The Justice Tarot Card Meaning

What does the Justice Tarot card mean?

Justice is about being fair and responsible with your fellow man.

Lying or cheating can quickly become a double-edged sword.

Discover what justice means for your everyday life.

The Justice Tarot Card Meaning

The Justice Keywords

Upright: Responsibility, Fairness, Truth, Causality
Reversed: One-sided, Injustice, Lie, Betrayal

The Justice Tarot Card Description

The Justice Tarot card shows a woman/judge sitting on a throne. The woman is based on Justitia, the Greek goddess of justice. Her judgment of someone is binding.

She gives justice to all disputants, regardless of the rank and name of the persons standing before her. She is dressed in splendid clothes, which reflect her grace and power.

The crown on her head shows that she is of the highest authority. She strives for truth and sincerity as the highest good in life.

Like Justitia, the woman carries in her right hand a sword with a double-edged blade. The sword symbolizes that our decisions and judgments lead to corresponding consequences, which we cannot escape.

On the other hand, the blade shows that many decisions can have positive and negative consequences. The judge holds a scale to weigh the various arguments of a decision well against each other.

With logic and reason, each decision is weighed. With the help of her intuition and inner voice, Justitia finally makes her judgment. Thus, the judge combines her cognitive skills with her intuition to make a fair and meaningful decision.

Behind her is a purple curtain, indicating that she holds a very influential and powerful position. In the background, two massive pillars are depicted, expressing her steadfastness and power.

Everything in the courtroom seems very well-ordered and structured, as well as the judge’s verdicts. The throne of the woman is on a pedestal. Every person, whether beggar or emperor, stands under her and must submit to her judgment.

Upright Justice Tarot Card Meaning

The Justice Tarot card shows that you must take responsibility for your actions. If you are at peace with your decisions and ready to bear both the positive and negative consequences, you will feel fulfilled and pure.

If you have doubts or regrets about your decisions, it is advisable to keep in mind that every unsuccessful judgment will help you in the future to make the right choice for you.

Taking responsibility means that we do not try to escape the unpleasant consequences but endure them and weigh our actions more carefully at the next opportunity.

The Justice Tarot card indicates that injustice done to you will be taken back, like in a dispute with other people. However, fairness does not mean that the dispute will always be decided in your favor.

Fairness is a double-edged sword that has many facets. Often there are solutions in which both parties to the dispute have to make concessions to the other.

But this is what justice is all about. Deciding on a conflict as objectively as possible and both parties doing their part to make amends and deal with each other better in the future.

Once such an objective judgment has been made, we should not question every detail but accept the consequences for us and learn from them.

You may be facing a very important decision in your life, such as a job change or a move. The Justice urges you not to act rashly but to weigh your decision options carefully and prudently.

The Justice encourages you to trust both your logical mind and intuition to the same extent. Only when both head and intuition are in harmony, you found the right decision for you.

Remember that profound decisions in life often have very long-term effects on your everyday life, so take enough time for your decision-making and familiarize yourself with all possible consequences.

The Justice also focuses on seeking the truth, for example in conflicts or in faith. As with important decisions, consider many facets when searching for the truth.

The more you search, the more you will find out how detailed and complex some truths are. In some cases, you will have to correct your views and opinions about certain ways of thinking or people.

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Upright Justice Tarot Love Meaning


As a single, the Tarot card of Justice reveals to you that a long phase of being alone will end soon. Especially if you have put a lot of time and effort into finding a new partnership, fate will do you justice and let you find new love.

Remember that the karmic law of cause and effect will only do justice to those willing to invest time and energy in their plans. You will find a new love only if you step out of your comfort zone and dare to meet new people and try new activities.

The Justice Tarot card urges you to be very honest about yourself, especially at the beginning of a new relationship, and not try to make yourself more attractive by telling untruths. Building a relationship on truth guarantees mutual trust for both partners in the long run.


In a relationship, The Justice reveals a high degree of responsibility for each other. Make sure that you are there for your partner, especially in difficult situations in life.

If you have made a mistake, do not blame others or your partner, but stand up for your misconduct and make amends. A relationship based on mutual support and no fear of admitting mistakes will consist of deep trust in each other and great stability.

Justice can also express a very balanced relationship, where openness and truth prevail between both partners.

