The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

The Fool is one of the most important cards of the Major Arcana.

Below you will learn everything about its meaning both in the upright and reversed position.

In addition to the general interpretation, the topics of love, health, profession, finances and fate are also explained in detail.

Tarot Card Meaning

The Fool Keywords

Upright: Spontaneous, Free, Beginning, Childlike
Reversed: Cocky, Impulsive, Risky, Naive

The Fool Tarot Card Description

Tarot Card Description

The Fool has the number 0, which gives it a special position in the Major Arcana. He can be at the beginning as well as at the end of the trumps.

At the same time, he is present everywhere (see “The Fool’s Journey”). The zero also divides the positive from the negative numbers and is their center.

This symbolizes the impartiality and light-heartedness of the Fool, who is not yet trapped in dualistic dogmas but is free to unfold.

He forms the balance between the extremes and can still decide which way he wants to take. The particular starting point of the Fool gives him a special meaning in the Tarot card reading.

On the card we see a young man wandering. He stands on the edge of a cliff, unafraid and unworried, ready to explore the world. His gaze wanders into the distance in search of new adventures.

However, he ignores obvious dangers for the moment, the abyss is dangerously close. He carries on his shoulder a small bundle with his belongings.

He has everything he needs with him to start his journey. Because of the few belongings, his journey is less burdensome at the beginning, since he is not hindered by useless ballast.

A small dog keeps him company and warns him of possible dangers. The dog motivates the hero to keep going and to persevere on his journey to the end.

Mighty rock formations tower in the background, hinting at upcoming ups and downs on the Fool’s journey. The Fool does not care about his potential destiny but begins his journey with vigor and zest for action.

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

The Fool represents above all a new beginning, an opportunity, and untapped potential. You are at first like the Fool at the beginning of your journey, unselfconscious, naive, and free of fears and prejudices, although you are just standing on the edge of an abyss. Without a clear goal in mind, you simply follow your heart and your intuition. You leave doubts and worries behind and trust that your destiny will show you the right path. Your inner mindset should be similar to that of the fool, free, curious, and adventurous. Be ready to grow and have new experiences. Leave all doubts and worries behind you and go your way. Make new experiences. Go different ways. And as a reward, spiritual fulfillment and freedom await you.

The Fool encourages you to use your chance for change now. Waiting and hesitating are inappropriate at the moment. The first step is the most crucial. It is often the most difficult, but once underway your journey will lead you to unimagined possibilities. You don’t need to be completely prepared for your journey, too much ballast will only hinder you and make the way more difficult. Be like the Fool, take only what is necessary, you do not need more. Feel the chances and freedoms that are inherent in a new beginning and orient yourself to your inner child. The latter goes free and unbound new ways to discover the world and to make new experiences. Your inner child does not worry about the future but lives in the present and simply feels the urge to explore his life.

Now is the time to give space to your ideas and creativity and share them with your environment. The Fool encourages us to be brave, to dare new things, and to go out into the world. The impartiality and spontaneity, as it is still naturally present in children, should serve you as a model for your further actions. Your destiny gives you the sign for departure and change through the card of the fool. Believe in yourself and trust your own intuition.

The Fool Reversed points you to a new chance or opportunity. At the same time, he reveals that the time has not yet come to put this chance into action. Your doubts and worries before taking your first step are still holding you back. Perhaps you do not yet have all the necessary preparations or experience to embark on this new path. Keep your energy on hold and postpone this opportunity to a later date.

The Fool Reversed Tarot card warns you not to take unnecessary risks. The Fool is already upside down and in free fall, only one foot is still connected to the earth. It is the same with your own situation, one careless step and the opportunity presented will turn out to be a misstep that can make you fall deep. The Fool Reversed Tarot card also contains the urge to be impulsive. To follow one’s first intuition without much thought often brings the danger of getting hopelessly lost.

Avoid these dead ends by stopping for a moment and becoming aware of which path you need to choose for your purpose.

At the same time, the Fool Reversed expresses a stagnation in your life. You would like to leave your well-trodden paths and break new ground. But self-doubt and fears hold you back. You lack self-confidence and self-efficacy, which causes your life to stagnate. Use this realization to free yourself from stagnation. The universe never stands still but is constantly in motion, creating new paths and spaces at every moment. Follow the flow of constant change and do not let your doubts paralyze you. To go your way means to free yourself from fears and worries.

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