The Tower as Feelings and How Someone Feels About You (Upright and Reversed)

Are you curious about the Tower card in tarot readings and its significance in relation to feelings? The Tower is a powerful archetype that represents a wide range of emotions and experiences.

In this article, we will explore the Tower as feelings, delving into its themes of redemption, chaos, change, and awakening. Discover how the Tower card can illuminate the emotional landscape, bringing forth intense and transformative experiences within relationships.

Gain insights into the profound impact this card can have on one’s perception, emotions, and personal growth. Join us as we delve into the depths of the Tower and its profound influence on our emotional lives.

The Tower as Feelings (Upright)

The Tower as Feelings Tarot Card Meaning

The Upright Tower card in the tarot deck carries an intense and transformative energy, reflecting a multitude of feelings associated with redemption, chaos, change, and awakening. When this card appears, it serves as a powerful catalyst, shaking the foundations of one’s emotions and ushering in a profound sense of transformation.

The Tower signifies the need for change and growth, often brought about through disruptive and unexpected events. As feelings, the Tower evokes a sense of urgency and the realization that the current state of affairs is unsustainable. It brings forth a strong desire for redemption and a yearning to break free from self-imposed limitations.

The Tower’s influence on emotions can be likened to a lightning bolt, jolting individuals out of their comfort zones and forcing them to confront deeply buried emotions and truths. It signifies a release from emotional patterns that no longer serve one’s highest good, leading to a profound awakening and a newfound sense of self-awareness.

The feelings associated with the Tower can be intense and unsettling, as the crumbling of old structures and belief systems can be accompanied by fear, resistance, and a sense of loss. However, amidst the chaos, there is also a glimmer of hope and the potential for positive change.

The Tower card serves as a wake-up call, urging individuals to reassess their priorities and embrace the opportunity for personal growth and transformation.

It represents the breaking down of barriers and the dismantling of emotional walls that have kept individuals confined and stagnant. This process may initially feel uncomfortable and unsettling, but it ultimately paves the way for greater authenticity and emotional freedom.

Embracing the Tower’s energy requires courage and resilience, as it demands the willingness to surrender to the forces of change and navigate the unknown.

It encourages individuals to let go of what no longer serves them and embrace the chaos as a necessary step towards personal evolution. The Tower’s influence can spark a renewed sense of purpose and ignite a passionate pursuit of a more authentic and fulfilling life.

The Tower as Feelings (Reversed)

The Tower Reversed as Feelings Tarot Card Meaning

When the Tower card appears in its reversed position, it carries a distinct set of feelings that encompass compulsion, fear, destruction, and rigidity. The reversed Tower signifies a disruption in the emotional landscape, but with a different tone than its upright counterpart. Instead of being a catalyst for transformation and growth, the reversed Tower represents a resistance to change and an aversion to facing deep-seated emotions.

Feelings associated with the reversed Tower often manifest as a sense of compulsion, where individuals find themselves trapped in unhealthy patterns and unable to break free. There is a strong resistance to letting go of familiar but destructive emotional behaviors, which can lead to a perpetuation of negative cycles.

Fear plays a significant role in this reversed position, as individuals may be gripped by anxiety and apprehension about what lies ahead. The fear of the unknown can paralyze individuals, causing them to cling to rigid beliefs and structures that no longer serve their emotional well-being.

The reversed Tower also signifies a sense of destruction, albeit in a more chaotic and disorganized manner. Instead of a controlled dismantling of old structures, there is an element of upheaval and turmoil.

Emotional upheaval can lead to feelings of confusion, frustration, and a loss of stability. The destruction associated with the reversed Tower is often a result of holding onto outdated emotional patterns and resisting necessary changes.

Rigidity is a prominent theme when exploring the feelings of the reversed Tower. Individuals may find themselves unwilling or unable to adapt to new circumstances, clinging stubbornly to their old ways.

This inflexibility can hinder personal growth and exacerbate feelings of emotional stagnation. The fear of change and the discomfort it brings can contribute to a rigid mindset that keeps individuals trapped in unhealthy emotional patterns.

