The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

What does the Hermit Tarot card mean?

A phase of inner contemplation and silence can help you to new insights.

Be careful not to sink into loneliness and keep in contact with your environment.

The Hermit can teach you many important life lessons.

The Hermit Tarot Card Meanings

The Hermit Keywords

Upright: Seeking, Lonely, Silent, Teacher
Reversed: Aimless, Isolation, Turning away, Disappointment

The Hermit Tarot Card Description

The Hermit Tarot card shows a person all alone on a stony path, probably in the mountains. The Hermit has already made a long journey, passing through many mountains and valleys until he finally reaches the top of the peak of knowledge.

No one can be seen around him, as only a few people manage to complete such an arduous journey to spiritual perfection. The Hermit feels comfortable in solitude, as he is not exposed to any distraction or diversion from his fellow human beings.

However, instead of resting or turning back, The Hermit seeks even higher peaks that will help him gain deeper insight into his own being.

The Hermit is dressed in a long robe that envelops him from head to toe. Thus, he is all by himself and sees only as much of the external environment that is necessary to move forward.

In addition, his clothing gives him a feeling of security and repels the cold from outside. In one hand, The Hermit holds up a lantern that helps him illuminate the way ahead.

The lantern’s light disperses the darkness that surrounds The Hermit and allows him new insights into the world.

Symbolically, the lantern stands for the process of spiritual maturation when light dawns on us. We can suddenly perceive the previously hidden secrets of nature quite clearly and consciously.

On the other hand, The Hermit holds a long walking stick, giving him support on very uneven ground. The staff symbolizes his inner willpower to fathom the unexplored secrets of life and his role as a spiritual teacher.

Upright Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

The Hermit indicates that we need a period of standstill and retreat. In a fast-paced and rushed world, there is often a lack of reflection on our inner values and goals.

The Hermit Tarot card encourages us to consciously retreat from everyday life for a while and make a conscious effort to mature within ourselves. You can do such a type of retreat daily through smaller periods of meditation, like in yoga and tarot.

You can also take a journey that helps you further understand your innermost being, like a time out in a monastery or pilgrimage.

Through these forms of retreat, you will be able to receive answers to important questions in your life and your path to spiritual maturity will become more clear.

The Hermit also symbolizes the turning away from a predominantly material way of life to a life filled with inner wealth. Often we see celebrities who own several mansions and millions of dollars but are deeply unhappy due to inner emptiness.

These people often lack a sense of their inner desires and needs. They are under the illusion that through money all needs can be satisfied. But only if we dare to go on the arduous path to self-awareness like The Hermit, equipped only with the bare essentials, will we realize how we can attain deep and lasting happiness in life.

The Hermit is equipped only with the essentials for his journey, foregoing any ostentation or luxury so that he can concentrate entirely on himself.

Another aspect of The Hermit is that you have found an important spiritual teacher in your life. At certain stages of your path to spiritual maturation, it is good to have someone experienced by your side to guide you on your way to knowledge.

Such a teacher can reveal himself in many persons and sometimes does not even know how much he supports you.

Children, for example, are extremely good teachers because they do not brag about their knowledge but are still naturally in touch with the world and can show us some valuable things that we adults have often forgotten.

A good teacher does not try to convince you of his way but encourages you to stay on your path of wisdom and acquire your own knowledge.

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Upright Hermit Tarot Love Meaning


In a love tarot context, the card of The Hermit indicates a great need for time alone. As a single person, this means to take distance from a hasty relationship. Instead focus on your questions and their answers regarding your life.

You can venture into a new relationship when you have found the answers to your questions. As with The Hermit, the path of love is often rocky and sometimes arduous, but it teaches you inner perseverance and endurance.

Every love life has phases where you are in a relationship and times by yourself. Jumping from relationship to relationship prevents you from calmly reflecting on the ups and downs of your previous partnerships.

In this kind of contemplation, valuable insights often reveal themselves to you, which can help us a lot for your next relationships.


In a relationship, the Hermit card encourages us to further search for facets of love. Go on a journey together to discover new aspects of your love life and keep your partnership intact and fresh.

As soon as there is nothing new to discover in a relationship, it falls asleep and loses all its charms. But if you remain curious to discover something new in your partner or yourself, your partnership will be rich in passion and satisfaction.

