The Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Queen of Cups is one of the most important cards of the Minor Arcana.

Below you will learn everything about its meaning both in the upright and reversed position.

In addition to the general interpretation, the topics of love, health, career, finances and destiny are also explained in detail.

Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Queen of Cups Keywords

Upright: Merciful, Caring, Spiritual, Intuitive
Reversed: Self-absorbed, Dependent, Careless, Sober

The Queen of Cups Tarot Card Description

The Queen of Cups Tarot card shows a graceful woman sitting sunken on the edge of an ocean. The queen wears a blue robe, which is very similar in color and texture to the water she is sitting in front of.

The garment represents her connection to the inexhaustible source of the subconscious (the ocean), from which creativity and intuition spring.

In her hands, she carefully holds a large richly decorated chalice. On the sides of the cup, we see two angel-like figures representing care and mercy.

The chalice is closed and represents our deepest feelings and thoughts. We cannot see them, but they express themselves through our intuition.

The queen seems completely absorbed at the sight of the chalice and does not even pay attention to the waves in front of her feet. She gives herself completely to her spirituality.

Her feet rest on colorful pebbles and do not touch the water so that she is in contact with her feelings (the water) but is not overwhelmed by them.

The monarch sits on a throne made of stone and decorated with beautiful fish and sea nymphs. They represent our emotions, creativity and intuition and have a direct connection to the sea as a symbol of our subconscious.

The sky is clear and cloudless so you can see far out to sea. The ocean is in motion, but there is no storm. Only small wave lines appear.

This external image of her surroundings, at the same time, reflects the inner state of mind of the Queen of Cups, which is calm and attentive, without agitating emotions and thoughts.

Upright Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Queen of Cups represents great care and mercy in your actions. You are always the first point of contact for your fellow human beings about their worries and needs, and you take care of their problems with almost motherly devotion, simply listening to them and offering comfort.

Your mercy allows you to be free from resentment and ill will, but instead to forgive the transgressions of your fellow man and reveal to them again the possibility for a new beginning.

By taking care of others, you will receive your effort back many times over in the form of gratitude and recognition, and in times of great need, you will always have many people around you on whom you can rely.

Another meaning of the Queen of Cups is to trust in your spiritual powers. Instead of giving in to material temptations that suggest happiness and contentment, you should look deep within yourself to see how you can attain true happiness and contentment.

You carry the answers to the important questions in life around with you in the form of your subconscious.

A true treasure, just like the Queen’s chalice, which always accompanies us and which no one else in the world can open or see except ourselves if you dare to face the truth.

By surrendering more to your spiritual side in life and accordingly listening more to your inner voice and intuition, your inner treasures will reveal themselves all by themselves and delight you for a lifetime.

The Queen of Cups Tarot card stands for living out and trusting our own intuition. Often we do not hear our inner voice in everyday life because of agitating thoughts and feelings.

But if you manage to quiet your inner life with the help of meditation and contemplation, the messages from the depths of the subconscious will make their way to the surface.

Just like the calm sea on the Queen of Cups card, a relaxed state of mind will allow us to get back in touch with our innermost thoughts, which in turn will open up new creative processes.

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Upright Queen of Cups Tarot Love Meaning


As a single, the Queen of Cups reveals that you can quickly win over other people through your great caring and empathy. You quickly manage to put yourself in your counterpart’s shoes and guess their feelings and thoughts.

Thus, you create a deep and intimate bond between you already at the beginning of your acquaintance, whereby a lot of mutual trusts can already develop.

However, make sure that your generosity and care are not exploited unilaterally but that your counterpart shows the same degree of responsibility towards you.

The Queen of Cups also reveals that when choosing a partner, you should listen to yourself to perceive your inner voice right at the beginning of getting to know each other.

Your intuition makes itself felt in different ways already at the first meeting with your date because already the vernacular speaks of the well-known “love at first sight!”.

Your gut feeling is not impressed by external appearances, such as social status or profession, but tells you immediately and directly whether you fit together on an emotional level or not.


In a relationship, the Queen of Cups shows us how important mutual care and mercy are for each other. Together with our partner, we experience most of the ups and downs in life and not infrequently there are conflicts among each other.

In such stressful times, the partnership can suffer from quarrels. Therefore it is important that both partners care for each other and thus for their relationship.

Small attentions or help in everyday life or simply having an open ear for the partner are often enough to express our care and create a harmonious mood.

The Queen of Cups encourages you as a couple to deal more with common spiritual issues.

What is the meaning of life?
What are valuable ethics in life?
Such questions are important to ask. As a couple, you have the opportunity to find answers to them.

