The Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Three of Wands is one of the most important cards of the Minor Arcana.

Below you will learn everything about its meaning both in the upright and reversed position.

In addition to the general interpretation, the topics of love, health, career, finances and destiny are also explained in detail.

Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Three of Wands Keywords

Upright: Exploration, Leadership, Foresight, Expansion
Reversed: Ignorance, Inertia, Security, Restraint

The Three of Wands Tarot Card Description

The Three of Wands Tarot card shows a man looking out to sea. He wears a green and red cloak and is probably a wealthy merchant or trader. His gaze is directed away from the viewer into the distance, exploring the surroundings ahead.

His upright and steadfast posture reveals that he is accustomed to taking the lead and the initiative in his undertakings. He surely knows where his journey leads.

The three staffs around him symbolize his determination and his will to expand further.

The man is standing on a high cliff, allowing him to get a good overview of his surroundings and recognize upcoming opportunities and challenges in advance.

On the sea in front of him are three ships, setting out into new unknown waters to explore and perhaps recover or trade rich treasures.

The boats symbolize the importance of venturing out of one’s comfort zone to develop and grow.

While the sea represents the immense potential inherent in a new departure, the mountains towering in the background symbolize the obstacles lying ahead.

Upright Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Three of Wands encourages you to leave your comfort zone and expand further in different areas of life.

The ocean on the card symbolizes the endless potential that lies in new adventures and challenges, allowing you to mature personally and expand your knowledge and skills.

It is now time to leave your safe harbor and set out into previously unknown waters, be it in love, at work or in your free time.

Don’t be afraid of possible storms or other adversities, as you have already acquired enough knowledge and skills to sail around even the most difficult obstacles and expand your abilities.

Another meaning of the Three of Wands is the need to carefully weigh upcoming challenges or decisions and make appropriate preparations in advance to ensure successful outcomes.

The ability to plan ahead and act accordingly enables you to anticipate foreseeable problems and to prepare yourself well against the storms of life.

Every success of a journey you undertake in life always depends decisively on how well you are prepared for it.

Therefore, plan your plans in time and meticulously so that you do not experience any unpleasant surprises and can devote yourself to your journey and the experiences associated with it.

Furthermore, the Three of Wands Tarot card stands for the leadership qualities you possess, enabling you to achieve your goals more quickly.

Now is a good time for you to take the helm of important projects and set the direction in which the journey should go.

Use your natural charisma and persuasiveness to get those around you to join you in your plans, as you will achieve your goals much more quickly and efficiently with a few allies at your side than you would on your own.

However, a good leadership trait also includes taking responsibility and standing up for your comrades when problems or obstacles arise. Only in this way can you be sure that your fellow human beings will faithfully stand by you until the end of your journey.

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Upright Three of Wands Tarot Love Meaning


In a love tarot context, the Three of Wands encourages you to look for new opportunities in love that will help you find new love. Leave your safe haven and set out to explore new avenues in love.

For example, you can try out new hobbies or interests that you’ve had your eye on for a while and come into contact with new people who share your passion.

If you are willing to explore yourself and your environment, you will meet many lovely people on your journey, one of whom could be true love.

Furthermore, the Three of Wands as a single person stands for expanding your social circles so that your chances of meeting a new love increase accordingly.

It is best to think about the framework in which you could meet other like-minded people because similarities create a certain basic sympathy, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Such similarities can be the same interests, your own profession or value systems.


In a partnership, the Three of Wands Reversed Tarot card encourages you to take the lead in upcoming projects. In a relationship, it is sometimes necessary for a partner to lead the way in certain challenges, based on their own expertise or past experience.

Try to take your partner by the hand and guide him through the task. Do not only give instructions but always have an open ear for your partner and his needs on your way.

Another aspect of the Three of Wands is that you as a couple should be aware of the long-term implications of your current goals and decisions.

Maybe you are thinking about buying a house or starting a family, plans that sometimes require a lot of foresight from you.

Because you have to estimate well which burdens will come up to you in the near and distant future and how you want to meet them together. The better prepared you are, the easier you will realize your long-term goals.

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Upright Three of Wands Health Meaning

The Three of Wands reveals that you feel the need to improve your health. Although you already feel quite fit, you would like to improve your performance.

