The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning

What does the High Priestess Tarot card mean?

Through the High priestess, you should regain more confidence in your intuition, which can reveal the secrets of life.

However, be careful not to lose yourself completely in the spiritual world.

The following article reveals the mysteries of this card for your life.

The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning

The High Priestess Keywords

Upright: Unconscious, Passive, Intuition, Mysterious
Reversed: Dreamy, Withdrawal, Material, Secretive

The High Priestess Tarot Card Description

On the High Priestess Tarot card, she is sitting in her chambers, which are open only to initiates. Behind her is a large curtain on which pomegranates are depicted.

The curtain is meant to keep uninvited or uninitiated people from discovering the secrets of the High Priestess. Only initiates are allowed to enter her chamber.

Furthermore, the curtain serves as a transition or partition between the conscious and subconscious levels of mind. The pomegranates symbolize fertility, abundance and the feminine part of the universe.

The High Priestess is surrounded by two pillars, which symbolize the entrance to her mystical sanctuary (based on the Temple of Solomon). On the black column is the letter B, meaning “Boaz – in his strength”.

On the white column is the letter J, standing for “Jachin – he will reveal himself”. The dualistic meaning of the two columns is unmistakable.

The black column stands for the masculine and the dark. On the other hand, the white column represents the feminine and the light. Only those who understand this dualism and perceive it as essential may enter the chambers of the High Priestess.

The High Priestess wears a blue robe with a cross and has a crown on her head. These signs represent her great wisdom and her role as a spiritual authority.

She holds a scroll in her hands with the letter Torah, meaning universal law. One half of the scroll is visible, the other half is covered.

Only the learner who can go beyond the theoretical meaning of the sacred knowledge to grasp its spiritual content will experience the all-encompassing meaning of the universal law. For the sacred law can only be experienced holistically when both the material and spiritual sides are studied.

The crescent moon at her feet symbolizes intuition, the subconscious and the feminine, all qualities embodied by the High Priestess.

Upright High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning

The High Priestess is the patroness of the unconscious and teaches us the secrets of the sacred, hidden knowledge and unexplored mysteries in our world.

Thus, she stands in contrast to The Magician, who symbolizes the real and material world and represents the conscious.

The High Priestess can move the thin veil between the subconscious and the conscious without effort and switch between the different levels at will.

She shows you that there is often more to our world than we can discover only by eye. Dare to look behind the facade and lift the veil. Then you will gain new, previously hidden knowledge, which will help you gain a deeper understanding of the world.

The High Priestess Tarot card encourages the questioner not to be satisfied only with the apparent answers but to explore deeper and fathom the hidden messages of the subconscious.

The veil is only very thin and yet it blocks your view of the secret mysteries. Let your intuition guide you. Just push the veil aside and you will experience hitherto hidden knowledge that has been lying dormant deep within you.

To let your intuition guide you, sometimes you have to let go of old patterns of thinking and acting. Instead, let your inner voice guide you to the answers to your questions.

The High Priestess also indicates a certain degree of passivity. That means to withdraw from the active world a while and go into yourself.

What thoughts and feelings are present in me right now?

Where do they come from?

It is helpful to meditate or do yoga exercises regularly to open your mind to spiritual experiences.

This kind of self-awareness enables you to look behind the mundane facade of your everyday life and get more in touch with your subconscious. Let your inner voice guide you to new insights.

The High Priestess Reversed can indicate that you are about to lose contact with the material world. Material and spiritual worlds are two sides of the same coin if you lose connection with one world, you will inevitably lose yourself in the other.

A retreat to contemplation is very important and helpful at certain times in life. However, if you lose touch with your family and friends, the insights you have gained during your retreat will be of little use to you.

That is because the messages sent through your subconscious are meant to reach the real world and do their good work there.

The The High Priestess Reversed is an indication that you are focusing too much on the material world at the moment. It is important in your life to respect both worlds, spiritual and material, equally.

Especially in today’s hectic times, we often lose ourselves in everyday life that surrounds us and neglect our subconscious feelings and desires. The High Priestess Reversed reminds us that we are about to lose our inner balance and need to rely more on our intuition.

Only by establishing harmony between the spiritual and material planes in our lives, we can experience deep and lasting fulfillment.

Another meaning of The High Priestess Reversed tarot card is the presence of secrets in your environment. Maybe something is hidden from you or someone is talking badly about you.

