The Nine of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Nine of Cups is one of the most important cards of the Minor Arcana.

Below you will learn everything about its meaning both in the upright and reversed position.

In addition to the general interpretation, the topics of love, health, career, finances and destiny are also explained in detail.

Nine of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Nine of Cups Keywords

Upright: Fulfillment, Satisfaction, Pleasure, Gratitude
Reversed: Regret, Abundance, Frustration, Materialistic

The Nine of Cups Tarot Card Description

On the Nine of Cups Tarot card, a man sits in front of a wall, on which well-structured nine cups are placed.

The man wears a plain cloak and a red cap, representing his origin from the merchant’s guild. He is sitting straight on a wooden stool, visibly enjoying the fruits of his success.

The stool is made of wood and offers no amenities such as a chair back, expressing that the merchant is not resting on his successes but is ever mindful of new opportunities for a profitable business.

His hands are crossed and a smile is on his face, symbolizing his satisfaction and gratitude for his achievements.

On the balustrade behind the merchant are carefully arranged nine chalices, which in their manner of arrangement reflect his well-structured and orderly way of working.

The cups symbolize the fulfillment of material desires and, on the other hand, the deep satisfaction attained when we strive for and achieve higher mental goals.

The color blue additionally underpins the many mental strengths needed to make our desires and goals come true, such as perseverance, cleverness and creativity.

If we regularly reflect on our success, like the merchant, we feel inner satisfaction and gratitude for the many opportunities we have exhausted in our lives.

Upright Nine of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Nine of Cups Tarot card invites you to appreciate and rejoice in the achievements in your life. Whether at work, in love, or everyday life, consider all your successes and feel the deep inner fulfillment of your achievements so far.

You have everything in your life you need to feel happy and fulfilled. Of course, there will be phases in your life where you will face some challenges and failures.

But by being aware of the successes you have already achieved, you can use this positive energy to overcome even the most difficult obstacles and add another chalice to your collection of accomplishments.

The Nine of Cups also teaches us to be grateful for the things and relationships we already have right now. Through this kind of appreciation, we learn to enjoy and fully savor our lives in the here and now.

However, we should not rest on our successes or get too comfortable, as most things in life are subject to change and nothing lasts forever.

By having an attentive and upright attitude, like the merchant, we will be able to transform presented opportunities and challenges into successes.

Every difficulty that comes our way should be met with gratitude, as it enables us to grow beyond ourselves.

Another aspect of the Nine of Cups is that you are the maker of your own luck. We decide every day whether the cup of life is half empty or half full. To fill the cup, give yourself time off more often and enjoy yourself with things that bring you joy.

In this way, you will feel how much influence your own attitude of mind has on your feeling of happiness and contentment.

Inner fulfillment comes from realizing what we have already achieved in life and starts with the little things in everyday life.

Remind yourself every day of at least three happy moments you have experienced so your balustrade of happy moments will continue to fill and your self-confidence and contentment will continue to grow steadily.

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Upright Nine of Cups Tarot Love Meaning


In a love tarot reading, the Nine of Cups reveals that you should enjoy your single life to the fullest. Use the time in which you are unattached to make new acquaintances and expand your circle of friends bit by bit.

Even if you are currently without a partner, you can practice wonderfully what satisfaction and fulfillment can lie in being alone.

You have no obligations to anyone else and are free to organize your free time and your life goals.

The Nine of Cups also encourages you, as a single person, to enjoy yourself in different areas of love.

In a relationship, sometimes freedom is missing, especially in sexuality, to make new experiences that appeal to us a lot. However, as a single, you can use the time wonderfully to indulge in new sensual and erotic experiences and enjoy them without regret.

That will give you a good sense of your own preferences, which you should later bring into a partnership.


In a relationship, the Nine of Cups Tarot card symbolizes that you have built a very stable relationship over time. Feel free to take the time to reminisce together and appreciate all the things that you have accomplished together in your lives.

That will further strengthen the bond of love that unites you so you grow stronger together as a unit.

Use your positive feelings and shared confidence to set new goals that will further enrich your relationship. Furthermore, the Nine of Cups represents a deep feeling of gratitude for your partner.

Finding a partner who supports you in every situation of life, is there when you need him and always has an open ear for you is a very great gift for which we should be grateful.

Express your gratitude with small everyday gestures, like a hug or just saying “thank you”. This way your counterpart will feel appreciated and will always be there for you. By showing him the same support and trust, you can show your gratitude.

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Upright Nine of Cups Health Meaning

The Nine of Cups is a good sign for your health, for which you should be very grateful. In case of existing diseases, you can hope for healing or relief soon.

