The Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Seven of Cups is one of the most important cards of the Minor Arcana.

Below you will learn everything about its meaning both in the upright and reversed position.

In addition to the general interpretation, the topics of love, health, career, finances and destiny are also explained in detail.

Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Seven of Cups Keywords

Upright: Decision, Illusion, Desire, Alternative
Reversed: Excess, Escape, Structure, Balance

The Seven of Cups Tarot Card Description

The Seven of Cups shows a man standing in front of a cloud on which there are seven cups with different contents.

The cloud stands here for imagination and wishful thinking because the depicted wishes have not yet manifested themselves in the real world.

The man is dressed in black and stretches out an arm to the cloud as if he wanted to take a chalice. But in doing so, he falls prey to the illusion that his wishes are already within his grasp, even though they only exist in his head so far.

The seven cups also illustrate many alternatives, each with corresponding positive or negative consequences, and we must decide which chalice to choose for ourselves.

The contents of the chalices are very different in their effects and show that we must be very careful about our desires, as they can often have unexpected consequences for us.

A chalice contains a human head that has the face of an oracle and can give answers and wisdom accordingly.

A glowing encased figure reveals the desire for inner enlightenment in dark times of life. Another chalice contains a snake, which can stand for passion, desire and renewal. A tower rises from another chalice, demonstrating stability and security.

Jewels and treasures symbolize wealth and prosperity. One cup contains a laurel wreath that represents success and high status. There is also a skull that warns of the dangers of pride and arrogance.

As the last gift, we see a dragon, which stands for magic and imagination.

Upright Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Seven of Cups Tarot card admonishes us to be careful with what we wish for. All the wishes we have should make us happier.

However, we often find it difficult to distinguish between long-term and short-term happiness.

Material wealth, for example, is a desirable goal in life for many people, as they believe it will free them from all earthly worries.

However, wealth alone does not make people happy; on the contrary, it often leads to even more fears and worries that one’s wealth could disappear again.

Deep and long-term happiness is not for sale but comes from ourselves, by sharing compassion, generosity and cheerfulness with our fellow human beings.

The Seven of Cups indicates that we are facing an important decision in life. Especially at the beginning of new phases of life, we must choose between a wide range of options.

Consider all positive and negative consequences concerning your decision and weigh them carefully. The outward appearance of a choice can quickly conceal its true essence and sometimes hold unpleasant surprises in store.

Especially when making difficult decisions, let your intuition guide you and focus your attention on the long-term positive effects of your choice.

Another meaning of the Seven of Cups is that we indulge in wishful thinking and daydreaming without manifesting them in the real world.

Perhaps you dream of losing weight or becoming physically fit but without exercising and a proper diet, your body will not change.

If you want to reorient yourself professionally to earn more money, this will only succeed through appropriate training or applications.

Dreams are important because they show us what we can achieve with the right motivation. Live your dream by making a concrete decision to make it come true. Do not be afraid to invest the necessary time and energy.

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Upright Seven of Cups Tarot Love Meaning


As a single, the Seven of Cups reveals that you are currently facing an important decision in your love life that involves several people around you.

Perhaps you have developed deep feelings for several friends around you, and right now you don’t know with whom you can imagine a long-term relationship.

When making a decision that affects your love life, always let your feelings and intuition be your first guide, as these can most honestly express the unconscious connections and energies between two people.

Instead of dancing at several weddings at the same time, you should choose one relationship and thereby stop giving false hope to the other people involved.

The Seven of Cups also shows that you are too deceived by external characteristics when choosing a partner.

Often we present ourselves in the partner search quite differently than we really are to impress our counterparts. But the more we pretend, the sooner this illusion will vanish into thin air.

Pay attention not so much to external or material advantages of your date, but to what extent your date behaves sincerely and authentically.


In a relationship, the Seven of Cups signals various unfulfilled desires in a partnership. Such desires can include different areas and put a significant strain on the relationship if not taken care of.

First of all, not only keep your wishes regarding the partnership in your head but share them with your partner.

Do not formulate your wishes as a reproach but to present them as an enrichment of the relationship.

Together you can see to what extent a realization is possible and how you specifically want to live out your wishes. Another aspect of the Seven of Cups Tarot card in a relationship is that we make unrealistic illusions about our partnership or love in general.

Such illusions can be, for example, that a good relationship knows no quarrels or that we can completely re-educate our partner the way we would like him to be.

If such unrealistic illusions are enforced, by all means, they inevitably lead to strong tensions and disharmony between the partners.

Accept that a relationship cannot be squeezed into simple schemes and pipe dreams but requires acceptance and respect for the partner from both sides. With that in mind, you can live a long-term and happy partnership.

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Upright Seven of Cups Health Meaning

For your health, the Seven of Cups means that you should not burden yourself with too many things at once. There is a danger that you will quickly become overloaded, which will harm your health.

Decide instead on a project which you pursue with all your strength and put other things on the back burner for the time being.

Furthermore, the Seven of Cups stands for being especially cautious with too seductive promises of healing.

If someone offers to heal so far incurable illnesses, you should become clairaudient and rather take distance. Because often the true motives of such “healers” are to earn money from the suffering of others instead of curing diseases.

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Upright Seven of Cups Career Meaning

For your career, the Seven of Cups means not blindly chasing a dream job. On closer examination, such a job can have considerable disadvantages, such as loss of income or a complete change of residence.

Therefore, do not chase after illusions, but look for jobs that are the best compromise for you in the overall package.

In addition, the Seven of Cups stands for an upcoming professional decision that will have a great impact on your working life. That may include a job change or transfer to a new department.

It’s best to make a pros and cons list, weighing the pros and cons of your choices.

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Upright Seven of Cups Finances/Money Meaning

For your finances, the Seven of Cups means that you finally want to fulfill long-awaited material desires.

Even if you have just saved some money, you should not spend it all at once. Treat yourself to one or two purchases and rather put your remaining money aside for difficult times.

Another meaning of the Seven of Cups is that an important investment decision (new loan, car) is coming up. While you have a wide range of options, not every choice is worth the money.

Therefore, don’t be blinded by great promises or prices, but inform yourself in advance about the individual advantages or disadvantages of the respective alternatives.

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Upright Seven of Cups Destiny Meaning

As a fate card, the Seven of Cups reveals that you have to choose between different desires in life.

Keep in mind that each of your desires can have positive and negative outcomes. Therefore, weigh well in advance which dreams you want to fulfill and what consequences they will have for your life in the long run.

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Upright Seven of Cups Personality

The Seven of Cups represents a personality that has difficulty making a decision. Because of several alternatives he is often overwhelmed and postpones his choice again and again.

In addition, the card characterizes a person who likes to build castles in the air and dwell in them. His own illusions prevent him from putting his wishes into practice.

Upright Seven of Cups Tarot Past/Future


A decision from days gone by is still bothering you. Even if you cannot turn back time, you have gained an important experience.

Often you imagine your past and wish it back. However, you are under an illusion if you believe that everything was better in the past.


You are running away from an important commitment from your past. But ignoring it won’t make it go away forever.

Not so long ago, your life was much more structured than it is now. Try to remember how you got everything together then.

Upright Seven of Cups Tarot Card – Yes or No

You eagerly wish for a clear decision regarding your concern. But your mind is clouded by many illusions, which make a clear view of things almost impossible. Therefore, the Seven of Cups encourages you to choose no and sort out your thoughts and expectations.

Reversed Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Seven of Cups Reversed shows that we feel overwhelmed with a decision ahead of us.

While we have plenty of choices, we dare not take one of them for fear of making the wrong decision.

Not making a choice and delaying a decision only moves the problem into the future and increases your worry and indecision.

Ask your friends or partners for help in making the decision you need to make. That gives you new perspectives once again.

Most importantly, you will finally decide on a choice and end your hesitation, reducing your stress. You will learn from this experience how best to weigh and make future decisions.

Another aspect of the Seven of Cups Reversed is finding balance in your life. The seven calyxes symbolize different areas in your life that require different amounts of attention and energy from you.

If you are very busy at work, your time with your family and friends will suffer. On the other hand, if you want more free time to develop yourself, you will have to cut back on your professional life.

To create a balance between these different needs in life, sort them according to the priority they have in your life.

After you have sorted them accordingly, you will better track how your well-being is increasing or if you need to rearrange your priorities.

The Seven of Cups Reversed Tarot card shows that we run away from overwhelming expectations in our everyday life. Certain demands in our life can be very stressful and overwhelm us at times, so we block them out and thus run away from them.

These can be money worries, family problems or professional stress that put us under so much pressure that we ignore or gloss over them.

The escape in such cases is always only possible for a short time. The problems will catch up with you very quickly getting even bigger.

To break this vicious circle, deal with the most urgent problem and try to work on a solution. Feel free to ask for help from friends or professional counselors who can show you ways out of your crisis and accompany you.

Reversed Seven of Cups Tarot Love Meaning


In a love tarot reading, the Seven of Cups represents an escape from a beginning relationship. By fleeing from a partnership and simply leaving the other person in the dark, we miss the chance to face our own fears and feelings that lead to our tendency to flee.

If we instead become aware of where our fears come from, we can dissolve them step by step by recognizing that they are nothing more than thoughts.

We can think of our illusions as to the cloud on the Seven of Cups, it looks large and powerful, but it is nothing more than air and dissipates just as quickly.

Another meaning of the Seven of Cups card is that we are overwhelmed with our emotions when we meet someone new.

Such intense emotions can scare us if we have not experienced them before and lead us to seek distance from the person in question.

But we should instead try to look at our feelings calmly and interpret them correctly, as very intense emotions are often a sign of a strong connection with a person.


In a partnership the Seven of Cups Reversed reveals the importance of a good structure and division of tasks in a relationship. That means that you share the many challenges of everyday life according to your strengths and weaknesses.

While task sharing is crucial, each partner should be able to fill in for the other, such as cooking or shopping, so that if one partner is unavailable, you can still manage the day-to-day.

By having a fixed basic structure in your everyday life and in your relationship life, you will have more time together overall, which you can arrange according to your wishes.

In a partnership, the Seven of Cups Reversed reveals that you still need to find the right balance in your relationship. Many different needs in our daily lives such as work, leisure, family and couple time demand a lot of our time and energy.

It is best to discuss with your partner how you set your common priorities and then anchor them concretely in everyday life to achieve an optimal balance in your relationship.

Reversed Seven of Cups Health Meaning

The Seven of Cups Reversed stands for creating a healthy balance in life. To increase your well-being you have to balance both work and private life.

The balance between mental and physical demands in everyday life is also important to lead a healthy life in the long term.

However, the Seven of Cups Reversed can equally express a flight from an important health decision. Especially when we discover serious symptoms in ourselves, these can trigger fear in us.

Through the fear of a diagnosis, we tend to avoid the visit to the doctor. But a clarification is urgently necessary to have certainty and a possible illness does not worsen.

Reversed Seven of Cups Career Meaning

The Seven of Cups Reversed reveals the importance of a well-structured job. Order your tasks in your job according to their importance and set realistic goals for your daily work.

An orderly workplace also speaks for a structured mind, which helps you to master difficult challenges at work.

Furthermore, the Seven of Cups Reversed stands for paying attention to your work-life balance. Overtime in the office can sometimes be necessary to finish a project in time.

But overtime should not become the rule so that you have no time for other areas of life. Only if you have enough time to regenerate you perform at your best at work.

Reversed Seven of Cups Finances/Money Meaning

The Seven of Cups Reversed can express an overstrain with your finances. You don’t have a clear overview of your current expenses and income or which contracts you should sign.

Get the support of a good friend or financial advisor and get your money affairs back in order.

In addition, the Seven of Cups Reversed admonishes you to keep your income and expenses in balance. Balance here does not necessarily mean that you always have a zero on the bank statement at the end of the month.

Rather, you should strive to have your income slightly exceed your expenses. If you manage this balancing act, you are financially well prepared for unexpected events.

Reversed Seven of Cups Destiny Meaning

The Seven of Cups Reversed means for your destiny that you try to keep your life in constant balance.

Whether it is work and personal life or body and mind, the middle path sometimes requires us to experience an imbalance to get back on our right path. Use such deviations and learn from them where your true center in life is.

Reversed Seven of Cups Personality

The Seven of Cups reversed symbolizes someone who is very structured in life. The person has a precise plan in his head, which makes it easy for him to choose his path.

Furthermore, the card can indicate a person who tries to maintain a balance between their different areas of life and thus create harmony.

Reversed Seven of Cups Tarot Past/Future


At the moment, you have many wishes which you would like to realize in the near future. Be careful not to overreach yourself with your plans.

With upcoming challenges, you will soon have several alternatives which you should consider for your actions.


In the future, you will have to make some decisions that can lead to overload. Try to work through one matter at a time.

Upcoming events may soon throw your life off track. Keep the balance and you will get through this turbulent time unscathed.

Reversed Seven of Cups Tarot Card – Yes or No

As soon as you manage to get some structure into your question, many doubts will dissipate by themselves.

Start with a simple yes and the rest will fall into place. With a clear decision, you pave the way to deeper answers for yourself.

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