The reversed Tower serves as a powerful reminder that resisting necessary change and avoiding emotional upheaval only prolongs the pain and hinders personal growth. It calls for a reevaluation of one’s emotional landscape and an honest examination of the patterns and behaviors that no longer serve one’s well-being.

While the feelings associated with the reversed Tower may be challenging and uncomfortable, they also present an opportunity for self-reflection and introspection.

By acknowledging and addressing the fears and rigidities within, individuals can begin the process of dismantling self-destructive emotional patterns. This requires embracing the discomfort and facing the underlying issues head-on.

Through self-awareness and a willingness to release old emotional baggage, individuals can break free from the cycle of compulsion and rigidity.

The Tower as How Someone Feels About You

When the Tower card appears in a reading regarding how someone feels about you, it evokes a range of emotions tied to redemption, chaos, change, and awakening. The Tower represents a significant shift in the dynamics of a relationship, often characterized by intense experiences and profound transformations.

At its core, the Tower signifies redemption—a chance for both individuals involved to liberate themselves from past mistakes, limitations, or negative patterns. The person’s feelings towards you might be rooted in a belief that your connection has the potential to bring about a transformative and redemptive experience.

They see you as a catalyst for change and growth, someone who has the power to help them break free from their own self-imposed limitations.

However, the Tower also brings chaos into the equation. The person’s emotions towards you may be turbulent and tumultuous, reflecting the disruptive nature of this card.

The sudden upheaval and dismantling of old structures can create a sense of chaos and uncertainty in the relationship. They may feel a mix of exhilaration and anxiety, as the status quo is challenged and familiar ground crumbles beneath their feet.

Change is a central theme associated with the Tower, and the person’s feelings towards you may reflect their recognition of the inevitable transformations that your presence brings. They perceive you as a force that pushes them out of their comfort zone, encouraging them to embrace new experiences and perspectives.

While change can be uncomfortable and even painful, it also holds the promise of growth and evolution. The person’s feelings towards you might encompass a sense of anticipation and excitement for the possibilities that lie ahead.

The Tower also represents awakening—a profound shift in consciousness that occurs when old belief systems and illusions are shattered. The person’s emotions towards you may be rooted in a deep sense of awakening and self-discovery.

They recognize that the relationship has the power to challenge their preconceived notions, expand their awareness, and reveal hidden truths about themselves. They see you as a catalyst for their personal growth and spiritual development.

It is important to note that the Tower’s influence can be intense and overwhelming. The person’s feelings towards you might fluctuate between moments of intense connection and periods of distance or conflict.

The turbulent nature of this card can create moments of tension and unpredictability in the relationship. However, it is through navigating these challenges and embracing the transformative power of the Tower that true growth and deep connection can be fostered.


In the realm of emotions, the Upright Tower card signifies a necessary and transformative journey. It carries the potential for liberation, as it dismantles emotional barriers and invites individuals to embrace change and growth.

While it may be a turbulent and challenging process, it ultimately leads to a greater understanding of oneself and a renewed zest for life. By embracing the Tower’s energy, individuals can unlock their full emotional potential and embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

The reversed Tower as feelings signifies a resistance to change, a compulsion to hold onto destructive patterns, and a fear of the unknown. It represents a state of emotional upheaval and destruction that arises from an unwillingness to adapt and let go.

However, it also serves as a call for self-reflection and an opportunity for growth and transformation. By embracing the discomfort and facing the underlying fears, individuals can break free from the grip of rigidity and embark on a journey towards emotional liberation.

When the Tower appears in a reading concerning how someone feels about you, it signifies their recognition of the potential for redemption, chaos, change, and awakening within the relationship.

They see you as a catalyst for their personal growth and liberation, someone who can challenge their existing beliefs and help them break free from self-imposed limitations. While the emotional landscape may be intense and unpredictable, it holds the promise of profound transformation and a deepening of the connection between both individuals.