PA Chariot

General Meaning
The Chariot card is a sign of hard decisions we have to make in life right now. Instead of constantly weighing the pros and cons (represented as the two sphinxes on the card), just make a decision and take a direction.

Especially with difficult decisions in life, such as changing jobs, choosing a partner or moving house, there is no clear right or wrong. Rather, it is about moving forward in your life and taking a path.

Especially if the path to your goal is rocky and very convoluted, you can still learn the most through these challenges and grow from them, true to the saying: “The way is the goal.”

The Chariot encourages us to approach potential partners courageously and reveal our feelings. Now is not the time for procrastination or hesitation. Be courageous in your love affairs and open yourself to your crush.

You have nothing to lose, but win a lot, be it a new relationship or experience. The Chariot invites you to devotion, which means that on a date, for example, you are completely involved with your partner and not distracted by other things.

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