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Today you feel at peace with the world and your inner self. From the morning to the evening, your day will develop in your favor.

Whatever you intend to do, do it with your whole heart and blossom in the here and now.

Detailed Interpretation

The upright World Tarot card reveals that you have successfully completed a crucial phase in life. Be it an apprenticeship/study or an important project at work, your efforts and perseverance have now paid off and everything has gone as you had imagined.

You have brought about the fulfillment of these cycles yourself through your dedication and willingness to make an effort so that you can now reap the fruits of your labor.

Calmly look back on the path that lies behind you and make yourself aware of the ups and downs you had to overcome to now be at your destination.

The World encourages you not to stand still but to look for new challenges in life to grow inwardly. By actively participating in the life around you, you will keep learning and living in harmony with your environment.

Thus, as in the Fool’s journey, there are always short pauses in life, but never a final standstill. Once you have mastered one station in life, the next is already waiting for you and will reveal a deeper understanding of the world and yourself.

Another aspect of the World Tarot card is the integration of different attributes that make us into one. Often we struggle with ourselves and are dissatisfied with our body or some of our character traits.

If you manage to build up a positive and appreciative attitude towards yourself, you will learn to love yourself more and to understand yourself better as a whole person.

Especially our small corners and edges make us the person we are. Through your acceptance of your inner being, you will live in harmony with yourself, which in turn radiates to the entire cosmos.

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