The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

What does the Fool tarot card mean?

The Fool can show you a new beginning and encourages you to follow your curiosity.

At the same time, you should not be too naive in the world and always keep your eyes open.

Explore even more of its meanings in the article below.

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

The Fool Keywords

Upright: Spontaneous, Free, Beginning, Childlike
Reversed: Cocky, Impulsive, Risky, Naive

The Fool Tarot Card Description

The Fool card is numbered 0, which gives it a special position in the Major Arcana. He can be at the beginning and the end of the trumps.

At the same time, he is present everywhere (see “The Fool’s Journey”). The zero also divides the positive from the negative numbers and is their center.

That symbolizes the impartiality and light-heartedness of the Fool, who is not yet trapped in dualistic dogmas but is free to unfold.

He forms the balance between the extremes and can still decide which way he wants to take. The particular starting point of the Fool gives him a special meaning in the Tarot card reading.

On the card, we see a young man wandering. He stands on the edge of a cliff, unafraid and unworried, ready to explore the world. His gaze wanders into the distance in search of new adventures.

However, he ignores obvious dangers for the moment. The abyss is dangerously close. He carries on his shoulder a small bundle with his belongings.

He has everything he needs with him to start his journey. Because of the few belongings, his journey is less burdensome at the beginning since he is not hindered by useless ballast.

A small dog keeps him company and warns him of possible dangers. The dog motivates the hero to keep going and persevere on his journey to the end.

Mighty rock formations tower in the background, hinting at upcoming ups and downs on the Fool’s journey. The Fool does not care about his potential destiny but begins his journey with vigor and enthusiasm.

Upright Fool Tarot Card Meaning

The Fool represents, above all, a new beginning, an opportunity, and untapped potential.

You are, at first, like the Fool at the beginning of your journey, unselfconscious, naive, and free of fears and prejudices, although you are just standing on the edge of an abyss.

Without a clear goal in mind, you simply follow your heart and intuition. You leave doubts and worries behind and trust that your destiny will show you the right path.

Your inner mindset should be similar to that of the Fool, free, curious, and adventurous. Be ready to grow and have new experiences. Leave all doubts and worries behind you and go your way.

Make new experiences. Go different ways. As your reward, spiritual fulfillment and freedom await you.

The Fool Tarot Card encourages you to use your chance for change now. Waiting and hesitating are inappropriate at the moment.

The first step is the most crucial and most difficult at the same time. But once underway, your journey will lead you to unimagined possibilities. You don’t need to be completely prepared for your journey. Too much ballast will only hinder you and make the way more difficult.

Be like the Fool. Take only what is necessary. You do not need more. Feel the chances and freedoms inherent in a new beginning and orient yourself to your inner child.

The latter goes free and unbound new ways to discover the world and make new experiences. Your inner child does not worry about the future but lives in the present and simply feels the urge to explore his life.

Now is the time to give space to your ideas and creativity and share them with your environment. The Fool encourages you to be brave, dare new things, and go out into the world.

The impartiality and spontaneity, as it is still naturally present in children, serve you as a model for your further actions. Your destiny gives you the sign for departure and change through the Fool card. Believe in yourself and trust your own intuition.

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Upright Fool Tarot Love Meaning


The Fool indicates new ways and opportunities in love. If you are single, now is your chance to make a new acquaintance.

Now it’s your time to act! Just like The Fool, you must now go out into the world to find your new love. Sitting at home and waiting will lead to nothing.

Embark on the journey and meet new people. Approach new relationships with an open mind and without prejudice and you will see how this opens up new paths in love for you.

Is True Love waiting for you? You will only find out if you are willing to walk different paths and dare new relationships.

If you have only tried to get to know someone online, you should use new opportunities and take them to increase your chances of a partnership. You have nothing to lose but only to gain. Take the first step now and it will be worth it for you.


If you are already in a relationship, it is time for new experiences in love. Maybe your relationship is in a phase of stagnation.

Now is a good opportunity to reflect on your partner again and rediscover your relationship together.

The Fool encourages you to start a new journey together. For example, take more conscious time for each other or try something new in your sexuality.

