0 Daily Magician


Reason and logic are required today. Do not go immediately with the head through the wall, but think first before you act.

This will reveal the little secrets of everyday life to you.

Detailed Interpretation

The Magician stands for the fulfillment of your dreams, even if you no longer believe in them. Everything you need is already in front of you, like on the table of The Magician.

You only have to grab it and start to put your ideas and dreams into reality. Use your spiritual (fire), physical (earth), mental (air) as well as emotional (water) energies to finally make your wishes come true and manifest them in real life.

If you manage to bundle and channel the mentioned energies, almost unlimited possibilities are open to you. Just like the magician, only your imagination is the limit of what you can create.

The time of hesitation and doubt is now over. The Magician reminds you to finally step into action and become creatively active.

Your previous experiences, knowledge and perseverance, which you have acquired in the course of your life, are waiting to be used. End your daydreaming and decide to finally make your wishes come true.

Before your dreams can become real, you must have a clear and concrete idea of them. Become aware of “what” you want to achieve concretely “how”.

With a lot of concentration and dedication, you become the link between the spiritual and the real world and can transfer energies from one world to the other. Continue to be mindful while manifesting your dreams in real life.

Distractions are omnipresent and try to dissuade you from your purpose. Be inspired by The Magician’s dedication and steadfastness and remain focused and devoted to realizing your ideas.

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