01 Love Justice


As a single, the Tarot card of Justice reveals to you that a long phase of being alone will end soon. Especially if you have put a lot of time and effort into finding a new partnership, fate will do you justice and let you find new love.

Keep in mind that the karmic law of cause and effect will only do justice to those who are willing to invest time and energy in their plans.

You will find a new love only if you step out of your comfort zone and dare to meet new people and try new activities.

The Justice Tarot card urges you to be very honest about yourself, especially at the beginning of a new relationship, and not to try to make yourself more attractive by telling untruths. Building a relationship on truth is a great guarantee of mutual trust for both partners in the long run.


In a relationship, The Justice reveals a high degree of responsibility for each other. Make sure that you are there for your partner especially in difficult situations in life.

If you have made a mistake, do not blame others or your partner, but stand up for your misconduct and make amends.

A relationship in which there is mutual support and no fear of admitting mistakes will be characterized by deep trust in each other and great stability.

The Justice can also be an expression of a very balanced relationship, where openness and truth prevail between both partners.

Continue to nurture your good relationship foundation and be a role model for those around you by exemplifying the importance of deep honesty and openness in a relationship.

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