NA Lovers

General Meaning
The Lovers Tarot card signals that you revolve too much around yourself. Such selfishness prevents you from perceiving the needs and desires of people around you, thus isolating you socially.

On the other hand, the preoccupation with ourselves can lead us to consolidate or once again question our values and attitudes. A healthy amount of self-love enables us to love other people to a similar extent.

By observing and comparing yourselves to your fellow human beings, you can better reflect on yourself. You will quickly recognize whether your values are in harmony or out of balance.

As a single, The Lovers Tarot card reveals you to be very busy. You enter into many short relationships, but they always leave you unfulfilled, so you move on to the next partnership.

This fickleness is partly because you are afraid to open up to your partner. As soon as the first love frenzy is over and you meet on a deeper level, you close yourself off and turn away.

Try to trust your partner more and don’t be afraid to open up. You will most likely have a positive experience with it because trusting someone else allows us to experience deep security and safety.

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