Be aware of how precious your health is and treat it accordingly by taking good care of your body and mind.

Furthermore, the Nine of Cups encourages you to take time out from the stress of
everyday life and do something good for yourself.

Because small oases of relaxation, such as a wellness weekend or meditation, serve to replenish your energy reserves and protect you from illness in the long term. Your psychological well-being is also significantly increased by such time out.

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Upright Nine of Cups Career Meaning

For your profession, the card of the Nine of Cups means that you find deep fulfillment in your work.

Your satisfaction is based on the fact that you can do or create something that you love to do with all your heart. Be grateful for having found your dream job and enjoy this precious time.

Furthermore, the Nine of Cups shows that new career opportunities are open to you due to your rich experiences and qualifications.

Now is the right time to venture into self-employment or apply for a long-awaited dream job.

Your previous professional successes will serve you well as you embark on a new career, giving you peace of mind as you embark on a new adventure.

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Upright Nine of Cups Finances/Money Meaning

For your finances, the Nine of Cups shows a phase of wealth and prosperity in your life. You don’t have to be a millionaire to achieve this, but it is enough if you know that you have enough money to provide yourself with a comfortable standard of living and luxury.

Because whether you are satisfied with your prosperity depends on how high your own needs are.

Furthermore, the Nine of Cups stands for the fact that your work of the last few years is finally paying off.

That can mean either a higher pay grade or a hefty bonus. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and allow yourself some luxury and pleasure for your everyday life.

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Upright Nine of Cups Destiny Meaning

As a destiny card, the Nine of Cups stands for appreciating your successes in life. Too often we look at the things in life that have failed us, which leads to resignation and dissatisfaction.

Looking at your own positive achievements increases your self-efficacy and makes it easier for you to realize your dreams in the future.

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Upright Nine of Cups Personality

The Nine of Cups represents a person having a high level of inner contentment. No matter how difficult the circumstances may be, he always sees the positive sides of life.

Likewise, the card shows a grateful character type. The person knows how important the support of his fellow men is for his own way and returns the favor with a lot of helpfulness.

Upright Nine of Cups Tarot Past/Future


Full of gratitude, you look back on past achievements. They have taught you a lot and can also be helpful for future projects.

A deep satisfaction arises when you look at where you were a few years ago and where you are today. In any case, you have developed your personality.


In the near future, you will have a fulfilling experience in an important area of life. It will leave a lasting impression on you and help you to happiness.

You will soon have a great pleasure ahead of you which you have truly earned. Your anticipation of it already gives you a small foretaste.

Upright Nine of Cups Tarot Card – Yes or No

Despite some residual doubts, you have already made your choice. A yes answer fills you with deep satisfaction and makes all doubts disappear.

After your decision, you will feel relieved knowing this is the right way for you. The Nine of cups also encourages to celebrate your decision.

Reversed Nine of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Nine of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Nine of Cups Reversed is a sign of deep frustration manifested in your mind through many failures. At times we feel literally pursued by bad luck and we just don’t like to succeed in anything.

That creates a corresponding mindset, with phrases like “I can’t do it anyway, I’m always chased by bad luck…”, which in turn contributes to the fact that we have less confidence in ourselves and can accordingly record fewer successes.

Change your expectations in such a way that you regard short-term failures as a valuable treasure of experience, which brings you closer to your plans. You then learn to reinterpret failures positively and to use them for yourself.

The Nine of Cups Reversed card admonishes us to focus only on material possessions and success. Monetary wealth and possessions often suggest that we can buy all the happiness in the world through them. In reality, we usually only experience a short-term moment of happiness through material success.

Of course, a certain amount of wealth is important to satisfy material needs. But deeper emotional needs, such as recognition, security or love can only be satisfied if we live together with other people in harmony and unity.

Here, our wealth or success plays only a subordinate role, whereas qualities such as generosity, compassion or kindness bring us deep fulfillment and happiness.

Another meaning of the Nine of Cups Reversed is that we live too much in abundance and thus lose our balance in life.

Living in abundance makes us forget what the really important things in life are and instead compensates for deep loneliness and emptiness.

Such excess can express itself through spending too much money, partying, drug use or eating and has lasting effects on your mental and physical health.

Ask yourself where the urge to live in excess comes from and try to bring more balance into your everyday life by practicing renunciation and sharing.

Regular meditation or fasting can help you to recognize which things are really important in life.

