01 Love Strength


In a love tarot context, The Strength Tarot card reveals to us to be brave now and dare a new relationship. Your courage to meet and approach someone new will further strengthen your confidence in your flirting abilities.

Our inner attitude determines whether we stay alone or we manage to enter into a relationship with another person. Be merciful to yourself and don’t let yourself be distracted by missteps in love, but learn from them.

We learn the most helpful experiences from our mistakes. The Strength encourages us to use our influence to meet new people.

Whether at the sports club or work, use your existing networks to meet a new partner and convince them of your endearing and positive qualities.


In a relationship, The Strength Tarot card shows us that as a couple you unite a great inner strength. Through your common goals, you combine your abilities, so that hardly anything can stop you in your plans.

You complement each other in terms of your strengths and weaknesses so that there is hardly an obstacle that you cannot remove. Thereby you further strengthen your inner bond of love and consolidate your partnership.

Furthermore, courage in the relationship belongs to the qualities of The Strength card. Courage means to disclose unpleasant things in a relationship to your partner and not to keep them secret.

This strengthens your mutual trust and also encourages your partner to be honest and open with you.

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