The Two of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Two of Cups is one of the most important cards of the Minor Arcana.

Below you will learn everything about its meaning both in the upright and reversed position.

In addition to the general interpretation, the topics of love, health, career, finances and destiny are also explained in detail.

Two of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Two of Cups Keywords

Upright: Connection, Attraction, Partner, Love
Reversed: Narcissist, Abandonment, Strife, Doubt

The Two of Cups Tarot Card Description

The Two of Cups Tarot card shows a woman and a man exchanging their cups. It is evident from the picture that the woman and the man are very close and are attracted to each other. The woman wears a white robe with a blue tunic, expressing spirituality and intuition.

The man’s clothes seem more vital and stimulating. As if in a trance, they exchange their cups with each other, which symbolize trust and unconditional love.

By exchanging the cups, the two enter into a very intimate and deep relationship with each other, having received the trust and secrets of their counterpart as proof of love.

Between the couple rises a staff with two snakes coiled around it, called Caduceus or Hermes staff. Today, the staff of Hermes usually stands for trade and exchange.

In the past, however, it was a symbol of the fertility of a relationship and the union of two opposing forces, such as woman and man in a relationship.

Directly above the caduceus hovers a red lion’s head with two wings. The lion represents great passion and sexual attraction between the two lovers.

The wings show how thrilled the couple is because of their love for each other. They would love to fly up to heaven together for joy.

In the background stretches a peaceful and picturesque landscape, which gives the young love a fitting frame. Both meet on their paths of life, which they will walk together from now on.

Upright Two of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Tarot card Two of Cups reveals new connections that will enrich your life. Such relationships can occur both in the private and professional spheres. They can awaken previously unused potentials in you.

It is not necessary that you swim completely on the same wave with the corresponding person, but rather that you complement each other in your ideas and conceptions.

Criticism is an important pillar of your relationship. It helps you both to grow beyond yourselves and to realize joint projects. Over time, deep trust will grow between you, enabling you to join forces to overcome even the most difficult challenges.

Another aspect of the Two of Cups is the presence of a strong emotional attraction. Such an attraction can be both positive and negative in nature.

Positive means that you are attached to a person on a deep, emotional level, for example, a friend or family member or even a pet.

This attachment also emanates from your counterpart and provides you with a deeply fulfilling relationship characterized by mutual trust and love.

Negatively speaking, an attraction to a person is when it turns into a kind of one-sided dependence. The other person does not reciprocate your feelings to the same degree and uses the relationship only for their benefit.

The Two of Cups symbolizes the importance of intensively cultivating existing partnerships in the professional and private spheres. Try to find out which relationships have the most potential for the future and in which there is mutual appreciation and acceptance.

It is more favorable to maintain rather few but intensive friendships. The latter stand by you in difficult life situations and give you emotional support.

Too many relationships, on the other hand, bear the danger that you do not really know most of your acquaintances and that they will distance themselves from you in case of emergency.

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Upright Two of Cups Tarot Love Meaning


The Two of Cups reveals in a card reading that you will soon find a partner in your life. Perhaps you have felt for some time that an initial friendship or acquaintance will gradually develop into something more serious.

Be ready to take the opportunity to reveal your feelings to your partner. You can become active yourself and create a suitable atmosphere through a rendezvous, where you offer each other your cup of love.

Giving trust and love and receiving it in return is a great gift that you should handle very carefully and gratefully.

The Two of Cups Tarot card shows a strong physical and mental attraction that a person has on you. You can think of nothing else but this person and you have the well-known butterflies in your stomach.

Observe your counterpart to determine whether this attraction also emanates from his side. Dare to take the first step and reveal your feelings to him as soon as your inner voice confirms that you are both attracted to each other


In a relationship, the Two of Cups stands for a very intense connection between two people that goes beyond the measure of a normal partnership. Such a connection is noticeable because you often have the same thoughts and feelings without prior agreement.

The word soul mate is used as a synonym when two people understand each other wordlessly and know exactly what the other is thinking. Be grateful that you and your partner have such a deep and intimate connection because it shows how strong and solid the bond of love is between you.

Another revelation of the Two of Cups is that you both have an excellent fit on a spiritual level. Because of your different qualities, you have a high attraction to each other that will outlast even difficult times and hold the potential for a lifelong fresh love relationship.

Your different talents allow you to work synergistically and complement each other. Together you can overcome any challenge in life.