Reversed Nine of Cups Tarot Love Meaning


The Nine of Cups Reversed admonishes you as a single person not to mourn your past relationships. Sometimes we have the feeling that we have lost the Great Love after a relationship and mourn the ex-partner accordingly.

However, one of the characteristics of True Love is the longevity of affection for each other, resisting any crisis. Instead of mourning, you should realize that the Great Love is waiting for you outside.

Because of your past partnerships, you are in a position to meet and love someone special again. Take your chance!

Another aspect of the Nine of Cups Reversed is that we focus too much on material things when choosing a partner. It is important to you that your partner has a certain standard of living, expressed by a minimum of wealth.

Keep in mind, that appearances are often deceiving, especially when getting to know each other. In the long run, possessions and wealth are no guarantee for a fulfilling relationship.

Rather look at the small gestures of your counterpart and how he behaves towards other people. Then you will get to know his inner core bit by bit and feel whether a relationship is possible on an emotional level.


In a partnership, the Nine of Cups Reversed reveals that you have many disagreements as a couple because your common goals and objectives are often delayed or fail.

This lack of cohesion in a relationship inevitably leads to a high level of frustration as you fail important life goals.

Find out together what causes your disagreements and actively work on a solution. In the next step, you can discuss what goals you would like to achieve as a couple and make concrete plans.

The Nine of Cups Reversed also shows that you are living in material abundance, but emotional values in your relationship are coming up short.

By focusing only on acquiring riches as a couple, such as cars or a home, we quickly lose sight of the true pillars of our partnership.

These pillars include trust, time, and support for each other. If we do not maintain these pillars on a regular basis, our partnership will not thrive and prosper, despite material abundance.

Reversed Nine of Cups Health Meaning

In health matters, the Nine of Cups Reversed stands for excess in your life, which can harm you in the long run.

Too much food, alcohol or drugs will eventually take their toll on your body and mind and can make you ill. Therefore, always keep an eye on the right balance in all activities and curb your excessive behavior.

Also, the Nine of Cups Reversed represents a high level of frustration and regret in your life. There is a danger of developing depression due to such mental poisons.

Therefore, do not constantly look at the negative things in life, but direct your gaze to the future and the associated opportunities for you.

Reversed Nine of Cups Career Meaning

The Nine of Cups Reversed represents that you are chasing a missed career opportunity. Instead of being angry that you didn’t get your dream job, you should make every effort to try again later.

Often it takes several attempts and a lot of patience until you finally achieve your desired career.

Another meaning of the Nine of Cups Reversed for your job is that you are too fixated on the monetary benefits of your work. Of course, a good salary contributes to overall satisfaction at work.

However, your work should also fill you up inside so you go home with the feeling that you have made an important contribution to yourself and your company.

Reversed Nine of Cups Finances/Money Meaning

The Nine of Cups Reversed represents a stagnant financial project that you are despairing of. By missing monetary successes, frustration slowly spreads in you.

But before you throw in the towel, you should analyze exactly which causes the stagnation could have. Only then can you decide to continue your project or to end it.

Another aspect of the Nine of Cups Reversed is that you fixate on material possessions. As a result, there is a danger that you will spend a lot of your life accumulating wealth and neglecting other areas such as friends and family.

However, the most valuable things in life are those that you cannot acquire with money, which is why you should rethink your relationship to wealth.

Reversed Nine of Cups Destiny Meaning

The Nine of Cups Reversed warns you not to mourn missed opportunities in life. Making mistakes and missing opportunities are part of our lives.

Learn from your failures and use these experiences to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. Look ahead to all the opportunities in life that still lie ahead of you.

Reversed Nine of Cups Personality

In the reversed position, the Nine of Cups reveals a very materialistic person. This person makes his happiness solely dependent on his possessions and wealth.

In addition, behind this card can hide a person with low frustration tolerance. Even the smallest failure makes him want to throw everything away and give up.

Reversed Nine of Cups Tarot Past/Future


You regret not having made more of your past. Nevertheless, take a close look at the small successes in your life and appreciate them.

Frustration is spreading through you because you feel you have not made any progress for years. Do not let such feelings paralyze you, but stay active.


In the future, beware of falling prey to excess. Otherwise, you risk developing negative character traits that can harm you.

A material challenge will soon come your way. Do not rely only on your money but also on your fellow men.

Reversed Nine of Cups Tarot Card – Yes or No

Gradually you become frustrated with this question to which you simply cannot find a suitable answer.

You are afraid of regretting your choice after the fact and then have to change your mind. A clear no is the better answer because you can think about everything again in peace.

The Cups Tarot Card Meanings