Be free and unbiased and discuss your desires. Together you can then explore new paths in love. Another way of interpretation is to bring more spontaneity into an existing relationship.

Try to follow your inner voice and your feelings and just hug your partner “out of turn” or give him a little extra attention.

Look at your relationship without prejudice and impartially and you will discover new exciting sides to it. Take the childlike qualities of the Fool to heart and let past minor conflicts rest, focusing instead on the qualities that connect you.

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Upright Fool Health Meaning

The Fool encourages you to get active again and engage in sports. Look for new physical challenges that you can take on. You can also look for opportunities in your everyday life to move more.

You will suddenly see endless possibilities for physical activity by looking at the world with the curiosity of a child. For example, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or try doing squats instead of using your back while washing dishes.

A healthy body is known to house a healthy mind, which is why you should always keep both facets of yourself in balance.

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Upright Fool Career Meaning

The Fool Tarot card shows that you feel unchallenged in your current professional position and strive for new opportunities. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a new job, but enriching your current job can also help you feel more enthusiastic about your work again.

You may be facing an important decision for your future career path. Decide spontaneously on a professional direction and let your inner intuition guide you.

The start of a new job promises many exciting challenges that will allow you to grow personally. Keep your curiosity alive. Then your work will always remain an adventure.

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Upright Fool Finances/Money Meaning

In the financial field, the Fool encourages you to make new investments. Whether a new car or alternative investment, the time is now to make your money work for you and to fulfill a long-cherished wish.

That will finally turn your savings into a new adventure. In addition, the Fool stands for a desire for more financial freedom, which gives you more time to pursue your interests and hobbies.

If you take wise precautions now and get your finances in order, you will later be able to spontaneously pursue your passions without having a bad “financial” conscience. It is important to set out now and get your money affairs in order.

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Upright Fool Destiny Meaning

As a destiny card, the Fool reveals that you should keep your spontaneity on your journey through life.

Because you can expect ups and downs in life, which are not predictable and which you should meet with an open mind. Thus you will be able to meet the unexpected spontaneously and continue your way to happiness unscathed.

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Upright Fool Personality

The Fool stands for a personality that has kept its childlike parts. Such a person looks at the world from the eyes of a child and goes his way without prejudice.

Furthermore, the Fool symbolizes a very spontaneous character who knows how to use every opportunity for himself. As a result, new opportunities are constantly opening up for him to move forward.

Upright Fool Tarot Past/Future


The Fool encourages you to keep important events from your childhood in your heart. From them you can always draw new strength in the here and now.

At the same time you should use your past experiences to start something new now.


You will have new opportunities in the future to make decisive progress on your path. However, you must be very spontaneous in order to take advantage of them. Keep your curiosity because it will open doors for you in the near future that have been closed so far.

Upright Fool Tarot Card – Yes or No

A clear yes will have a liberating effect on you in this question. Sometimes it is good to trust your first intuition spontaneously, if the rest also feels right.

Therefore you can trust your gut feeling and decide clearly for a yes when the Fool appears. You will be surprised which possibilities will still arise.

Reversed Fool Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Fool Tarot Card Meaning

The Fool Reversed points you to a new chance or opportunity. At the same time, he reveals that the time has not yet come to put this chance into action.

Your doubts and worries are still holding you back before taking your first step. Perhaps you do not yet have all the necessary preparations or experience to embark on this new path. Keep your energy on hold and postpone this opportunity to a later date.

The Fool Reversed Tarot card warns you not to take unnecessary risks. He is already upside down and in free fall. Only one foot is still connected to the earth.

It is the same with your own situation. One careless step and the opportunity presented will turn out to be a misstep that can make you fall deep. The Fool Reversed Tarot card also contains the urge to be impulsive.

To follow one’s first intuition without much thought often brings the danger of getting hopelessly lost.

Avoid these dead ends by stopping for a moment and becoming aware of which path you need to choose for your purpose.

At the same time, the Fool Reversed expresses stagnation in your life. You would like to leave your well-trodden paths and break new ground.

But self-doubt and fears hold you back. You lack self-confidence and self-efficacy, which causes your life to stagnate. Use this realization to free yourself from stagnation.