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Upright Two of Cups Health Meaning

For your health, the Two of Cups advises you to promote your health with a friend or your partner. Exercising together or fasting together has great motivational benefits.

You can share problems and celebrate successes together. And in any case, the two of you will improve your health.

Another aspect of the Two of Cups in health matters is that your well-being depends to a great extent on the social contacts you maintain.

The best prevention against many mental illnesses is a stable social environment, which supports you and can catch you in times of crisis. In addition, you can always count on people to help you in case of illness.

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Upright Two of Cups Career Meaning

For your profession, the Two of Cups Tarot card reveals that you have a very close relationship with a colleague. You work very well hand in hand and can blindly rely on each other in any situation.

Having such a collegial relationship is something very valuable that you should guard and cherish like a treasure.

In addition, the Two of Cups can indicate a new business relationship that will prove to be very beneficial for both parties. Both parties can learn a lot from each other and set mutually creative processes in motion.

The seed you sow at the beginning will soon bear fruit and your professional position will improve as a result of the relationships you enter into.

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Upright Two of Cups Finances/Money Meaning

For your finances, the Two of Cups means the necessity of a trusting partnership. An insurance or bank consultant should also swim with you on a human level.

Especially when it is about a lot of money, like loans, you have to trust your counterpart regarding his motives and competence.

Also, the Two of Cups means that your finances are in a very stable phase right now.

Your prosperity allows you to concentrate on things in life that are worth more than money, like love and family. You can enjoy such intangible luxuries more easily when you have no financial worries.

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Upright Two of Cups Destiny Meaning

As a fate card, the Two of Cups reveals an upcoming partnership that will enrich your life. Such a connection can appear in many forms and you should honor it as a very special gift.

But a good partnership, both in business and in love, always takes two. Therefore, work actively to maintain and strengthen your connection.

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Upright Two of Cups Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Two of Cups shows a high attraction to a positive decision, which can help you decisively in your matter. Your question should therefore be answered with a yes.

With this answer, you feel in harmony with your heart again and have the certainty to be on the right path.

Upright Two of Cups Personality

The Two of Cups represents a person with a high need for commitment. She likes to establish and maintain relationships with other people.

Furthermore, the Two of Cups represents an overly caring and loving character. The person wants everyone around him to be well and shares the great love in his heart.

Upright Two of Cups Tarot Past/Future


You long for an intimate connection you once had a long time ago. It showed you how important a deep connection with other people is.

You are preoccupied with an ex-partner from your past. You still have strong feelings for him and want to know if he feels the same way.


Soon, you will experience an almost magical attraction to another person. That can develop into an intimate friendship or more.

The Future promises you to find a steady life partner soon. With him at your side, you will succeed in everything.

Reversed Two of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Two of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Two of Cups Reversed Tarot card shows narcissistic tendencies that affect your life unfavorably. Self-love is an important part of our life. It teaches us what qualities are lovable in ourselves and through which we learn to love other people.

Finding the right amount of self-love is like a constant balancing act, weighing our own needs against those of our environment.

Narcissism shows itself where I strive to increase my self-worth inappropriately without regard for the feelings and desires of those around me.

Often such tendencies already occur in everyday life and can take on even greater dimensions unrecognized so that other people increasingly turn away from us.

Always weigh well when it is wiser to put aside your own needs and to consider your fellow men.

The Two of Cups Reversed stands for a serious discord in your environment. A long-standing friendship/partnership is in danger of falling apart, as your quarrel has caused a deep breach of trust.

Think carefully about whether the current dispute is worth jeopardizing your relationship with each other, or instead consider how you can get back on common ground.

Especially in disputes, there is an immense potential for both parties to grow and learn for other conflict situations. Perhaps you are currently an observer of a major conflict in your circle of friends or family.

In this case, think carefully about how much you are getting involved and try to take away instructive experiences from the conflict that you can use for your own conflict behavior.

Another aspect of the Two of Cups Reversed is an impending breakup of a relationship. Friendships or affection for our fellow human beings develop through positive times spent together.

However, as soon as trust is violated or only one’s own advantage is seen in the relationship, doubts about the honesty and sincerity of the other person are more than appropriate.

Better end such relationships/friendships that are only very one-sided. Instead, use your freed-up time and energy to build new connections with other people or intensify previously neglected friendships.

