The Two of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Two of Swords is one of the most important cards of the Minor Arcana.

Below you will learn everything about its meaning both in the upright and reversed position.

In addition to the general interpretation, the topics of love, health, career, finances and destiny are also explained in detail.

Two of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Two of Swords Keywords

Upright: Avoidance, Consideration, Stagnation, Blockage
Reversed: Clear-sighted, Open, Active, Positive

The Two of Swords Tarot Card Description

The Two of Swords Tarot card shows a woman blindfolded and holding two swords in the air. The woman is blindfolded and feels trapped to make a decision.

At the moment, she cannot perceive either the problem that occupies her or the corresponding solution.

She wears white clothing which symbolizes that she has not yet decided on a path. The two swords in her hands point in different directions and seem very heavy and powerful.

They symbolize that every decision has its positive and negative consequences and that these must be weighed very well against each other.

The weight of the swords becomes heavier and heavier with each delay of the decision. The woman feels a stronger and stronger burden the longer she remains at this standstill.

In the background, a large body of water is visible, which stands for deep emotions. It admonishes us not to use only our intellect for every decision in life but to trust in our own intuition, which reveals important signals for our path of life.

Some stony islands show unexpected obstacles in the water, making the woman’s decision even more unpredictable and challenging. The sky is dark and shows only the moon, which gives a little light.

The darkness symbolizes that the consequences of the decision are not clear at the moment, and only at daybreak will it become apparent what consequences await the woman.

The moon is a sign to trust one’s intuition more again, as it can give light even in the darkest hours.

Upright Two of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Two of Swords reveals that a very challenging decision lies ahead of you, which weighs heavily on you and you try to avoid.

Delaying or avoiding a decision will only increase the burden you feel as if you were holding two huge swords in the air as shown on the card.

Use both your mind and your heart to finally decide so that you can free yourself from this burden.

Every path you take will have its pitfalls, but only when you free yourself from your rigidity will you be able to reach your goal. With every decision you can make, the following will become easier for you.

Another characteristic of the Two of Swords is the careful consideration of decisions. Just like the woman on the card, we are sometimes blind and can only perceive limited information of the paths before us.

The blindfold around our eyes is often just an excuse so we don’t have to face the unpleasant aspects of our choices.

But as soon as we free ourselves from the blindfold, we will discover new alternative paths that can lead us to our goal as well as the risks and dangers of our choices.

When weighing, use all the information that is available to you and consider alternatives that at first seem far-fetched because they offer usually a lot of unexpected potentials.

The Two of Swords symbolizes an inner blockade that inhibits you in your everyday life. By putting off important decisions and not daring to solve urgent problems, you run the risk that they will dominate your life.

From the moment you get up until the moment you go to bed, your thoughts will constantly be on the problems that have not yet been solved. You will not be able to tackle any new projects and will increasingly lose touch with your everyday life because you are blocked mentally.

Free yourself from such blockages by starting to face your problems and gradually dismantle them, thus you take back control of your life and move forward.

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Upright Two of Swords Tarot Love Meaning


In a love tarot context, the Two of Swords reveals that you, as a single, just can’t decide between two people. You are unsure with which of the two you want to go into a deeper relationship and stall both instead of making a choice.

In the long run, that leads to great dissatisfaction with the persons in question, but also with yourself, and ultimately prevents a long-term partnership with one of them.

A lot of pressure will fall off you by daring to choose a partner. You can finally take the next step towards a relationship and see if something long-term will develop.

The Two of Swords shows you that you are very blocked at the moment and cannot get out of your skin. You fear getting involved in a new partnership because you experienced suffering in past relationships.

But these wounds can only heal if you actively search for new, positively corrective relationship experiences that show you that true love is a source of joy and security.


In a partnership, the Two of Swords signals that you are avoiding urgent issues in your relationship.

Avoiding and ignoring important decisions about living together will not make them go away but will bring them even more into focus until you can no longer avoid them.

Only when you can talk about all the urgent issues you will be able to solve any challenges related to them and tackle them together.

The Two of Swords also reveals that as a couple you are weighing important decisions that will have a significant impact on your future life together, such as family planning or a move.
Don’t just look at the short-term effects of your options, but consider the long-term consequences for your relationship. Initially, positive aspects can have very negative or stressful consequences on your relationship in the long run.

