The Ten of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Ten of Wands is one of the most important cards of the Minor Arcana.

Below you will learn everything about its meaning both in the upright and reversed position.

In addition to the general interpretation, the topics of love, health, career, finances and destiny are also explained in detail.

Ten of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Ten of Wands Keywords

Upright: Accomplishment, Responsibility, Burden, Expenditure
Reversed: Delegating, Carefree, Letting go, Relaxing

The Ten of Wands Tarot Card Description

The Ten of Wands Tarot card shows a man carrying a bundle of heavy sticks. His bent posture reveals what an immense burden the sticks are for him. Despite this, he holds them tightly and walks purposefully.

A great responsibility weighs on his shoulders, as the sticks are supposed to arrive safely and in one piece at their destination. The man does not complain about his burden, although it becomes heavier with each step.

The closer the man gets to his final destination, the greater the resistance grows in him to finish his task.

But he has committed himself to a goal and will try to reach it until he is completely exhausted. In the background is a small town towards which the man is heading.

Knowing that he will soon be able to lay down his burden and experience relief again only spurs him on even more. Only one last effort is needed to finally reach his destination because most of his way is already behind him.

Upright Ten of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Ten of Wands Tarot card reveals that you are committed to a goal that demands an extremely high level of dedication and sacrifice from you. With every step you take towards your goal, the demands on your physical and mental strength grow at the same time.

Your energy reserves are slowly but surely running out, which is why you have to weigh up and plan well how to use your remaining strength. Be aware that you have already completed a large part of the journey and that your goal is within reach.

You can also mobilize new reserves of strength if you realize the importance of your project and think about how relieved you will be once you have reached your goal.

Another meaning of the Ten of Wands in the Tarot is that you place a high degree of responsibility on yourself. That may include caring for a loved one, a leadership position at work, or helping friends.

Your motive is to help your community because happy people around you also increase your well-being. In addition, you create the basis for yourself to receive help if you should ever get into a difficult situation.

Keep in mind that a high level of responsibility requires a lot of effort and time. Furthermore, do not sacrifice yourself for others. Otherwise, you run the risk of burning out and then you can neither be there for yourself nor others.

In a tarot session, the Ten of Wands stands for completion of a phase of life. Your efforts will soon come to an end and you will be able to reap the fruits of your hard work.

Knowing that you are close to your goal will give you another boost of energy to get through the last steps.

Even if you are completely exhausted and spent at the end, your efforts have been worthwhile. In addition, the Ten of Wands can mean the end of a long-lasting crisis that has demanded a lot of energy and endurance from you so far.

You just have to hold on a little longer until a great burden is lifted from your shoulders and you can move freely again. Now you can begin a new phase of your life, which you can undertake without additional burdens.

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Upright Ten of Wands Tarot Love Meaning


As a single, the Ten of Wands represents that your dating efforts will soon be successful. You may have intensified an acquaintance and come up with many ways and means for more to develop between you.

The phase of loneliness seems to be nearing its end soon and the beginning of togetherness is imminent. But you are not a couple yet.

You are still in the phase of getting to know each other. Do not rush your actions now, but give yourself and your love time and space to let the young love between you mature.

Another aspect of the Ten of Wands is that you risk spending too much time looking for your dream partner. You have nothing else on your mind than to finally find someone for life. For this, you accept all efforts and costs without a new partnership resulting from it.

Stop your efforts to find a partner quickly and concentrate instead on the things in life that you can enjoy alone. Because only when you are satisfied and relaxed, your heart will open for a new love.


In a relationship, the Ten of Wands reveals that you have a very high level of responsibility in your life together. While your partner relies on you to keep things going, you are constantly under strain to meet all the demands.

Such an imbalance in a partnership can lead to burnout. The burden of responsibility weighs too much on your shoulders.

Therefore, discuss with your partner how you can better share the daily demands in the future so that everyone shoulders part of the responsibility.

In addition, the Ten of Wands shows that you have a heavy burden to bear as a couple right now. That common challenge pushes you both to your limits and even endangering your life together. Keep a clear head despite the adversities. Think about how you can free yourselves from some burdens.

It may make sense to rethink your current division of tasks or get additional help from outside. Remember, that you can only get through this heavy load together and that the end is in sight soon.

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Upright Ten of Wands Health Meaning

For your health, the Ten of Wands reveals that you exhaust yourself too much in everyday life. Too many stresses at the same time will quickly drain your energy reserves.

That makes you more susceptible to illness and symptoms of exhaustion. You do not have to carry the whole load on your shoulders. Ask your fellow human beings for help so that you get some time to regain your strength.

