Snake Lenormand Card

The Snake is one of the most important Lenormand cards.

In addition to the general interpretation, you receive the meaning for your health, career, finances, fate, and love for singles and couples in detail.

Finally, you will find all combinations with the other Lenormand cards.

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning

Snake Lenormand Card Keywords

Wish, Seduction, Deception, Attraction, Wisdom, Desire, Delay

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning

The Snake in Lenormand symbolizes your deepest wishes and desires. You desire something or someone beyond all measure and can hardly think of anything else.

But such a desire also harbors risks. Other areas of your life may no longer be taken into consideration, which could gradually lead to problems.

Another aspect of the Snake Lenormand card is that you are being deceived about the truth.

Someone wants to gain an advantage by misrepresenting facts or feelings to you.

Use your clear mind to distinguish truth from lies. Otherwise, you will be the one who suffers in the end.

In a Lenormand reading, the Snake reveals great inner wisdom. You will find many solutions to your problems within yourself if you look for them.

Remember that your subconscious is an inexhaustible source of intuitive knowledge.

Your gut feeling will get in touch with you and give you clues as to the answer/solution to a question.

Snake Lenormand Card Love and Relationship

Someone is trying to seduce you with every trick in the book. This person is causing your thoughts to only revolve around them and no one else.

Even if this person is driving you crazy, you should be particularly vigilant. Because sometimes such courtship behavior hides a dishonest intention.

You feel an insatiable desire for someone. You find it increasingly difficult to concentrate on other things around you.

You feel yourself becoming more and more captivated by the person in question.

Try to clear your head again and confide in someone. That will help you avoid “blind” love.

There are unspoken desires in a relationship. Just wishing for something in the hope that your partner will realize it at some point is naive.

You should talk to him about your desires. On the other hand, you should actively ask about your partner’s desires.

Together, you can then see which wishes can be realized.

Your partner is trying to deceive you in an important matter. Before you condemn him for this, you should listen to his motives for his behavior.

He may have concealed something so that you don’t worry unnecessarily or to protect yourself. If he is betraying you for his own gain, you need to question seriously your relationship.

Snake Lenormand Card Health

In health matters, the Snake Lenormand card stands for the benefits of natural remedies. For generations, intuitive wisdom has been used to elicit the healing powers of nature.

The use of herbs and ointments has alleviated many ailments. Try to listen more to your body again, which clearly signals what is good for it.

On the other hand, the Snake can indicate delayed healing. Internal blockages prevent a speedy recovery and should be removed quickly.

That is because your own mindset can significantly shorten your suffering but also prolong it. It is, therefore, important that you cultivate a positive and confident attitude to life.

Snake Lenormand Card Job

From a professional point of view, the Snake warns you of an attempt at deception. A job offer or job change may seem very tempting at first glance.

But on closer inspection, your position is likely to deteriorate. So don’t let yourself be misled, but look at the big picture before you make a decision.

You have a burning desire for a comprehensive career change. At the moment, you are muddling through your professional life more badly than well.

However, a job change should involve tasks that promote and challenge your true talents. You, therefore, need to commit yourself to a new career path.

Snake Lenormand Card Finances

Concerning your finances, the Snake warns you against seductive investments. Fantastic returns are often promised with a negligible risk.

But such promises quickly vanish into thin air. In the end, you are left with no profit but even more debt. So beware of such deals.

You desperately want to be more financially independent. But your desire for this can make you careless.

Money isn’t everything in life, which is why you shouldn’t focus your aspirations solely on monetary riches/securities.

Instead, focus on intangible treasures such as friends or family that make you happy.

Snake Lenormand Card Person

Someone wants to seduce you and is hiding their true intentions.

Snake Lenormand Card Time

You must expect a delay of a few weeks or months.

Snake Lenormand Card and its Combinations

Snake – Rider

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Rider Lenormand Card Meaning

An important piece of news you are waiting for is unexpectedly delayed. Exercise patience and don’t rush things.

 In addition, the road ahead seems to meander more and more, so you have to take a few detours.

As a single person, the Rider-Snake combination reveals that a flirt is trying to deceive you. Addressing your concerns can bring clarity here.

Snake – Clover

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Clover Lenormand Card Meaning

Happiness will eventually find its way back to you along winding paths. So wait patiently, and don’t hang your head.

One of your plans seems to come to fruition in the end. But be careful! There are still residual risks that could jeopardize your venture.

You meander around a loved one without being specific. Take a chance at your happiness and reveal your feelings.

In a partnership, peace returns between you after a long conflict. Stay in contact with each other so that the joy lasts.

