The Ace of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Ace of Swords is one of the most important cards of the Minor Arcana.

Below you will learn everything about its meaning both in the upright and reversed position.

In addition to the general interpretation, the topics of love, health, career, finances and destiny are also explained in detail.

Ace of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Ace of Swords Keywords

Upright: Power, Truth, Just, Mental Strength
Reversed: Hesitant, Doubtful, Partisan, Wavering

The Ace of Swords Tarot Card Description

The Ace of Swords shows an upright sword in the foreground, lifted by a muscular arm born from a cloud.

The hand of God symbolizes mental strength and intellectual power.

Although the sword in its grace and value suggests a great weight, the divine arm hardly appears to exert any significant force.

In lightness, the strong sword points toward the omniscient sky. It is noticeable that the right hand will not allow any deviation of the sword.

The end of the sword points plumb exactly at the right angle towards the sky. The tension and rigidity felt through this show determination with which justice and truth are brought to light. At the end of the sword, we see a golden crown, which represents justice.

Here it is noticeable that a few small sprouts in the same golden face as the crown itself – the truth thus – sink to the ground. From these sprouts, the truth will grow and continue to multiply. Another indication that God’s arm will bring truth to light and let it blossom.

The background shines in different shades of gray. It symbolizes that truth and justice are universal, no matter who you are, where you come from, or what language you speak.

However, the mountainous landscape also illustrates that the path to truth is sometimes rocky and marked by ups and downs.

Upright Ace of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Ace of Swords Tarot card symbolizes your mental strength, through which you can overcome even the most challenging obstacles in life. As we know, we win most battles in our heads before we master them in reality.

By preparing yourself inwardly for the challenges ahead of you and strengthening qualities such as confidence, creativity and mental stamina, you will be able to turn your desires and goals into reality.

However, mental strength also means that we can let go of projects that have little chance of success and instead focus on more realistic challenges.

The Ace of Swords represents that justice will come to you in your life, which you have sometimes had to wait a long time for. Unfortunately, the restoration of justice can take a long time before we recognize it.

Justice often manifests itself in unexpected ways and, according to the principle of cause and effect, comes to everyone and makes them feel the consequences of their past actions.

Observe situations in which you felt unjustly treated over a long period of time. You will find that those who wronged you will have to bear the consequences of their irresponsible actions.

But if you learn to act justly for yourself in your everyday life and serve as a role model for your environment in this respect, you will set off a chain reaction, at least in your microcosm.

Another characteristic of the Ace of Swords is that the truth in life will always come to light. In our lives, we are always searching for truths that help us understand our lives better and give us new insights.

Deception and lies prevent us from seeing the world or people as they really are. Instead, we fall for mirages.

But the truth is a double-edged sword, as it does not always reveal only positive aspects in life but often reveals painful and fearful messages.

Facing the truth with an open mind and not closing yourself off from it, it will grant you a deeper understanding of the world around you and your inner life.

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Upright Ace of Swords Tarot Love Meaning


As a single person, the Ace of Swords reveals that you can quickly find your way back into a new relationship through your inner strength and perseverance.

Your mental strength arises from your positive attitude of expectation concerning your abilities to meet someone and form new bonds.

Your inner attitude radiates visibly to your environment and makes you appear very attractive and likable to other people. Coupled with your enthusiasm and persistence, you will soon find yourself in a new relationship.

The Ace of Swords indicates that someone around you will soon reveal his true feelings for you. You may already have an inkling and feel similarly strong feelings for the person in question.

Take the initiative and make an appointment with the friend in question and use the time together to share your true feelings.

In either case, disclosing your feelings will clarify your relationship and offer the possibility of either going home as a couple or even better friends in the future.


In a relationship, the Ace of Swords stands for a fair distribution of roles within the partnership. To create such a distribution of tasks, both partners must regularly sit down together and check to what extent there is a balance between the joint duties in everyday life.

The point is that you both have enough energy and time left at the end of the day to make your relationship life fulfilling and loving.

By sharing the burdens fairly, you show your partner a high level of appreciation, which further strengthens your relationship. The Ace of Swords encourages you in your partnership to stick to the truth and not deceive your partner.

By being honest with your partner and letting them in on things you might prefer to keep quiet, you create a deep trust between you.

Your partner will be encouraged to confide in you and be honest with you so that there is no secret between you in your partnership that could later turn out to be a double-edged sword.

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Upright Ace of Swords Health Meaning

For your health, the Ace of Swords means that your body is bursting with strength. Release your energy by engaging in more intense sports activities again. If you do not give your power an outlet, this can quickly lead to motor restlessness and lack of concentration.