The ten of wands symbolizes
that your efforts to improve your health are slowly paying off. You are getting closer and closer to your personal goal, like losing weight or becoming more athletic.

But especially the last steps to the goal are usually the hardest. Hold on a little longer and your efforts of the last months will pay off.

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Upright Ten of Wands Career Meaning

In professional terms, the Ten of Wands stands for a high responsibility in your job. That is also accompanied by a great burden because other people observe your behavior particularly critically.

To do justice to such a task, you should have a balance in your private everyday life, where you can simply let yourself go. Give up a piece of responsibility and ask someone else to take care of your concerns.

In addition, the Ten of Wands stands for a rocky career path. Although you have a clear professional goal in mind, the current workload threatens to crush you.

Your goal is getting closer and closer, which is why you should continue to mobilize your forces. With patience and perseverance, you will soon be able to free yourself from some of the burdens of everyday work and face more pleasant challenges.

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Upright Ten of Wands Finances/Money Meaning

In financial matters, the Ten of Wands represents a financial burden that weighs heavily on your shoulders. Your debts threaten to crush you, which is why you have hardly any financial room for maneuver.

But there is a glimmer of hope in sight. With every month that you pay off a part of your debts, your burden will become lighter and will disappear completely in the foreseeable future.

The Ten of Wands also reminds you to be responsible for other people’s money. When someone lends or gives you a gift of wealth, they do so with the confidence that you will use it wisely.

Therefore, accept such a gift with respect and manage it prudently. In this way, you will prove yourself trustworthy in the eyes of others and can always hope for financial support in times of need.

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Upright Ten of Wands Destiny Meaning

For your destiny, the Ten of Wands means that a great responsibility rests on your shoulders. It can easily become a burden if you have no way to relieve yourself.

Ask your friends for help and thus relieve yourself of a part of your burden. This way, you will not only move forward faster, but you will also have helpers who can support you in many ways.

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Upright Ten of Wands Personality

The Ten of Wands reveals a personality that easily exhausts itself in its actions. He has difficulties in using his strength sparingly and in giving himself breaks.

Likewise, the card represents someone with a high sense of responsibility. If he has committed to something, he will not give up until he has reached his goal.

Upright Ten of Wands Tarot Past/Future


A heavy burden plagues you from your past. It prevents you from moving forward, which is why you need to solve it.

You must gradually take responsibility for past actions. Otherwise, they can cause you harm.


You will soon complete an important goal in your life. Be careful not to lose your orientation on the last meters.

Soon, you will have to cope with many parallel tasks. Be careful not to exhaust yourself in your efforts.

Upright Ten of Wands Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Ten of Wands is a clear no-card. Your decision weighs on your shoulders like a heavy burden. By saying no you are most likely to fulfill your responsibility in this matter.

Afterward, you may feel a sense of relief because you now have one less thing to worry about.

Reversed Ten of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Ten of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Ten of Wands Reversed encourages you to give more responsibility and control to those around you. You tend to take on too much and are in danger of collapsing under this enormous burden.

Especially complex projects, such as a leadership position, raising children or building a house, need the support of other people.

Think about which tasks you can delegate to others so that you do not have to carry the whole burden on your shoulders. You also learn to give control to others and to trust them.

Together, large tasks and goals are much easier to implement and allow you to enjoy your success afterward without being on the verge of burnout.

In a tarot reading, the Ten of Wands Reversed encourages you to let go of unnecessary obligations and relax more. Often we burden ourselves with projects that we absolutely want to do because of social pressure.

However, such projects are carried out only with great resistance and discomfort because they lack inner motivation. Ask yourself for whom or what you are actually sacrificing your time and energy.

By recognizing that many alleged obligations only arise from the need for recognition, you can gradually free yourself from this burden.

Only pursue goals behind which you also stand and are ready to implement them. Let the others think of you what they want. In the end, you are only accountable to yourself and your conscience.

The Ten of Wands Reversed signals you an upcoming phase of relaxation and regeneration. You may have had a hard time, which has cost you a lot of strength.

The daily tension in such times pushes your body and mind to their limits.

That’s why it is now important to consciously allow yourself a phase of relaxation and fill up your energy reserves again. Even if you are itching to get going again, it is better to give your body and mind a time of rest.

You will notice how much new energy you will get by taking a longer break. Allow yourself enough time to recover and then dedicate yourself to new goals.