Try to deal openly with the relevant people, and address your suspicions directly. Only this way, you get clarity and certainty. Or you have secrets that weigh on you and that you do not want to reveal.

In this case, consider sharing this burden with close friends or relatives because a sorrow shared is a sorrow halved.

This way, you will experience psychological relief on the one hand and on the other hand, someone from the outside may be able to give you new perspectives on how to deal with your secret so that it is less burdensome for you.

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Upright High Priestess Tarot Love Meaning


In a love Tarot context, the High Priestess symbolizes the reflection of previously unfulfilled desires in your love life. As a single, this means for you that you should first clarify for yourself what you expect from your next partnership before you get involved in a new relationship.

The key to a well-functioning relationship is that both you and your partner can freely develop their needs and desires without harming the other.

Stay in a passive attitude and clarify your inner needs in matters of love first. When you are clear about it, you should go again dating.

Furthermore, The High Priestess Tarot card points to trusting your intuition more in search of a partner.

 We have already a certain inner feeling about whether it is the right one at the first meeting with a potential partner. Unfortunately, we too often ignore this feeling, whereby we then enter into relationships that are only very short-lived.


In a relationship, The High Priestess reveals that the partnership should be revived more from within. Often one’s own needs are insufficiently addressed in a relationship, which leads to resignation and frustration in love life.

If you and your partner talk openly about your inner desires, they can greatly enrich your love. Learn together to listen to your inner voice again and dare to let your dreams come true.

The High Priestess can be a sign, that both partners should devote more time to their feelings for each other, which unfortunately do not find room in everyday life. Try to create free time, in which you can again fully reflect on your common dreams and desires.

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Upright High Priestess Health Meaning

When it comes to health issues, The High Priestess stands for trust in your self-healing powers. Previous treatments may not have brought you the desired relief from a current ailment.

Learn to get more in touch with your intuition and listen to your body. Your inner voice will tell you which form of treatment you should try to alleviate your symptoms.

Furthermore, The High Priestess encourages you to withdraw from everyday life for a while to get back in touch with yourself. This way, you can recharge your batteries and learn to listen more to the needs of your body and mind.

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Upright High Priestess Career Meaning

Concerning your job, the High Priestess encourages you to live out more of your creative side at work. Often there are recurring problems at work that take a lot of strength and energy.

By trusting your intuition, new unexpected solutions for such challenges will suddenly reveal themselves. Create new incentives to think and encourage your colleagues to join in the creative process.

In addition, The High Priestess stands for the fact that you will receive unexpected opportunities to climb further up the career ladder or get a promising job opportunity.

You can only find out whether you will use these opportunities for yourself if you listen to your inner voice, which will always be a faithful advisor to you in such important decisions.

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Upright High Priestess Finances/Money Meaning

Financially, the High Priestess represents your relationship to monetary possessions. Examine your relationship with money and see what makes you happy or unhappy in it.

When you see money for what it is, a simple paper bill, it loses its power over your life. You no longer need to be dependent on possessions when you realize that the true values in life cannot be acquired with money.

Another possible interpretation is that you let your creativity and intuition decide more about money transactions. Your intuition will tell you quickly and reliably whether you should try a new contract or an investment or rather leave it alone.

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Upright High Priestess Destiny Meaning

For your destiny, The High Priestess indicates a high connection to your inner self. Many decisions that lie ahead of you require more than intellectual consideration.

Only if you are in contact with your subconscious mind and learn to trust your intuition blindly, the latter will lead you through all hurdles of life unscathed.

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Upright High Priestess Personality

The High Priestess reveals a person who trusts strongly in her own intuition. All her actions and thoughts depend on her gut feeling, which always helps her.

At the same time, the High Priestess represents a passive character. Such a person has a rather wait-and-see and very thoughtful attitude.

Upright High Priestess Tarot Past/Future


In the past you could always rely on your gut feeling. Get the contact to your intuition again and let it guide you like in the past. A mystery from days gone by finds its way to you again to finally be revealed.


In the near future you should slow down your actionism and rather wait. A passive attitude can save you from unpleasant consequences.

Your subconscious mind is sending you clear signals about your near future. Learn to interpret them and take your destiny into your own hands.

Upright High Priestess Tarot Card – Yes or No

The High Priestess stands for a yes answer in a Tarot Reading. Your unconscious mind has already sent you a clear yes. So you should pay attention to your inner processes.

Because in addition to the actual decision, the reasons for saying yes often come to the surface. Your own fear of doing something wrong is your only obstacle at the moment, but you can easily get rid of it.

Reversed High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed High Priestess Tarot Love Meaning


If you are single, The High Priestess Reversed Tarot card is a sign that you are very withdrawn from the world at the moment.

This withdrawal will not satisfy your longing for a relationship. Dare to go out into the world again and meet new people. The retreat into ourselves often only increases our loneliness.

We need other people around us so that we feel safe. Just push aside the veil to the real world and take part in active life again. The High Priestess Reversed shows that you lose yourself too much in daydreaming and thus miss promising opportunities to enter into a fruitful relationship.

Maybe you are too much distracted by material things at the moment and don’t feel your longing for love. Listen to your inner voice and let it speak for you, then a path will open all by itself.


In a relationship, The High Priestess Reversed stands for a withdrawal of a partner from your relationship. That means especially the emotional or spiritual withdrawal so that the partnership feels cold and distant.

It is important now to look for the reasons for this with your partner. Consider together in which direction the relationship should go in the future. Furthermore, the High Priestess Reversed indicates secrets or even affairs in the partnership.

Maybe your inner guide told you already that something is strange with your relationship lately. Trust your inner voice and try to discuss your feelings with your partner.

Only this way you can turn your uncertain feelings, which can cast a shadow over a relationship, into certainty and act accordingly.

Reversed High Priestess Health Meaning

In a Tarot Reading, The High Priestess Reversed represents that you are too careless with your health. Although you may have been in pain and suffering from it for a long time, you avoid seeking out a doctor.

You withdraw more and more from the world, making it more difficult to accept help. Furthermore, you are so distracted by other events in your life that you don’t notice how your body and mind are doing.

Only if you manage to reconnect with your inner world, you will be able to perceive imbalances in your health and get appropriate help to heal your suffering.

Reversed High Priestess Career Meaning

At work, the High Priestess Reversed reveals that you are withdrawing strongly from your everyday professional life. Your thoughts revolve around other things at the moment so that you notice little of your environment.

However, your dreaminess harms your work performance, which causes you to fall into disfavor with your boss and colleagues. Try to concentrate more on your work management to exude more harmony in your everyday work.

Your work can also help you to distract yourself from other worries, at least for a moment. The High Priestess Reversed signals that a colleague wants to entrust you with a secret, which you should take care of very carefully.

Reversed High Priestess Finances/Money Meaning

The High Priestess Reversed warns you not to lose track of your finances. You may not care much about your money and just hope that there is always enough in your bank account.

If you withdraw too much from your finances, you will eventually have a rude awakening when you suddenly have no money left. Furthermore, The High Priestess Reversed stands for not sharing your money matters with everyone around you.

It is better to keep your wealth a secret so you do not attract the attention of unnecessary envious people. Even though it can be difficult to keep your financial success to yourself, such discretion will save you a lot of trouble.

Reversed High Priestess Destiny Meaning

If The High Priestess Reversed appears in a reading of destiny, this can be a sign that you are increasingly isolating yourself from the world.

Such seclusion can quickly become a prison from which it is difficult to get out. Therefore, stay in contact with nature, your fellow human beings, and also yourself so that you can savor the freedom of life in all its facets.

Reversed High Priestess Personality

The character of the High Priestess reversed lives rather dreamily into the day. The real world is often not as important to this person as their own castles in the air and fantasies.

Likewise, a very materialistic attitude towards important life issues can be a trait of the High Priestess reversed. As a result, spiritual issues lose value.

Reversed High Priestess Tarot Past/Future


You dream after old times and neglect the present. It is finally time to wake up and look forward.

A secret from your past keeps you very busy. Use your inner knowledge to get one step closer to the solution.


Striving only for wealth and material values will bring you a joyless and loveless future. Think about what will make you really happy in a few years.

You plan to withdraw from some obligations in the future. Make sure to fill the gaps in time.

Reversed High Priestess Tarot Card – Yes or No

At the moment, there are still too many imponderables that lie hidden. Therefore, you should tend to say no, so that you don’t get a nasty surprise.

At the same time, the tarot card shows that your inner voice clearly advises you not to say yes, and instead, you should withdraw for the time being.

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