Furthermore, the Ace of Swords stands for the development of your mental strengths. That includes the mental resistance to difficult life situations, also known as resilience.

Mastering challenging crises requires a lot of patience, compassion (for yourself and others) and a pronounced ability to reflect. In turn, a high level of resilience guarantees long and stable mental health.

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Upright Ace of Swords Career Meaning

For your job, the Ace of Swords encourages you to search for your true calling. Often we realize only after a few years of work whether we have found our dream job.

With the help of brainstorming, you can get clarity about which activities fulfill you deeply. Collect different ideas and make a concrete plan to realize new professional perspectives.

The Ace of Swords promises you an impressive breakthrough in your job. Decisions you’ve made in the past on your professional projects are starting to pay off. Continue to use your razor-sharp mind to set the course for your future career in the here and now.

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Upright Ace of Swords Finances/Money Meaning

For your finances, the Ace of Swords means that you must practice patience and perseverance in your money matters. Everyone encounters financial ups and downs in life.

It is important to have a long-term goal in mind, like a savings plan, and pursue it consistently. You may have to take a step back, but as long as you keep going, you will reach your goal.

Furthermore, the Ace of Swords admonishes you to part with financial vices that do you more harm than good. Just because you signed a contract years ago doesn’t mean you have to keep it for the rest of your life.

Use your mind and decide rationally which financial matters you should pursue and which you should abandon.

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Upright Ace of Swords Destiny Meaning

As a destiny card, the Ace of Swords stands for your inner strength, which allows you to literally move mountains. The belief in your own abilities is a basic requirement for you to make your dreams come true.

At the same time, your mental strength prevents you from being thrown off course by severe strokes of fate and helps you find your center again after a crisis.

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Upright Ace of Swords Personality

The Ace of Swords represents a high degree of mental strength in a person. It enables them to survive times of crisis well and safely so they progress on their path.

It also reveals a character who has a high sense of justice. He wants things to be fair in his environment and is not afraid to fight for it.

Upright Ace of Swords Tarot Past/Future


The truth of a certain question often arises from an intensive consideration of your past. Looking back, many details will make sense.

Your mental strength results of countless challenges you have mastered in your life. Therefore, look back from time to time to see how much strength you have already received.


You will be confronted with a complicated conflict. To form a fair judgment, you should consider every aspect carefully.

In the near future, you will feel an unexpected amount of power within you. Use this energy to finally make your dreams come true.

Upright Ace of Swords Tarot Card – Yes or No

The Ace of Cups represents a yes answer. You want to make a fair decision in this question in any case. You have already collected enough information to be able to weigh them against each other.

It is quite clear that with a yes answer you will do justice to all persons involved.

Reversed Ace of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Ace of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Ace of Swords Reversed represents hesitation in the face of coming challenges. You doubt your own abilities and competencies and do not trust yourself to put your goals into action. Instead, you invent many excuses and try to postpone a pressing problem.

But by such a postponement, your problem will not dissolve into thin air, but on the contrary, will only become more pressing and burdensome for you.

Your problem may seem as powerful as a thundercloud, but once you pass through it with your sword of action, you will find that it is only air and will vanish just as quickly.

End your procrastination by inwardly focusing on solving the challenge before you and drafting concrete plans.

Another aspect of the Ace of Swords Reversed is that you act too partisan in your environment and thereby risk close relationships.

Often, in close relationships with people, preferences for certain characters creep in, and we treat them accordingly more favorably than other people.

As a result, in conflict situations, regardless of the objective facts, we may be more likely to believe a person we value more or have known longer than someone else with whom we do not have such a deep relationship.

In the long run, such partiality will lead to the fact that you will no longer be perceived as objective and some people from your close environment will turn away from you.

Always try to remain objective and fair so as not to compromise your own integrity, then you will be able to maintain many important friendships in life.

The Ace of Swords Reversed card reveals that you are very unstable concerning your opinions and intentions in life. You find it difficult to position yourself clearly and defend your views consistently.

Even a few contradictions cause you to waver. You often endorse other people’s opinions, even if they are contrary to your original view.

That creates the danger that other people can quickly manipulate you and exploit you for their own purposes. Take some time for yourself and think about positions where you have been easily swayed and try to list all the pro and con arguments again.

The better informed you are about a topic, the more likely you can defend your position there and thus gain inner mental strength.

Reversed Ace of Swords Tarot Love Meaning


The Ace of Swords Reversed shows you as a single that you are very fickle when it comes to finding a partner. You get involved with a lot of different characters but have a hard time deciding on someone with whom you want to venture a longer relationship.

You sway back and forth and secretly hope that someone with better qualities might come along and that you will regret your choice.

