The Six of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Six of Swords is one of the most important cards of the Minor Arcana.

Below you will learn everything about its meaning both in the upright and reversed position.

In addition to the general interpretation, the topics of love, health, career, finances and destiny are also explained in detail.

Six of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Six of Swords Keywords

Upright: Journey, Recovery, Grief, Change
Reversed: Rigidity, Restlessness, Hope, Excitement

The Six of Swords Tarot Card Description

The Six of Swords shows a woman and her child crossing a body of water with the help of a raft. The woman is wrapped in a yellow cloak and hides her face as if she were in great grief and despair and does not want to look back.

The posture seems resigned and testifies that she has already made great efforts and needs a phase of recovery.

Her child sits close to her and seeks the protection of his mother on this common and uncertain journey.

Furthermore, the small child symbolizes a new beginning and a change in life. The ferryman seems strong and accustomed to hard work and times. He will bring the little family safely to the other shore with a lot of patience and perseverance.

On the boat directly in front of the woman are six swords, symbolizing that the two still carry around the heavy burden of their past, which sometimes blocks their view of the new shore.

New land is already visible on the horizon, where individual trees grow, symbolizing a new beginning.

The water to the boat’s right side is still churning, as is the inner life of the two passengers, strongly influenced by their past.

But much of the water on the boat’s left side is still, auguring that the worst of times are over and they are now heading into calmer and more peaceful waters.

Upright Six of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Six of Swords Tarot card shows you that you are heading for new shores to usher in a change in your life.

You have just come through a difficult time, such as a breakup, job loss, or personal loss, which has turned your life upside down.

You have realized that nothing in life lasts forever and is constantly changing. Therefore, you have to adapt your life again and again to the new circumstances. Thus, you embark on the journey to new meaning and happiness in life.

Do not let the past constantly determine your life. Instead, use the experiences you have gained to make your future happier.

The Six of Swords also reveals a time of deep sorrow you are currently stuck in. Just like the Six of Swords on the boat, your memories from the past obscure your view of your future life and the chances of becoming happy again.

If you live only in your past, the sadness associated with it will become more and more deeply embedded in your everyday life and affect the people around you.

Open your eyes and try to live in the here and now, then you will realize that our memories are nothing more than fleeting thoughts and you will regain control over your life.

Use your time and search for new happiness in your life. You will feel that behind every sad phase of life new shores of hope are already opening up.

Another characteristic of the Six of Swords is that you need a phase of recovery and inner reflection after a stressful phase of life.

The trip on the raft allows the woman and her child to calm down a bit and refocus on the future ahead of them.

Especially after a serious personal life crisis that is just behind you, you should take the time to reflect once again on the past and see what lessons you can learn for yourself.

Gather new strength and energy so that you are ready to take your future into your own hands again and shape it happily.

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Upright Six of Swords Tarot Love Meaning


As a single, the Six of Swords card reveals that you are still very much mourning your last relationship. Because of that, you don’t recognize the opportunities in love that are newly arising before your eyes.

The loss of a partnership is often associated with intense feelings of sadness and rejection, which can take us completely so that we constantly mourn the happy times and associated emotions that we experienced together.

But by turning your gaze forward again, new connections with those around you will emerge, allowing you to love and be happy again.

The Six of Swords also reveals to you that now is a good time to embark on the journey of finding new love. Don’t look back, but set your sights on meeting and possibly loving new people.

Pack for your journey cheerfulness, caring and empathy. You will be a welcome interlocutor on every date and maybe soon you will travel the world of love as a couple.


In a relationship, the Six of Swords Tarot card represents a profound change in your partnership. You have just gone through turbulent times as a couple, which will significantly change the way you have lived together so far.

That is an excellent chance for you to grow closer together again and reshape your relationship life. Do not dwell too much on your past. However, take away valuable and instructive experiences for your life together in the here and now.

Another aspect of the Six of Swords can be a recovery period for you as a couple. Especially if you have just invested a lot of time and energy in joint challenges, you will both be exhausted and tired.

To remove obstacles on your way through life together again in the future, you should allow yourselves a time of rest and regeneration as a couple.

A short vacation together, a romantic dinner or simply a cozy get-together in the evening, each of these joint activities will help you as a couple to recharge your batteries and strengthen your bond with each other.