In a phase of stagnation, The Hermit encourages us to seek advice from a teacher to live a fulfilled relationship again. Such a teacher does not necessarily have to be a person. Books, videos, or blogs can help you to gain further experience in sexual and relationship life.

The Hermit expresses that one part of the partnership needs some space at the moment. This desire for space is quite natural and should be respected in any case because every person needs phases of being alone.

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Upright Hermit Health Meaning

The Hermit stands for a phase of turning away to activate your self-healing powers again. Take time out from the obligations of everyday life and consciously pay attention to the processes in body and mind, which help you live a healthy life.

Such a time-out can consist of a weekend getaway, or a daily break reserved just for you. Furthermore, The Hermit stands for a long-lasting illness, to consult an experienced healer who can show you new ways to recover.

This teacher should combine knowledge from conventional medicine and alternative healing methods. That way, he can develop an individual treatment strategy with you.

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Upright Hermit Career Meaning

In a career context, the card of The Hermit encourages you to take a longer break from your job. You can do this in form of a sabbatical or a reduction of hours.

That gives you the possibility to dedicate yourself to other areas or dreams of your life, which have been neglected so far. Furthermore, The Hermit can indicate that you are longing for a new professional challenge.

Look specifically for new job opportunities that are better suited to your skills. Coaching by a consultant can also give you some clarity concerning your future career. A consultation can also positively enrich your work with new ideas and motivation.

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Upright Hermit Finances/Money Meaning

The Hermit Tarot card admonishes you to reflect once again on your relationship to material possessions. Money alone is not everything in life. Once you realize this truth, you will be able to find happiness independent of material riches.

A complete renunciation of money is certainly not possible, but you alone decide what priority it should have in your life. Furthermore, it can be helpful to discuss your financial matters with an advisor who has many years of experience.

This way, you can learn a lot more about how to best invest your assets and have more time to focus on other areas of your life.

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Upright Hermit Destiny Meaning

As a destiny card, The Hermit reveals that you are facing a phase of inner contemplation and search for meaning.

Existential questions will occupy you throughout your life, the answers to which you alone will be able to fathom. Be a light to yourself in the darkness of illusions and follow your path to knowledge.

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Upright Hermit Personality

As a personality card, the Hermit shows a person who prefers to be by himself and enjoys solitude. He always needs a place of retreat to pursue his thoughts and feelings.

In addition, the Hermit is an expression of a character who is always in search of deeper knowledge. For this, he seeks many teachers in his life from whom he can learn wisdom.

Upright Hermit Tarot Past/Future


You long for the solitude of days gone by when you could focus more on your own needs.

In your past is the answer to an urgent question. However, you have to search very persistently for the solution.


In the near future, you should give yourself more space to enjoy silence. Plan fixed time-outs for this.

Soon you will have a meeting with an important teacher. Such a person can also be someone close to you, like a friend or a child.

Upright Hermit Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Hermit is more of a maybe-answer to your question. To avoid disappointment, you should rather tend to no. Some important aspects have not been thought through to the end but have a great influence on your question.

It is better to go back and weigh the costs and benefits of your choices. Later you can answer the question again for yourself.

Reversed Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

The Hermit Reversed Tarot card stands for turning away from the world. Escaping into another inner world can certainly be very beneficial for a while, especially if it allows us to forget our problems somewhat.

But if we do not manage to return to our physical world, we leave the path of insight and get more and more caught up in our illusions.

Deep spiritual insights are only possible in connection with the physical and spiritual world. Living in only one of these two worlds will not bring the fulfilling answers to the questions that we long for.

The Hermit Reversed reveals that you have just lost your goal or path. The light of knowledge has gone out and you are wandering aimlessly in the darkness.

You then wonder if this search has any meaning at all and doubt that you are capable of gaining deep insight. You need patience on your way to spiritual maturity.

Rather stop for a moment and try to remember your original motivation and your spirit of research. From this basic attitude, a new light will ignite, which will help you to find your way back on your path.

The Hermit Reversed in a Tarot Reading shows that you are currently caught in a web of deceptions. Instead of freeing yourself from it, you are getting more and more entangled in it and dragging other people with you.

The first step to freeing yourself is to see what the illusions are that are holding you captive. This insight is often connected with a great disappointment because you have believed in your path for a long time and invested a lot of energy in it.

