The Five of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Five of Wands is one of the most important cards of the Minor Arcana.

Below you will learn everything about its meaning both in the upright and reversed position.

In addition to the general interpretation, the topics of love, health, career, finances and destiny are also explained in detail.

Five of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Five of Wands Keywords

Upright: Tension, Conflict, Competition, Diversity
Reversed: Avoidance, Harmony, Balance, Cohesion

The Five of Wands Tarot Card Description

The Five of Wands Tarot card shows five young men who, at first glance, fight each other with their sticks.

Upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that none of the fighters has a wound or injury.

It is possible that instead of a fight, the men compete in a contest or an exercise session.

The competition between them is clearly noticeable, as both their postures and gestures appear very tense. There seems to be no way to separate the combatants peacefully.

Each of the five fighters wears different clothes, representing their different values, beliefs and systems of thought. Their differences cause many conflicts because they do not understand each other and only want to enforce their point of view with all means.

Instead of entering into dialogue with each other and trying to understand each other, they fight loudly, which causes many misunderstandings and further injuries.

The ground on which the men fight is very barren and infertile and thus shows the devastating consequences of such severe conflicts, which usually leave only chaos and destruction.

Upright Five of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

In a Tarot reading, the Five of Wands symbolizes a tense atmosphere you are currently in with other people. Such a conflict is very draining for all involved, which means that in the end there are often no winners, but only losers.

The tension in the air between you is almost palpable and even the smallest remark threatens to escalate the situation.

Hardly anyone knows how the conflict started in the first place, and everyone just wants to get their way in this matter.

Listen to each other and try to understand the position of your counterpart, to dissolve the tension between you and work together again.

The Five of Wands symbolizes the competitive lifestyle that you are pursuing at the moment. You strive to compete with those around you (colleagues, your family, or your friends) and win at all costs.

Such constant competition may be good for your own ego, but in the long run, it will jeopardize your relationships with others if all you care about is winning. You don’t have to constantly compare and compete with others to be successful in life.

Relationships of cohesion and mutual support are much more valuable in everyday life than the constant struggle to see who is better in a particular area.

The Five of Wands Tarot card also represents diversity regarding other systems of opinion and values. Different ways of thinking hold both risks and immense potentials.

Risks in the form of disputes arise when everyone only rigidly adheres to their own worldview and does not allow for other opinions.

On the other hand, the diversity of different systems of thought holds a lot of potential for better mutual understanding and personal development.

You can learn a lot from your counterpart if you have an open and tolerant nature, which allows you to quickly establish valuable contacts and ensure a harmonious coexistence in your social environment.

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Upright Five of Wands Tarot Love Meaning


As a single, the Five of Wands card represents that you view dating more like a competition.

Although you suspect or are sure that several people are vying for the love of another special person, you also want to flirt and “win” regardless of whether the person in question really suits you.

True love is based on mutual affection. You should become suspicious when someone is being courted by many other people.

Become aware of what kind of partner you would like to have at your side and make your choice according to inner rather than outer values.

In addition, the Five of Wands reveals a very stressful tension that inhibits you from meeting someone new.

The tension comes from your social environment and takes a lot out of you so that you often feel drained and exhausted.

First of all, try to relax your social environment to regain your strength. Only when you free your heart and mind, new love get back into your life.


In a relationship, the Five of Wands shows you that you are currently stuck in a very far-reaching and challenging conflict with your partner. In addition, there are more people involved in the dispute, further complicating your life together.

Disputes that have been part of your relationship for a long time can now no longer be suppressed and unfold their destructive potential.

As a couple, you must now work together to counteract this and first persuade third parties to stop interfering in your conflicts so that you can resolve them from the bottom up.

Furthermore, the Five of Wands also stands for the living out of diversity and difference in a partnership. Just because you have decided to live together does not mean that you have to do everything the same.

On the contrary, different opinions and ways of thinking enrich a partnership immensely and contribute to the fact that you understand each other better and create new impulses for your life together. The more colorful and diverse a relationship is, the more long-lasting and creative your life together will be.

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Upright Five of Wands Health Meaning

For your health, the Five of Wands reveals a high-stress level you are exposed to. You are fighting on several fronts at the same time and hardly get any rest.

That also makes you more susceptible to illness, as your immune system works at its limit. Take a short break and retreat for the time being to recharge your batteries.

