The Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The Six of Pentacles is one of the most important cards of the Minor Arcana.

Below you will learn everything about its meaning both in the upright and reversed position.

In addition to the general interpretation, the topics of love, health, career, finances and destiny are also explained in detail.

Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The Six of Pentacles Keywords

Upright: Acceptance, Prosperity, Generous, Sharing
Reversed: Debt, Selfish, Lack, Hoarding

The Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Description

The Six of Pentacles Tarot card shows a wealthy man distributing alms to two beggars. The rich man wears a valuable fur hat, leather boots and elegant robes that symbolize his wealth and high status.

He has the power with his wealth to help his poorer fellow men and prevent their existential distress.

In his left hand, he holds a scale to estimate exactly how much help and support a needy person needs. Because only when he distributes his alms fairly to all the poor, he effectively alleviate the great need around him.

He consciously turns his body and gazes to those in need of help, expressing his respect and sympathy for their fate.

On the card, we see two beggars on their knees begging for some alms, symbolizing that the number of people affected by poverty in the world always significantly exceeds that of the wealthy.

Furthermore, the poor remind us that any of us can slip into the role of a beggar, no matter how rich we used to be. Especially in a time of need, false pride leads us to reject important help to get back on our feet so that we remain in our misery.

But if you always think of your fellow men in good times and give them help, you will have many allies in bad times who will help you back to life.

Upright Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The Six of Pentacles Tarot card represents the great responsibility connected with one’s wealth and influence.

By using your financial and social power to help other people, you will make an important contribution to more justice and thus harmony in society, at least in your immediate environment.

Often small to medium-sized projects, such as a local charity event or a fundraising appeal, will enable you to implement projects that enrich your neighborhood, for example, a new playground, or the expansion of barrier-free city centers.

Use your available resources to create a better world for yourself and the people around you. You will reap much gratitude and appreciation worth more than all the riches in the world.

Another characteristic of the Six of Pentacles is, that you share your skills and wealth with others, to the benefit of all concerned. In doing so, weigh well who you give what resources to, based on the degree to which they need help.

It makes a difference whether someone needs money for a new car, even though they already have one, or for a car to get to work.

Your support should include not only financial aspects but also practical support, for example, help with renovations or advice on difficult decisions.

You should always consider giving only as much as the needy person needs to get back on their own feet and not become dependent on you.

The Six of Pentacles also encourages you to accept help and gifts from other people and to practice gratitude. Maybe it is difficult for you to accept support from outside because you don’t want to be a burden to anyone and you are used to solving your problems yourself.

However, there are always strokes of fate or challenges in life that we can hardly cope with alone and are therefore dependent on the help of our fellow human beings.

Do not reject offers of help unnecessarily, but show your gratitude and accept the support. When you stand on your own two feet again, you can return the support given to you and maintain the cycle of giving and take.

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Upright Six of Pentacles Tarot Love Meaning


In a Love Tarot reading, the Six of Pentacles stands for being generous in your dating and not being unnecessarily stingy. The first impression on a date is often the most important.

Therefore you should make an effort to act generously, for example, by paying the bill for your dinner or trip to the cinema.

Furthermore, you will leave a lasting impression if you can freely share your thoughts and feelings with your counterpart and thus clearly express your interest in the person in question.

The Six of Pentacles, on the other hand, stands for not brusquely rejecting acknowledgments and small gestures of affection in love, but gratefully accept them.

Especially in dating, you may be annoyed by the same compliments at some point and can no longer accept them.

But your partner often does not know that you have already received many similar compliments and just wants to express his affection for you.

Instead of knocking him on the head, you should be happy about the compliments you receive and appreciate them for what they are, the expression of love for your person.


In a partnership, the Six of Pentacles symbolizes that you as a couple enjoy great material and spiritual prosperity.

Through your good cooperation and division of tasks in your relationship, you have built up an impressive wealth, which you continue to increase through your love for each other.

You have also realized that your well-being as a couple also depends on how your social environment is doing. By assisting your friends and relatives in various life situations with your wealth, you not only help your loved ones but also continue to grow together as partners.

The Six of Pentacles encourages you as a couple to share your worries and hardships and also the beautiful things that happen to you in everyday life.

This way, you will always get the best and most reliable help in upcoming challenges in your life and always be aware that your partner stands behind you and gives you support.

Sharing beautiful aspects of your everyday life also shows your partner that they are an important part of your life. They will feel loved and valued accordingly. Because as a couple, you share your lives in both good times and bad.