For this, it is necessary to go beyond your usual limits. It may be necessary to travel longer distances, like for a personal trainer or a new sport.

Another aspect of the Three of Wands is that you should look for new ways of healing.

Especially if conventional remedies do not alleviate your symptoms sufficiently, you should try alternative treatments (TCM, homeopathy). These can support the healing process and have manageable side effects.

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Upright Three of Wands Career Meaning

In professional terms, the Three of Wands symbolizes a departure for new shores. That can mean a new job or the step into self-employment.

It is important to make the necessary preparations for your professional change in advance. Then you will be well prepared against initial storms or obstacles.

Another aspect of the Three of Wands is that you get a higher leadership responsibility in your company. Leading employees successfully requires a high degree of empathy on the one hand and good conflict management on the other.

As long as you behave respectfully and appreciatively towards your colleagues, they will accept your role as a leader and support you.

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Upright Three of Wands Finances/Money Meaning

For your finances, the Three of Wands means that you should expand your investments. Inform yourself about alternative investments to the traditional savings account or building society contract.

Because the broader you are financially positioned, the more likely you are to protect yourself from financial crises or unexpected events. Make sure that your investments have a manageable risk and a good return.

In addition, the Three of Wands symbolizes how important it is to have a good overview of your finances. If you have a good overview of your income and expenses, you can manage your money much more flexibly.

But don’t just look at the current account balance, but also look a little bit into the future.

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Upright Three of Wands Destiny Meaning

As a destiny card, the Three of Wands encourages you to set out for new shores. The world lies open before you with all its possibilities.

Have the courage and self-confidence to go on a journey and gather valuable experiences for your life. On the one hand, you will expand your horizons. On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to grow beyond your limits.

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Upright Three of Wands Personality

The Three of Wands reveals a character who loves to explore himself and his environment. His urge to explore allows him to take new perspectives and constantly expand his knowledge.

Likewise, a leader is described here. The person can convince others of his vision and motivate them to cooperate.

Upright Three of Wands Tarot Past/Future


Periodically explore your past and look for situations in which you rose above yourself to learn from them.

In the recent past, you had to take over some leadership tasks, which you mastered well. That has also changed you as a person in a positive way.


When faced with a challenge, you should act with foresight. The future consequences of your actions should not be underestimated.

Shortly, you will have the opportunity to significantly expand your skills. Be prepared to develop your knowledge.

Upright Three of Wands Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Three of Wands is a definitely a yes card. In this matter, wise foresight is important so you can estimate the future effects of your choice better.

At the moment, everything speaks for a clear yes, because you have the opportunity to develop yourself and expand your knowledge and skills.

Reversed Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Three of Wands Reversed represents a high degree of inertia in your current phase of life. You are resting on your past achievements and are hardly motivated to venture into new realms. Thus you miss the opportunity to grow beyond yourself and develop yourself further.

Stagnation also makes you more vulnerable to upcoming crises in life since you have insufficient experience with unpredictable imponderables and can therefore quickly fall into a kind of helplessness.

Set yourself smaller goals first, which will slowly bring you closer to your limits and whose achievement will give you more self-confidence and self-efficacy, with the help of which you can gradually venture beyond your limits.

Another aspect of the Three of Wands Reversed is an increasing ignorance of obvious problems that beset you.

You think you are safe and hope that upcoming challenges will simply vanish into thin air, as this has worked many times in your past.

However, Don’t ignore the “storm clouds” that are now gathering. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a very difficult situation from which there is hardly any escape.

Better prepare yourself sufficiently for the coming storm and take precautions so that you reach the safe harbor despite all adversities and thus get off with a black eye once again.

In a tarot reading, the Three of Wands Reversed reveals a high need for security and control. While there are numerous opportunities right in front of you that could enrich your current life situation, you shy away from the risk involved and prefer to hold back.

You like to make decisions where you can very confidently assess the short and long-term consequences associated with few imponderables.

On the other hand, there are many situations in life where it is difficult for you to predict what the consequences will be in the long run. Therefore, you should venture out of your comfort zone from time to time to practice better handling unexpected challenges.

Reversed Three of Wands Tarot Love Meaning


The Three of Wands Reversed reveals to you as a single person that you are too sluggish in your efforts to find new love. You feel alone, but you don’t have the drive to be active and prefer to distract yourself with other pleasures of life.

But your laziness only leads to even less energy and drive in your love life, leading to an increased feeling of loneliness. Pick yourself up and try to make your love life more active by starting to date spontaneously again and meet new people.

Another meaning of the Three of Wands Reversed for you as a single person is that you are too cautious when looking for a partner. Your fear of rejection prevents you from even trying to approach someone you like very much.

Having the courage to take the first step and approach other likable people will enable you to take your fate in love into your own hands again, instead of waiting for your prince/ess of dreams to walk in the door.


In a love tarot context, the Three of Wands Reversed represents that your partner often ignores your wishes in favor of his own needs.

That creates a precarious imbalance in your life together because you have to be considerate all the time and hardly find a hearing with your partner regarding your plans.

Such ignorance leaves a feeling of loneliness and inferiority in us. Confront your partner and ask him to be more attentive to your needs so that your life together becomes balanced again.

In addition, the Three of Wands Reversed reveals a high need for security in a relationship, which can cause you as a couple to become very inflexible in your actions.

Of course, it is comforting to be materially or emotionally secure and thus have a safe harbor to which you can retreat at any time.

But keep in mind that too much need for security can quickly lead to a situation where you as a couple do not trust each other enough to take on new challenges that involve risk, and thus lose the chance to grow in love and beyond yourselves.

Reversed Three of Wands Health Meaning

For your health, the Three of Wands Reversed represents a sluggish and listless lifestyle. Get your life back on track by making it a goal to exercise regularly.

A short daily walk can work wonders. Revitalize your body and mind through a walk in the fresh air to strengthen your immune system.

Furthermore, the Three of Wands Reversed shows that you are ignoring obvious symptoms of illness. Instead of taking care of yourself, you go on with your work and daily routine.

However, there is a risk that your symptoms will worsen. Therefore, take enough time and rest to help your body heal.

Reversed Three of Wands Career Meaning

The Three of Wands Reversed expresses restraint in terms of your professional career. You have perhaps the opportunity to accept a better-paying job/promotion.

But at the same time, the fear of not being able to cope with the greater responsibility inhibits you. Trust in your abilities and inner strength, and you will surely overcome any challenge.

Another characteristic of the Three of Wands Reversed is that you currently lack drive in your job. The reasons for this can be manifold and range from lack of appreciation to bullying.

In any case, you should talk to someone about your professional worries. Look for possibilities to clarify your problems or reorient yourself professionally.

Reversed Three of Wands Finances/Money Meaning

The Three of Wands Reversed shows that you are very hesitant to invest your money. You are afraid of losing your wealth, so you hoard it in a secure account. But with time your fortune loses more and more value.

Therefore you should invest at least a part of your money. Find out from a financial advisor, the Internet or your family which investment forms would be suitable for you.

Another characteristic of the Three of Wands Reversed is that you tend to ignore your debts. That means that you run the risk of increasing your financial obligations. Before you become insolvent, you should face your mountain of debt and work it off piece by piece.

Reversed Three of Wands Destiny Meaning

The Three of Wands Reversed means for your destiny that you stagnate in life. Your true potential lies fallow and atrophied.

Open your eyes and turn again to your environment. Set yourself in motion again slowly and use the chances waiting right before you.

Reversed Three of Wands Personality

In the reversed position, the Three of Wands represents a rather sluggish personality. It is difficult for them to motivate themselve. They prefer to remain in their habitual patterns of thought and action.

Furthermore, the card describes a reserved character trait. The person waits a long time before making a decision, thus leaving many opportunities unused.

Reversed Three of Wands Tarot Past/Future


Lately, you have made many choices out of a need for security. Check whether this choice has really helped you.

Your restraint in the past has caused you to develop only a little of your potential. You can trust yourself with a little more courage to act.


If you are circling only around yourself, you will hardly recognize the future possibilities of the destiny around you. Such ignorance prevents your progress.

There are some important tasks ahead of you. You have to get up soon from your inertia to cope with them.

Reversed Three of Wands Tarot Card – Yes or No

You are very cautious with your question and would rather wait a little longer before you decide. However, you do not have that much time left.

Since you are more concerned about security, you should decide on a no, which will allow you to avoid many risks.

The Wands Tarot Card Meanings