The Four of Cups as Feelings and How Someone Feels About You (Upright and Reversed)

Are you curious about the emotional aspects represented by the Four of Cups tarot card? In this insightful guide, we explore the topic of “Four of Cups as Feelings” to shed light on its significance in readings.

The Four of Cups embodies a range of emotions, including apathy, immersion, self-viewing, and ignorance. Understanding these feelings can provide valuable insights into personal relationships and self-reflection.

Join us as we delve into the depths of the Four of Cups and unravel the complex emotional landscape it signifies.

The Four of Cups as Feelings (Upright)

Four of Cups as Feelings Tarot Card Meaning

The Upright Four of Cups in tarot signifies a range of emotions and feelings characterized by apathy, being immersed in one’s own world, self-viewing, and a sense of ignorance. When this card appears in a reading, it indicates a state of emotional withdrawal, where individuals may experience a lack of interest or enthusiasm towards their external environment.

The keyword “apathetic” encapsulates the prevailing sentiment, reflecting a general indifference or disinterest in the world around them. They may feel detached and disengaged, as if they are going through the motions of life without truly connecting to the experiences and opportunities that present themselves.

In this state, individuals become deeply immersed in self-viewing, turning their attention inward and focusing on their own thoughts, emotions, and experiences. This self-absorption can lead to a sense of being disconnected from others and the external world.

They may withdraw from social interactions and find solace in their own company. While they may seem distant or aloof, it is important to recognize that they are engaged in an intense process of self-reflection and introspection.

The keyword “ignorant” refers to the perception of ignorance that can accompany the Four of Cups. In this context, it does not imply willful ignorance but rather a temporary unawareness of external stimuli and opportunities.

The individual may be so immersed in their own world that they fail to recognize or appreciate the possibilities and blessings that surround them. This sense of ignorance can lead to missed opportunities for growth and connection.

The Four of Cups is a reminder that this emotional state is not necessarily negative or detrimental. It serves as a call for self-examination and self-discovery. By delving deep into their own thoughts and feelings, individuals have the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of themselves, their desires, and their needs.

This period of self-viewing and introspection allows them to explore their inner landscape, assess their emotional well-being, and gain clarity about their priorities.

The Four of Cups as Feelings (Reversed)

Four of Cups Reversed as Feelings Tarot Card Meaning

The Reversed Four of Cups in tarot represents a shift in emotions and feelings, characterized by a sense of compassion, being active, connected, and embracing an optimistic outlook. When this card appears in a reading, it signifies a departure from apathy and self-absorption towards a more engaged and connected state of being.

The keyword “compassionate” captures the essence of this reversal, as individuals become more attuned to the needs and experiences of others. They develop a genuine concern for the well-being of those around them and strive to make a positive impact through their actions and words.

In this state, individuals are no longer immersed solely in their own thoughts and emotions. Instead, they actively seek out connections and meaningful interactions with others.

They recognize the value of relationships and the importance of building a supportive network. The keyword “active” reflects their proactive approach to life, as they take initiative and seize opportunities for growth, both personally and socially. They are motivated to make a difference and contribute to the world around them.

The Reversed Four of Cups signifies a sense of connection, both with oneself and with others. Individuals in this state of mind embrace their interdependence and appreciate the richness that comes from engaging in authentic relationships.

They find fulfillment in meaningful connections, whether it be with friends, family, or the community at large. The keyword “connected” represents their desire to foster bonds and create a sense of belonging, finding solace and strength in the support of others.

Optimism prevails in the Reversed Four of Cups, as individuals cultivate a positive outlook and embrace a hopeful mindset. They are able to see beyond the challenges and setbacks, focusing on the potential for growth and transformation.

The keyword “optimist” embodies their belief in the power of positivity and the inherent possibilities that lie ahead. They approach life with enthusiasm, embracing new experiences and opportunities with open arms.

The Four of Cups as How Someone Feels About You

When the Four of cups answers the question how someone feels about you, their emotions can be described as apathetic, immersed, self-viewing, and ignorant. This card represents a state of emotional detachment and disinterest.

The keyword “apathetic” captures the essence of their feelings, indicating a lack of enthusiasm or engagement in their interactions with you. They may appear emotionally distant and indifferent, showing little interest or investment in the connection.

In their state of being “immersed,” individuals may be absorbed in their own thoughts, emotions, or personal concerns, causing them to be less attentive to your presence or needs. They may be preoccupied with their own internal world, making it difficult for them to fully engage in the relationship or acknowledge your feelings.

Their perspective may be primarily focused on themselves, leading to a self-viewing approach. The keyword “self-viewing” suggests that they are primarily concerned with their own needs, desires, and perspectives.

This self-centeredness can result in a lack of consideration or understanding of your emotions and experiences. They may be more interested in their own agenda and priorities, which can create a sense of imbalance or neglect in the relationship.

Furthermore, their feelings towards you may be influenced by ignorance. This does not necessarily imply intentional disregard, but rather a lack of awareness or understanding of your emotions and needs.

They may not fully grasp the impact of their apathy or self-absorption on the relationship, or they may lack the ability to empathize and connect with you on a deeper emotional level.

It is important to approach these dynamics with empathy and understanding, recognizing that their feelings may be a reflection of their own personal struggles or limitations. However, it is also essential to consider your own emotional well-being and whether the relationship is fulfilling your needs and bringing you happiness.

Communication and open dialogue can help bridge the gap and create space for mutual understanding, but it is also crucial to set boundaries and prioritize your own emotional health.


In conclusion, the Upright Four of Cups may indicate a temporary emotional withdrawal, but it also holds the potential for personal growth and transformation. It invites individuals to reflect on their current circumstances, reassess their priorities, and explore new perspectives.

By embracing this introspective phase, individuals can gain valuable insights, recharge their emotional batteries, and emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

The Reversed Four of Cups invites individuals to shift their perspective and embrace a more compassionate, active, connected, and optimistic approach to life. It encourages them to step out of their own self-contained world and engage with the world around them.

By cultivating empathy and genuine connections, they can create a ripple effect of positivity and contribute to the well-being of others. This reversed card serves as a reminder that through active participation, compassion, and an optimistic mindset, individuals have the potential to make a meaningful impact and experience greater fulfillment in their lives.

Ultimately, the Four of Cups as someone’s feelings towards you signifies a state of emotional detachment, self-focus, and a lack of understanding or consideration. It is essential to evaluate the dynamics of the relationship and determine whether it aligns with your own needs and values.