Continue to nurture your good relationship foundation and be a role model for those around you by exemplifying the importance of deep honesty and openness in a relationship.

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Upright Justice Health Meaning

The Justice stands for the own responsibility you have concerning your health. Everything we do good for our body now will pay off double and triple later.

That is also true for unhealthy behavior, which is why it is important to observe your routines and habits closely and adjust them if necessary.

Furthermore, The Justice stands for paying equal attention to your body and mind. Dysharmonies in the relationship between mental and physical processes inevitably lead to discomfort and can cause illness.

Doing something good for your body and your mind to keep them in balance, will have a positive effect on your health.

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Upright Justice Tarot Career Meaning

In a career context, The Justice reveals that you should pay more attention to your work-life balance. Ask yourself how satisfied you are with the other areas of your life that are not directly related to your work.

It may be worthwhile to consider how you can reallocate your time to pursue your passions. The Justice also urges you to be fair in your daily work. Just because you don’t like a work colleague very much doesn’t mean you should prejudge him.

When conflicts arise on the job, see what part you have in them. Make an effort to resolve the dispute through a fair and unprejudiced approach and thus create a positive working atmosphere.

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Upright Justice Finances/Money Meaning

In a financial context, The Justice stands for keeping your income and expenses in balance. You cannot live beyond your means for a long time, but you have to adjust your needs according to your income.

On the other hand, you should not let your money lie uselessly on the account, but treat yourself to something nice and enjoy some luxury from time to time. In addition, the card of Justice shows how important it is that you deal responsibly with your wealth.

Because your purchases often have a direct impact on your environment (diesel vs. electric), working conditions in other countries or the sustainability of resources (reusable vs. disposable).

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Upright Justice Destiny Meaning

As a destiny card, The Justice stands for striving for balance in life. Try to find your center in life even after difficult events. Listen to your inner voice and it will lead you back to the middle way.

Always weigh all areas in life well against each other to live in harmony with yourself and your environment.

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Upright Justice Personality

The Justice represents a very upright character. He will never take advantage at the expense of others but will always make sure that everything is fair and just.

Furthermore, such a person has a very high sense of responsibility. So everything he says and does is always in accordance with his personal value system so that he also bears the consequences of his actions.

Upright Justice Tarot Past/Future


A certain problem that is bothering you has its cause in your past. As soon as you see through the causality behind it you will find a solution.

A truth from long ago has not lost its validity, so you should orient yourself to it.


In a future endeavor, you should take good care that everything is done fairly. If everyone follows the rules, you are sure of success.

For everything you say or do today, you must take responsibility in the near future because time does not forget and will eventually catch up with you.

Upright Justice Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Justice Tarot card reprents a maybe answer. You consider only one side of the coin and neglect the other side. Such a one-sided view of your question bears the risk that you do not sufficiently consider important details in your decision-making process.

Therefore your answer should be maybe, at least until you have dealt with your question comprehensively.

Reversed Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Justice Tarot Card Meaning

The Justice Reversed indicates that you view certain decisions too one-sidedly. Often your judgment is clouded by surging, strong emotions, so youwe don’t weigh pros and cons enough, instead of letting our emotions guide us only.

The Justice Reversed reveals that some decisions require you to turn off your head for a moment and let your inner voice speak. When buying a house, for example, listen to your intuition.

If you have a bad feeling about it, just let it go, no matter how low cost that house might be. Listening to only one party in a conflict also causes us to lose sight of the principle of justice and thus to make a judgment that may be far from the actual truth.

The Justice Reversed symbolizes great injustice in our lives. We may be accused of a reprehensible act that we never committed, or the facts may be distorted so that we are suddenly pilloried.

In either case, you should summon the courage to bring the truth to light. That inevitably means coming into conflict with your accusers, so be well prepared and try to be as objective as possible and let your inner voice guide you in the confrontation.

From experienced injustice, we can learn a lot about how it feels to have been unjustly accused. That enables us to question our own judgments of other persons more critically, as we are well aware of the feeling of helplessness that comes with being falsely accused.

Another meaning of The Justice Reversed Tarot card is lying or betrayal in our environment. Maybe you have suspected for a long time that someone in your environment is lying to you or talking about you behind your back.

Be patient and wait to what extent your suspicions are confirmed to have certainty. Then should you directly address the person in question and clearly express that you disapprove such behavior.