In addition, the Five of Wands stands for severe symptoms of illness against which you have to fight. Often the fight against your illness demands so much energy from you that you can hardly manage your everyday life.

Support your immune system as much as you can by taking it easy and leaving your daily business behind to concentrate on your recovery.

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Upright Five of Wands Career Meaning

In professional terms, the Five of Wands represents conflicts within your team. By focusing only on your quarrels, the real work is left undone.

At the same time, everyone involved experiences stress at work, so sick leave increases accordingly. Find a mediator who can help you resolve your disputes.

The Five of Wands reveals a great deal of tension lying on you and your colleagues. You may be facing terminations, so instead of working together, everyone is fighting for themselves.

Face the pressure from above together to show how valuable you are as a team for the company. Contact your works council/union representative to make a difference as a team.

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Upright Five of Wands Finances/Money Meaning

For your finances, the Five of Wands reveals a dispute about money in your immediate environment. Topics of the conflict can range from an unclear inheritance to unpaid debts.

Do not risk your relationship with each other because of such financial conflicts. Try to sit down together calmly and reach an amicable solution.

Furthermore, the Five of Wands represents financial competition. That is about who earns more or has more fortune.

Often such a “competition” runs unconsciously between you and someone else so that there are conflicts between you from time to time on the subject of money.

Realize that financial wealth is not everything in life. Focus on the riches, such as friends and family, that always surround you and can’t be bought with money.

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Upright Five of Wands Destiny Meaning

As a destiny card, the Five of Wands stands for serious conflicts in your life. Often such disputes are so obscure that you can’t identify their origin.

But instead of putting energy and lifetime into senseless arguments, you should find a way out of the vicious circle of injuries and fights.

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Upright Five of Wands Personality

The Five of Wands reveals an argumentative personality. The person likes to go into confrontation and defends his views with all means, even if he overshoots the mark.

In addition, the card describes a very competitive character trait. Such a person loves to measure his abilities with other people and always wants to be the first to leave the field.

Upright Five of Wands Tarot Past/Future


Lately, you have had to endure a lot of tension between different disputants. That has already cost you a lot of strength, so now you should retreat.

Look into your past and see what different ways of living together you have already experienced. You can draw new ideas from this variety.


You are facing a far-reaching conflict in the near future. Without appropriate social support, you will not be able to decide this conflict for yourself.

You will soon take part in a competition. Make sure you don’t take the latter too seriously and still have fun with it.

Upright Five of Wands Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Five of Wands resembles a clear no to your question. Your request is associated with a high conflict potential if you do not take precautions.

By saying no, however, you can reduce the tension considerably and do not have to fear getting into further arguments. Thus you have more time for important things in life.

Reversed Five of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Five of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Five of Wands Reversed stands for a high avoidance tendency in conflicts, which will do you more harm than good in the long run. Conflicts are a natural part of our lives and, if conducted constructively, can greatly enrich our daily lives.

Escaping conflicts does not mean that the dispute is settled but rather that it continues to be active under the surface and is thus a breeding ground for subliminal aggression, which in turn harms living together with other people.

Because a conflict always reveals a deeper problem in a relationship between people, which only comes to light through the dispute and can then be resolved.

Another aspect of the Five of Wands Reversed is the need for more harmony in a community.

In our daily lives, the social circles in which we move are constantly changing, so it makes sense that you try to bring as much harmony and balance into your immediate environment so that it remains stable and fruitful.

Be a role model for others in your group in the way you solve conflicts, namely solution-oriented, rational and respectful. In case of disputes between two people, you can offer yourself as a mediator and help to achieve a balance between the disputants.

In addition, you should strive to actively bring about positive experiences within your communities that will bring you together as a group.

The Five of Wands Reversed card encourages strong cohesion within a group to face upcoming challenges.

In any social setting, be it work, family or friends, there are times when we need to leave old conflicts and rivalries behind. As a team, we can cope with challenging obstacles in life.

Because some life crises we simply can not cope alone and therefore need the support of our colleagues, friends or family.

Humans are social creatures and have only achieved such a high standard of living because we can work together cooperatively and stand together in times of greatest need.

Reversed Five of Wands Tarot Love Meaning


In a love tarot reading, the Five of Wands Reversed stands for an avoidance tendency when looking for a partner.