By honestly considering all the options and not ignoring the unpleasant consequences of each decision, you will find a satisfactory solution together.

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Upright Two of Swords Health Meaning

For your health, the Two of Swords means that your emotions are blocked. Such suppressed emotions can find their outlet through various physical symptoms such as fatigue or migraines.

Get to the bottom of the causes of your blockages with the help of a professional counselor. Then your body will fully recover.

Furthermore, the Two of Swords represents stagnation in your recovery process. Although you have already tried all possible treatments, there is still no relief.

Be patient! Your self-healing powers are constantly working to alleviate your
illnesses even if you don’t see it yet.

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Upright Two of Swords Career Meaning

In professional terms, the Two of Swords stands for stagnation in your career. Because of the always same tasks in your job, you feel no progress in your professional life.

Don’t wait until someone assigns you new challenges, but become active yourself. You could ask for a transfer or look for professional alternatives.

Another aspect of the Two of Swords is that you are in a process of career consideration. Perhaps you have a new job in prospect and are considering whether you should give up your current job.

But don’t take too much time to consider. Otherwise, you will miss the opportunity to seize the new professional opportunity.

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Upright Two of Swords Finances/Money Meaning

Financially, the Two of Swords reveals that you remain in a long-term consideration. A huge investment lies ahead of you, but it needs to be well thought out.

The various pros and cons almost outweigh each other, so you can’t come to a clear decision. Seek advice from a good friend or advisor to get new impetus for your consideration process.

In addition, the Two of Swords may indicate that you find yourself in a financial bottleneck.

Your financial room for maneuver is limited and leaves you hardly any possibilities to free yourself from your situation. Practice patience and work your way back to monetary freedom step by step.

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Upright Two of Swords Destiny Meaning

For your destiny, the Two of Swords means that you remain on an important decision. You don’t dare to choose because you fear the consequences.

But with this attitude, you are only blocking yourself. Decide so that you can act again and move forward on your life path.

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Upright Two of Swords Personality

As a personality card, the Two of Swords reveals someone who weighs his decisions intensely. However, this often causes the person to lose precious time so some opportunities evaporate again.

It also means a person who tends to avoid difficult situations in life. They prefer to look for quick ways out than to face the challenge.

Upright Two of Swords Tarot Past/Future


Something from your past is blocking you. Only you can remove the obstacle by facing it.

You are consciously avoiding the confrontation with a life issue that has been accompanying you for a long time. However, this will only make it more overwhelming.


You are facing a time of standstill. Important projects will not really get going. Use this break to recharge your batteries.

Soon, you will have to weigh up which path of life you want to take. Do not take too much time. Otherwise some ways will close again.

Upright Two of Swords Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Two of Swords indicates a no answer. You are still caught in a far-reaching weighing process in this question. However, this means that you are not really making any progress and are stuck on the spot.

With a no-decision, you avoid further headaches for the time being and can devote yourself to other things again.

Reversed Two of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Two of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Two of Swords Reversed represents a high degree of openness to different ideas and approaches. By sharing important decisions with your friends and family, You can experience new perspectives that help you create a solution.

You often don’t have to reinvent the wheel but benefit from the knowledge of many people by using different sources such as books or the Internet to find out what paths other people in your situation have taken.

Open up to ideas that are initially strange or offbeat. Then make the best choice for your decision from a wide pool of thoughts.
Another meaning of the Two of Swords Reversed is that you actively face your challenges and are decisive. You do not see decisions as a burden but as an opportunity to learn and grow from them.

That gives you great confidence and sovereignty in dealing with everyday challenges and you can always clearly see a way out of the crisis.

Through your decisiveness, you are like a rock in the surf for other people, who can clearly show the direction in which to continue even in the most violent storm. By staying active and avoiding stagnation, new paths will open up for you, which will help you to get around even the most difficult obstacles.

The Two of Swords Reversed also symbolizes that you can see the world around you as it is.

Instead of losing yourself in daydreams or castles in the air, you open your inner eye and do not shy away from looking at the weaknesses that prevent you from making important decisions in your life.

By daring to look at your flaws and address them, you break down many inner barriers, allowing you to make decisions and tackle problems much more freely.