The universe never stands still but is constantly in motion, creating new paths and spaces at every moment. Follow the flow of constant change and do not let your doubts paralyze you. To go your way means to free yourself from fears and worries.

Reversed Fool Tarot Love Meaning


The Fool Reversed urges caution in your love relationships. If you are just looking for a new partnership, you should not immediately take the first person who crosses your path.

The Tarot card also warns against too much naivety in choosing a partner. The Fool closes his eyes to the abyss and the associated danger.

Be vigilant in your choice of partner and take your time at the moment before entering into a closer relationship. New opportunities will still arise for you.

If you have only recently met with another person, give your partner and yourself some time. Do not rush the young love. Otherwise, it may happen that you suddenly hang like the Fool without a foothold on the abyss.


For already existing partnerships the Fool Reversed Tarot card means to avoid rash or egomaniac actions. A partnership is always based on the engagement of the partner.

If one of the two parties only implements his own desires and projects without considering the other, it can lead to a lot of harm to your relationship in the long run.

The Fool Reversed reminds you to rethink our relationship and to try different ways of living together. At the moment, there is a danger that without a fundamental change in the partnership, it threatens to fall into the depths and breaks apart.

The Tarot card can also indicate that you look at your counterpart with the so-called “rose-colored glasses” and completely fade out any justified criticism of him.

If you dare to take a closer look, you will discover the truth. You decide whether you want to go towards the abyss or keep your distance from it.

Reversed Fool Health Meaning

Caution is advised when you encounter the Fool Reversed in a Tarot reading. You tend to overestimate your physical abilities, which increases the risk of injury.

Seeking new challenges that push you to your limits should be done with a little more caution. Accidents of any kind can happen quickly if you pay too little attention to yourself and your environment.

At the same time, the Fool Reversed card encourages you to try alternative treatments for chronic illnesses. There is always a small risk of side effects. But if you inform yourself well in advance, you should dare to try new healing methods to finally get relief.

Reversed Fool Career Meaning

The Fool Reversed reveals promising career opportunities that lie ahead of you. But be wary of hasty contract signings because the devil is usually in the details.

Certain tasks in your job involve high risks, which you should only take if the result is worth the effort. Even if you have been in your job for a long time, don’t be naive about how your work is valued.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a salary that is commensurate with your skills. Your overconfidence at work can quickly lead to taking on too much work. You end up not being able to cope with any of the additional demands.

Reversed Fool Finances/Money Meaning

The Fool Reversed warns you not to be too careless with your savings. An impulsive buying behavior will lead to empty pockets in the long run, so you will eventually have to chase after every cent instead of enjoying life.

Furthermore, the Fool card warns you about risky deals that are offered to you. Whether it’s a loan or an insurance contract, read the fine print before you sign.

Also, don’t be too naive and throw your money out the window with both hands. Certain people will otherwise keep asking for monetary favors from you until you are broke. Without money, they will turn away from you and leave you alone with your financial worries.

Reversed Fool Destiny Meaning

If you draw the Fool Reversed in a Tarot Reading, it means for your destiny that you have to be on your guard against yourself. Exuberance and high risk-taking can quickly get you into dicey situations.

Do not overestimate your abilities too much. Before acting on your first impulse, try to take a deep breath three times and weigh what you should do best.

Reversed Fool Personality

The Fool reversed shows a very impulsive person. He finds it very difficult to control his inner urge, which often leads him into difficult situations.

Moreover, as a personality type, the inverted fool is rather gullible towards his fellow men. His naivety therefore makes him vulnerable to being taken advantage of by others.

Reversed Fool Tarot Past/Future


In the past, your good faith was exploited by other people. Learn from these mistakes in order to better distinguish yourself in the future.

A past risk behavior still has a significant influence on your life. Try to put it behind you once and for all.


In the near future you should curb your exuberance a bit. Otherwise, there is a danger that you will fall head over heels.

Certain actions are associated with risks, which could soon hit you hard. Therefore, weigh your actions well and rather choose the safe way.

Reversed Fool Tarot Card – Yes or No

You are about to make an impulsive decision that has not been thought through to the end.

Take a few more breaths and see what long-term negative consequences an ill-considered yes could cause. With a no, you are on the safe side for now.

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