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Upright Six of Swords Health Meaning

As a health card, the Six of Swords means that you need to recover from a serious illness. At the moment, you still feel weakened, which you can’t do anything about for the time being.

In any case, avoid a too quick return to everyday life in order not to endanger your recovery progress. Actively dedicate yourself to your recovery and your health will
thank you for it.

Another aspect of the Six of Swords is that a change in your health is imminent. In which direction is not yet completely foreseeable, so you should prepare yourself for all eventualities.

Refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol and replace them with health-promoting routines as a preventive measure.

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Upright Six of Swords Career Meaning

Professionally, the Six of Swords indicates a change in your work life. You may be assigned new tasks and transferred to a new department.

Take the upcoming changes as a chance to expand your potential in the job. If you use your existing knowledge and are willing to learn, you will cope well with the challenges ahead.

Another meaning of the Six of Swords is that you have a professional journey ahead of you. That can be further education or a job interview, which will give you new professional perspectives. Prepare well for your journey and let the new impressions inspire you for your work.

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Upright Six of Swords Finances/Money Meaning

Financially, the Six of Swords reveals that your finances are slowly recovering after a heavy loss.

You have to pay a lot of dues for some experiences, but in the long run, your money matters will improve as a result. Do not mourn your failures, but look courageously to your financial future.

In addition, the Six of Swords indicates an upcoming change in your finances. That can mean an unexpected financial blessing but also an imminent financial loss. Therefore, keep a close eye on your money matters and prepare yourself for positive and negative scenarios accordingly.

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Upright Six of Swords Destiny Meaning

As a fate card, the Six of Swords means that you face profound changes. Even if the past was not always easy, it is worth looking forward with confidence.

Leave your old burdens behind you and set out for new shores. Your experiences, both positive and negative, will help you to master the challenges ahead.

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Upright Six of Swords Personality

The Six of Swords describes a personality constantly looking for a change in life. For this purpose, he often goes on journeys somewhere else to finally find himself.

Furthermore, such a character is often overcome by sadness because he wishes for his past back. He usually has only the flight forward to break away from old structures.

Upright Six of Swords Tarot Past/Future


Looking back, a phase of life still puts you in deep mourning. Instead, direct your gaze to the things still lieing ahead of you.

A journey into your past can open up new perspectives. Look at your successes and mistakes and learn from them.


You are facing a fateful change in an important area of your life. It can help you to find yourself again. In the near future, you should definitely plan times of rest.

Otherwise, it can come quickly to overload situations.

Upright Six of Swords Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Six of Swords is a maybe card but tending to a yes answer.In this matter, you should break new ground and leave old thought patterns behind.

By answering yes, you will be able to bring about some changes in your life. Therefore, do not mourn the other alternative, but look ahead.

Reversed Six of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Six of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Six of Swords Reversed shows that you are restless and do not know where your journey in life is going. Such an inner restlessness can be a consequence of various stressful phases of life, which, although they already belong to the past, still hurts you in the present.

Try to gather yourself and listen to your intuition, which shows you new perspectives and goals in life.

As soon as you have a concrete goal in mind again, you can concentrate your strength and energy on this area of your life.

That will transform your restlessness into a more mindful and focused way of life, where you always have a clear goal to pursue.

Another meaning of the reversed Six of Swords is that no matter how challenging your current phase of life may be, you continue to maintain hope. Especially in difficult times, we often feel like we are losing the ground under our feet and can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.

But if you open your eyes and courageously look ahead, you will always discover a small promising stripe on the horizon, which encourages you not to give up and to continue.

By always carrying the hope of better times in your heart, you will be able to tap into additional strength and energies that will help you move forward in your everyday life and remove obstacles, no matter how big they may be.

The Six of Swords Reversed admonishes you not to fall into rigidity when you actually need to adapt to new circumstances in life.

Major changes in our lives, such as a move, job change, or the loss of a loved one, require us to adapt to the new situation so we can continue to live our daily lives happily.

However, you may strongly resist the upcoming changes in your life and try to keep everything the same.

By such a rigid way of life, there is a danger that you will eventually break down from the constant life changes and become deeply unhappy.

Use the constant change in your life to transform and adapt yourself anew. Only then you will be able to emerge strengthened from even the most adverse life circumstances.