Snake – Ship

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Ship Lenormand Card Meaning

You have a great desire to set off on new adventures. But weigh up the risks and rewards carefully before you set off.

A long-awaited journey is delayed indefinitely. Find out what the problem is and actively work on a solution.

You would like to embark on a romantic adventure straight away. However, this can only be short-lived if you act hastily.

You were hoping to get out with your partner. Unfortunately, your venture will have to wait a little longer.

Snake – House

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning House Lenormand Card Meaning

Your living situation is becoming more complicated than expected. Something is constantly getting in the way, so you can’t feel at ease.

You may also feel a strong desire for more family or companionship at home.

You have the chance to invite someone over to your home. But a rival also has her eye on your crush.

You want to create a cozy home for yourselves. But adverse circumstances and misunderstandings complicate your plans.

Snake – Tree

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Tree Lenormand Card Meaning

A dependency (addiction) keeps tempting you into unhealthy behavior. Don’t let temptation rule your life.

Recovery from a long illness is in sight. Slowly, you will feel new strength rising within you.

You can no longer get someone out of your head, which causes you to neglect yourself. Your health suffers as a result.

A wound in your relationship gradually begins to heal. However, a scar will always remain to remind you of the injury.

Snake – Clouds

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Clouds Lenormand Card Meaning

Someone is trying to cloud your mind and lead you astray. You can escape manipulation by keeping your mind alert.

Conflicting desires are fighting within you. You are unsure which one you should pursue.

Someone seduces you. However, due to the first intoxication of love, you cannot act rationally, so be careful.

There are currently no clear goals in your relationship. You are confused about where your journey should take you. Therefore, discuss your future path together.

Snake – Coffin

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Coffin Lenormand Card Meaning

Unfortunately, you have to bury a long-awaited wish. The costs involved are simply too high.

There is currently no cure in sight for an existing illness. You will have to wait a little longer until your body recovers.

Unfortunately, a promising love affair is coming to an end. Even if you wanted more, you should face the facts.

There is a sting in your relationship that is poisoning your life together. Only if you remove it can old wounds heal.

Snake – Bouquet

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Bouquet Lenormand Card Meaning

Someone is flattering you and trying to ensnare you. But be careful. The person is trying to influence you in their favor.

You long for recognition and attention from others. However, such a desire can quickly become your undoing.

You are heartbroken and desperately want someone to like you too. Let them go and concentrate on your life again.

In a relationship, you long for more recognition from your partner. But here, you should also appreciate their positive behavior.

Snake – Scythe

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Scythe Lenormand Card Meaning

You feel a sudden desire to make more of your life. Your increased zest for action makes you move mountains.

Unfortunately, you have miscalculated one of your life goals. It hardly makes sense to invest more strength and energy here.

All your efforts to ensnare a person have so far been unsuccessful. You better use your seduction skills elsewhere.

As a couple, you should invest your energy in joint projects. Work hard on yourselves and make your wishes come true.

Snake – Whip

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Whip Lenormand Card Meaning

A lie in your environment will cause you a lot of pain and suffering. Don’t let this get you down because you have one less deception in your life.

Someone is manipulating you in their interests. That has a negative impact on your everyday life.

A flirt turns out to be just an attempt to influence you for their purposes. Such an experience is painful but teaches you to be on your guard.

Your partner has been lying to you for a long time. You should use your disappointment to question the foundations of your relationship seriously.

Snake – Birds

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Birds Lenormand Card Meaning

At the moment, you want to realize too many wishes at once. As a result, you are not fulfilling any of your longings.

You have a great desire to realize a life goal. However, you are busy with many other things at once and hardly have the necessary focus.

You have two parallel flirtations going on at the moment. However, you have to divide your attention, which inevitably leads to distortions and irritations.

You can’t agree on common goals in your life together. Your desires are too far apart.

Snake – Child

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Child Lenormand Card Meaning

The encounter with a child gives you unusual insights. You learn to trust your intuitive wisdom again.

You have an immature desire for things that are beyond your reach. Such daydreams only drain your energy unnecessarily.

You have fallen in love with someone who is, however, unattainable to you. Investing any more time here will not make you happy.

You expect the impossible from your partner. Better question your expectations and set realistic ones.

Snake – Fox

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Fox Lenormand Card Meaning

Beware of giving in to your desire for something. Serious consequences will inevitably follow your initial pleasure.

You have an uneasy feeling that someone is trying to deceive you. Trust your intuition and expose the deception.

You would love to plunge into your next love adventure. But be on your guard! It seems as if the other person has no honest intentions.

You feel someone is trying to influence your relationship negatively and harm you.

