0 Daily Hermit


Today is a good moment to seek silence. The stress of the last days and weeks still weighs heavily on your shoulders.

Just take some time for yourself. Use your time out to become clear about your next steps in life and to recharge your batteries.

Detailed Interpretation

The Hermit indicates that we need a period of standstill and retreat. In a fast-paced and rushed world, there is often a lack of reflection on our inner values and goals.

The Hermit Tarot card encourages us to consciously retreat from everyday life for a while and make a conscious effort to mature within ourselves. You can do such a type of retreat daily through smaller periods of meditation, like in yoga and tarot.

You can also take a journey that helps you further understand your innermost being, like a time out in a monastery or pilgrimage.

Through these forms of retreat, you will be able to receive answers to important questions in your life and your path to spiritual maturity will become more clear.

The Hermit also symbolizes the turning away from a predominantly material way of life to a life filled with inner wealth. Often we see celebrities who own several mansions and millions of dollars but are deeply unhappy due to inner emptiness.

These people often lack a sense of their inner desires and needs. They are under the illusion that through money all needs can be satisfied. But only if we dare to go on the arduous path to self-awareness like The Hermit, equipped only with the bare essentials, will we realize how we can attain deep and lasting happiness in life.

The Hermit is equipped only with the essentials for his journey, foregoing any ostentation or luxury so that he can concentrate entirely on himself.

Another aspect of The Hermit is that you have found an important spiritual teacher in your life. At certain stages of your path to spiritual maturation, it is good to have someone experienced by your side to guide you on your way to knowledge.

Such a teacher can reveal himself in many persons and sometimes does not even know how much he supports you.

Children, for example, are extremely good teachers because they do not brag about their knowledge but are still naturally in touch with the world and can show us some valuable things that we adults have often forgotten.

A good teacher does not try to convince you of his way but encourages you to stay on your path of wisdom and acquire your own knowledge.

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