01 Love Sun


In a love Tarot reading The Sun promises you great luck and success in your efforts finding a partner. With a positive outlook on life and an optimistic attitude, you will find that other people are attracted to you, as they find your closeness very beneficial.

You will get many opportunities to meet a new soul mate, which will allow you to see which person suits you best. Use your current positive energy to share it with another person and you will both have a happy time together.

The Sun encourages you to use all aspects of your body to find your ideal partner. This means keeping yourself physically fit and active, as well as working on how to present yourself more attractively on the outside.

Pay attention to your inner attitudes and always be positive and optimistic. Because this way your body will adapt to your inner attitude and you will appear much more present and vital to your environment.

Let your joie de vivre shine outwardly and inwardly. Thus love will flow into your life almost by itself.


In a relationship, The Sun reveals a great fit with your partner. Your common plans as a couple, be it starting a family or building a house, will succeed despite resistance and form a stable foundation of your relationship.

Now is a good time to set new goals, as you are forming a very good team that can accomplish anything together.

By sharing and experiencing happy moments together, you will experience deep satisfaction in your partnership, which is granted to only a few couples.

The Sun is a sign that you have received a deep insight into the mystery of True Love, which is difficult to describe with words. Rather, it covers deep feelings and a kind of shared intuition, in that you often experience the same thoughts and emotions as your soul mate.

You both share a deep spiritual feeling of love, which in turn ensures that you radiate optimism and contentment to those around you and thus let them participate in your True Love.

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