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Upright Six of Pentacles Health Meaning

For your health, the Six of Pentacles means that you should accept help from those around you. Especially if you have severe symptoms, support with everyday tasks like shopping or cleaning can be very helpful.

You don’t have to do everything yourself, but you can accept help from others. Then you will also recover faster because you can put all your strength into your healing.

Another aspect of the Six of Pentacles is to offer help to those around you who are ill. Even small errands like getting the mail or something in town are a great relief for a sick person.

At the same time, you can build on support in case you get sick because you have helped others.

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Upright Six of Pentacles Career Meaning

In a career reading, the Six of Pentacles reveals that you have responsibility for colleagues. Especially in a leadership position you also have a duty of care towards your employees.

In case of difficulties, you should be available for advice and support. Situations will arise in which you will also be dependent on your employees.

Another characteristic of the Six of Pentacles is that you receive monetary recognition for your work. Such appreciation may take the form of a promotion or a raise.

If you continue to work with motivation and diligence, your wealth will continue to increase. In addition to material recognition, you will also receive personal appreciation.

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Upright Six of Pentacles Finances/Money Meaning

In a financial context, the Six of Pentacles represents great prosperity coming your way. Often such an increase in wealth is the result of hard work and dedication.

Do not be too modest and reap the fruits of your labor or accept appropriate gifts (salary increase, bonus payment).

Another meaning of the Six of Pentacles is to share your wealth with your fellow man. A small donation can make a big difference in other countries of the world and even save lives.

Look also in your immediate environment. There are always people who depend on financial help. Even small donations can help those people in getting along. The joy you bring to others through your gifts is more precious than all the money in the world.

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Upright Six of Pentacles Destiny Meaning

As a destiny card, the Six of Pentacles means that you should share your knowledge and skills with those around you. Unlike material values, your knowledge enables a much more sustainable support of your environment.

Thus, at the same time, you are also a role model for others to share their skills with the whole world, thus helping as many people as possible.

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Upright Six of Pentacles Personality

The Six of Pentacles reveals a character who likes to share with others. He knows that by doing so, he will also encourage others to do good and help thier fellow man.

Likewise, this can mean an extremely grateful person. Such a person can accept support and help and not go through everything alone out of false pride.

Upright Six of Pentacles Tarot Past/Future


You still feel uncomfortable because you accepted a favor some time ago. But the person did you a service of his own free will, for which you should be grateful.

In the past, you have enjoyed good periods of prosperity. Always be aware that such things cannot be taken for granted.


Soon, you should share something important to you with someone. That will teach you how valuable it is to give to other people.

Try not to be too stingy in the future. You only live once and you should treat yourself once in a while and be generous to yourself.

Upright Six of Pentacles Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Six of Pentacles is a clear yes answer. When making this decision, you should also consider the influence your choice will have on the people around you.

With a yes, you can not only help yourself but also many other people in your environment. Thus your action causes a harmonization of your environment.

Reversed Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The Six of Pentacles Reversed reveals debts to those around you that weigh heavily on your shoulders. In difficult times it is natural to ask other people for temporary help, which you will compensate later.

But if you constantly demand support in the material or practical sense only, it leads to an imbalance in your relations, since other persons always give you more than they receive from you.

As a result, no friend or family member will help you out shortly. Work through your debts one by one, starting with the most urgent and largest ones, and show gratitude for the support you have received so that you can continue to count on help in the future.

Another aspect of the Six of Pentacles Reversed is that you experience a period of a shortage in some areas of your life.

Maybe you have money worries or lack affection and love in your everyday life. The scarcity shows us how transient all abundance and wealth are.

In addition, poverty teaches us to be very mindful and careful with the resources we still have and not to waste them.

Therefore, a lack in your life is not considered completely negative. On the contrary, it can be a great motivator to change your current life situation to the positive and to enrich your everyday life with new ideas and deeds.

The Six of Pentacles Reversed warns you not to think only about yourself and forget about your social environment.

Especially when we as humans achieve a lot of wealth, instead of sharing our happiness with other people, we tend to hoard our wealth and not give any of it to anyone.

Keep in mind that nobody has ever attained prestige and or a high standard of living completely on their own. At some point, everyone depended on and accepted the help of other persons.

Do not hide behind your riches, but share them with your fellow men to support them in difficult times and thus make prosperity possible for all people.

Reversed Six of Pentacles Tarot Love Meaning


The Six of Pentacles Reversed Tarot card reveals a serious lack of self-confidence in your efforts to find a partner.

You feel that you can’t give enough to a future partner because you may be in financial straits or have little self-esteem.

