working is too obsessive, often causing you to get lost in details. Learn to focus on the big picture and only worry about the small details afterward. Then you will work much more effectively.

Reversed Chariot Finances/Money Meaning

In a finance context, The Chariot Reversed warns you not to give out your money with both hands. If you live far beyond your means to afford luxuries or to show yourself off to others, you will be brought back down to earth very quickly when the money runs out.

The Chariot Reversed signals that you don’t know what to do with your savings. The money is hoarding in your account without making you happy in any way.

Think about what wishes you have that you can fulfill now. Or you could help other people around you to make their dreams come true and share in their happiness.

Reversed Chariot Destiny Meaning

As a destiny card, the Chariot Reversed reveals that you often do not know in which direction your life should lead. You, therefore, wander aimlessly through life and miss important milestones on your way.

Go inside yourself and create a clear life goal in front of your inner eye. Then your journey will become an adventure full of exciting events.

Reversed Chariot Personality

The Chariot reversed represents a rather uncertain character. Such a person does not know what goals to pursue in life and is afraid to take risks.

Furthermore, this card describes an obsessive trait. That means that every little detail must be under control, which delays certain concerns.

Reversed Chariot Tarot Past/Future


Your pride of the past days can show you how quickly we humans tend to overestimate ourselves and how important humility is.

You have a compulsion to constantly look back at the things in your life that you have not succeeded in. You will only be free when you look forward again.


You have no real goals for your future. Find some, so that you can awaken new motivation and energy in yourself.

There is a lot of uncertainty in you concerning the next months. Find out how you can get more stability in your everyday life.

Reversed Chariot Tarot Card – Yes or No

You feel clearly under pressure in this question. Instead of hastily wringing a yes out of yourself, you should stand firm with a no.

Only when you feel free and unbound in your decision-making, your heart can make a choice. Therefore, do not let yourself be harnessed to the cart and show attitude.

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