Reversed Two of Cups Tarot Love Meaning


The Two of Cups Reversed shows you as a single that you are too busy with yourself at the moment, making it difficult for a partnership to develop.

Before we can receive love and affection from another person, we must be able to fill our own cup of love with mindfulness, respect and trust and hand it over.

You will miss many opportunities to get to know and love another person if you are only taken in by yourself or engage with your world. Because of what you expect from your counterpart in love and trust, you must be able to give back to the same extent.

Another aspect of the Two of Cups Reversed in a love tarot context is the doubt of ever finding a suitable partner for life. Especially after many failed relationships, we wonder if the great love is just a mirage.

But we have it in our own hands to make the Great Love come true by shaping our lives in a hopeful and active way and by being ready to open ourselves to love at the right moment.


In a partnership, the Two of Cups Reversed reveals major disagreements in your relationship. It is about questions which have a decisive meaning for the further living together, like house building, move or child planning.

Disagreement in such core issues often leads to a deep break in the relationship and in the worst case to a separation. Both partners need to clarify which aspects must be a fixed part of a partnership and which points can be handled quite flexibly.

If you have found a common line regarding the orientation of your partnership, major conflicts will disturb your life together much less often. The Two of Cups Reversed can be a symbol for a break in your relationship.

That means that the initial flow of love has suddenly come to a standstill and your partner seems to be hard to approach.

To revive the flow of love, check if you have been showing enough affection and trust to your partner lately and if not, start doing it as soon as possible.

Reversed Two of Cups Health Meaning

The Two of Cups Reversed stands for a break off of treatment or the relationship with a doctor. Perhaps you have felt lately that the measures taken did not have the desired effect on your health.

Use your right of free choice of a doctor if you are dissatisfied with your healer. For the success of a good treatment, it is important that you feel well taken care of and accepted.

Furthermore, the reversed card of the Two of Cups represents doubts about a diagnosis.

You have already been diagnosed with an illness, but you feel that the descriptions of the symptoms do not apply one hundred percent to you. Trust your inner feeling and get a second opinion.

Reversed Two of Cups Career Meaning

The Two of Cups Reversed indicates a deep-seated conflict between you and a colleague. As a result, the entire working atmosphere at your work is at risk and other employees will be involved in your quarrels.

Before it escalates, you should take a step towards your adversary and offer to bury the hatchet between you.

The Two of Cups Reversed can mean a break for your career. Either you are threatened with dismissal or a major project threatens to fail.

In any case, you should not plague yourself with self-doubt but take the opportunity to tackle a new job or a new project.

Reversed Two of Cups Finances/Money Meaning

In financial matters, the Two of Cups Reversed stands for a cancellation of a long-term investment or contract. You have already paid a lot of money into a certain product, but in the end, you just keep on paying without ever seeing a profit for yourself.

Even if it’s hard, it’s better to part with long-term financial investments that are hurting you and look around for cheaper alternatives.

Also, the Two of Cups Reversed shows money disputes with someone in your social circle. Maybe the person owes you something or it is about inheritance matters. Try to talk to this person again and if this doesn’t help, get legal advice.

Reversed Two of Cups Destiny Meaning

The Two of Cups Reversed stands as a fate card for great doubts about a friendship or relationship. There have been more and more arguments lately, which have put a heavy strain on the mutual trust relationship.

A temporal separation would possibly do both of you a lot of good. Everybody can think about your common future and decide how it should go on in perspective.

Reversed Two of Cups Personality

The Two of Cups reversed reveals pronounced narcissistic traits in a person. Such a person thinks primarily only about himself, so he hardly has real relationships in life.

In addition, the card represents a quarrelsome character. The person quickly enters into conflicts without taking into account his social connections.

Reversed Two of Cups Tarot Past/Future


A long-standing argument is still bothering you. Let bygones be bygones and don’t invest any more energy in this old conflict.

A long-standing relationship with a person is no longer good for you. Finally, break off this contact and leave it behind you.


You will meet a narcissist in the near future who will make your life difficult. Stay with yourself and try to defend your boundaries.

There are many doubts in your mind regarding a future project. Have confidence in yourself and secure support for the near future.

Reversed Two of Cups Tarot Card – Yes or No

Within you, the spirits are arguing about which choice you should make regarding your question. However, your deep doubts in this matter are already reason enough to trust in a no-answer this time.

As soon as the circumstances change again, you should ask yourself whether your attitude has changed substantially.

The Cups Tarot Card Meanings