You will also discover new potential and previously hidden forces within you, which will help you to overcome even the biggest obstacles on your way.

Reversed Two of Swords Tarot Love Meaning


The Two of Swords Reversed shows that you are actively shaping your single life and trying yourself out. You have decided to enjoy your life without a current partner and approach new people.

This way you gain valuable experience for your future love life and increase your self-confidence and self-efficacy in love.

The more active you are in your love life, the more opportunities you have to find True love. Another aspect of the Two of Swords Reversed is that you clearly see your desired partner before your inner eye.

That does not necessarily mean the outer appearance, but also inner values and qualities, such as loyalty and reliability on which you place great value.

If you are clear about what you expect from your future partner (like character traits), you will look closely at the first date whether he meets these criteria.

But look just as honestly at yourself, whether you also carry the values that you expect from your future partner so that a new relationship can thrive.


In a partnership, the Two of Swords Reversed Tarot card shows that you have clear ideas about your future as a couple. You have gone through some lows together and together managed to find a way out again.

Thus you have learned a lot from each other and have very concrete wishes and plans for a common future.

Through your strong cohesion, you can put these ideas into practice. Use the harmony and positive energy of your partnership to realize your dreams now.

Another characteristic of the Two of Swords Reversed in a partnership is having a positive attitude towards the challenges ahead. You see problems as a chance to learn something new with the other partner and develop as a couple.

Such a positive attitude towards life will give you a lot of strength and stamina in times of crisis so that you will emerge stronger as a couple even from the most adverse challenges.

Reversed Two of Swords Health Meaning

The Two of Swords Reversed represents a positive attitude towards your health. If you are confident in the case of illness and trust your self-healing powers, you will feel a faster relief of your symptoms.

An optimistic attitude helps you to persevere better and lead your life with even a longer-lasting illness.

In addition, Two of Swords Reversed encourages you to be open to alternative healing methods.

There is not only one way to relieve an ailment. If you use alternative treatments in addition to conventional medicine, your recovery will be much faster and more effective.

Reversed Two of Swords Career Meaning

For your career, the Two of Swords Reversed encourages you to be open to other professional fields. By thinking outside the box, you can learn a lot from other professions and gain new ideas for your work.

Interdisciplinary collaboration sets creative processes in motion for all involved, allowing you to tackle professional challenges.

The Two of Swords Reversed encourages you to work harder towards your professional goals. That includes acquiring appropriate qualifications and acquiring knowledge on your own.

Don’t wait until someone approaches you to offer you a new job or a promotion, but take the initiative yourself.

Reversed Two of Swords Finances/Money Meaning

The Two of Swords Reversed encourages you to be open to new ideas regarding your money management. Get more impulses on how to optimize your income and expenses by exchanging ideas with other people, real or online.

You will be surprised with which creative ways your fellow men preserve their purses and earn something extra at the same time.

Another aspect of the Two of Swords Reversed is that you should not gloss over your finances but see them as they are. Especially if problems arise when you take a closer look, you can effectively take countermeasures to get your finances back in order.

Reversed Two of Swords Destiny Meaning

The Two of Swords Reversed means for your destiny that you should shape your future with optimism and confidence.

Even if you should get into a dead-end, you will be able to find your way out of it with a positive attitude. You are the creator of your destiny and your inner attitude determines how your future will look.

Reversed Two of Swords Personality

The Three of Swords reversed represents an open personality. He loves to meet new people but also ideas and gain insight through them.

At the same time, the card describes a very active character. The person does not wait until his destiny is fulfilled but simply creates his future himself with a lot of drive.

Reversed Two of Swords Tarot Past/Future


A look into the past can reward you with new clarity. Some events can bring you insights that you can use for current challenges.

Look at past difficult phases of life with a positive basic feeling. Thereby you will realize what deeper meaning they had.


In the near future, you should go openly through the world. Thus, unexpected encounters suddenly become promising opportunities for your life path.

Your future will be shaped by how actively you take your life into your own hands. Therefore, always try to set goals for tomorrow.

Reversed Two of Swords Tarot Card – Yes or No

You see the answer clearly in front of you. Be open to new ways which can result from your question.

With a clear yes, you can move forward positively in this matter and master any challenges that may still arise.

The Swords Tarot Card Meanings