Beware of betrayal in your private and professional environment and counteract early by looking for important allies who support you in case of doubt and stand by you.

Reversed Justice Tarot Love Meaning


In a love tarot reading, The Justice Reversed reveals that you judge people too one-sidedly. Especially as a single, you may have too high demands on a new potential partner and look mainly at external features, such as body size or attractiveness.

This one-sided view of potential partners prevents you from getting to know and appreciate their inner values sufficiently. Thus, on the one hand, you reject potential partners who would have fit very well with you.

On the other hand, you enter love affairs with partners, at whose end the separation stands since you do not fit together from the internal values. The Justice Reversed also warns against lies and deception in flirting.

If a new relationship begins with lies about oneself, the truth will come to light sooner or later and cause a strong strain on the partnership.

In addition, a lie at the beginning of a partnership often entails further deceptions. As soon as one partner reveals the construct of lies, there is hardly any basis for trust. Thus a separation becomes inevitable.


In a relationship, The Justice Reversed reveals that one of both partners is betrayed in an important area of life. Betrayal is often associated with cheating but can also touch financial or emotional aspects of a partnership.

Be sure to get more information about whether such suspicions are justified and gather clues. If you are sure that your partner has cheated on you, confront him, and after the conversation, you decide on if and how you want to continue this relationship.

The Tarot card of The Justice Reversed also shows an imbalance in the relationship to the disadvantage of one partner. Such an injustice may lie, for example, in the distribution of tasks in the partnership, where one person has to handle most of the tasks that arise.

Address these injustices in any case and distribute the tasks in your partnership more fairly again.

Reversed Justice Health Meaning

In health issues, The Justice Reversed shows that you are out of balance, due to a unilateral burden. Sitting at a desk all day and working only with the mind often leads to our body being severely neglected and thus harmed.

It is the same with too much physical strain in everyday life and little mental compensation. Challenge both body and mind equally to avoid one-sided overloads.

The Justice Reversed can also be a sign that you are ignoring certain symptoms of illness and thus run the risk of becoming seriously ill. For the sake of your health, you should get a check-up and take your body’s signals seriously.

Reversed Justice Career Meaning

The Justice Reversed Tarot card reveals that you have been treated unfairly at work. Such injustice happens to everyone in the course of their professional life and can be a good motivator to finally wake up and change something about your situation.

Depending on the extent of the damage done to you, you should consider talking to your colleagues/superiors again or look for a new professional challenge.

Another aspect of reversed justice is that some colleagues are superficially sympathetic to you but may stab you in the back at the next opportunity. Rather, strengthen the contacts on the job with whom you have a good feeling and who have already proven their loyalty several times in the past.

Reversed Justice Finances/Money Meaning

The Justice Reversed warns you against blindly trusting strangers in financial dealings. Most bank or insurance advisors quickly try to establish a positive and emotional bond with their clients.

On this basis, very overpriced contracts or loans are then usually passed on to you as a customer. Before any contract, you should again consult someone from your closest circle of confidants who can advise you without ulterior motives.

The Justice Reversed may also indicate that you have been unjustly fined or have lost income. In any case, you should try to clarify the facts and recover your loss.

Reversed Justice Destiny Meaning

The Justice Reversed shows you for your destiny that you have to face some injustices. It is not always possible to get your right back.

But instead of getting angry about it, you should concentrate on the areas in life where you are treated fairly and set a good example

Reversed Justice Personality

The Justice reversed card represents a person who is often very one-sided in its judgment. Such a character is easily blinded by external influences or personal sympathies, which limits his judgment.

In addition, this may be a character who often uses a lie as a tool to obtain his needs.

Reversed Justice Tarot Past/Future


A betrayal of a close person from your past has permanently shaken your trust in other people.

Likewise, a lie that you have been carrying around for several years threatens to shake your everyday life. You should finally face the truth honestly.


With an upcoming decision, there is a great danger that you will judge too one-sidedly. You will have to consider some important aspects in the future.

An injustice will happen to you, making you doubt justice in the world. But sooner or later, the matter will turn in your favor.

Reversed Justice Tarot Card – Yes or No

In principle, the right decision is right in front of your eyes. You can estimate exactly what your own actions will trigger and should choose yes.

The underlying mechanisms of your choices are well understood, so there is no reason to let this opportunity pass.

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