Reversed Six of Swords Tarot Love Meaning


The Six of Swords Reversed shows you as a single person that your search for a partner is currently very restless and you hardly know any other topic.

The longing for a new relationship lets you concentrate only on this area of your life and spend little time beyond that for hobbies, your friends or your work.

The more you chase after a new relationship, the harder it will be for you to find new love, as your restlessness tends to deter others.

Instead, concentrate on the here and now and live your life to the fullest. Thus you will find your inner balance again and appear more balanced and grounded to those around you.

The Six of Swords Reversed Tarot card also reveals that you must always keep the hope of new love in your heart.

Especially in times when you clearly feel being alone, the hope for true love helps you to persevere on your way to a new relationship. Through this inner confidence, you will also happily survive longer phases of loneliness and finally, find your partner for life.


In a partnership, the Six of Swords Reversed reveals that your relationship is facing turbulent and exciting times, like the birth of a child or moving house. In such exciting phases of life, you must stick together as a couple to steer your relationship back into calmer waters.

By accepting the changes that are coming and adapting your daily lives to them, you will be able to weather and grow through any stormy period.

Another aspect of the Six of Swords Reversed in a partnership is that you both react too rigidly and inflexibly to coming changes in your everyday life.

Instead of redistributing your tasks in the partnership and making optimal use of the strengths of the other partner, you remain in old role models that you have been used to for years.

That makes it difficult for you as a couple to use your full potential and to react optimally to new demands.

By beginning to break your old patterns of action and acting flexibly concerning your division of tasks, you will be better able to master the challenges that come your way in life.

Reversed Six of Swords Health Meaning

The Six of Swords Reversed is a card of hope for prolonged illnesses.

Your wait for improvement is slowly coming to an end. There is at least a relief of your symptoms on the horizon. Therefore, do not give up hope, but face your future with confidence.

Another meaning of the reversed Six of Swords is not to surrender to your symptoms. Often you can actively speed up your recovery process by doing things that are beneficial to your overall health.

That can range from exercising to reducing harmful behaviors. It will give your body more strength to focus on fighting the disease itself.

Reversed Six of Swords Career Meaning

The Six of Swords Reversed symbolizes that you have not yet arrived professionally. You may have changed jobs several times during the last years but have not found your dream job yet. Until you find your professional calling, you must go through various work offers and learn from them.

Furthermore, the Six of Swords Reversed stands for a professional standstill. Your possibilities to advance in your current job are very limited.

That means that you can’t really show what you are capable of. In such a professional dead end, you should further qualify yourself so that new doors for your working life are open to you.

Reversed Six of Swords Finances/Money Meaning

The Six of Swords Reversed is a sign of inflexible handling of money. Parking your assets only in the bank has little added value. Rather you should use a part as a precaution.

In addition, it also makes sense to do something good for yourself from your savings. If you use your assets for yourself in this way, the true value of your money will unfold.

Another meaning of the Six of Swords Reversed is that you chase after material wealth too much. Your thoughts are only about how to increase your money.

Focus on the things in life that make you happy and don’t cost any money. Only then will you can find peace and detach yourself from money.

Reversed Six of Swords Destiny Meaning

The Six of Swords Reversed means for your destiny that you live too much in the past. As a result, you hardly move from the spot and miss many opportunities in life.

Only if you manage to look forward again you can actively shape your life again. Do not let the past determine your fate, but take it into your own hands.

Reversed Six of Swords Personality

The Six of Swords Reversed stands for a person constantly searching for his own meaning in life. His restlessness prevents him from finding himself.

Moreover, this card describes a character being rather rigid in his actions and thinking. Thus, the person misses many opportunities to grow beyond himself.

Reversed Six of Swords Tarot Past/Future


Your past can freeze you in some moments. Do not let it paralyze you in your actions, but change your perspective.

Restlessness is spreading in you because of past events. You can hardly grasp a clear thought and start brooding.


You have good reason to hope because soon something promising will come up for you. Use this chance to further improve your life.

You have exciting times ahead of you. That can be both positive and negative, so you should be prepared.

Reversed Six of Swords Tarot Card – Yes or No

Your question triggers a certain restlessness in you, which constantly drives you around. You can hardly grasp a clear thought and often ruminate about the corresponding topic.

With a no you can free yourself from your rigidity and finally clear your head again.

The Swords Tarot Card Meanings