Reversed Ten of Wands Tarot Love Meaning


The Ten of Wands Reversed shows you as a single that you have to learn to let go more. When you fall in love again, you will accept almost anything to win the person for you. But sometimes your feelings are not returned.

Instead of continuing to cling to rather hopeless love, you should learn to let go. That will help you cleanse your head and heart and enter into love affairs that are more likely to succeed.

In addition, you will not unnecessarily tie up time and energy with a person who, in the end, does not want to enter into a partnership with you.

As a single person, the Ten of Wands Reversed also reveals that you should scale back your dating efforts a bit and relax more. Being single can put a lot of pressure on us to find a partner quickly.

But if you get so involved in dating that it becomes a burden for you, it is time to take a breather. Do something nice with your friends or family to get your mind off things.

By doing something for yourself and relaxing, you will get new energy for dating.


In a partnership, the Ten of Wands Reversed symbolizes that you should delegate more tasks to your partner. In your life together, you take over many daily tasks and the responsibility that comes with them.

However, this will quickly push you to your mental and physical limits and you will hardly manage to implement your plans.

Give some responsibility and control to your partner and trust him that he will cope with the new tasks. Turn a blind eye if things don’t run smoothly at the beginning because you now have more time to rest and recharge your batteries.

The Ten of Wands Reversed also shows for your partnership that after a hard time, a phase of relaxation is now approaching. You now have the opportunity to recharge your batteries and reap the fruits of your hard work.

Allow yourselves a few beautiful experiences together, which let you forget the worries of the last weeks or months. Instead, focus on gaining positive experiences together, helping you implement new plans later on.

Reversed Ten of Wands Health Meaning

The Ten of Wands Reversed means for your health that you should learn to give away responsibility.

Give up some control to those around you and use the freed-up time and energy to focus more on your well-being. By letting go, your body and mind will regain power increasing your health.

Another aspect of the Ten of Wands Reversed is that you should pause and consciously relax more often. Far too often, our everyday life is timed to the last minute. Thus we are constantly under power, from which our immune system suffers.

Small oases of relaxation, even for five minutes, can work wonders. After a little meditation or card reading, you feel fresh and rested again.

Reversed Ten of Wands Career Meaning

The Ten of Wands Reversed encourages you to delegate parts of your work to your colleagues. Especially if you tend to take on more tasks than you should, there is a danger of being overwhelmed.

Ask your co-workers to help you with certain parts of the work. That will lighten your load and you will be able to perform your remaining work better.

Furthermore, the Ten of Wands Reversed is a sign not to dwell on your work all the time. Often we take our job home and do “little things”.

Thus, you never really have distance from your job and accordingly do not come to rest. If you manage to keep your work out of your private life, you can regain your strength and be more efficient in your job.

Reversed Ten of Wands Finances/Money Meaning

The Ten of Wands Reversed symbolizes financial freedom from worry. You have accumulated a comfortable wealth over the years.

That means that you don’t have to turn over every penny twice but can treat yourself to some luxury without a guilty conscience.

Knowing that you have enough reserves in your account automatically makes you think less about money and you can enjoy your life carefreely.

Another feature of the Ten of Wands Reversed is that you are freed from crushing debts. Perhaps you have just paid off the last installment of a large loan or settled old obligations. Now you can use your money again to do something for yourself.

Reversed Ten of Wands Destiny Meaning

As a destiny card, the Ten of Wands Reversed reveals that you must learn to let go. Many obligations or expectations are overwhelming only in our minds.

In reality, it is quite easy to say “no” and not to bow to your own inner pressure. Throw unnecessary ballast away from you and enjoy the feeling of freedom.

Reversed Ten of Wands Personality

In the reversed position, the Ten of Wands symbolizes someone who can delegate tasks. He is good at assessing the strengths and weaknesses of those around him and assigning them appropriate work.

Furthermore, it describes a character who is able to let go in entrenched situations. If the person realizes that he is at a dead end, he can easily find new ways.

Reversed Ten of Wands Tarot Past/Future


Missed opportunities in life are still bothering you. Let bygones be bygones and rather look forward. Look at your achievements in life so far and be proud of them.

In this way, you can easily bring about a sense of relaxation.


You will not be able to manage everything on your own. Delegate therefore, individual work to people who want to help you.

In the near future, you will have a carefree phase of life. Use it to become clear about your next goals in life.

Reversed Ten of Wands Tarot Card – Yes or No

Do not let your question torment you unnecessarily. Just try to let go and follow your inner impulse with a yes.

Soon a feeling of relaxation will spread through you because you have made a good choice following your inner gut feeling.

The Wands Tarot Card Meanings