Snake – Bear

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Bear Lenormand Card Meaning

You long for more power and influence in one area of your life. However, this also means greater responsibility towards yourself and others.

An authority figure is playing a false game. This person is trying to deceive you for his own purposes.

Your boss/teacher is making eyes at you. Use your intuition to find out whether his feelings are genuine or whether he is hiding something.

In your partnership, you want to have more say and influence. Don’t play the boss, but have a conversation at eye level.

Snake – Stars

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Stars Lenormand Card Meaning

You meet an important spiritual person you have been longing to meet. You feel magically attracted to them.

The desire for a spiritual breakthrough germinates within you. To achieve this, you must be prepared to open yourself completely to the universe and hide nothing.

You make the acquaintance of someone with whom you vibrate on the same spiritual level. That can be a good basis for intense love.

As a couple, you have a strong religious connection and wish to have more spiritual experiences together.

Snake – Stork

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Stork Lenormand Card Meaning

There is a great desire for change in your life. However, don’t wait for it to happen on its own, but actively contribute to positive change.

An important and longed-for upheaval in your everyday life will come about, after all, via a few detours.

Your love life experiences an unexpected change. Your longing for a new relationship will soon be satisfied.

You want a transformation of your partnership that will free you from stagnation. To achieve this, you need to start making things happen together as a couple.

Snake – Dog

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Dog Lenormand Card Meaning

At the moment, you are longing for a true friendship in your life. Start actively making acquaintances that can develop into something more.

A close friend is trying to deceive you. To save your relationship, you should speak plainly with him.

A friendship is slowly developing into something more serious. But the other person’s desire for you doesn’t seem to be entirely genuine.

You want your partner to be like your best friend, to whom you can tell everything. But something is holding him back from opening up to you completely.

Snake – Tower

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Tower Lenormand Card Meaning

Your desire for one of your life goals is increasingly isolating you. You only have eyes for one thing and ignore the people around you.

You wish you had more control and influence in your life. But you have to work hard on yourself to achieve this.

You are blindly running after someone out of love. As a result, you neglect your friends/family and end up alone. In your relationship, you wish you had more influence over your partner. But accept that he is allowed to have a mind of his own.

Snake – Garden

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Garden Lenormand Card Meaning

Your whole environment knows about one of your wishes. That may even help you achieve your goal faster.

You long to be in the limelight for once. Try to use your talents to get into the public eye.

Your circle of friends knows about your desire for a partnership. They give you a new chance at love.

As a couple, you long to make a public appearance together. You want to share your love with the whole world and show how committed you are to each other.

Snake – Mountain

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Mountain Lenormand Card Meaning

You want new challenges in life. Because through them, you can fully express your knowledge and potential.

Some of your desires can only be achieved with great effort. So think carefully about whether it is worth the effort.

You are longing for a new partner. But there are just too many things going on in your private life at the moment that are making flirting difficult.

In your relationship, you would like to realize more of your wishes together again. But it’s failing because of your partner’s resistance.

Snake – Way

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Way Lenormand Card Meaning

You are well on the way to healing. Your physical or mental suffering can be alleviated by choosing alternative healing methods.

You have to decide between the truth and a lie. Both paths have their advantages and disadvantages.

You meet someone special in a roundabout way. Your desire for each other speaks for real love.

Decide on a way to heal an old wound between you. Which direction you take is less important than finally getting going.

Snake – Mice

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Mice Lenormand Card Meaning

Your wishes and desires have just vanished into thin air. What remains is a certain emptiness that you now have to fill again.

You have put off some plans for so long that they can no longer be realized. It’s best to wait for a new opportunity.

An initial flirtation in which you had high hopes is fizzling out. Don’t set your expectations too high in the future.

A joint project fails because you both wait too long to make a decision. Next time, you should jump over your shadows.

Snake – Heart

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Heart Lenormand Card Meaning

You want more love in your life again. To achieve this, you need to take care of new and existing relationships.

There is a conflict between your heart’s desire and the person you love. You have to decide for one side, with all the consequences.

Someone seduces you in such a way that they take your heart by storm. Despite all your love, you should still keep your wits about you.

You are torn between your partner and your desire for more independence. Perhaps there is a middle way for both needs.

Snake – Ring

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Ring Lenormand Card Meaning

A contract conceals important circumstances. It’s often worth reading the small print and not just being seduced by fine words.

You long to let go of your obligations. They are increasingly weighing you down in your everyday life.

You have made a promise to someone for a date. However, you are already realizing that you were wrong about the person.

In your partnership, you feel committed to each other’s wishes. Together, you fulfill your visions.

Snake – Book

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Book Lenormand Card Meaning

You are thirsty for new knowledge in various areas of life. Treat yourself to further education or a good book to quench your thirst for knowledge.

