The Page of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Page of Cups is one of the most important cards of the Minor Arcana.

Below you will learn everything about its meaning both in the upright and reversed position.

In addition to the general interpretation, the topics of love, health, career, finances and destiny are also explained in detail.

Page of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Page of Cups Keywords

Upright: Creative, Emotional, Curiosity, Intuition
Reversed: Rigid, Cool, Doubt, Exuberance

The Page of Cups Tarot Card Description

The Page of Cups card shows a young man standing on a beach with a chalice in his hand. The Page wears a blue tunic with flowers, a light scarf around his neck and a cap on his head.

His clothing style looks young and playful and symbolizes his curiosity and creativity. In his hand, he holds a goblet, from which a fish head surprisingly and unexpectedly looks out.

The fish here symbolizes a sudden idea or spontaneous thought that pushes itself to the surface of our consciousness when we least expect it and often presents us with the solution to a problem that has existed for some time.

The young man is neither startled nor particularly surprised but observes the fish with childlike curiosity and ponders what its appearance means to him.

The boy is standing on the beach in front of a large ocean. The ocean represents the depth and breadth of our emotions, creativity and intuition. Nothing blocks our view of the horizon so that we can look into the distance.

Light waves can be seen on the sea and symbolize our emotional world, which is constantly in motion and has highs and lows.

In the whole picture, the color blue is very dominant and is reflected in the sea, the fish and the color of the boy’s clothes. This unity of color simultaneously creates a connection between these three elements, with the adolescent representing our consciousness that perceives everything around it.

The sea represents our subconscious. Its depth and vastness are a place of wisdom and creativity for us. The fish, in turn, represents our intuition, which serves as a link between consciousness and subconsciousness, bringing us new insights and ideas.

Upright Page of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Page of Cups Tarot card encourages us to give more free rein to our curiosity. The urge to discover and explore something new is unfortunately only slightly developed in many adults. If we take children as an example, we learn to discover our world from a new perspective.

Because only if we regularly critically question our environment and our factual knowledge about it, we realize how much we still have to discover, which eludes the logical, rational mind.

Be open to new experiences, like a fish looking out of the cup, and dare to explore new ideas and dreams. You will be surprised how many new paths will open up to you if you dare to look for them.

The Page of Cups is also a sign to give more space to your creativity and emotionality. A new idea usually arises quite unexpectedly without us having to force it. Often it is enough if we listen to our inner voice.

Like our inner child, it helps to remain unprejudiced and curious and to appreciate every new thought accordingly. Creativity is a process that is naturally present in every human being and gives us a small taste of the immeasurable wisdom of our subconscious.

The ideas and desires that emerge from this process are worthy of not remaining mere reveries but being shared with those around us, allowing them to participate in our creative creation.

Another meaning of the Page of Cups is to reconnect with our inner child. That means trusting our intuition and inner feeling more again, especially with difficult decisions lying ahead.

To re-establish contact with our inner child, we can practice meditation, yoga or the tarot, for example. Our intuition is like a messenger that sends us new surprising insights from our subconscious and invites us to use them for ourselves.

Often, several cognitive or emotional messages from the depths of our consciousness make their way to the surface and result in our intuition, which sends us an important signal for an upcoming change or decision in our life.

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Upright Page of Cups Tarot Love Meaning


The Page of Cups card conveys to you as a single that some surprises await you in love. By approaching other persons openly and light-heartedly and getting in touch with them, you will receive some unexpected positive reactions.

Love does not develop according to a structured plan but comes to us unexpectedly and surprisingly, with people and in places which we least expected.

By keeping your childlike curiosity and not being afraid to venture into uncharted waters, your love life will hold some surprises for you.

The Page of Cups also encourages you to trust your intuition more than your rational mind when choosing a partner.

We sometimes meet people who are very similar to us, like have the same hobbies, the same profession or music style, whereupon our mind and our friends say “he is a perfect match for you!”.

But a small persistent voice or feeling deep inside you says that a relationship with this person will not last long.

This voice or feeling is your intuition, which is especially in matters of love far ahead of your mind and tells you early on whether someone fits you or not.


In a relationship, the Page of Cups encourages you to live out your emotional sides. Share your feelings with your partner, whether fear, sadness, or joy, and be willing to learn about your partner’s emotions.

Sharing our feelings keeps a partnership very alive and creates a place of trust where we don’t have to hold back our emotions.

According to the old proverb: “A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved, a joy shared is a joy doubled!” more emotionality in the relationship ensures a more harmonious and happier life together.

In a partnership, the Page of Cups also stands for curiosity about the other partner. Even if we think we already know our partner inside out, we can discover new sides of him every day, which surprise us again.

By getting to know each other in different ways, your relationship will be rich in surprising and fulfilling moments.

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Upright Page of Cups Health Meaning

For your health, the Page of Cups encourages you to trust your inner feeling more. In case of symptoms like migraine or mood swings, it usually helps to get in touch with your subconscious to find the causes.

If you have discovered the corresponding blockages, you can solve them with the help of your inner strength and thus restore your well-being.

In addition, the Page of Cups stands for surprising but positive news regarding your health.

That can be, for example, a test result that turns out much better than expected or a milder diagnosis than previously predicted. With the information received, you can finally take the necessary steps for your healing process.

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Upright Page of Cups Career Meaning

Professionally, the Page of Cups encourages you to bring new ideas into your job. Often, many ideas pop into our heads throughout the day about how to better solve certain problems at work.

Don’t just let your creativity flow away, but write down your thoughts, no matter how “crazy” they may be at first. Afterward, you can look at your ideas again in peace and choose some that seem promising.

The Jack of Cups also stands for maintaining your curiosity on the job. By constantly expanding your knowledge about your field of work, not only will your skills increase, but you will also be able to build a positive relationship with your job so that your motivation to work increases.

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Upright Page of Cups Finances/Money Meaning

Financially, the Page of Cups stands for using your creativity to build up your wealth. For example, you could see if a private hobby of yours can provide you with a little extra income.

If you like sewing, music or painting anyway, you can use your talents to earn some extra money without learning anything new.

Another aspect of the Jack of Cups is to trust your intuition more in financial matters. If you have a bad inner feeling about a contract or a money transaction, you should investigate it.

In case of doubt, you should rather leave such transactions or postpone them until later, when you have clarified your inner doubt.

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Upright Page of Cups Destiny Meaning

As a fate card, the Page of Cups reveals to explore the world with a childlike curiosity. Through this, you will always discover new secrets and additionally train your intuition.

Your inner feeling will accompany you throughout your life and show you the right way when making difficult decisions.

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Upright Page of Cups Personality

The Page of Cups represents a character who is strongly connected to his emotions. Both positive and negative feelings are usually experienced very intensely by this person guiding him on his path.

Likewise, it can mean a person who is curious by nature. He is interested in many things and is usually not satisfied with simple answers but wants to know every detail.

Upright Page of Cups Tarot Past/Future


In earlier times, your curiosity led you to many an adventure. Bring it back to life and you will discover wonderful things.

Your feelings have strongly influenced your behavior in the past. Be sure to include your mind as well.


Trust your intuition because it will soon show you which direction you should take on your life path.

Challenges await you in the near future, which you can only meet with creative solutions. Therefore, let yourself be guided by your inner voice.

Upright Page of Cups Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Page of Cups tends to be a yes card but with some doubts. Your intuition sends you conflicting signals regarding your question. There are strong doubts in you regarding a positive answer.

A rushed choice can quickly put you in front of some hurdles. If you take your time to consider every aspect the answer can still be yes.

Reversed Page of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Page of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Page of Cups Reversed shows you that you are following thought patterns that are too rigid, leaving little room for new directions and creativity. Dogmas and fixed beliefs suggest that there is only one right way to look at the world or a problem.

In this way, a fish will never appear in your cup and reveal the secrets of the subconscious to you, but the cup will always be empty. Instead, take an example from the sea, which is constantly in motion and sometimes makes shallow and sometimes high waves.

These waves represent your thoughts and feelings, which need space to unfold in all their grandeur and glory.
Once you allow yourself to think and feel free, any rigidity is dissolved and transforms into fluid movements that allow you to access your intuition.

Emotional coolness is also an aspect of the Page of Cups Reversed. It means that we consciously suppress and deny the showing and experiencing of our feelings. That keeps us from experiencing negative emotions, but at the same time leads to few positive feelings.

Such coolness quickly leads to bitterness, as it does not correspond to our true nature. If we take an example from the Page of Cups with his childlike lightheartedness and emotionality, our lives will feel much richer and more vital.

Our feelings are the access to our inner child, which is always within us and helps us to understand and consciously experience the world around us.

The Page of Cups Reversed Tarot card expresses doubts about our intuition and inner feelings. We usually approach many problems too rationally and logically and often reach our limits with this one-sided approach, especially in social relationships.

Our intuition lets us guess which path we should take long before our mind recognizes this. By doubting our inner feeling, we usually realize much too late that we have gotten into difficult situations in life.

To regain more trust in yourself and your intuition, regularly take some time before making certain decisions, consciously listen to yourself and consider all the feelings and thoughts that arise.

After a while, you will feel what your inner images want to convey to you and you can make a decision for yourself.

Reversed Page of Cups Tarot Love Meaning


As a single, the Page of Cups Reversed warns you to go on the search for a partner with too much exuberance.

If you shower your counterpart with words about your great affection for him on the very first date, even though you have only known each other for five minutes, this will be more of a deterrent than an attraction.

Try to get involved with your counterpart and create harmonious vibrations between you by giving him time and space to get to know you and to sort out his own feelings and thoughts.

Meet your counterpart with curiosity and try to find out what qualities make him specifically lovable by actively listening and letting a natural dialogue unfold between the two of you.

The Page of Cups Reversed also shows that your attempts to get to know someone are too rigid and rehearsed. Instead, try to approach flirting with childlike impartiality and reveal your true inner core.

Love cannot be scripted, but on the contrary, is a very dynamic process that holds some wonderful surprises for us by trusting our intuition.


In a partnership, the Page of Cups Reversed Tarot card reveals that an emotional coolness prevails in the relationship.

The partnership is mainly purposeful and brings you mainly material benefits. But you cannot share your emotional world with your partner, so the relationship feels very empty and cold.

To share emotions with each other, you need a great basis of trust, but if this is disturbed, everyone keeps their feelings to themselves. If you manage to build up trust again and share your feelings with each other, warmth and security will arise in your partnership.

The Page of Cups Reversed also shows that you have doubts about the sincerity of your partner. Your inner feeling has been telling you for a long time that something is wrong in your relationship, but until now, you have not been able to pinpoint where the doubts come

Trust your intuition because it tells us early when something in love is about to go wrong and share your thoughts and feelings with your partner or good friends to get more clarity about your doubts.

Reversed Page of Cups Health Meaning

The Page of Cups Reversed represents great doubts you have about a disease diagnosis. Something inside you tells you that the symptoms do not match the prescribed disease.

To be on the safe side, clarify your bad inner feeling by getting independent information or a professional second opinion.

Furthermore, the Page of Cups Reversed represents a strong suppression of one’s emotions. Withholding emotions creates internal pressure that can lead to serious illnesses, such as depression or severe migraines.

Give your feelings an outlet so they can be released. That could be someone to talk to or a sport where you can vent your frustrations.

Reversed Page of Cups Career Meaning

The Page of Cups Reversed signals that you have doubts about your current job. You have the impression of being under-challenged and not being able to develop your true potential.

Look for alternative job offers where you can better live out your strengths. Alternatively, you can increasingly outsource your creative power to your private sphere, as a balance to your job.

Furthermore, the Page of Cups Reversed means that you are not getting any further on the career ladder. Think about which further education could help you to advance professionally.

Dare to look over the edge because even non-specialized qualifications can be very helpful on your career path.

Reversed Page of Cups Finances/Money Meaning

The Page of Cups Reversed warns you not to spend too much money at once in exuberance. Especially at important events like anniversaries, weddings or vacations, we tend to spend a small fortune due to our intense feelings, which we actually cannot afford.

Rather, make a savings plan for the long term and use only the money saved for your plans.

Another aspect of the Page of Cups Reversed is that you manage your finances very rigidly. Instead of changing providers of contracts, you stick to your traditional financial products.

Check the existing contracts and change them if the conditions are more favorable.

Reversed Page of Cups Destiny Meaning

The Page of Cups Reversed stands for fundamental doubts about your life path so far. Doubts are a good motivator to give your life a new direction.

However, they can also lead you to question everything in your everyday life and thus become incapable of acting.

Reversed Page of Cups Personality

The Page of Cups reversed characterizes a person who strongly doubts herself. He faces every upcoming challenge with skepticism and has little confidence in himself.

Furthermore, this card means a person who is very rigid in his views and thinking. He hardly allows new ideas and fixates on the old.

Reversed Page of Cups Tarot Past/Future


Some time ago, your rigidity put more obstacles in your way than necessary. Let this experience be a lesson to you and stay flexible in your thinking.

A supercooled relationship from your past is still bothering you. You should rather focus on new and warm-hearted contacts.


You have strong doubts about an upcoming project. However, your inner attitude has a decisive influence on your success.

In the near future, new possibilities will arise for you in different areas of life. Beware of approaching these opportunities with too much exuberance and thus endangering them.

Reversed Page of Cups Tarot Card – Yes or No

Your feeling tells you that you should decide for a No. Because if you look at the whole matter with a cool head and quite rationally, the positive aspects of a no answer clearly prevail.

However, be aware that some circumstances connected with your question can change quickly.

The Cups Tarot Card Meanings