You are afraid of disagreements with other people and consequently of their rejection, which is why you have shied away from entering into a more intense relationship with someone.

But staying alone forever because of this often unfounded fear is not a sensible option. Instead, try to practice conflicts with other people and solve them constructively.

The more practice you have in this, the less fear you will have in this regard, so that the courage and drive in you to open your heart to someone will grow again.

The Five of Wands Reversed also shows that you are trying to rebalance your various social demands and search for a partner.

Lately, you have been sacrificing yourself a lot for colleagues, friends and family, putting your own need for a new love on the back burner. Now it is time for you to rededicate yourself to finding a new partner and put your need for love first in your life.


The Five of Wands Reversed in the Love Tarot reveals a strong bond between you as a couple. You can successfully overcome even the greatest challenges through your cooperative and supportive relationship.

Although there are conflicts in your life together, your goal is always to reconcile and find a solution to your disputes so that no hidden disputes arise.

You go through thick and thin, sharing joys and sorrows, which is why the bond of love between you is very strong and gives you a fulfilling and harmonious partnership.

In a relationship, the Five of Wands Reversed represents a harmonious relationship. You can unite the diversity and differences of your characters in a relationship.

However, this is only possible if mutual appreciation, respect and trust are the cornerstones of your partnership. If you have built an appropriate foundation, diversity, creativity and happiness will characterize your life together.

Reversed Five of Wands Health Meaning

The Five of Wands Reversed encourages you to restore harmony between body and mind. Good health often reflects a balance between physical and mental needs.

As soon as one of the two poles is out of balance, the other part tries to restore the balance reflected by symptoms of illness.

Another aspect of the Five of Wands Reversed is the avoidance of unnecessary conflicts. Arguments always create stress and make us more prone to illness.

Therefore, sometimes it is better to be the wiser and let a conflict rest. The energy freed up by this can be better invested in improving your health.

Reversed Five of Wands Career Meaning

The Five of Wands Reversed symbolizes strong workplace cohesion. A climate of mutual appreciation and support greatly enhances your work performance and overall satisfaction.

Treat your colleagues the way you want to be treated yourself, then the bond between you will not lose its strength.

In addition, the Five of Wands Reversed encourages you to benefit from the knowledge and skills of your colleagues. When all employees share their skills in the company, everyone can learn something.

Through your shared knowledge, you can overcome even the greatest challenges as a team. At the same time, you strengthen your sense of togetherness when you support each other in your strengths and weaknesses.

Reversed Five of Wands Finances/Money Meaning

The Five of Wands Reversed shows that your finances are well balanced. You have a good overview of your income and expenses, which allows you to plan for the long term.

To maintain your financial balance, you should keep your current lifestyle and not live beyond your means. That will enable you to handle larger financial burdens effortlessly.

Another meaning of the reversed five of wands is that you can count on support from your family and friends in case of financial problems. In case of acute financial problems don’t be afraid to ask your social environment for help.

It is not only about monetary benefits but also about advice or simply listening. That way, the burden on your shoulders becomes a little more bearable.

Reversed Five of Wands Destiny Meaning

The Five of Wands Reversed means for your destiny that you are very concerned about harmony with your fellow human beings. That means that there will be less conflict, but you will also avoid asserting your own needs.

Try to find a good balance between conflict-free coexistence with your environment and a healthy degree of self-assertion.

Reversed Five of Wands Personality

In the reversed position, the Five of Wands stands for someone who prefers to avoid conflicts. He prefers to back down himself than get into an argument.

Likewise, the card represents a person strongly concerned with cohesion in his social environment. Therefore she settles conflicts early and tries to spread a positive mood among her fellow men.

Reversed Five of Wands Tarot Past/Future


In retrospect, you have tended to avoid quarrels and withdraw. But you had to pay a high price for your behavior in the long run.

To regain more balance in your life, you should look at what has done you good in the near past.


In upcoming challenges, the cohesion in your social structure will be tested. An ego trip can set you back very quickly.

You can expect a harmonious meeting with well-meaning people soon. Enjoy the time with your friends!

Reversed Five of Wands Tarot Card – Yes or No

Pay attention to your question to keep your inner balance and follow your gut feeling. It will show you that a yes is more connected with harmony.

Thus you avoid unnecessary stressful situations for yourself and others.

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