PA Hermit

General Meaning
The Hermit Tarot card encourages us to consciously retreat from everyday life for a while and make a conscious effort to mature within ourselves. You can do such a type of retreat daily through smaller periods of meditation, like in yoga and tarot.

You can also take a journey that helps you further understand your innermost being, like a time out in a monastery or pilgrimage.

Through these forms of retreat, you will be able to receive answers to important questions in your life and your path to spiritual maturity will become more clear.

The Hermit in a love Tarot reading stands for a high degree of isolation. Being alone for too long can cause us to gradually unlearn how to make contact with other persons so that we become more and more lonely.

Especially as a single person, it is important to have a good circle of friends to share your feelings and thoughts with them. By talking to other people and doing things together, you train your social skills, which are fundamental for building a long-term partnership.

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