Counter such feelings of inferiority with new ideas and drive and enrich your life by pursuing your interests and meeting new people.

A rich character is worth much more and is more attractive to most people than money or other monetary wealth.

The Six of Pentacles Reversed warns you as a single person to be too selfish in your search for a partner. You only see your own advantages in a relationship and do not consider that you also have to give something to your counterpart.

Such thinking makes dating difficult right from the start because the main focus during the meeting is only on your own topics and you show little interest in your conversation partner.

Instead, learn to listen actively and attentively and make stimulating small talk together with your date, then the chances of intensifying the relationship will also increase.


The Six of Pentacles Reversed shows that your relationship is unbalanced and you owe your partner a lot. Be it that he changed his place of residence for your sake or gave up his hobby. In any case, he has sacrificed a lot for your love so that you are happy.

You have not yet returned the favor to a similar extent, so you are indebted to your partner.

Settle this debt by discussing with your partner what he wishes and needs and how you can help to achieve his goals because only a balanced partnership brings happiness and harmony for both sides.

Another aspect of the Six of Pentacles Reversed is that you withhold various skills or information from your partner for fear of losing the associated benefits for yourself.

A relationship is based on mutual trust and appreciation, so it should be your natural desire to share all aspects of both your and your partner’s life.

For example, what good is monetary wealth if you can’t share your joy with someone?

Instead of senselessly hoarding things or thoughts, you should share them with your partner because shared joy is known to be double joy and will greatly enrich your relationship.

Reversed Six of Pentacles Health Meaning

The Six of Pentacles Reversed reveals that you refuse to accept help when you are ill. You don’t want to be a burden to anyone by neglecting your symptoms.

But you run the risk that your health condition will rapidly deteriorate. Therefore, go to the doctor as soon as possible and get support to alleviate your symptoms.

Furthermore, the Six of Pentacles Reversed represents unnecessary hoarding of medicines. Your medicine cabinet is piled high with all kinds of ointments and drops because you want to be prepared for every illness.

But hoarding medicines makes little sense, as they also have an expiration date. Rather, build up a basic stock of medicines and use them sustainably.

Reversed Six of Pentacles Career Meaning

The Six of Pentacles Reversed shows that a leader in your company is abusing their power. Instead of forming a team, only selfishness and competition are promoted.

Such a negative work climate can significantly affect the overall work performance. Try to find another job for yourself or look for colleagues to team up with.

In addition, the Six of Pentacles warns you of an impending dismissal or warning. Despite your efforts, you will hardly be recognized and your work performance will be judged as poor.

Do not let such criticism get you down. Instead, look for a job where your talents and hard work are appreciated.

Reversed Six of Pentacles Finances/Money Meaning

The Six of Pentacles Reversed can indicate debts that are weighing heavily on your finances. You will have to cut down your standard of living to make ends meet.

Don’t lose heart and make a concrete plan of how and when you want to reduce your debts. Because with a clear goal in mind, the debt burden is easier to bear.

Furthermore, the Six of Pentacles warns you not to hoard your money senselessly. Use at least a part of your wealth to enrich your life with new experiences, for example, through travel or hobbies.

Do not wait too long because whether your money can fulfill your wishes in the future is not guaranteed (recessions, illness).

Reversed Six of Pentacles Destiny Meaning

Regarding your destiny, The Six of Pentacles Reversed reveals that you will face times of scarcity. You will have to limit yourself significantly in some areas of life to get by well.

You should not reject offers of help from outside lightly. Because with the support of other people you will be able to recover more quickly.

Reversed Six of Pentacles Personality

The Six of Pentacles reversed indicates a personality that hoards a lot of possessions around him. He does not give any of it to others but wants to satisfy her need for security with it.

The card also shows a deeply selfish trait. The person thinks primarily only about his well-being. He cannot and will not put himself in other people’s shoes.

Reversed Six of Pentacles Tarot Past/Future


Debts from past times still burden you to some extent. Face them finally, in order to reduce them step by step.

You are not at all unfamiliar with a lack in past phases of life. This experience teaches you to appreciate the things and people being around you.


Selfish behavior will not bring you far in the future and will rather harm you. You need other people to support you on your way.

Beware of hoarding senseless things in the future. They can often help other people in your environment much more than you.

Reversed Six of Pentacles Tarot Card – Yes or No

In this question, you should not only think of your own advantages because a purely egoistic action can have far-reaching consequences for you later.

With a no, you will feel a little more burden on your shoulders in the short term, but in the long term you will profit from it.

The Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings