0 Daily Judgment


Today you have to make an important decision. To choose the right way, you have to rely on your inner feeling.

Your inner voice will reveal the right path to you. As soon as you have made a choice, you will feel a wave of relief.

Detailed Interpretation

The Judgment Tarot card indicates that you are on the verge of an important spiritual breakthrough or awakening in your life.

Especially if you have been searching for a new meaning to your current phase of life for a long time, an answer will soon reveal itself to you that is often closer than you realize.

The process of awakening and realizing an answer to important life questions often comes abruptly when we are busy with completely different things in our daily lives.

When your mind is free and open, you can allow new spiritual experiences. You awaken, so to speak, from a dream that represents our old self and rise as a new person.

The Judgment encourages you to follow your inner call. Often we ignore the inner voice that wants to help us to follow our predetermined path in life.

Instead, we allow external voices to dictate a destiny that we do not want or that was not predestined for us. But just as the trombone itself brings the dead back to life, the inner call within us for our destiny becomes louder and louder and cannot be ignored.

Follow the sound of your inner voice and it will lead you back to your destiny path. You will recognize how much easier your life path feels and are getting closer to happiness in life.

Another aspect of the Judgment card is the appearance of an important decision in your life. That is a decisive reorientation of your life path so far, which is why you have to choose one of the paths ahead of you with a lot of thought and consideration.

Trust your own intuition. It will show you the direction you have to move and report back to you as soon as you deviate too much from your predetermined path.

Consider the choices you have made so far in your life. Use the experience you have already gained to weigh the choices in front of you in the best possible way.

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