You miss the chance to enter into a deeper bond with a person and gain relationship experience that can help you in your later love life because of these fluctuations in the decision.

Another aspect of the Ace of Swords is that you delay a romance too long and miss the chance to find a partner.

If you feel deep inside that your counterpart has developed real feelings for you and you feel similarly, do not delay the love affair that has begun, but reveal your love and dare to take the step into a new partnership.

Perhaps you ignore the initial emotions between you and your romance because you don’t want to rush into anything. However, numerous opportunities in love will then dissipate so that you end up alone again.


In a partnership, the Ace of Swords Reversed Tarot card reveals that doubts have grown in you about your partner. Maybe the first love rush has already passed and you discover some sides of your partner that you don’t like or didn’t notice before.

First, clarify for yourself whether you can live with the edges and corners your partner has and discuss these with him so that you can find a way to live your relationship together.

Doubts can also be a sign of our subconscious that your partner is not sincere with you and is withholding or concealing something from you.

Get to the bottom of your doubts and talk to your partner if your gut feeling is confirmed. The Ace of Swords Reversed also shows that a partner is constantly taking sides with a third person in the family or circle of friends, which severely disturbs your relationship of trust.

Of course, as a couple, we cannot always agree, but a good relationship can withstand different positions in any case and can even grow from them.

However, if your partner constantly acts biased for a third person and opposes
you, you should confront him in a quiet moment and tell him your impressions.

Reversed Ace of Swords Health Meaning

The Ace of Swords Reversed in a Tarot reading shows that you are wavering between different healing methods.

You may not have had enough experience with the different treatment methods and therefore feel unsure about your decision. In addition to rational information, use your gut feeling to find the right recovery path for you.

Another meaning of the Ace of Swords Reversed is that you delay a visit/treatment to the doctor. Your own fears of a bad message lead to harmful avoidance behavior.

Thereby you run the risk of creating a serious illness out of an initially harmless disease, which is why you should get certainty about your health as soon as possible.

Reversed Ace of Swords Career Meaning

The Ace of Swords Reversed reveals that you are too biased in making important career decisions. But to successfully solve problems on the job, it is more important to look at them rationally and not simply go along with the majority, according to the motto: “We’ve always done it that way.”

Get your own point of view through good thinking and convince your colleagues of the advantages of your alternative ideas.

In addition, the Ace of Swords Reversed shows that you are too hesitant to seize new professional opportunities. If your dream job is right in front of you, don’t think twice. Just grab it.

If you hesitate too long, the opportunity will quickly disappear and you will have to wait a long time for another chance.

Reversed Ace of Swords Finances/Money Meaning

The Ace of Swords Reversed shows that you have very fluctuating finances. There are months when you manage to budget well and put money aside. But these savings are wiped out by spontaneous purchases the very next month.

Setting your own long-term goals (like a new car or kitchen) can help you to be more consistent in maintaining a positive money balance, which over time will add up to a handsome sum.

Another aspect of the Ace of Swords Reversed is that you hesitate to make an important financial decision. Such hesitation can be an expression of your subconscious that crucial aspects have not yet been properly thought through.

Therefore, take some time to consider your financial plan from different angles and, if in doubt, seek expert advice to make a decision.

Reversed Ace of Swords Destiny Meaning

The Ace of Swords Reversed reveals that you let many opportunities in different areas of life pass you by. The cause of such hesitation is often the fear of making the wrong choice.

But even a “wrong choice” allows you to gain valuable experience from it. Right and wrong are only two sides of the same coin. No matter which one you choose, you will always make some progress on your path.

Reversed Ace of Swords Personality

The reversed Ace of Swords reveals a personality that is hesitant in many areas of life. He often postpones decisions as he keeps raising new concerns within himself.

Likewise, a wavering trait can be associated with this card. Sometimes the person wants one thing and sometimes another. It is difficult for him to find a clear line for himself.

Reversed Ace of Swords Tarot Past/Future


In the past, you were often wavering in your decisions. Therefore, look at how you were able to successfully make a choice.

In the past, you have often defended only one position in an argument. But such partiality can cloud your view of the truth.


Your hesitation will cause you some difficulties in the future because promising opportunities will be lost. Dare to step into the unknown.

New doubts will rise to the surface during an upcoming project. Give them only as much space as necessary and do not let them determine your fate.

Reversed Ace of Swords Tarot Card – Yes or No

Your hesitation in this matter speaks volumes. You are wavering back and forth between the two answer alternatives.

In this way, it is difficult for you to finally make a choice. Your strong doubts rather speak for a no in this question.

The Swords Tarot Card Meanings