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Today you are strongly guided by your fears. Your fear of failure leads to self-doubt, which paralyzes you in your actions.

But your fears are only a self-created illusion. If you manage to lift the veil, a day full of possibilities instead of obstacles will reveal itself to you.

Detailed Interpretation

The Moon Tarot card indicates a period of anxiety and uncertainty. Great plans and projects you have begun are fraught with unexpected difficulties and threaten to fail.

The fear of failing or not being enough prevents you from counteracting adequately. Get clear about your fears and involve other people in your difficulties by asking them for help.

Together you will be able to bring light into the darkness and thus dispel the fear of uncertainty and failure. Be brave and dare to face your fears, so they lose much of their terror.

Another aspect of the Moon card symbolizes the illusions in our lives. Delusions prevent us from looking the truth directly in the eye and are sometimes very difficult to see through.

We can build very powerful illusion castles for ourselves, which we defend to the last. The strongest illusions take place exclusively in our heads.

Regularly check your attitudes or evaluations towards people or situations and see how others think about them. If you can break down the walls of your delusion castle and get rid of your illusions, you will find how multi-layered, complex and fulfilling the truth can be.

The Moon also shows us that you should rely more on your intuition and premonition. Be aware of the lunar cycle when you draw The Moon during a tarot reading.

During New Moon, you should use your imagination to plant the seeds for new projects and dreams, which will be realized over time. You should listen well to your inner feeling, which will help you decide which projects have the best chance of becoming real in the future.

On the other hand, during the Full Moon, it is helpful to look at the goals you have achieved so far in your life and simply enjoy these successes.

Pay attention to your feelings. Maybe it’s time to change direction again regarding your achieved goals.

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