NA Temperance

General Meaning
Another aspect of The Temperance is the presence of an imbalance in life. That can mean an excess of things as well as a lack. Perhaps you are dissatisfied with your weight, financial situation, or the number of friends you have.

Regardless of which area it concerns, make an effort to reduce the imbalance and thus restore a balance. Do this carefully and according to plan. Otherwise, you run the risk of going from one extreme to the next and constantly missing the middle ground.

Go to the point where you feel comfortable again and stay there for a moment. That way, you will get a sense of your natural center again.

The Temperance in a love Tarot context indicates that you urgently need to regain your energy when searching for a partner. Now is not the time to throw yourself into new, wild acquaintances.

Instead, you need to recharge your batteries, preferably by taking it easy in your love life. Get together with friends or your family and try to calm down and recharge your batteries.

Only with fresh energy will you be able to seize and use upcoming opportunities in dating.

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