By sharing your thoughts and ideas about spiritual questions, you will gain new access and answers to unsolved puzzles of your life. Together you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner.

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Upright Queen of Cups Health Meaning

For your health, the Queen of Cups means that you depend on the support of other people in case of illness. Accepting help from others is not always easy.

However, you should not reject offered support lightly. Your healing process will progress much faster if you have loving people around you who care for you.

On the other hand, the Queen of Cups signals that you should care more for someone in your environment.

Especially with chronic illnesses, simple acts of help such as shopping or listening to one’s problems can be a real relief. You will also increase your well-being by being compassionate to others and helping them.

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Upright Queen of Cups Career Meaning

In professional terms, the Queen of Cups stands for giving more space to your spirituality. That includes relying more on your intuition besides numbers and words.

It helps you create new solutions to problems in your job and decide on the right career path. Use your break, for example, to meditate briefly and awaken your spiritual powers.

Furthermore, the Queen of Cups stands for showing care for your colleagues. Mutual support strengthens the feeling of togetherness and leads to a much better working atmosphere. If you are in an emergency situation yourself, you can rely on the help of your colleagues.

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Upright Queen of Cups Finances/Money Meaning

Financially, the Queen of Cups encourages you to express your charity in the form of donations. Even small amounts help needy people all over the world to get something to eat on the table.

Sharing your wealth with others is a great act of charity and fills both donor and recipient with deep joy.

The Queen of Cups also encourages you to invest in your own spiritual development. Attend a meditation or tarot course and learn to reconnect with yourself.

Because money alone does not make you happy, but how you use it for yourself. And the best investment is still in yourself and the associated awakening of your potential.

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Upright Queen of Cups Destiny Meaning

As a fate card, the Queen of Cups encourages you to live out your spiritual side. By learning to trust your intuition again, new paths will open up in your life.

Discover the hidden potentials and powers within you and let them unfold freely.

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Upright Queen of Cups Personality

The Queen of Cups describes a very caring personality. The person cares a lot about his fellow men and wants everyone to be well. For this, the person does not spare any effort.

Furthermore, the card shows that someone has a strong spiritual reference. Such a character is oriented not only to the world of logic and numbers but also to the realm of faith and intuition.

Upright Queen of Cups Tarot Past/Future


Use your spiritual experiences from your past to gain new insights. A second look often brings out the unexpected.

During the last months you have been very merciful to your fellow human beings. Preserve the beautiful feeling of having done well.


Someone close to you will soon need your care. Do not reject but support this person with all your strength.

If you follow your gut feeling in the near future, unexpected ways will open up for you. Even if you cannot see their end yet, trust that your intuition will guide you.

Upright Queen of Cups Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Queen of Cups encourages you to look at the question from a neutral and sober point of view. You will find that a yes answer will help you much more than a no.

Nevertheless, you should be careful to recognize and eliminate unwanted consequences in time.

Reversed Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Queen of Cups Reversed card represents great self-absorption, leading to delusion and illusion. While it is important that we can love and accept ourselves, sometimes we overshoot the mark in doing so and reject any criticism of our ego or transform it in a self-serving sense.

When looking at our inner feelings and thoughts, the first thing is to look at what is actually going on with me in a non-judgmental way.

In this way, we can question ourselves and gradually reduce the characteristics that harm us and others in the long term and replace them with positive attributes.

Through such an inner transformation, we can protect ourselves from great harm and maintain a positive relationship with ourselves.

The Queen of Cups Reversed shows that you are very careless with your fellow human beings at the moment. You are very preoccupied with yourself and your thoughts and feelings, so you increasingly lose contact with your fellow man.

Of course, it is important to solve and think about upcoming problems, but be careful not to lose yourself in countless thought loops.

Turn your attention to the people around you and not only to your own needs and you will also receive help with your problems.

Another aspect of the Queen of Cups Reversed is that you are holding back part of your emotions at the moment and appear very detached and sober. The fear of being overwhelmed by your strong emotions often leads us to try to hide them deep inside and lock them up.

However, it is only a matter of time before the feelings boil up again and then explosively come to the surface. A certain amount of sobriety can certainly help create some distance from the violent emotions and channel them accordingly.

Too much sobriety can cause us to become very affect-flattened in our overall experience and thus forfeit the chance to live out positive feelings as well.

Reversed Queen of Cups Tarot Love Meaning


The Queen of Cups Reversed reveals that you are too careless in your search for a partner and listen too little to your intuition.

Don’t be blinded by the outward appearance or social status of the person you are dating and ignore your inner voice that warns you not to enter into a deeper relationship with that person.

By practicing mindfulness and judging your social relationships less with your head and more with your intuition, you will develop a social and emotional intuition that will tell you early on whether you are swimming on a wave with the person in question.

The Queen of Cups Reversed also shows you as a single that you seem very sober and absorbed to new acquaintances. You have a lot to do with yourself at the moment and difficulties getting involved with other people.

Try to clarify your feelings and thoughts before getting involved in a new partnership. Love develops if you are willing to share your feelings with someone else and not keep them locked deep inside yourself.


In a partnership, the Queen of Cups Reversed reveals that one partner acts too self-absorbed in your daily life. One partner only sees his own advantage in the relationship and disregards the needs of the other one.

Self-love is in certain measures a basic requirement to love someone else, but if it leads to narcissism and completely ignores the wishes of the other partner, a fundamental discussion about further living together is needed.

To restore a good balance in our partnership we should love our partner as much as ourselves and behave accordingly.

Another aspect of the Queen of Cups Reversed is that you are currently making yourself too dependent on your relationship. Dependence can be financial or emotional and carries the risk to be taken advantage of by your partner.

In a healthy relationship, both partners strive for each other to be well and to have their own space.

If you feel too dependent on your partner in any area and are suffering, seek advice from friends or family to see if they share your perception.

Create space in your partnership to live more independently again and lead the relationship at eye level again.

Reversed Queen of Cups Health Meaning

The Queen of Cups Reversed reveals that you are too careless with your health. Often we think, “Nothing will happen to me,” and maintain bad health behaviors such as smoking, drinking, or overeating.

But in the long run, this increases the probability of getting seriously ill. Therefore, be critical of yourself and try to replace negative behaviors with health-promoting ones.

Another meaning of the Queen of Cups Reversed is that addiction endangers your health.

You make your well-being dependent on whether you can satisfy your addiction (to food, alcohol or love) and let it increasingly determine your everyday life. Confide with someone and seek professional help if needed.

Reversed Queen of Cups Career Meaning

The Queen of Cups Reversed shows that you care too much about your concerns at work. At work, many activities require the cooperation of all colleagues.

If you take yourself out of such tasks, you will very quickly be isolated in the job and cannot count on the support of your colleagues. As a lone fighter, difficult challenges in the job cannot be overcome, but only together as a team.

In addition, the Queen of Cups Reversed means that you are acting very carelessly at work at the moment. You have a mental blockage right now, which ties up all your attention.

Try to look at your work as a kind of distraction, where you have concrete tasks in front of you. By learning to focus on your job again, you take away the power of inner barriers over your life.

Reversed Queen of Cups Finances/Money Meaning

The Queen of Cups Reversed warns you not to make your happiness too dependent on material things. Lots of money and fortune give us a good feeling of security in the short term. However, in the long run, they create strong fears of loss.

Rather concentrate on inner treasures like compassion, intuition and self-love, which you always carry with you and which enrich you every day anew.

Another aspect of the reversed Queen of Cups is that you are very careless with your finances. You spend a lot of money on a certain standard of living that you can’t really afford. Adjust your lifestyle to your income and set aside a small emergency reserve for bad times.

Reversed Queen of Cups Destiny Meaning

The Queen of Cups Reversed reveals for your destiny not to withdraw from the world and take refuge in daydreams.

The real world offers undreamt-of possibilities to those who are willing to take their destiny into their own hands and shape it.

Reversed Queen of Cups Personality

The Queen of Cups reversed indicates a careless character. Such a person has his focus only inward. He does not even notice what is happening in the world around him.

In addition, it may be a self-absorbed personality. He has only his own interests and needs in mind and is hardly interested in the concerns of his fellow men.

Reversed Queen of Cups Tarot Past/Future


Try to look soberly at negative events from past days. That way, you will realize that they have helped you to grow beyond yourself.

Lately, you have become very dependent on other people. Just because certain relationships go back a long time, you don’t have to put up with everything.


If you continue to walk carelessly through your everyday life in the near future, many valuable experiences will remain closed to you. Therefore, always direct your gaze outward.

In the future, you will have to do a lot with yourself. There is a danger that you will neglect important people around you.

Reversed Queen of Cups Tarot Card – Yes or No

Your gut feeling is conflicted on this issue. You feel you are missing an important detail to make a balanced decision.

Therefore, you should first consider a no until you have more information. This way, the consequences of your choice will be limited.

The Cups Tarot Card Meanings