You are increasingly interested in natural healing methods. This knowledge will be of great benefit to you in everyday life.

Flirting is a skill that can be learned. Don’t be fooled by false gurus, but acquire knowledge yourself.

Your partnership will benefit if you both have the desire to know everything about each other.

Snake – Letter

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Letter Lenormand Card Meaning

For your wishes to come true, you must share them with others. Talk or write to good friends about your plans.

You are longing for an important message. Even if the wait is difficult, the news will arrive, albeit delayed.

Your crush hasn’t contacted you for a long time. Wait a little longer for his message, even if you desire an immidiate response.

Talk to your partner about your respective desires and wishes. You can then work together to fulfill them.

Snake – Man

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Man Lenormand Card Meaning

A man is trying to seduce you by every trick in the book. He wants to manipulate you in his own way, so be vigilant.

A male person plays a major role in your desires. Your desire can only be satisfied by his presence.

In matters of love, a male person will try to influence your flirtation. In doing so, he tries to deceive you and thus makes your search for a partner more difficult.

In your partnership, you long for more masculine elements, such as rationality or leadership.

Snake – Woman

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Woman Lenormand Card Meaning

A woman tries to seduce you by every trick in the book. She wants to manipulate you in her interests, so be vigilant.

A female person plays a major role in your desires. Your desire can only be satisfied by her presence.

In matters of love, a female person will try to influence your flirtation. She will try to deceive you and make your search for a partner more difficult.

In your partnership, you long for more feminine aspects, such as empathy or care.

Snake – Lily

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Lily Lenormand Card Meaning

There is a great desire/dependence on sensual desires. That puts you at risk of developing addictive behavior.

There is tension between your virtue and secret desires. You should choose one of the two.

You have started a new love affair and finally want to share sensual experiences with her. Don’t rush your desires, but be considerate of the other person.

You have sexual desires that you are keeping secret from your partner. In order to live them out, however, you should seek a conversation.

Snake – Sun

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Sun Lenormand Card Meaning

You have a great longing for more joy in life. You have it in your own hands to add beautiful moments to your everyday life.

You are not fooled by all the negative events around you. Your focus is always on the positive side of things.

You finally want to experience joy with a partner again. Turn your longing into positive action and find your love.

All the conflicts and difficulties in your life together cannot hide how deep and strong your love is.

Snake – Moon

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Moon Lenormand Card Meaning

Someone is trying to hypnotize you and cast a spell over you. Therefore, remain very vigilant about who you confide in.

You want nothing more than to understand your own feelings better. Until now, they have been hidden behind a veil.

You hide your feelings for someone. You may be able to deceive others but not yourself, so dare to be honest about your emotions.

Try to understand your partner’s feelings and fears better. That will help to avoid many misunderstandings.

Snake – Key

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Key Lenormand Card Meaning

The longing for freedom in life is increasing more and more. Look for ways to free yourself from the chains of everyday life.

Someone reveals a solution to you, how you can fulfill one of your wishes. Do not close yourself off to this possibility.

You are looking for the key to the heart of your crush. Inside you lies the solution to how you can seduce him.

Your partner is very close to you. There is an unfulfilled longing in him. Offer him an opportunity to reveal his desire.

Snake – Fish

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Fish Lenormand Card Meaning

Financial gifts will find their way to you by winding paths. With a little patience, you will soon be able to enjoy a gain.

You long for more prosperity for yourself and your loved ones. To make your wish come true, you should make a plan.

Someone is giving you expensive gifts as proof of their love. However, this can also conceal their true character.

You want more financial freedom as a couple. Think together about how you can invest your assets sensibly and sustainably.

Snake – Anchor

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Anchor Lenormand Card Meaning

Your life has gone off the rails, which is why you want more stability. You can give yourself inner stability with confidence.

You are stuck in a very stubborn delusion and are hardly making any progress. Even if it is difficult, you must now move on.

You allow yourself to be seduced again and again by unrealistic promises. That keeps you stuck in a rigid relationship pattern.

You want more support from your partner in difficult situations. But you are also prepared to stand by him in crises.

Snake – Cross

Snake Lenormand Card Meaning Cross Lenormand Card Meaning

Your desires are gradually becoming a burden for you. Your thoughts only revolve around your unfulfilled wishes.

Despite difficult life circumstances, your desire for a life goal continues to drive you forward. Stay focused, and your wish will come true.

Your desire to meet someone for life is gradually becoming a burden. Take your mind off love and do something for your well-being.

You strive for harmony and joy in your partnership. Even if it is stressful at the moment, you should fight for your happiness in the relationship.