But disappointment is something positive because it means that you have freed yourself from your illusions and accordingly you can choose another path that will lead you to spiritual realizations.

Reversed Hermit Tarot Love Meaning


The Hermit Reversed in a love Tarot reading stands for a high degree of isolation. Being alone for too long can cause us to gradually unlearn how to make contact with other persons so that we become more and more lonely.

Especially as a single person, it is important to have a good circle of friends to share your feelings and thoughts with them. By talking to other people and doing things together, you train your social skills, which are fundamental for building a long-term partnership.

The Hermit Reversed signals that you do not yet have a concrete idea of a relationship and are, therefore, afraid to open up to someone else.

Think about how you would like to be treated and what would be good for you. Thus you develop a more and more concrete idea of a fulfilling partnership and can develop the courage to let someone new into your life.


In a relationship, The Hermit Reversed Tarot card signals that a common path is missing in your partnership right now. Each of you goes his way and there is little motivation to further explore your relationship.

Such a partnership arrangement makes both partners unhappy in the long run. Instead, you should consider whether and if so, how you can rekindle your former love together.

The Hermit Reversed also shows that one part of the partnership is extremely withdrawn from the relationship and looking for solitude.

The partner is hardly available for you and regulates his everyday life to a large extent alone. In case of such withdrawal tendencies, clarify quickly where they come from and how to find a common “we-feeling” again.

Reversed Hermit Health Meaning

Related to health issues, The Hermit Reversed stands for increasing isolation tendencies on your part. You withdraw more and more from social and community life, leading to inner emptiness and loneliness.

A Time-out is an effective way to find yourself again. However, if it lasts too long, it can quickly lead to depressive symptoms. Reconnect with your environment bit by bit and you will feel new vitality and strength.

Furthermore, The Hermit Reversed stands for the fact that certain treatment methods, which you have tried for years, hardly have any success worth mentioning. But this disappointment can be an important step for you to open up and try alternative healing practices.

Reversed Hermit Career Meaning

The Hermit Reversed warns you not to withdraw too much from your work colleagues. Many challenges in working life are much easier to overcome as a team than as a lone fighter.

In addition, a good relationship with your colleagues improves the working atmosphere and thus your overall satisfaction. Another meaning in a professional context is that you had higher expectations from your job.

That can concern both the material level and the areas of fulfillment and appreciation. Now is a good time, to take another look at the expectations of your job and, if necessary, set new goals that will motivate you again.

Reversed Hermit Finances/Money Meaning

The Hermit Reversed warns you not to let your finances run wild without a goal or plan. At least in the short term, it makes sense to set small goals, such as building up a financial reserve for times of need.

Because if you suddenly urgently need money, you will be glad to be able to fall back on an appropriate cushion. Another characteristic of The Hermit Reversed is that you have experienced a bitter financial disappointment.

Whether you lost all your capital while investing or had to forego a raise, you need to reconsider your financial strategy. Learn from the mistakes of the past to optimize your future investments.

Reversed Hermit Destiny Meaning

For your destiny, The Hermit Reversed means that you have difficulty developing clear goals for your life. Like a blind man, you stumble along your path without seeing where your journey is going.

But you are never alone. Look for companions who support you on your journey and help you develop new visions for your life.

Reversed Hermit Personality

The Hermit reversed indicates a character that tends to isolate himself. Such a person does not allow anyone to get too close to him and tries to settle a lot with himself.

Furthermore, the card describes a deeply disappointed personality. There is a deep sadness and resignation in him, which hinder him on his way.

Reversed Hermit Tarot Past/Future


A past disappointment is still deep inside you. It prevents you from opening up to new things.

Certain people have not been good to you in the past if you are honest with yourself. A turning away from such people is long overdue.


Your current aimlessness prevents you from actively shaping your future. Create a positive perspective for yourself.

You risk being alone in the future because of your behavior. But you cannot afford to be isolated with regard to future challenges.

Reversed Hermit Tarot Card – Yes or No

Actually, you have already decided inwardly for a yes. Your careful consideration has dispelled many doubts so that the consequences of a positive decision are foreseeable.

Now you only have to carry your inner choice to the outside so your choice finally takes shape.

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